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Welcome to the Apricots, your one-stop shop for comprehensive grooming tips, guides and product recommendations.

We have scoured the land (and the internet!) to give you reliable and thoroughly researched updates, buying guides, and reviews on grooming essentials, fitness, hair & skin care, styling, and relevant DIY projects.

Your grooming habits speak a multitude of your personality and character. Thus, it’s fitting to get only the best products and recommendations.

Because good grooming is of utmost importance and impeccable style is a must, theApricots Team understands the need for an intricately curated grooming kit for the gentlemen and the ladies alike. Because every tool is an integral part of your grooming system, we made it a commitment to round up just the cream of the crop.

You’ll Never Look At Grooming The Same Way Again!

Who says grooming is just a boring routine that you have to stick to? We vow to make your morning (or even evening!) ritual more satisfying, luxurious, and something to look forward to.

Transform your routinary shaving session to a more luxurious and pampering experience with our recommendation of lush products!

More than just the basics, your grooming habits can either make or break you. It’s one of those lines between success and failure (in all aspects of life!)

How would you be able to stick to a pristine routine? Of course, you have to know what you want and secondly, get the BEST product suitable for your needs!

Get The Grooming Essentials Fit For Your Needs!

Every individual is unique. The same goes with your hair and grooming needs! Because there isn’t one product that fits all (regardless of the claims), a comprehensive list is only fitting, for you to get the best product that fits like second skin.

So hop on board and rally your thoughts because we’re going to help you decide what product best works for you!

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