How to Use an Electric Razor: 3 Simple Routine

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How to Use an Electric Razor

Tired of having the same boring old long routine everyday? Looking for a different routine to turn things around and spice things up? Well you’ve arrived at the right place.

Because today we are gonna help make a new addition to your shaving routine that will add a different flavor to your grooming routine. Today we are gonna talk about how you can save a lot of your time and cut down on a lot of processes by easily switching to your traditional shaver with an electric razor.

Yes you read that right. We are also gonna tell you how to choose your ideal razor for your skin type and different qualities you should look out for in an electric razor before making a purchase. As a bonus we’ll also provide you with tips on how you can get a close shave with an electric razor.

So without further ado let’s dive in.

Benefits of Electric Razor

A lot of people who use traditional razors might not even consider using an electric razor. I mean whatever works for you right? But what if we can change your mind and actually convince you why switching to an electric razor might actually not be just a good but a great idea. We’ll cut right to the chase and dive down straight to the benefits of an electric razor and why you might wanna adopt it to your grooming routine. 

1. Saves Time.

Electric shavers were indeed designed to save time. Unlike traditional razors, you don’t have to go through so many steps like taking a shower, applying cream or lotion before shaving. Shaving with electric razors is as easy as turning on the device and making a run for it.

2. They protect sensitive skin.

In traditional razors, where the blades cut and damage your skin, electric razors glide over it. This helps protect your sensitive skin. Which is prone to razor bumps, irritation and inflammation.

3. Shave anywhere

When it comes to shaving in tricky areas, there’s only so much you can rely on a traditional razor. Moreover, nothing feels more unsafe than when it’s on a spot you can’t see.

Thankfully, with an electric razor, you can hit anywhere on your body without worrying about cutting yourself.

4. Maintain Stubble 

Many men like using electric shavers because it allows them to have exactly the amount of stubble that they want. Razors like these have settings that allow people to control the intensity of the shave. For people who are maintaining beards, this is a very amazing feature as it allows you to adjust your intensity.

5. Available in all Shapes and Sizes

We often talk about there not being one size fits all solution. But there’s always an electric razor that fits and caters to all your needs. No matter your priorities are whether it be shaving in the shower, trimming your body hair, manscaping, there’s an electric razor that does it well

How to Use an Electric Razor

As always, there’s a before, during and an after phase when it comes to using an electric razor. These steps are necessary to be followed in sequence to give yourself an effective, comfortable shaving experience. 

3. Pre-shave Routine

This is like creating the base of the building. A pre-shave routine is all about prepping the terrain and making things easier for the electric shaver. Your shaving experience will depend on how well you’ve executed your pre-shave routine preceding it.  Follow the next few steps for the perfect pre-shave routine

Wash the Area

It is essential that you wash the area you are going to shave before applying an electric razor on it. We recommend you use lukewarm water for softening the hair. This will help clear away dirt and oil, as well as open your pores, all of which will help you get a closer shave

If you are someone who prefers dry shaving, then you can skip this step and directly move on to the next steps. However, it’s important to keep in mind that you need to exfoliate your skin to remove the moisture for dry shaving

Trim it down

Use a trimmer to cut your hair down to stubble to make it easier and comfortable to shave that area with an electric razor. Some electric razors come with a trimming section. You can also use that trimming section of the electric razor to cut your hair down to size to make it more manageable.

Use shaving cream

Use shaving cream

Next, massage some gel or foam onto your face and neck or any part of your body you desire to be shaved and leave it on for about 5 minutes before shaving. This will allow the stubble’s coarse lining to soften up as well.

Charge the Razor

When your battery has very little charge in it, it becomes difficult to get a close shave as the razor can’t shave in it’s full power or capacity. This will make for an uncomfortable shaving experience. So make sure that your razor has sufficient battery life and is well charged before the operation.

Lubricate the Blades and Foil

This one is again pretty self-explanatory, but pretty important; you should lubricate your razor at least twice a week. Pour a few drops of machine oil on the blades to lubricate it properly. Don’t use too much or else it’ll become too oily.

2. While-shaving Routine

Switch to the razor head section of your electric razor and start shaving accordingly to the following steps mentioned:

Use the Dominant Hand 

Whether you’re a righty or a lefty, we recommend you hold the razor in your dominant hand. If you’re using your right hand to right we advise you to shave with your right too

Hold Your Skin With the Other Hand 

Of course, we’re not gonna let your non-dominant hand sit there lazy for it too has its own role to play! Use your other hand to hold the skin tight as you go over the skin with the razor. 

You also have to stretch the skin with your free hand so the razor can cut the hairs more efficiently. This will also cause the flat-lying hairs to stand upright. This will also create maximum skin contact which reduces shaving time and minimizes snagging.

Do Not Apply Pressure

It’s important that you don’t apply much pressure while applying an electric razor unless you like having nicks and cuts on your face. The heat produced by the electric razor will make up for you not applying pressure. So go for light gentle strokes.

Go for Sensitive Areas First

Due to the fact that the electric razors are motorised, it generates a degree of operational heat which is bad news for sensitive skin as it can cause irritation. So,  always tackle the sensitive areas like the neck first while the shaver is still cool. Press lightly and don’t go over the same spot repeatedly. This will ensure the least amount of heat used and zero to almost no irritation.

Adjust the Direction

Make sure to go over places like neck, chin and jawlines slowly and approach them with certain care. Adjust the direction as you go but not applying too much pressure so as to not get burnt. 

Shave at the Right Angle

Hold the razor/shaver at right angles to your face. This will help ensure maximum skin contact, giving you a quicker and more effective shave. 

Shave Against the Grain

Always remember to run the shaver against the grain. You’ve probably been told most of your life that you should always shave with the grain, but the opposite is true for electric razors, which always give better results when shaving against the grain. 

Electric shavers can get very close to a blade and most men will be perfectly satisfied with the results. Use your hand as a guide to direct you while shaving.

Use the Right Strokes

If you’re using a foil shaver, you should only ever shave in up and down or back and forth motions. On the other hand, rotary shavers should always be used in small, circular motions.

Look at the Mirror

Take a good look at yourself in the mirror. Check to see if there are any stubbles of hair remaining on the shaved area. Shave it off if you find any remaining. Wash it once you’re satisfied with the look

3. Post-shave routine

A post-shave routine is just as important as all the routines mentioned above. It’s important that you follow this in order to avoid any injuries or infections later down the road.

Wash your Face

We recommend washing your face with cold water after you’re done as opposed to warm water which you used before shaving. Coldwater helps to relieve the pain as it closes your pores and tightens the skin

Tower Dry

Use a towel to pat your face and dry it. Don’t go overboard with this and pat it gently. Remember to pat not rub.

Use Aftershave

Aftershave helps to give you a fresh scent after shaving while moisturizing and medicating your skin. It helps to clot down any nicks or cuts you got during the shaving process and seals those pores.

Clean the Razor Blade

This should be a no-brainer. Just like you normally clean your razors, it’s essential you clean an electric razor too after shaving. Check to see if there are any remaining hairs sticking out or stuck in the device. Wash it thoroughly to get rid of all the hair and dirt. 

Underestimating this step might result in the metal pieces and blades being infested with germs and bacteria in the near future and using it will result in your skin disease 

How to Get a Close Shave with an Electric Razor

How to Get a Close Shave with an Electric Razor 

We’ve already discussed how you can use an electric razor. Close shaving is an inherent limitation of most electric razors.  Electric shavers are known for reducing skin irritation, cuts and ingrown hairs. They help make sure that the blades don’t come in contact with your skin like a typical razor would do.

However, there are certain tweaks and adjustments you can make to mimic the close shave a typical razor with blades would’ve given you.

Make sure you tick all the boxes in the following list to improve the closeness when using an electric razor:

  • Choose the right electric razor for your skin type
  • Buy an electric razor that has a powerful and fast motor
  • Choose a razor with sharp blades
  • Lubricate the blades and foil
  • Develop a simple and effective pre-shave routine 
  • Replace dull blades and worn foils
  • Go against the grain 
  • Use at a right angle 
  • Work on your technique
  • Charge the battery to 100% capacity before using
  • Use shaving cream
  • Be thorough and gentle

Choosing the Right Electric Razor

You now know about the benefits of using an electric razor and how to use it. Now the question is how to choose the right electric razor for you. it’s essential you know what type of electric razors you should be using.

In order to get started, you need to equip yourself with the proper tools. Keep reading below to find out how you can select the right electric razor for you.

What to Prioritize

Whether or not you prefer dry shaving or wet shaving it will all come down to what your priorities are.

First, choose and set your priority and decide what your expectations are from a shave. If you don’t know what to prioritize and confused about what they are to begin with, then don’t worry because we have got you covered.. Here are some of the things we recommend you start with and prioritize to help make your purchase decision easier.


Whether you prefer dry shave or wet shave, time is something you should prioritize and look out for. Every day is not the same and you might come across days when you’re in a time crunch and only have a few minutes to spare for shaving. So opt-out for a razor which is time-efficient.

Close Shave

The quality of an electric razor vest on how close of a shave it can give you. If your idea is to shave your beard in such a way that you are not left with a stubble the very next day, then we recommend  you to buy an electric razor which has the ability to give you a close shave.

Avoid irritation 

Your skin type might differ from the other guy shown in the commercial. It’s important to know your skin type. What kind of blade you’ll use will rest upon the fact that if you have dry skin or oily skin. So to avoid irritation select the razor suitable to your face type.

Qualities of a Good Electric Shaver

Qualities of a Good Electric Shaver 

You’ve sorted out all your priorities. Now, when looking out for a good electric razor to make sure it ticks all the boxes in the following list.

  1. Sharp Blades 

A good electric shaver will have sharp blades that cut the hairs clean and efficiently.

  1. Wider Coverage

It must be good at dealing with hair on a wider area and can minimize the number of passes and strokes it requires to cut long hair

  1. Doesn’t Overheat

Often times, after a few minutes of use, the electric razor starts to overheat itself. It gThis can be harmful to your skin if you are closing in for a close shave. So a good quality electric razor will have blades that do not overheat or get hot during operation 

  1. Fast, powerful motor

This is to make sure it has a faster and more powerful motor so that it doesn’t take hours for you to shave. Since time is of the utmost essence and priority, look out for a razor that has a fast motor 

  1. Not Noisy

Some people buy outdated electric razors which offer all the above but come at the cost of making loud abrupt noise. There are different variants of electric razors available that don’t produce noise and don’t take away from the experience.

Dermatologist Consultation

If you ever face any irritation or allergic reaction after doing any of the processes mentioned above, you must consult a dermatologist or skin specialist. There should be no alternative to this. They will suggest you the necessary medications to remedy this 

Before using any products or cream always consult your doctor. Stop using a product immediately if it causes allergic reactions or any symptoms.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to you as an individual. What we mean by that is the application and usage of it will vary accordingly based on your preferences and individual needs and condition. You can always try out both and shift to the one that suits our preference. You can always use a traditional razor, but whenever you are in a time crunch and need to get work done on the get-go, we recommend you use an electric razor. 

We hope this article helped provide you answers to different questions you might be having. We hope now you have a better overall idea about how to use an electric razor and also how to take care of yourself post-shave. As always we love hearing from you. Have you ever used an electric razor? Did you face any problems while using it? Would you recommend using it? Tell us about your experience.

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