Why do my balls itch? You Might Be Suffering From These 9 Causes!

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Once your balls start to itch, you just can’t help but scratch them.

Who can resist that mind-blowing scratch? That involuntary urge to reach down. Kings. Folk. Noblemen. Ordinary men. Gay men. All men.

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Yes. All men render powerless when itch calls.

Intimate scratching had already stirred reactions, guffaws, and apathy within the machismo society even before you think about it.

And, this leads us to our ultimate question: Why do my balls itch?

Reasons for itchy crotch range from innocent brush between your skin and the underwear to some serious infections.

Certainly, your balls are bound to itch every once in a while. However, when itching goes out of hand, then something must be really wrong!

Did you know that scratching will only worsen the itch? Imagine your fingers—which you’ve been using to hold an average of 10-20 objects—and how much germs it catches in a day. And, the nails! All these will come in contact with your sensitive ball skin.

What do you get?

A recipe for scratchy, or perhaps even painful disaster for sure!

In this article, we’ll be talking about the subtle infections and irritations, because these conditions dwell longer in your skin. We’ll also scratch beyond the surface to reach down for the best treatment solutions.If you think you’ve got the balls to talk about the 9 causes of itchy balls that you might be suffering from, then let’s get the ball rolling!

why do my balls itch so much


Chlamydia is a very serious form of Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) that causes the testicles to swell and the penis to discharge pus. Another indicative effect of this STI is painful urination.

Such infection is so subtle that you won’t be able to notice its becoming until it has fully spread in your genital area. In some cases, it kicks off with some uncontrollable itches.

Then, the itches spreads from the scrotum to the base of the penis. It spreads to a point that it envelopes the whole shaft. Untreated at this point, the scratch will turn into a painful rash. That’s when the infection has fully ripened.

Treatment: Ointments, creams and other applications are powerless in the face of this cringe-worthy infection. The sole solution for this is antibiotic intake.


This condition strikes with a wet, red rash. It then develops into an uncontrollable itch. Whether you scratch it or not, it’ll eventually advance into a burn-like pain. And, the itch still prevails at this point.

The condition finally turns into a major infection when, since its naturally moist, it hosts bacteria and fungi to reside.

This type of condition-infection is usually caused by constant moisture and sweating in the skin. Apparently, it’s very likely to occur in areas in your body like stomach folds, underarms, groin and inner thighs.Treatment: This condition is best treated with antifungal and antibacterial creams. Examples of antibacterial creams include Hydrocortisone, Neosporine, Bacitracin, and Lotrimin.


Gonorrhea is a very unpleasant and aggressive form of STI. Its transmitted by sexual discharges from either the penis of vagina. It begins with the usual itches until you feel discharges from your organ.

The texture of the discharged fluid is oftentimes compared to a mucus-like green/yellow substance. Thick, sticky and foul, the discharge sometimes flushes out in massive amounts.

The worst thing the STI can do is cause your balls to tender, your foreskin to swell up and your urinary tract to develop inner rashes. Its immediate feeling every time you urinate likens to a deep burning sensation.

Untreated, this infection will aggravate into sterility.


Otherwise known as Tinea Cruris, Jock Itch is caused by a fungus known as dermatophyte.

Prevailing strongly in moist areas in the body like the groin, this condition inflicts a deep itch accompanied by scaly redness. Severely itchy and painful (stinging), this condition aggravates in highly-humid environments. This is the kind of condition that spreads faster when scratched.

Common sufferers of this condition are gym jocks, hence its name.Treatment: Applying high-quality anti-fungal creams twice a day after every shower eventually treats the skin of the condition.


Contact dermatitis is mainly the skin’s allergic reaction to any harsh applications, powders, or a sudden change in dermatological routine.

An allergy of this likeness, resembles very itchy bumps and redness in any part of your skin. At worst instances, it even yields pus from the upper layer of your skin. It can sometimes be painful.

Usually, it lasts for a few hours or even days depending on the severity of the allergy.

Treatment: Once you’ve determined that your condition is actual allergy, you may take anti-allergy oral medications. However, if the irritation is not that severe, you may just have to let it pass.

It’s the prevention that proves most laborious in this case, because you’ll have to go through every single object that made contact with your skin. Once you’ve spotted the object, be rid of it.


Itching by the pubic lice/crabs is feathery, yet intense, it’s almost ticklish. Despite resistance, the itching would urge you to scratch until the skin develops irritation.

why do my balls itch at night

Anyhow, irritation at this point, will have already kicked in the moment the lice began biting into the skin. The lice, all tiny of them, can be seen swarming over your pubes. These pests spread in the form of eggs—tiny yellowish dots attached neatly in the base of your pubic hair. Treatment: With the doctor’s nod, you can apply anti-lice shampoo like the Nix product. The Nix product has strong concentrations of permethrin, an aggressive anti-parasite chemical. Moreover, the product package includes a comb that lets you comb through your pubes after using the chemicals to sweep off dead lice.


Another form of STI, the genital warts resemble small protrusions or tiny extensions of flesh on the top of your skin. Caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), this infection is not harmful until it unceasingly spreads and eventually kills your antibodies.

While it’s painless to many, its super-itchy to some.Treatment: This can be best treated by antifungal creams, laser, or even the unconventional home remedy called urine treatment.


Ignited by the herpes virus, a virus present in our body, this condition (usually transmitted through sex) grows itchy, painful sores and blisters that secrete pus. Its itch usually thrives in the reproductive area.

It especially aggravates in both extremely cold and hot spaces. More so, it brings bout of fever and colds when active.

Its effects will eventually go away, but not the virus. This chronic virus will only remain dormant for a period of time before eventually kicking back in when the body’s resistance is at its lowest.

why do my balls itch all the time

Treatment: There is no known treatment for it. However, you can best prevent its occurrence with healthy diet and safe sex.


Remember the disturbing effects of Intertrigo? Chafing almost resembles it, expect that this is mainly caused by constant rubbing between skin surfaces.

Friction. That is the main culprit of Chafing. Friction, by the looks of it, eventually burns the skin’s first layers dry until rash intercepts. With rash, comes redness, cracking and itching. Most of the time, it is also accompanied by uncomfortable burning pain!

Treatment: The best treatment and prevention for Chafing is to moisturize before sweating up for skin-to-skin-rubbing activities.

High-quality moisturizing creams include the Nivea Soft Moisturizing Cream, Andalou Naturals, Weleda Skin Food, Dermasil Labs, and the Desitin Zinc.

Other means for preventing the occurrence of Chafing is getting rid of overly tight suits and damp clothing.


Itchy balls are not to be taken for granted. It may seem harmful at one scratch, but then you might be completely unaware that it’s only bracing for a nastier disaster.

One itch. Two itches. Three itches in a row. That’s forgivable.

But, several itches on a daily basis? That is definitely something, mate. Eventually, itches are tell-tale signs of an infection brewing down below. Whether be it due to lifestyle abuse or mere negligence, you simply can’t let a serious itch pass.

Eighty percent of skin diseases, based on study, are provoked by constant scratching.

See? A lazy scratch is never the brightest solution even if you’ve got the balls to do it.

So, the next time you experience a continuous itch, don’t scratch it! Just rush for a quick wash. And, when you dry your private parts, make sure to (actually) dry it.

Now, if symptoms persist, you know what to do.

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