How to Stop Your Beard Itch: Practical Guide


To shave or not to shave?

Whichever you choose, sadly, you’re still vulnerable to beard itch!

The major consequence of taking beard itch for granted is an infection. And when infection strikes, your whole body slows down. Your immunity plummets downwards. All these troubles take their toll on your body simply because you took your beard itch for granted.

Beard itch emerges from improper shaving, beard combing, and extreme negligence. Consequently, unheeded beard itch aggravates to clogged pores, scars, and permanent skin bumps.

You would not want that, of course!

So, get rid of beard itch now! But you have to know what you’re dealing with first!

Common Types and Causes of Beard Itch

It would be difficult to treat beard itch without somehow diagnosing it first. Here’s a list of common types of beard itch and their noticeable characteristics.

Beard itches can vary from mild to severe ones. Milder cases are often treated with topical remedies, while severe cases of itches, aggravated by infection, require dire medical attention.

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Ingrown hair

The ingrown hair is the remaining growing strand following a shave. As it grows in length, its tip rubs through the epidermis, giving a very itchy sensation. This phenomenon causes irritation to the skin.


Folliculitis is the state when the follicles (tiny hair pockets in the skin) experience blockage. With the blockage, bacteria are trapped inside. Redness, bumps, and constant itching immediately follow suit. Folliculitis also has its variants known in layman’s terms as hot tub rash, razor bumps, barber’s itch, and shaving rash.

Dry Skin/Beardruff

Beardruff, as the name implies, is quite similar to dandruff. When the facial hair and skin underneath lacks the necessary natural oil and water, it dries up and flakes out into very itchy residues.

Besides improper shave and beard comb routines, one major cause for beardruff is dehydration.

Tinea Barbae

There are moments when the body becomes vulnerable even to fungal infection. The dermatophyte fungus, a common transgressor for beard itch can lay waste on your beard and give you the itchiest of the itch. In worst cases, the infection facilitates the secretion of pus in your affected area.

Seborrheic Eczema

Also known as seborrheic dermatitis, this type of beard itch works as an inflictor of beardruff, irritation, and redness in one package. This is partially caused by the skin’s abnormal production of oil. While this is very rare in the beard area, it’s still expected to occur.


This condition makes the underneath skin dry, scaly, blistered, irritated, and super itchy! Psoriasis is an auto-immune deficiency. Meaning, it’s chronic and hereditary in nature.

Several Causes of Beard Itch

  • Lack of proper hygiene
  • Improper shaving/combing of beard
  • Excessive brushing and/or combing of beard
  • Dehydration
  • Unhealthy diet and lifestyle
  • Lack of vitamin C and B-complex
  • Usage of low-quality razors
  • Usage of low-quality beard combs/brush

Now that you know what you’re dealing with, it’s time for phase 2!

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How do you stop beard itch faster?

Let’s dive into it!

8 Ways to Stop Beard Itch Faster!

After you have determined the cause and the probable type of your beard itch, the next big thing to follow is this expert’s list of 8 simple ways of getting rid of beard itch.

These simple methods will surely surprise you!

Get Rid of Shampoo. Use conditioner Instead.

Shampoo is okay, but not all the time. When we speak of beard care- conditioner is the only certified tool.

Why? Because the beard is a very coarse group of hair. If you fail to condition it to its standard smoothness, it can easily dry out and attract bacteria and fungi.

Make Sure Your Beard is Free of Any Residue After You Shower.

Another agent for infection is the soap or conditioner residue in your beard after showering. It’s crucial that you thoroughly rinse your beard after you shower.

And because we usually overlook this area in the beard, it’s advisable that we run our fingers through it and check for any residue. If needed, go for a second rinse or even a third, if warranted!.

Thoroughly Dry Your Beard With a Towel, Not a Dryer.

Since the beard makes up very coarse and tightly-grown hair, it can trap shower residues without you noticing it. Now, aggravate it with excessive moist trapped in the strands – and, you’re sure to host all sorts of bacteria and fungi.

To practically avoid this, dry your beard with a towel. Again, a towel, Not a dryer!

The dryer is for the hair and the  towel is for the beard. Both works differently. If you dry beard with a dryer, chances are your hair will lose its natural oil.

Properly Apply Beard Balm/Oil.

Following the right methods, apply beard balm and oil. You can use both altogether. The balm conditions and shapes your beard while the beard oil softens your beard for a longer period of time.

Comb Your Beard Properly With The Right Combing Tool.

When you comb your beard, do it with upward strokes, from below the chin going up. This segregates the strand for easy styling. When done, do the opposite. Now, this can only be done with the use of proper beard combing tools.

Keep in mind that hair comb is different from beard comb.

Apply Shaving Cream When Shaving.

Don’t commit this common mistake done by most men- skipping on your shaving cream.

Make it a habit to apply shaving cream before and after shave. This should keep your skin safe and healthy.

Ask Yourself This Question: “Have I Cleaned My Linen Thoroughly and Regularly Enough?”

Albeit being careful and observant with your grooming, you’re still bound to experience beard itch if you don’t observe proper hygiene.

Thus, it should start with your bed. Have you cleaned well enough your linen and pillowcases? How regularly?

Well, for an average linen, you’re most likely to wash it at least once every month.

Why?  To say it simple- the linen and pillowcases you’re resting your head upon collect dust and other foreign particles like bacteria, fungi, virus, and parasites overnight.

Just imagine how filthy it can get after a month!

Style/Groom Your Beard.

Styling the beard has indicated positive results through time according to experts. Styling trims and neats up your beard growth. This should keep from all sorts of irritations and itches at bay.

Now, speaking of beard grooming- here are several common grooming routines that should help  you prevent beard itches. As they say, “prevention is better than cure, mi amigo”!

Learn the Simple and Common Beard Grooming Routines Now!

To give you a clearer picture of settings surrounding your beard grooming efforts, we have divided it into three sections-early morning, mid-daytime and nighttime/pre-sleep routine.

Early morning

  • Shower
  • Apply conditioner (you can apply shampoo at most 3-4 times a week)
  • Dry beard with a towel
  • Put on beard oil (or beard balm- it works on extremely dry beard)
  • Properly comb beard (brush beard at most 3-4 times a week; only brush beard when it gets particularly coarse and snaggy)


  • Re-apply beard balm/oil
  • Re-comb only when it’s necessary (when the beard gets out of shape and becomes messy)

Nighttime/Pre-sleep routine

  • Do the whole process again. This time, allow the beard balm/oil to soak for 5-8 minutes before combing the beard.

Top FAQs on Stopping Beard Itch!

Know more about the beard itch and how to stop it. Go through the questions and answers below. You should have asked the same questions yourself.

Why is ingrown hair so itchy?

Ingrown hair rubs through the skin’s epidermis, sending the sensation of itchiness. If left unheeded, this can develop to serious skin irritation.

How do I cure my itchy beard?

Wash your beard with warm water to soothe it. Then, apply argan oil or other essential oils after the beard dries up.

How long does beard itch last?

Depending on the severity of the irritation, the itch can last to an average of 30 minutes to an hour. In worst cases, the itchy sensation can last to as long as 3-4 hours.


Almost every man have experienced a beard itch at some point in their lives. And you know how painfully uncomfortable it is!

There are several factors that cause beard itch. But the culprit of it all is the lack of proper hygiene and negligence in the application of beard balm or oil.

The 8 simple ways to stop beard itch faster are part of first-aid preventive actions. Should the irritation aggravate, see a dermatologist immediately!

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