How to Stop Beard Itch: 15 Proven Ways

How to Stop Beard Itch

We have all been there. The annoying itchy sensation is honestly such a buzzkill. Makes you wanna cut the entire beard off. Beard can be a frustration.

But as always we have got you covered and if there’s anything that makes us happy it’s to solve your problem. Today we are going to get rid of beard itch once and for all. We are not only gonna talk about how to stop your beard itch but why it itches in the first place.

So dive in Kings and let’s get this problem dealt with.

Why Does My Beard Itch? 

Before we talk about how you can stop your beard bitch, it’s essential that you know why they happen in the first place. Following are the reasons why:

  1. Shaving

Yes, that’s right. Shaving. Shaving excessively and regularly makes your hair sharper and makes it have a pointier feel which is probably why it feels so rough.

Your beard itches, in different parts, because of all those years you have spent shaving your facial hair follicles. Sometimes they break through the skin and lead to itching.

  1. Dry Skin

Dry Skin can lead to unnecessary beard itch too. The skin that is  beneath your beard dries while growing your beard. It’s because the natural oil of skin becomes depleted by beard growth. This increased dryness causes beard itch and also results in beard dandruff.

  1. Magnet For Pollutants

Just like your hair gathers a lot of pollutants and dirts, your beard is also exposed to such similar pollutants. It’s almost like a magnet for attracting dust, all of which can lead to itching.

How To Stop Your Beard Itch (15 Proven Ways)

Now that you know the reasons for beard itch, we can easily take steps to remedy and counter this. You need not step foot out of your house to do this. Anyone can do it sitting at the comfort of their house.

Here’s how:

1. Wash Your Beard

The importance of cleaning dishes is realized when it’s filled with junk and when you come to have food on it the next day. Similarly, your beard is filled with dust, dirt, grime and other food particles settled on it everyday due to the environment and moisture around as well as the food you consume

So it’s important you wash your beard everyday to remove the impurities. Opt for a beard or face wash while you are at it.

Beard Shampoo

2. Shampoo it

The skin of your face and skin on your scalp are distinct. The reason you do not use a normal shampoo on your beard is because the skin on your scalp and head is inherently different in comparison to the skin underneath your beard.

For example, the facial skin on your forehead is a lot more responsive than the scalp. Daily shampooing will cause the skin beneath your beard to become dry.

How To Shampoo Your Beard Properly

Step 1

Use lukewarm water to moisten the beard. This helps to open your skin pores.water will open up your pores.Yet, keep caution and make sure water temperature doesn’t get too hot. Then it will dry your skin and stop your beard from growing.

Step 2

Massage beard shampoo until a foam is formed. Using the tips of fingers, gentle massage until it has reached all the hair follicles

Step 3

Rinse and wash the shampoo to make sure that all the foam is removed.

3. Towel Dry It

Make sure to dry your beard properly when wet. Leaving water can dry your beard hair out. It also makes it more brittle.

Do not use a hair dryer to dry your beard as this might damage your beard.  Use a towel instead. Gently pat and rub it dry till there’s no water on your skin.

4. Exfoliate

It is essential that you remove your dead skin cells. In order to do this, you must use an exfoliating agent. If the question is why, then it’s because dead skin leads to dry skin. Dry skin leads to itching.

Apply Beard Oil

5. Apply Beard Oil

What’s so great about a beard oil anyways right? Well we hope the following does help change your perspective: Beard oil helps to soften your beard and makes your overall beard more manageable. This helps to condition the beard and helps get rid of the tangles and curls and as an added bonus it also has a good fragnance. 

Whenever beardruff settles on your beard, it helps to get rid of that too. Speaking of which, beard oil helps in reduction of itches thanks to its qualities. We can go on and on about the benefits of beard oil and why you should use it but we believe if you’re someone accustomed to beard grooming, you might have already encountered this product.

One must know their skin type before deciding what brand of oils shall work best for them. Your skin oil produces sebum. So apply beard oil that is close to it. Opt for a jojoba oil or argan oil in that case. 

Do not go overboard with this. Apply a few drops of oil unless you want your beard to grow all oily and greasy. Your drop amount will depend on the length of your beard.

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6. Condition It

Similar to the hair on your head, your beard needs to be conditioned  Sometimes you may need additional conditioning to help in grooming your beard.

Beard’s conditioner is of great help when this happens. Its function is similar to that of hair conditioners you apply on your head however it differs in ingredients. They help in detangling the hair and preventing curl or frizz

When looking for beard conditioners, look for ingredients that play the most significant role, not the brand name which can easily fool you as there are many. Make sure the beard conditioner has active natural ingredients like jojoba oil or organ oil which mimics the effect of sebum oil produced by your skin. This will provide great benefit to you.

7. Hydrate

Use a beard conditioner to soften the beard and let it stay there for a couple of minutes till you rinse it off allowing it to hydrate. This hydration and softening helps to get rid of the beard itch problem very easily.

8. Moisturize it

Although it is the task of a beard conditioner to feed and sustain a beard, the beard moisturizers on the other hand, are liable to moisturize the skin. They do this by locking in moisture and hydrating the skin underneath the hair follicles. This dry skin is usually responsible for beardruff and itch.

Failure to moisturize properly will result in skin getting too dry. This will make the body produce extra oil to protect it. This phase and point in time is primarily responsible for skin breakouts and formation of beard itch

Beard itch is transitory. It doesn’t last long. It’s natural while growing out a beard. However, for some people it lasts longer than a month which isn’t normal.

We recommend you to apply a moisturizer twice. Once after you shower and once at the end of the day. Use moisturizers suitable for your skin type. Opt for natural variants that contain ingredients such as olive oil, aloe vera etc.

9. Trim it 

Wait what? Really? I bet that’s what you asked yourself when stumbling upon this heading. It’s like saying the best way to not have a beard itch is to cut it altogether. But bear with us and hear us out.

We are not telling you to shave the bulk off instead trim it and maintain it to make it more manageable. After a notable length trim your beard to avoid the risk of flyaways, razor bumps and other factors that will contribute to beard itch. 

Beard Balm

10. Beard Balm

Similar to  beard oil and beard conditioner, beard balm also helps in fighting beard itch. Beard oil doesn’t have the holding property like beard balm does. THis is mainly due to beeswax.

Beard balm treats beardruff resultant from dry skin. It also helps to prevent beard itching.

Beard balm works best on longer and thicker beards. But you can use balm on shorter beards  and reap the benefits because of its moisturizing qualities.

Like beard oil, go for a product with natural ingredients. Jojoba oil, argan oil might be a great ingredient you wanna have included in your beard balm recipe. Shea butter works amazing too.

11. Avoid Scratching

Do not scratch your facial skin as it does not do you good rather exacerbates the problem. It also can lead to an itchy beard rash. Just like rubbing on your allergies makes it worse, scratching an itchy area makes it worse too.

After all, the damn thing itches, and keeping your fingers and fingernails away from the source of that itching is a major test of willpower.

12. Drink plenty of water

Never underestimate the importance of staying hydrated. Water helps replenish your entire system. It helps to regulate your blood circulatory system resulting in supplying essential nutrients to your hair follicles. Hydration is key when it comes to maintain a good health

13. Maintain a healthy diet

Remember you are what you eat? Whatever you put inside your body reflects how your beard looks. Go for a healthy diet that has all the essential ingredients like vitamins, minerals and of course plenty of protein,carbohydrates and fat.

If you’re someone who doesn’t consume meat, make sure to eat plenty of vegetables and fruits.  Eat foods with the right amount of fats and carbs not to the point you get overweight. Healthy eating helps elevate testosterone levels.

14. Exercise Frequently

Exercise helps keep your body strong and stout and also helps with the growth of hair follicles. Frequent exercise helps boost metabolism.

Exercise also helps to improve your testosterone levels. We all know testosterone helps promote hair growth. Other than this, it also helps supply blood to your hair follicles. Exercise has many benefits.

15. Dermatologist Consultation

Above all, you should always consult with a doctor or a skin specialist before subscribing to any supplements or programs.

There’s no alternative to this. Good doctors will prescribe you with medication as home remedies for fighting beard itch, they can provide instant relief when the itch becomes a real bitch.

Common medications include antifungal cream, corticosteroid cream, hydrocortisone, ketoconazole, glycolic acid, and ointments that contain lactic acid and urea. You also may try topical antifungal treatments, such as itraconazole.

How Long Does Beard Itch Last?

Fortunately, beard itch is transitory. Meaning it’s not permanent. So don’t worry and stress too much as that in itself contributes to hair loss. Initially, it might seem like it’ll never go away but fret not as this only lasts for a few weeks. 

Usually goes away in 3 weeks. When new hair starts growing, your old hair gets replaced and the pointy edged hair growing inwards doesn’t exist. Of course this shouldn’t mean that it will never reappear, however following the means above will wipe out the issue before it gets horrendous.

I know growing out your beard is a pain. But just like a baby needs nurturing your beard has its own groom up routine and care too. Be sure to follow all the tips given above to ensure you have a healthy beard free from any dandruff or itch

If you have any questions, please comment them down below. Let us know your experience with eliminating beard itch. Did it work for you? Did you try any other methods that haven’t been mentioned here but worked for you? As always we love hearing your response.

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