Top 10 Best Quiet Hair Dryer

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Best Quiet Hair Dryer

Waking up to a noisy hair dryer could be a very painful experience in the morning. Unless you live alone or you’re safely tucked away in the suburbs, you can get away with a loud hairdryer!

Apart from complaining neighbours and pissed off housemates, continuous use of a noisy dryer can hurt your eardrums too.

Your regular hair dryer operates at a sound that’s around 85 DB. Daily use of hairdryers at this level can damage your eardrums in the long term and in worst cases, it can lead to hearing loss.

“We can’t skip this routine!”

Yes! All of us girls can’t. And drying your hair after a refreshing shower is one of our basic human rights!

So what can you do about it?

It’s simple- Get a quiet blow dryer!

We’ve reviewed several noise-free dryers that you can use without bothering anyone at home! Check out our list to find out which best quiet hair dryer is perfect for you!

Top 10 Quietest Hair Dryers

01.Twinturbo 2800 by Turbo Power

Best Choice

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This Turbo climatic quiet blow dryer is ideal for an extended blowout time. With a motor that can operate up to 2000 hours, you can expect an uninterrupted blow out session as if you’re at the salon. This quiet hairdryer is also used by a lot of hairstylists and salon owners too.

Its anti-overheating device ensures you won’t burn your hands even during extended hair drying sessions when you have really long hair. Furthermore, It thoroughly dries your hair without damaging it, making it look shinier and healthier.

  • Has 4 temperature controls and 2 instant cool air options.
  • Equipped with a K-Lamination motor.
  • Has 2-speed selections.
  • Lightweight and has a durable shock-resistant casing.
  • Made from recyclable materials.
  • Has an anti-overheating device and temperature resistant body.
  • Has an extended motor life of up to 2000 hours.


  • Can be used for extended drying sessions without burning your hands
  • The Turbo 2800 is easy to handle with the control buttons properly placed on the handle.
  • Overheating is a thing of the past with its safety thermostat feature.  
  • Dries up your locks completely and quickly without damaging the strands.


  • A bit too heavy for some users.
  • We can’t see a diffuser attachment with it.

What We Like About the Product

We love how you can get that bouncy and shiny hair without having to drop by your favorite salon! Now, you can get a complete blowout finish in half the time without damaging your locks too!

You can also secure that nice hairstyle for the gala all by yourself with its cold shot system. And achieve that lovely volume of hair without having to sound like you’re starting up your car engine! It’s no wonder, a huge number of stylists recommend this product! This is clearly one of the Best Quiet Hair Dryer around

02. BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium

Best Value

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The Baby Bliss PRO is made out of Nano Titanium. What’s special about this material? It gets hot quickly so drying time is cut in half! Additionally, Its anti-frizz technology closes the hair cuticles and gives your hair that sleek shine and smooth finish.

The Babyliss Nano Titanium is quite affordable too. Thus, you can get that quick salon level blowout session while staying within a reasonable budget!

  • Has a strong wind power of 2000 Watts.
  • The heating element is made up of Titanium Nano.
  • Complete with a cool shot button.
  • Has 6 heat/speed settings.
  • Comes with a concentrator nozzle.


  • Its 6 speed/heat setting makes it very versatile and you can work on almost any hairstyles that you fancy.
  • Dries hair quickly with its superheating element (titanium nano).
  • Lightweight and easy to operate with its ergonomic design.
  • It has an efficient cool shot button that helps any hairstyles stay in place longer.


  • The superheating element can be damaging to overly treated, colored and dry hair.
  • If you’re looking for volume, this is not the hair dryer for you.

What We Like About the Product

You will love the savings that you get with this affordable and quiet blow dryer!

Savings 1: You can purchase an efficient quiet blow dryer at a decent price.

Savings 2: It dries your hair really fast! Thus saving you more time to do what you have to do in your day.

Savings 3:  It can function as a straightening tool too!

03. MHU Professional Salon Grade

Premium Pick

The MHU Professional blow dryer takes care of your morning hair routine in two ways. One, the sudden burst of hot air (infrared) targets the cuticle of the hair ensuring a quick but thorough drying. Second, surges of cold air follow the hot blowout to protect your hair from drying out.

This Quiet Hair Dryer is a bit on the heavy side but makes up for it with its long cord and durability.


  • Has a 9-foot cord.
  • Complete with 2 speeds and 3 temperature settings.
  • Operates on 1875 watts AC Motor.
  • It comes with a concentrator nozzle and a diffuser.
  • Equipped with Infrared heat and Negative Ion technology.


  • A certified silent hairdryer.
  • Has a long cord so you can move around easily.
  • Dries up hair and keeps it smooth and shiny.
  • Has a powerful AC motor that delivers strong gusts of hot air.


  • A bit on the bulky side.
  • You need a bit more cash to shell out for this machine!

What We Like About The Product

This is our premium pick for this selection! We love how it dries up the hair instantly while your tresses stay shiny and healthy. Additionally, the cool air instantly follows the strong gusts of hot air, so this hairdryer never gets too hot to touch.

You don’t need to worry about overheating too because of its efficient self-cooling system!

You can also easily straighten your curly hair with its steady and powerful motor. Also, the MHU Professional grade dryer can breeze through thick and coarse hair in just a few minutes.

You might not need to regularly visit your favorite salon for a great blow drying experience!

04. GHD Hairdryer

The GHD dryer looks very high end with its matte black body and metallic finish. Furthermore, it features a strong motor that can dry your hair in record-breaking time while staying silent while using it.

With its narrow nozzle and a steady flow of hot air, it works great for precision styling too! It works wonders for those who are in a hurry and people with only a few minutes to spare. Just a few blows of air from this stylish dryer and you are good to go! It’s one of the best quiet hair dryer

  • Equipped with an industrial ionic generator positioned near the nozzle.
  • Comes with 3 types of concentrator nozzles.     
  • Has a cool shot button.


  • Sleek and stylish.
  • Dries hair at record-breaking times.
  • Works well for precision styling too.


  • The controls are challenging to work with.
  • It’s very expensive compared to its competition!
  • Quite bulky and heavy.

What We Like About the Product

This quiet dryer can actually dry your hair in as little as 6 minutes! It also gives a sleek frizz-free blowout every single time. Thus, it’s perfect for those with thick, coarse hair like mine.

We also love how the gold metallic accents on the blower add a touch of sophistication to it.

We love how it dries your locks really fast without getting too hot. That means no more splits from drying too!

05. Parlux 385 PowerLight

You can expect a lot more power from this lightweight blow dryer. Its powerful motor can cut your drying time in half. The compact size makes it very easy to work with and it gets quite handy for those early morning rushes!

The Parlux 385 is very budget friendly while giving you great value when you purchase it. Dry and style your hair in a breeze and save up on your electric bills!

  • Equipped with ceramic and ion technology that reduce static electricity in the hair.
  • Very lightweight and compact.
  • Has a built-in silencer.
  • Manufactured from recyclable materials.


  • Lightweight. It’s very easy to handle and use. The Parlux 385 can be used for an extended period of time without making it seem like an arm workout.
  • Cuts your drying time by half and can reduce your utility bills.
  • Its compact design makes it a travel-friendly beauty tool.
  • Equipped with multiple settings for your various hair needs.
  • It’s very easy to clean and you don’t need to sift through the filters.


  • It could be quite expensive for some who are not keen on spending a few more bucks for a quality hair dryer.

What We Like About the Product

You can also easily pack it in your suitcase for a spontaneous overnight with your best girl pals. Lightweight and compact, you don’t have to worry about leaving one of your beauty must-haves behind! You must get this as it’s one of the best quiet hair dryer around

06. Elchim 3900

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Oftentimes, thick and coarse hair takes forever to blow dry because the hot air can’t reach all the way inside your head of hair. The Elchim 3900 can thoroughly dry your thick and wavy locks whilst keeping it hydrated, soft and shiny.  

Can you still get moisture back in your locks during a blowout session? Yes, you can! In fact, Elchim 3900 is equipped with an ionic system that helps keep moisture in the strands. Just watch out for the price tag though!

  • Lightweight and easy to handle.
  • Comes with 2 concentrator nozzles (narrow and wide).
  • Has a balanced weight.
  • Equipped with an ionic system that locks in hair’s moisture.
  • Has 3 temperature and 2 air speed settings.


  • Gives a fast blowout without drying your hair out.
  • Has a cold air shot to secure your hairstyle.
  • Narrow nozzles can be used for more precise styling.
  • Can straight style coarse and wavy hair.
  • Works great on all hair types.


  • •    Get ready to shell out a few more dollars for this quiet hair dryer.

What We Like About the Product

It can tame frizzy, coarse and thick hair! You know that blow-drying becomes such a chore if you have locks as thick as a mulberry bush! But with Elchim 3900, you can dry thick hair completely without draining the life out of it.

Can you recall the last time you blow-dried your coarse hair and it felt like forever PLUS ended up with frizzy ends anyway? Well, this quiet dryer can dry any type of hair under 10 minutes and still keep it shiny, smooth and frizz–free!

Moreover, you can even use it to straight style your curly hair in just a few minutes!

07. Kipozi 1875W Nano Ionic Blow Hair Dryer

This sleek black and gold dryer boasts an advanced nano ionic technology that keeps moisture in the strands even on a high heat setting.

It can blow dry thick and coarse hair quickly and reduces static electricity. We all know what too much static electricity can do to your hair, right?

Is too much humidity making it difficult to blow dry your hair? This ceramic dryer helps keep your tresses smooth, shiny, and sticky free! And it’s perfect for those who are living in very humid areas.

  • Has 2 speed and 3 temperature settings.
  • Black coated body with gold accents.
  • Operates on 1875 W Motor.
  • Has an 8-foot long cord.
  • Comes with a concentrator and diffuser.
  • Equipped with an advanced ionic nano technology.


  • Easily dries coarse and thick hair.
  • The Ionic Nanotechnology locks in moisture and keeps hair shiny and smooth.
  • It’s quite affordable.

What We Like About the Product

We absolutely love the elegant design of this powerful dryer, and it’s really pretty! Additionally, if you’re living in very humid areas, this can save your tresses from all those stickiness, frizzes, and whatnots.

You can also get this quiet hair dryer at a very affordable price!  And as this is one of the best quiet hair dryer you will never regret

08. 10x Ultralight Speed Dryer by BIO IONIC

Bio Ionic is one of the few quiet hair blowers that are infused with natural volcanic rock minerals. Consequently, these rock minerals emit negative ions that help trap in moisture. It dries hair quickly but keeps it soft and smooth at the same time while nourishing your hair with every use.

It also can do the job of your regular hair straightener! And you’ve got a single tool for most of your styling needs without the need to spend extra.

  • Has a classic and sleek body.
  • Infused with natural volcanic rock minerals.
  • Energy efficient as it uses 75 percent less energy.
  • Equipped with a swivel cord.


  • Has microhydration technology that gives your blow dried hair a vibrant look.
  • Lightweight and easy to blow dry long hair with.
  • Sleek ergonomic design.


  • At times, it can get too hot to handle.
  • Pricey!

What We Like About the Product

First of all, we love its sleek and stylish design! And it looks really classy and sophisticated too!  

It can also double as a hair straightener, so no need to purchase an additional tool for your styling needs. Plus, it holds almost any hairstyle in place for a longer amount of time so you can enjoy that lovely dinner date with fabulous hair all night long!

We just adore how this quiet hair blower makes your hair shiny, smooth, and full of life, the secret is all in the moisture! Go for this quietest hair dryer

09. Ion Whisper Ceramic Hair Dryer

quiet blow dryers reviews

Ion Whisper Ceramic Hair Dryer has a ceramic tourmaline technology that allows you to blow-dry and style your hair in so many ways.  

This ceramic hair dryer features a number of settings so that you can work around almost any hair type and hairstyle that you fancy.

  • Has a long cord.
  • Lightweight and weighs only 16 ounces.
  • Complete with 4 temperature settings and 2 dryer settings.
  • Has a cool shot button.


  • The ceramic tourmaline ion technology dries your hair without damaging it.
  • It has an anti-frizz feature that smoothens and straightens every strand as you blow dry.
  • Since it’s lightweight and easy to handle, As a result, it won’t tire your arms out when you are working with thick hair. You can even bring it with you when you travel.
  • Offers a variety of styling options with its 4 heat settings.


  • Takes a little bit longer to dry compared to other blow dryers.
  • Lack of air power.
  • The silver coating scratches off easily.

What We Like About the Product

Blow drying your hair on a daily basis can strip off the moisture off of your locks. But you can still have your daily blowouts without draining the life out of your hair strands! We love how Ion Whisper‘s tourmaline technology protects your hair from frizzes and dryness.

Moreover, you can style your hair every day and still keep the smoothness and moisture in your locks!

10. Centris Q Zone

The Centris Q Zone is one of the quietest hair dryers out in the market today. The tourmaline technology allows you to dry your hair without stripping the luster out of it.

This ceramic hair dryer has a lower wattage that works best for fine and thin hair. The price tag is a little bit on the heavy side though. Also, there are a lot more problems underneath its surface which explain our rating.

  • Equipped with Tourmaline technology.
  • Comes with a concentrator motor.
  • Has an ionic technology for faster blowouts.


  • Very quiet ceramic hair dryer.
  • Prevents further hair damage with its tourmaline technology.


  • A little bit pricey for the value it gives!  
  • The body gets too hot to touch after a while.
  • Bulky and quite awkward to hold due to its design.
  • Has a weak airflow.

What We Like About The Product:

So far, this is the quietest hair dryer that we’ve tried! Even your sleeping roommate will not be disturbed with your early morning hair routine.

Buying Guide: What to Look for in the Best Quiet Hair Dryer

We know you are ecstatic to go to your favorite store to get the quietest hair dryer!

You might be wondering, how do you determine which quiet hair dryer is for you?

Let’s go over some tips below that can help you out with your decision. Ditch the noisy mornings and get your premium quality hair dryer!

How Quiet Can You Go?

Since you are scouting for the quietest hair dryer in the market, how would you be able to gauge if it’s indeed the meekest of them all?

Look for the decibels.

Keep in mind that hair dryers at 85 decibels or more make that irritating vibrating and screeching sound. You might want to look for hair blowers that have less than 60 decibels. Remember, the lower the number is, the friendlier it is to your eardrums, and to your housemates as well!

Always check if your preferred quiet dryer comes with all the attachments you need or you look forward to using! Because your blow dryer can also save you on salon trips! That’s if it comes with all the necessary attachments.

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Attachments Galore!

You might be asking,“ What attachments should I look for?”

Look for the concentrator nozzle and diffuser. These nozzles are great tools that can convert your hair dryer into a straightening iron. While diffusers are magic tools when you would want to wear your hair curly.

You can style your hair in so many ways!

If the attachments are not in the box, ditch it!

Life is always better if you have choices. The same is true with your hair dryer.

How Do I Control Thee?

It’s not every day that you want a full blast blow out. Nor is it every day that your hair is in tip-top condition.

Always look for blowers that have heat and temperature settings. If your hair’s a little bit under the weather, go for the low heat setting. But if you want a fast blow-dry session, just press the high heat options and voila!

Isn’t it nice to have choices all the time?

How Do You Spell Power?

In the hair dryer department, power is spelled as W-A-T-T-S.

The higher the watts, the more powerful the hair dryer is and the faster it can blow dry your hair!

Look for those with higher wattage. After all, what’s the use of a quiet hair dryer if it can’t even dry your hair?

It helps protect your tresses from drying out!

What’s So Cool in a Cool Shot Button?

Look for dryers with an efficient cool shot button. And go for blowers with an efficient cool shot button.

Apart from the added protection from extreme heat, the cool shot button can help set your hairstyle and keep it in place.

What Are Ceramic and Tourmaline?

These are several key features that you should look for when buying the best quiet blow dryer. Consequently, it can be your drying hair’s saving grace!

Every day blow dry can wreak havoc to your locks. So best to look for these two babies so that you can still have healthy, shiny and smooth tresses everyday.


Are you looking forward to a more peaceful blow dry session?  Yes, we are too!

Ponder on these questions before heading out to buy your new quiet hair dryer!

Are All Quiet Hair Dryers Really Quiet?

Simply put, not all quiet hair dryers are made equal. But one thing is for sure. It is less noisy than your regular hair dryer.

But if you want to make sure you are getting the quietest hair dryer, check for the blower’s decibel levels. Your standard hair blowers have around 85- 100 decibels while quiet ones don’t go beyond 80.

The lower the number, the more peaceful it is!

I Love Blow Drying My Hair Every Single Day, But I’m Afraid That It Could Fry My Lovely Tresses.

And that’s actually very true! Heat can wreak havoc to your locks especially if you blow dry every single day. Some of us even have blowouts more than once a day! The good news is that a lot of the best quiet hair dryers in the market have advanced technology that can protect your hair from the ill effects of too much heat.

What Do I Have To Look For In A Quiet Hair Dryer So That I’m Sure It Would Not Damage My Hair?

Always look for ionic or tourmaline technology. Additionally, this technology releases negative ions that act as an anti-frizz agent. With this anti-frizz technology, daily blow drying won’t feel like such a punishment to your lovely locks!

But These Blowers Are Quite Expensive!

Well, most professional grade hair dryers can cost a bit more than your regular noisy dryers. But the good news is that most of these can also double as a hair straightener too! You can enjoy the benefits of two beauty tools with just one product.

Looking forward to a peaceful blow dry session?

Now, with the best quiet hair dryer you can enjoy a serene and peaceful blow-dry session. And your housemates will be thanking you too!

Just thank us later!

Whether you have fine, coarse or curly hair, you can find that perfect hair blower to smoothen those lovely locks! As a result, you may even use the same beauty tool for precision styling! Talk about saving on several salon trips!

“Your hair is your crowning glory.”

We’ll help you maintain it that way!

That is why we’ve wrapped up a selection of the quietest hair dryer (one actually that works too!) that share the same sentiments! As a result, you get your hair dried up in half the time while keeping your locks looking healthier, shinier, and full of life! Your regular hair dryer would not be able to do that, right?

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