AI-Powered Learning: Crafting Knowledge from YouTube

Make learning chill.

  • Craft Courses
  • Generate content
  • Chat with your videos

Craft a Course with the click of a button..

Specify a title and what unit(s) you would like to learn about and let our AI create chapters for you with the click of a button.

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Fetch content for the chapters created from YouTube

Generate a video from YouTube for each chapter seamslessly. You can also use the toggle if you would like to prioritize longer videos for any of the chapters. Get notified in case of any failure, and simply retry fetching content for the failed chapter.

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Access your course and get to learning.

Nice intuitive User Interface for interacting with your courses.

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Chat with your videos

You just finished watching a video but unfortunately there's just that one thing you can't remember. No worries. You don't have to keep scrolling through the video. Just ask ForgeAI. Powered by GPT.

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