Stila Magnificent Metals Review

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They say that a picture paints a thousand words. You capture something using your camera and keep that as a reminder of how such a thing or moment looks or feels like. But what you are going to go over now is different. No photo can entirely depict the wonders brought by Stila Magnificent Metals. It does things that you will only know once you have it. For that reason, let your reading tell you while further discovering the splendor of this product in this review.

Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter And Glow Liquid...
  • Long-lasting sparkle that stays put
  • Luxuriously smooth laydown


This brilliant and long-lasting glitter and glow swatches have good combinations of pearl with glitter to make your eyes lavish with astonishing shine and shimmer. It has a unique lightweight or flimsy liquid texture. You will see the quick-drying effect with the most reduced or no fallout while you have it. It will surely boost out the inner and outer beauty and elegance in you.

This product has a water-based formula with moisturizing components to keep the skin in good condition, providing comfort while on wear. You have 13 shades to choose from, including three limited-edition, chromes that will stun you with its result.

Package Design

You will notice that this product has a cute and lovely appearance. That way, its stacks will leave you amazed because of its elegance. It comes with a gold box that has become a trademark of the brand. Its luxe look keeps it even trendy. See, it has short tubes that match the cap and lettering in gold. You will also find the transparent tubes stylish and provides a good stacking without confusing you of what color you’ll pick. Just by looking at the bottom of it, you can get the shade that you desire.

On the side, this also has a small, doe-foot shaped applicator.  It is flatter than a typical applicator. You know, it’s very convenient to use and apply to your eyes. However, it may be a little patchy. The Stila liquid eyeshadow applicator has its tendency to pick much or small depending on the user’s applying technique. It needs some swipes, or fast blending through the fingers to have a good proportion.

At the top of it, you will be satisfied with the packaging of this item. Its big difference among regular eye shadow in the market is the cubic shape container instead of round ones. Apart from that, the simple yet chic package design adds glow to its product itself.

Stila Magnificent Metals Review

Elements and Shades

If you want to spice up your eye shadow charm, you will just need to place Stila magnificent metals glitter and glow swatches on your hand. It is developed to saturate your lids with a remarkable glow. And what’s more impressive about it, there is minimal or no fallout while you have it in sight. This finely pigmented eye shadow brings the maximum spark you need in just a swipe. It dries nearly instantly to latch weightless glitter.

The product is formulated with liquid elements and remarkable glitter saturation. It applies on the thinly and dries very quickly with a gentle feeling on your eyelids. On the other hand, it gives you an adequate amount of time to do some work and a little blending.  Although, too much blend is not necessary because the pigmentation allows the move in itself for it functions differently than powder shadows.

You will definitely achieve a radical sparkly makeup aura with this eye shadow without fallout. The most exciting part of it is the minimized creasing effect it does. Though there is still some creasing on eye corners due to the watery component, aside from that, it still wears great throughout a long day.

Using Stila Magnificent Metals alongside common eye shadows, let you have better preferences. Applying the base color and putting them on top is one way of trying this one. Adding some dark shade on the outer corner creates a unique depth on your eyes. These shadows have single pigments, so it appears to have a little dimension. This may be a small issue for some users, but that is something you can always work on. Your style can always match this simple shimmering shadow.

Color Selections

This product typically has neutral colors apart from the regular gold and silver shade. You can also choose true colors like pink, purple, and blue. It includes an innovative range of duo-chrome colors that look astounding. To be honest, it will be hard for you to control yourself from buying the whole set because it’s simply amazing, especially if you have the capability to buy more sets.

Some of these special eye shadow shades are:

Rose Gold Retro

This shade is a very nice-looking rose gold hue with fine silver glitters. It is one of the users’ favorite shades. You will feel a subtle and easy to wear application with this one that will last a day of your make up.

Bronzed Bell

A beautiful bronze in copper and silver glitters consists of this shade. It is an absolute dynamic shade. You can use it either during the day or at night. It is appropriate because the shiny color is exceptionally neutral.

Smoldering Satin

Now, this is the shiniest among these three shades. It has a glittery and luminosity that covers a brown taupe and silver glitter. You will surely love it.

Coloring and Coverage

This fine pigmented product offers a shiny effect like you have watery metal on your lids. Through its glitter, the finish may appear flaky, but the particles look pretty like you are unconventionally elegant and standing out of the rest. It is not just a normal glitter but brings vibrant colors.


Its texture is obviously water-based, and the liquid element allows it to dry in about a minute.

Stila Magnificent Metals

Application and Style

Stila glitter and glow swatches have a variety of shades that may fit any of your occasional outlook or aura. You can use this with other shadows and find similar shades that suit what you want to portray.

You have no limit on how you want to apply Stila magnificent metals. But you will absolutely like the result of putting this eye shadow on your lids for its glow gets you groovy. This is most suitable for people who really love glittery and striking looks. It provides a pigmented and mess-free vibe and appearance.

Having this liquid eye shadow on your regular make-up routine is an upturn to your character. You always have a bunch of patterns to work on with the use of this item. This is an extremely lightweight liquid product that dries quickly with glittery effect and enhancement.

Use this after you applied all the powder eye shadows. You are also suggested to minimize blending. If you do too much blend, it may fall out a bit but is still manageable. You can do your eyelid makeup before your skin tone, but it is always up to you. Usual makeups start from skin tone than the rest.

This is the basic step by step process on you can apply this gem:

1. Apply your powder eye shadows and do your typical makeup.

2. Put a thin layer of Stila magnificent metals directly on your eyelid using the applicator.

3. Without further waiting for the eye shadow to dry, use your fingertip and tap the edge for blending and then set it on your lid. If you want the little more intensified effect, paint your entire eyelid using the applicator with not much layer and let it set.

4. Leave your eyelid closed for around a minute to let the product dry and to keep away the glitter from transferring to the upper lid.


This eye shadow lasts for a long duration. However, certain conditions may affect it. As you apply it, you should better prevent layering the product too much. It is because some fallout may occur throughout the day. More so, touching your eyes when dry will have the tendency to detach the glitters slightly from the lid.

However, applying the Stila magnificent metals thinly will help it dry adequately. You won’t have to worry a lot because the fallout is very slight. Your makeup will also not wear out with your eye shadow. Also, in case there a few glitter fallouts, you can easily remove it. Just swipe those glitters with your fan brush, and it will go away.


  • Good package design and see-through container
  • Fine range of shades with superior formulation and finishes with shimmer and shine
  • Mess-proof and dries quickly
  • Reduced or no crease at all
  • Easy and convenient for work and blend with other regular eye shadows


  • Applicator ease may depend on user know-how

Value and Recommendation

Stila Magnificent Metals is something you will adore as soon as you have your first use. You will understand this because many website reviews prove that this product is something to rave about. Yes, there is a wide variety of liquid eye shadows on the market, which can also be good for you, but this one is entirely worth your possession. If you can get this, you should not hesitate to grab one or more to your satisfaction. Why? Because you will have the best time while wearing it.

This is not a cheap eye shadow. But, the ease and comfort it brings plus the finish it delivers as you wear it will let you think that you did not make the wrong decision of buying such an item.

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