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Hello there! Welcome to the Apricot—your go-to source for the latest tips and guides on beauty, grooming, and comprehensive product recommendations.

What started out as an obsession with the latest beauty trends, whether it involved the biggest beauty companies, or the newest beauty line sourced from organic and natural resources, we wanted to know everything about them. We felt the need to chronicle details of these trends because we know that there is someone out there who needs the information.

Through the years we have spent learning about beauty, grooming, and how it affects each of us; we have come to realize a fundamental truth: how one defines beauty is definitely more than what we can see superficially. Beauty is unique to each individual and involves the realm of culture, race, and community. It has a deeply personal nature and as such, we made sure that with all our articles, or recommended products, we keep the people in mind.

Your grooming habits speak a multitude of your personality and character. Thus, it’s fitting to get only the best products and recommendations.

Because good grooming is of utmost importance and impeccable style is a must, theApricots Team understands the need for an intricately curated grooming kit for the gentlemen and the ladies alike. Because every tool is an integral part of your grooming system, we made it a commitment to round up just the cream of the crop.

You’ll Never Look At Grooming The Same Way Again!

Who says grooming is just a boring routine that you have to stick to? We vow to make your morning (or even evening!) ritual more satisfying, luxurious, and something to look forward to.

Transform your routinary shaving session to a more luxurious and pampering experience with our recommendation of lush products!

More than just the basics, your grooming habits can either make or break you. It’s one of those lines between success and failure (in all aspects of life!)

How would you be able to stick to a pristine routine? Of course, you have to know what you want and secondly, get the BEST product suitable for your needs!

Get The Grooming Essentials Fit For Your Needs!

Every individual is unique. The same goes with your hair and grooming needs! Because there isn’t one product that fits all (regardless of the claims), a comprehensive list is only fitting, for you to get the best product that fits like second skin.

So hop on board and rally your thoughts because we’re going to help you decide what product best works for you!

As you read through our assortment of articles, tips, and recommendations, you will find that each of them has a personal touch and is certainly relatable. Should you need more information about them, feel free to connect with our writers as they would also love hearing from you!

Editorial Guideline

At the Apricot, our mission is to celebrate the uniqueness of people and how being mindful of that can reflect on someone’s beauty. By sticking to this agenda, we hope to build a community of like-minded individuals who share the same beliefs and ideals. 

While we review a wide range of products, you can expect the most transparent, unbiased reviews and recommendations from our team of beauty experts. At the end of the day, we simply just want you, our loyal reader, to gain more confidence and a sense of belonging through beauty, and hopefully our page.

Product Selection Process

The Apricot’s team recognizes that there’s a deeper layer in each beauty trend, that is, they represent one’s culture, sexuality, religion, and race. As such, from the start of the product or trend selection process, we already aim to provide the most holistic, sensitive, and factual reviews. It is important to us that our readers know that, even though we may receive an affiliate commission on some of the products we review, that never influences our product selection. We always work to understand what makes a certain product or trend tick with a certain audience and then handpick the absolute best that offers the most value. Learn more about our product selection process here

Our Amazing Writers

Our Apricot articles and reviews wouldn’t be as diverse or comprehensive with such a wide range of beauty topics if not for our team of expert writers. Read along to meet everyone:

Mike Ross

Mike Ross is a full-time writer at theapricots and an experienced grooming expert. He has been in men’s grooming industry for more than 15 years now.

Before joining theapricots as a full-time writer, he used to be a very successful grooming consultant. He helped thousands of men around the world to be confident and unleash their true potential with the power of self caring

Mike believes everyone is god’s precious creation and it’s our duty to keep it intact.

Karenn Fajardo

Karenn is a style and beauty writer at TheApricots, where she writes about the best brands for grooming, hair care, and beauty. 

She graduated from The University of Santo Tomas with a Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and Dietetics. Since then, she has been practicing in the fitness industry as a nutritionist and personal trainer. She’s also a certified anti-gravity yoga and Les mills teacher.

Karenn also writes about healthy recipes in her new blog, karennfajardo.wixsite.com/nutfitlab. Follow Karenn’s box of chocolates in her FB pages, @karennfajardo, @nutfitlab, and @fourpigsinblanket.

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Giana Martin

A woman of strength, Gianna often does powerlifting when she’s not writing. Nonetheless, she is a certified gym rat!

She often goes to the gym to lift some serious weights. A self-taught baker, Gianna also spends a chunk of her time in the kitchen when she’s not in the gym A budding connoisseur who also loves reading and photography, she is on the constant lookout for the perfect coffee!

Hopefully, we’re going to hear a cafe opening soon!

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We are always open to experienced and qualified writers, grooming experts, beauticians, makeup artists who would love to share practical real-life advice with our readers. We only work with relevant field experts and do not accept unsolicited guest-authored content. If you think you have certain expertise and authority in our grooming niche, feel free to email us at mike[at]theapricots.com with the Subject Line: “Writing for The apricots”

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