Best Shaving Bowls: Top 10 Reviewed

Best Shaving Bowls

In a Hurry? Check Our Top 3 Picks! SUPPLY Marble Shaving Bowl VIKINGS BLADE Shaving Bowl Henry Cavendish Shaving Bowl If you’re into the traditional way of shaving, you need the best shaving bowls. This will help you get a good lather. Whether you’re using a shaving soap or shaving …

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10 Best Electric Shavers for Black Men

Best Electric Shavers for Black Men

An electric razor can offer excellent shaving benefits. But Black men’s beard is different and it needs a special kind of shaver. Even when you get the right model, shaving becomes less complicated and difficult. However, today there are a large number of appliances that offer different qualities and features. …

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15 Best Beard Trimmers For Men in 2020

Best Beard Trimmers For Men

Beard trimmers come with an ocean of varieties. Variations of the product have dramatically ballooned in the market today. As a result, finding the best beard trimmers for men has nowadays turned into a serious hunting game. As strange as it can get, there’s no perfect beard trimmer but. However, …

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10 Best Synthetic Shaving Brushes in 2020

Using the right shaving brush plays a big part in getting that perfect shave. The best shaving brush should deliver a rich and thick lather to exfoliate your skin and lift the stubble off of your face. There are many shaving brushes in the market today, how would you determine …

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Best Razor for Sensitive Skin: Top 10 in 2020

Sensitive skin is not only limited to babies and women. Even fully bearded men can have sensitive skin. And this poses a challenge whenever you shave. You have to deal with irritation, dryness, and inflammation. And of course, it makes your skin more prone to burning, stinging, and redness. So …

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15 Best Beard and Mustache Wax to Buy in 2020

Men beard waxing

A shiny, glossy, and macho-looking beard and mustache. Sexy. Masculine. Suave. Aahhh… Who among beard-styling-obsessed men doesn’t want one of these? While having both will put you up to a notch on the scale, maintaining both can mean double the effort! The ultimate solution? In a Hurry? Check Our Top …

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10 Best Pre Shave Oils in 2020

Best Pre Shave Oils

Shaving with dry skin can be challenging and painful! Dry and brittle hair can take such toll on your shaving routine. Snags. Coarse hair. Entanglements. One of the best pre shave oils might be the answer. Should you skip shaving if you’ve dry and coarse skin? Of course not! What …

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Homemade Shaving Cream: 3 DIY Recipes

diy shaving cream

What’s good my kings? I hope you’re all doing fine. Today we are going to cover an interesting topic. You might’ve already guessed it from the title. Yes today we are gonna help teach how to make your very own homemade shaving cream. Before you swipe away hear us out. …

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