Get Brows On Fleek With Trestique Mini Brow Pencil (A Product Review)

Every woman won’t be caught dead without their eyebrows all fixed and glammed up. Why is it very important? The eyebrows can accentuate your eyes. They can nicely frame your face too. A well-defined eyebrow can add structure to your face. And the Trestique mini brow pencil can help you achieve that look.

And we’re not just speaking of thick eyebrows, women need defined ones. You might find it hard to draw defined brows with your old liner. 

You might have a ton of questions, how is the Trestique mini brow pencil better than my old brand? So with that, we’re going to dive into the details!

What are you getting? (Trestique mini brow pencil package)

You’ll be happy that this is such a sweet deal. The package includes a Trestique brow definer pencil and a tint eyebrow gel. It’s what you needed for your complete eyebrow overhaul. 

If you’re not one of the lucky ones born with supermodel’s eyebrows, this is the answer to your dreams. You can get those beautiful defined thick eyebrows with this eye pencil. 

And what I love about the Trestique mini eyebrow pencil and gel, it’s a 3 in 1 tool that gives you an eyebrow pencil, a brush, and a tinted gel in one package.  

Trestique mini brow pencil review
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What makes it hot?

It’s a real value for your money. For only 25 dollars, you get the foolproof package to get beautifully defined brows. And it comes in 3 colors- espresso, americano, and latte. You can choose from a range of light-colored browns to a deeper one. The latter is perfect for brunettes.

I also love how quickly it dries up. It doesn’t have any downtime so there’s no getting rid of it smudging over if you accidentally swipe your hands against your hair. So it can save you a lot of time preparing in the morning. 

A distinct feature that makes Trestique mini brow pencil perform better than other eyebrow pencils is the angled tip. The angled tip is similar to a calligraphy tip. It enables you to do more defined shapes and blend in the colors better. So it looks more natural.

It’s easier to work with compared to a flatter tip. A pencil with a flat tip tends to be messy too. And it’s quite challenging to blend in the colors.

trestique mini eye essentials
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Time to test it!

So I do not just hop on the bandwagon, I have to try it out first.

So I got the latte tint and went for a nicely defined eyebrow today. What I instantly loved about it is that it is soft to work with this eyebrow pencil meshes well with oil on my face, so it makes it easier to blend in. And I find that it looks more natural. And the gel accentuated it more. It made it look fuller. So if you’re going for more dramatic makeup, the gel is perfect.

The gel glides smoothly on your brows so it’s really a great experience for me. It took me less time as compared to my old brand. Before, I used to spend over an hour perfecting my brows because the brush wouldn’t blend the colors well. 

But if you want an everyday makeup look, the eyebrow pencil would suffice. It alone can already give you the eyebrow definition that you need. 

Another thing that I love about it is that it doesn’t wear off easily. So even if you’re in super humid and hot weather, it doesn’t wear off. While your old brand easily mixes with sweat and can result in a mucky appearance, this eyebrow pencil won’t.

It also doesn’t look and feel crunchy that it separates. It’s one of the most natural-looking eyebrows pencils that I have ever tried. My brows stayed on fleek.

Let’s sum up the good stuff!

So obviously, I’m quite happy with the results! Allow me to sum up the benefits of the Trestique mini brow pencil.

  • The angled tip is easier to work with. The easy wide tip is quite a charm for first-timers.
  • Even beginners can sculpt well-defined brow with the Trestique mini brow pencil
  • It comes with an eyebrow gel for a more dramatic makeup or those with really thin eyebrows
  • Blends in well with the oil of your skin
  • Stays on the whole day
  • Doesn’t crust or flake
  • This mini pencil is compact and easy to sneak into your purse
  • Perfectly fills in the gap without making the brows look too thick and unnatural
  • It’s cruelty-free

The only trade-off that I’m seeing right now is the cost. It’s a mini pencil that costs more than a regular-sized one.

But I’d like to look at it as an investment. A nicely sculpted yet natural-looking eyebrows are also part of your power dressing. So you really have to invest in quality products. Otherwise, your makeup might look cheap. 

How to use your Trestique mini brow pencil

So for the benefit of the beginners, here are some steps on how you can use your Trestique mini brow pencil to get those lush defined eyebrows.

  1. Start on a clean slate first. So gently brush your eyebrow to remove any dust or debris. You also do this to untangle the strands.
  2. Start to draw small strokes. Start inwards on to the outer part of your eyebrow. Carefully fill in the gaps. 
  3. Quickly brush your brows for a more natural look.

And to completely glam up your look, accentuate your peepers with the Trestique mini eye essentials set. It includes a soft brow pencil, an eyeliner and shadow crayons. These can last for the entire night too. And  I have not experienced any irritation since all of the brand’s products are free from harmful chemicals. 

What not to do with your eyebrows

So now that you know what to do to get the perfect stunning eyebrows, let’s take a look at some things that you should avoid doing. You might find yourself guilty, I did!

  1. Try to fill everything in

I know you want those full brows. Especially if you’re born with a sparse one, you tend to want really thick eyebrows. Filling everything with one solid color will make it look like a monoblock of some sort, it will make it look unnatural.

Instead, fill just the spare areas. Leave the bushy regions alone.

2. Don’t change the shape too much

Veering away too much from your brow’s natural curve means you have to do a lot of filling in. And this can also make it look unnatural. 

3. No to sharpie eyebrows

Your old eyebrow pencil is the percent culprit of these sharpie eyebrows. Never do that to yourself! Unless you want to look comical, that’s fine. Angled brushes such as the Trestique mini brow pencil can give your brows a more natural look.

4. Don’t over pluck

Sometimes you just need to remove one hair to get the perfect shape.  And over-plucking can destroy the shape of your eyebrows, you might find it hard to create a natural form if the base is almost gone. 


How can you choose what’s the perfect shade for your brows?

Trestique mini brow pencil comes in three brown hues. The darker hues are for the brunettes while the lighter ones such as the latte can suit blondes. But in case you’re still hesitant, it’s easy peasy to determine the perfect shade for your brows.

Simply go to the brand’s website. The brand has a selfie shade catch option there. So all you have to do is take a selfie and send it to them. They will be the ones to tell you the suitable shade for your brows. Quite convenient eh?

Is it better than a benefit goof proof brow pencil?

In terms of function, the Benefit goof proof brow pencil may very well have the closest resemblance to the Trestique mini eyebrow pencil. What I love about the Benefit goof proof brow pencil  is that it offers more color swatches. But the downside is, the tip is too chunky. So it’s harder to make a more defined brows. You might end up filing everything altogether. And that can make your eyebrows look unnatural.


Overall, it’s the complete tool that I need to glam up my eyebrows. It looks natural but defined. And even if I need my brows to be a bit thicker, it can without making it look unnatural. Sharpie eyebrows are unflattering and are a thing of the past. Don’t bring them back with your old brand!

I am never going to leave the house without glamming up my brows with the Trestique mini brow pencil! Give it a try and share with me your thoughts! 

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