What Does Beard Balm Do and Why You Should Use One?

What Does Beard Balm Do

Clean and hair-free skin, that’s the in thing, if you’re a woman! But men nowadays grow a beard because it looks hotter. And there’s a certain charm a bearded man has. But growing a full beard isn’t easy. And you need to take care of it unless you want to look scruffy and unkempt. One of the products that can help you maintain glorious beards is beard balms. So what does beard balm do?

We’ll cover that and some more tips on how to maintain sexy beards. And this product is also one of the fundamental aspects when caring for a beard.

What is a Beard Balm?

As conditioner is for your hair, a beard balm is for your facial hair. Beard balm are softeners. Like a conditioner, it softens and makes your beard more pliable for styling.

The best beard balms contain several natural ingredients. Among them, shea butter and beeswax are the most popular ones. Almost all the best brands are infused with these natural botanicals. And beeswax, of course, is the main component of most beard balms.

Beeswax is what gives the beard balm its form and it’s responsible for holding that beard style. Apart from that, beeswax is also very rich in vitamin A. This nutrient can be beneficial for your skin and facial hair. 

Berda balms are often perfect for medium to long beards. Short beards might not require yet a beard balm since you really don’t have much hair to hold and style. 

What About Beard Balms with Petroleum Jelly?

Some beard balm brands make use of petroleum jelly instead of beeswax. Petroleum jelly may have its benefits for a beard. It can prevent moisture loss and can also extend the shelf life of the beard balm.  

But there are more trade-offs than the benefits. That’s why we don’t really recommend beard balms with petroleum jelly. This compound may be contaminated with toxins that can pose health risks with long term use.

Apart from petroleum jelly, there are also other compounds that you should avoid. So it really pays to scrutinize the labels before checking out at the counter.

  • Formaldehyde

Yes, some beard balm products do have formaldehyde. Make you want to cringe right? Brands don’t necessarily divulge that their products contain formaldehyde. Instead, they’d list it as a releaser. And this indicates that the beard balm does have formaldehyde

  • Phthalates

These compounds are used to soften plastic. And instead of beeswax, some bands make use of phthalates. And this compound can also be found in vinyl floorings and children’s toys, though it has been long banned in children’s toys due to several adverse health effects.

  • Sulfates

Just as commercial shampoos, come beard balms can contain sulfates. Sulfate serves as a degreaser. Aside from some adverse health effects, sulfates can also make your beard dry and stiff.

How Do You Use a Beard Balm

How Do You Use a Beard Balm?

Using a beard balm is quite easy. You don’t really need a manual or specific instruction.

Just take a dollop of beard balm and work it into your hands. Then slowly rub it into your beard using your fingers to evenly spread the beard balm on your entire beard. Ensure that you have lathered it from the roots to the tips. 

When’s the best time to put on a beard balm? After washing your beard. You might want to start. But you have to dry it thoroughly first.

What are the Advantages of Beard Balm?

Beard balm is a nourishing concoction that can soften not only your beard but the skin underneath it as well. Let’s enumerate its benefits.

  • Keeps flakes and itchiness away.

There is such a condition called beardruff. It’s when the skin underneath your beard itches and flakes. This is often due to a lack of moisture and dryness.

  • Acts as a protectant from elements

The best beard balm contains natural botanicals that can protect your skin and facial hair from aggressors such as the UV rays of the sun, too much heat, and dust.

  • Aids in styling

Beeswax specifically helps your beard specific styles.

  • Makes your beard healthier

The best beard balms are infused with organic compounds and nutrients that can nourish your facial hair and skin.

Now that you know what good a beard balm can do to your skin, let’s take a look at the compounds that make up this concoction.

What Makes Up a Good Beard Balm?

A beard balm with all-natural ingredients is the only beard balm that you should buy. We’ve mentioned several artificial ingredients that you have to avoid in beard balms. Now, aside from beeswax, let’s take a look at what ingredients you should look for.

The best beard balm normally contains these nourishing compounds. You may even use these ingredients to make your own beard balm recipe.

1. Wax

Two types of wax can be used for beard balms- beeswax and carnauba wax. But you would get more nourishing benefits with beeswax

2. Butters

Like butter slides on hot toast, so is shea and cocoa butter on a beard balm. Though it’s not edible, it has the same velvety effect. Butters contain nourishing compounds that can add more moisture to your hair and skin. 

You’d love butter even more if you live in dry or cold regions where your skin tends to get dry fast.

And butter also improves the spreadability of the balm. It’s the reason why you find it easy to lather the bam into your hair.

3. Carrier oils

Carrier oils add to the nourishing effect of the beard balms. This makes your beard softer and healthier. 

Several carrier oils are perfect for beard balms. These are almond oil, jojoba oil, and argan oil. Some even use concentrated oils on their beard. 

4. Essential oils

Essential oils lend the beard balm its unique fragrance. The best beard balms do not use synthetic fragrances. 

But apart from the scent, essential oils also have their respective benefits. For instance, tea tree oil can lend that soothing and invigorating scent. And at the same time, it has antiseptic compounds that can help keep itchiness and skin infections away.

Beard Balm vs Beard Oil

These beard grooming products are often mistaken for one another.

We now know that beard balm can soften your beard and it aids in styling. But what does beard oil do? Beard oils can contain the same nutrients that beard balm has. But beard oil is primarily used for nourishing the skin and facial hair. It has nothing to do with holding or styling.

So  beard oil is recommended if you don’t really want to style your beard, or if you’re already happy with the way it lays. 

Why Use a Beard Balm

So Why Use a Beard Balm?

We’ve listed the benefits, but we’re going deep into the practical benefits.

The primary benefit of beard balms is that it keeps beardruff away. When you have beardruff it can be extremely itchy and uncomfortable. And there could be flakes falling from your beard. 

As dandruff flakes can be embarrassing especially with your black shirt on, so is beardruff! And it’s an indication that you’re not doing enough grooming there. That isn’t such a turn on right?

And beard balms can make your beard softer, healthier and it has a great scent too. So your woman wouldn’t shun away whenever you lean by for a kiss with your full beard. She might actually look forward to it!


How often should I use a beard balm?

You can use it three times a day or as needed!

What is the best beard balm for black men?

Since they tend to have a thicker and drier beard, beard balms for black men should contain ingredients that can target flakes and dryness well. Look for beard balms with argan oil, jojoba, and sweet almond oil.

Can beard balm clog pores?

If your beard balms contain comedogenic ingredients, it can. So better scrutinize the label and make sure that the ones you’re going to buy are a non-comedogenic balm.

What is beard oil?

Beard oil can soften and nourish our beard. It’s not used for styling like beard balm. But they can share similar ingredients except for the beeswax.

When to start using beard balm?

Soonest you have that full or medium length bead to style and condition!

Taking care of your full beard requires the right product. And a high-quality beard balm is one of the best grooming compounds that you can use to keep your beard in its pristine state. 

So to recap, what does beard balm do? It allows you to flaunt your beard! And the ladies would love this style on you.

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