Product Selection Process

theApricots is a team of highly passionate curators that are committed to helping our readers get the best products. The online market is teeming with a lot of products that it’s easy to just get lost in it. So you feel like a kid lost in a big candy store, we’ll help you pick the best candy for you. a

We’ve done thorough research and a comparison of our recommended products. And rest assured that our best picks are nothing but the best in the market. And there’s more to it than just premium products, our product reviews were created with careful thought and consideration for everybody.

  1. Every product on our best list went through extensive research. We’ve scoured the internet for numerous legit reviews, manufacturers’ websites, and several blogs.
  2. We recommend products that belong both in the premium tier and the budget-friendly ones. And rest assured we have considered each feature of every product to ensure that you get the best deal.
  3. Rest assured all the products are currently available in the market. We check it regularly. We don’t want to build up your excitement only to find out that the product you’ve grown to like is out of stock. We don’t burst your bubble.
  4. We update our article every time and make necessary adjustments to keep it up to date.
  5. We bank on honest reviews because we want you to pick the best product for you, and not just because of hype. Our list contains both the pros and cons so that you know what you’re in for. We’re very transparent about our research. 
  6. We don’t recommend a product unless we think it’s one of the best. And we also use it for ourselves!

We hope that this gives you more confidence in what we do! We’d love nothing but to pick the best products for our readers.