Tria Hair Removal Reviews – Be Hair-free This 2020!

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Hair-free and smooth legs have always been a sign of femininity. Hair does not belong to a woman’s legs, armpits, nor bikini line. But the reality is, everyone grows hair in those areas! What to do? There’s only one solution – hair removal! Our Tria hair removal reviews will help you see why this is the best hair removal treatment for you.

Unwanted hair has always been linked to being macho or male, in a sense. But don’t let those unwanted hairs make you feel less of a woman. You can wear those sleeveless dresses and raise your arms anytime. You can flaunt your flawless legs in that short summer mini dress. Laser hair removal has been making the lives of a lot of women more enjoyable. Let’s see how Tria hair removal laser 4x excels in this field.

What is Tria 4x? ( hair removal reviews)

Tria 4x is a laser hair removal treatment that’s quite similar to what your dermatologist uses in her clinic. It makes use of the same diode treatment technology to remove unwanted hair.  

What is diode treatment? Is it the same as an IPL treatment?

You may have had an IPL treatment sometime in your life. This is often mistaken for diode treatment.

 Aren’t they the same? what’s the difference?

IPL treatment is an intense pulse light technology while the diode is laser technology, Those are two different things. IPL uses a broad spectrum of light and not all follicles will be “zapped” by it. Hence it results in the less effective elimination of hair. In a way, it’s like a hit and miss. So hair naturally grows back after an IPL.

Diode treatment, on the other hand, yields a more permanent result. It uses a single wavelength of light that focuses on a single follicle.  

So laser technology is more powerful and has a long-lasting result than IPL. And the good news is, Tria hair removal is the first handheld device that’s FDA approved for home use. It’s the first in its field to offer an easy and affordable home solution to remove unwanted hair. When a brand is a pioneer in something, it speaks volumes of its capability and credibility

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Tria hair removal reviews

What’s in it for me? (Everything about  Tria 4x hair removal)

Let’s run down the features that you get to enjoy. 

1. LED display

It has a LED display that can guide you through the treatment. It even rids the need for a manual. It’s like taking an interactive laser technology tour. You can also see the following features on the bright screen

  • The pulse counter. This counts the exact pulses per treatment. I find this a handy feature. In case you lost track of the number of pulses, this device records it for you.
  • Battery indicator
  • Safety lock icon
  • Skin sensor indicator. When it’s on, you may proceed with the treatment

2. Treatment window

This emits the laser light, directing it straight to the hair follicles

3. Treatment level button.

It gives you the liberty to adjust the comfort settings of the treatment.

4. A charging socket

You’ll need to refuel often! Let’s tackle this later.

5. Has an automatic shut off feature

It automatically turns off when not in use for 3 minutes. 

Enjoy these advantages

Now you can sit back, relax, and let the Tria laser hair removal do the work for you. Let’s see some advantages

  • Very easy to use

Even those who are just trying our laser technology for the first time won’t have a problem with it. I love how the LED display gives you a virtual tour of what needs to be done. And everything you need to monitor is displayed on the right screen. It’s worth noting in this review that it’s  almost dumb proof.

  • Ergonomic handle

It features an easy-grip handle. It’s not too thick nor too thin for your lady’s hands. 

  • Options for the pulse settings

To get the maximum effect for the type of your hair and skin, the Tria hair removal features 5 pulse setting options. So even if you have sensitive skin, it’s still safe to use. You can opt for the lowest setting and see how things pan out. And if you want an intensive treatment, there’s an intense pulse available for your convenience. 

But before you get too excited and all raring to get intensive treatment, try it on a small patch of skin first to see how it would react. 

  • Portable and cordless

It has a petite size that’s easy to pack in your suitcase. So it’s a perfect fit if you need a couple of treatments but you’re always traveling. You never have to skip a session.

It easily refuels too in a charging dock station. If fully caged, you can use the unit for a full 30 minutes. 

  • Responsive skin sensor

I am loving this safety feature! The automatic sensor analyzes your skin type. If it gets too dark, it skips it, and moves onto the next safe area. Laser treatment is not safe for those with darker skin and red or blonde hair. The automatic skin sensor analyzes your skin tone if it’s a perfect fit for laser therapy. So this ensures that it’s 100 percent safe.

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You can easily check the compatibility of your skin and hair with the Skin and Hair Chart. 

  • Professional treatment at your home

As I’ve mentioned above, It’s the same diode laser treatment your dermatologist uses on her clinic. So you get the same effective treatment at the convenience of your home. And at your own time too. You don’t need to schedule appointments to your derma. And you don’t need to drive for follow up sessions.

  • More cost-efficient

 A session of diode laser treatment can cost between 50 to 300 dollars. And that’s exclusive of the tip and parking ticket. Whereas, you can get your own diode laser treatment with Tria 4x  hair removal at only 449 dollars. And that’s unlimited sessions anytime. So you’re making great savings in the long run

  • Fast and effective

The Tria 4x laser treatment can significantly lessen hair growth in 2 weeks.  And a lot of reviews swear by it too. 

  • Can be used on almost all body parts

Your armpits, legs, bikini area, you name it. For as long as your skin type is an ideal candidate, it’s safe to use on almost anywhere on your body.

However, it’s not good to use it directly on your genitals. This area can have a darker skin tone, is extremely sensitive, and more hair density.

  • Can be used by both men and women

Yes, it’s not only for the ladies, though the design might say otherwise. It’s just not advisable for men to use it on their face due to the thicker hair density. 

And here are some trade-offs

It’s not all strawberry fields. You might want to go through some cons so that you’re sure what you’re in for:

  •  You need to constantly charge the unit. The battery drains pretty fast. So to get an uninterrupted session, it’s a good idea to fully charge it beforehand. A single charge of the battery might not be enough to finish both legs. So it might take you most of the day if you plan to treat your entire body.

 So working on one or two body parts a day seems to be a more viable schedule.

  • Not suitable for those with dark brown or medium brown skin. It also might not work on blonde, grey, and even red hair. 

What are the possible side effects of a diode laser treatment?

It’s not all spice and everything nice, well mostly. The side effects are mostly subtle and temporary. And it’s quite similar to most beauty, hair removal, and laser treatments. It quickly dissipates in a day.

When using Tria 4x, you may experience any of the following:

  • Skin redness
  • Swelling
  • Blisters
  • Skin crusting
  • Discoloration
  • Subtle pain
  • Prickling sensation

But if in case it lasts for more than a day or two, consult your dermatologist and park your Tria hair removal for a while.

Before doing your Tria 4x treatment, do this first

So you have to start with a clean canvass, as always,

  • Wash your skin thoroughly with a mild soap. Ensure that all lotions, creams, perfume, or anything that you lathered on must be fully removed. Why? This will allow the laser to penetrate the skin more, thereby making the treatment more effective.
  • If the hair has already grown to a significant length, trim or shave it off with razor first. Remember that the light zaps the hair follicles, not the hair. So shaving everything clean will make it more effective, easier, and faster. 
  • Remove any stray hair by wiping it off or lathering with mild soap. Make sure to fully dry the skin before the treatment.

How to use your Tria 4x

Now, after you have prepared your skin, you’re all set to have hairless skin. Either you’re going to the beach or a glam night, hairless skin is a requirement, by you that is. So here are the steps that you have to do, easy peasy!

1. Unlock the unit first. How to?

-Press the power button on

-Hold it against the area that you wish to treat. It will automatically turn the sensor on and it will analyze your skin if it’s good to go. 

-Once your skin has passed the test, the lock icon will disappear. Now it’s ready for zapping. And you’ll hear a ready tone too.

– But if otherwise ( skin did not pass), you’ll still see the lock icon on the screen.

2. Select your level of treatment. You can choose from 5 intensities. Start with the lightest intensity if you have sensitive skin. Or you may start with the intensity that you’re most comfortable with. Anyhows, you can work your way up as your skin gets used to it. 

3. Choose an area and zap away! The batteries will last for about 30 minutes, which is about the time you need to cover a single area. So don’t rush, focus on one area at a time. And to achieve the best result, it should be used for at least 8 treatments. 

FAQs: Tria Hair Removal Reviews – Be Hair-free This 2020!

Does it hurt?

At intensity 1, there’s no sensation at all. But if you amp it up to level 5 you might feel a warm sensation. And for those with sensitive skin, there could be a bit of pain, just a subtle one. For people with low tolerance levels, it’s advisable to slather on a Tria calming gel to help deal with the pain.

Is it safe to use on the face?

The Tria 4x is 100 percent safe. And you can use it on your face to remove the fuzzy peach mustache. Though men are discouraged from using it on their face due to the hair density.

Can I use it over my tattoos?

Laser treatment can’t be used on skin darker than your regular skin tone. The laser light can cause injury to this area.

How long before I see results?

After each Tria 4x laser treatment, you’ll begin to see slight changes. The hair which has been treated before will start to fall out. And in three months, it’s likely that these areas will not grow hair anymore after 8 treatments. 

At what age can someone use the Tria laser therapy

As soon as someone hits 18, that’s also the legal age to do laser therapy. So for now, minors are not allowed.

What if my sensor skin test failed?

You may be using the skin sensor wrong. Check the instructions and compare them against the Skin Tone and Hair Color chart. And If all else fails, you can contact their customer service.


When waxing and plucking hair is a pain, this is a luxurious treat for your skin. The Tria hair removal treatment is fast, easy, and safe. You get smooth hair-free skin without any downtime. And the better news? It won’t grow back!

Hope my reviews gave you a bird’s eye view of what to expect and what to avoid when using your own Tria hair removal tool. Now you can go to rock that mini dress anytime!

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