TheApricots’s Toppik Hair Building Fibers Review: Read the Verdict!

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Hey there, mates! As we always promise and do—we’re presenting to you some important grooming details.

This time, it’s going to be about hair maintenance, grooming, and growing!

Among the most essential means of growing healthy and beautiful hair is the hair building fiber treatment. When it was first introduced to the public, the hair building fibers have since gained traction as a potential treatment for under-nourished hair. As a result, hairstylists started adapting the treatment since its release.

This colour-coated keratin base breaks the record today as a top-selling hair treatment next to keratin hair treatment.

Today, one brand over another attempts to perfect the quality of the hair building fibers—that which includes its propensity for healing and matching quality. Apparently, not all hair types react well to hair building fibers.

But, thanks to experts who dedicated their time opening more doors about the treatment, we have become more informed about its application methodologies.  

How did it all start?

When we started to use it with the right procedures, that’s how. 

And then, we saw the rise of the reputable brands like Toppik Hair Building Fibers.

Today, theApricots will be reviewing Toppik Hair Building Fibers Medium Blonde (one variant of the Toppik brand) overall quality to know if it truly lives up to the hype! Are you ready for toppik hair building fibers review, mate? Then, hair us out.

how does toppik work

But, Before Anything Else: What are Hair Building Fibers?

Have you ever encountered these video commercials where bald guys get sprayed with some kind of dark material on their hair? Then, like in a magic show, their once thin or balding hair gets covered in seconds…

That’s not magic. It’s the hair building fiber product that’s doing it. And most of all, it’s not just any colored spray.

Hair building fibers are essentially protein fibers known as keratin, a natural element responsible for growing hair.

In this case, the enhanced keratin/protein fibers get coated with natural dye, plus other coloring elements to form a base. This base is then duplicated and infused in a deep-coloring, nourishing solution.

Now, the product color base will then have to be matched to your hair color/shade before being applied. Once the solution/treatment is applied, the colored keratin subtly blends with your thin hair like yesterday, revealing a fuller, healthier and more beautiful hair after.

TheApricots Answers: Does it Actually Work?

There is no reason for us to say that the hair building fiber treatment doesn’t work.

You can see its results right then and there. Instant.

With just a simple application, the color-coated keratin base covers thin spots/balding areas in the hair. Not in any more hours. Not in any more minutes. But, seconds! The treatment works in seconds.

It actually does work.

The next concern perhaps will have to tackle is its full-term basis.

For a fact, the treatment does encourage hair growth. But, if you’re interested to know if it stays in the hair permanently without retouches, the answer is NO.

The treatment, like other hair treatments before it, requires constant reapplication (as if it’s that much of a trouble to buy your product and apply the treatment on your own).

Read further for application procedures.

Product in Review: TOPPIK Hair Building Fibers Medium Blonde 12g X

This product called Toppik Hair Building Fibers Medium Blonde 12g promises deep-layered blond—with shades more long-lasting and natural than eyebrow powder—in hair with the instant application. It also claims to cover and coat the hair shaft with natural ingredients. These ingredients include essential oil extracts and statically-charged keratin.

What does the statically-charged keratin do?

toppik hair building fibers review

For one thing, it keeps the hair resistant to wind, heat and humidity. This type of keratin also trains the hair to smoothen, under the condition that it’s continually applied at least once a month.

This also proves helpful for thinning hair as it adds gravity to the shaft, keeping each grounded from the roots.

The product also claims to turn thin hair into a thick and full volume with natural, deep blonde shades. In the process, it naturally embeds coloured fibers into each strand. Its colour is known to last longer than any other products.

Our Rating:

  • Overall Package Design: 4/5
  • Convenience: 4/5
  • Performance: 5/5
  • Clarity of Instructions: 4/5

What We Liked

  • Long-lasting
  • Instant Result
  • Genuine & Deep Blonde Shades
  • Statically-Charged Keratin
  • Dual-End Brush in Package
  • No Harsh Chemicals
  • Natural Effect; Natural Ingredients

What We Didn’t Like

  • May not work for the first applications
  • Bad Smell; Cheap After-Scent

TheApricots Team Professional Verdict

As its manufacturers and sellers claim, the product does stand out for its instant and undeniable effect on the hair. Our professional reviewers were able to confirm the product’s long-lasting effect on hair, all achievable from a straightforward set of instructions involving a dual-end brush.

Our reviewers were especially struck by the product’s effect (deep blonde shade, thick, full) on the thinnest hair spot-on, its convenient package, concise set of instructions, and overall performance.

What about is natural ingredients?

So far, our reviewers felt improvement not just in their hair, but also in their skin. This is a main indication of natural ingredients in the solution. Most hypoallergenic keratin treatments would even leave slight itches on the skin. 

Fortunately, this product is a lot safer than expected!

What puts our reviewers off is the product’s cheap after-scent and slightly vague effects during first use. However, with continued use, the product finally plays well.

In the case if its strong, off-putting chemical after-scent, our reviewers were able to determine that it was simply a consequence of the Phenoxyethanol compound. Yes. It’s  chemical, but it’s 100% safe. Its only function is to prolong the effects on the hair. 

As per manufacturer recommendation, it’s best to use the product at least once to twice a month, or depending on the hairstylist’s conviction.

What about side-effects?

There isn’t any recorded side-effects from the product yet. However, there were few complaints about the product not yielding effect on hair despite several uses. 

In response, quality testers all over the world called a few stocks to determine potential expiry. In the end, it turned out that many of these first released batches were copies of the genuine brand. 

All-in-all, the product is four over 5 stars!


How safe is it safe to use building fibers on my hair?

Like other hair treatment products, the safety of such application heavily depends on the quality of the product per se.

The quality here includes the manufacturer’s adherence to safety standards—exclusion of harsh chemicals, paraben, etc.

Obviously, only the best of the product brands (like the one we reviewed above) pass these adherence standards.

How long can hair building fiber effects last?

If done properly (in accordance to the application instructions) the effects can dwindle in the hair for as long as 24-28 hours.

However, the product cannot take effect on totally bald areas, because its main channel is the existing hair. Meaning, it needs an existing thinning hair that it can blend into for it to work.

How soon can I sleep when I put Toppik on my hair?

It’s actually very safe. But, you’ve had to wait for the solution to dry up in an hour. Once dried, you can freely lie down and sleep.

When you wake up with fiber flakes on your pillowcase the next day, just easily brush them off.

Is it safe to use Toppik with Rogaine?

Yes. It should be safe. As far as studies are concerned, there’s no reason for the solutions to contradict each other.

What makes up Toppik Hair Building Fibers solution?

Colored keratin protein, natural color base, ethanol, silica, natural fragrances mainly make up a Toppik solution.


The hair building fiber solution is mainly a concealer for hair loss.

It proves to be one of the most popular hair treatments available in the industry today. Thanks to its innovative and instant application style, many people, particularly those who are suffering from thinning hair, now find hope to be confident to face the world.

Many brands rose in synch with the treatment’s popularity growth, but nothing does it better than the Toppik brand.

TheApricots team, through its toppik hair building fibers review, guarantees!

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