Shea Butter: The Magical Product For Beard

Shea Butter

You have heard of beard oil. You used it. You have heard of beard balm. You used it. Did you hear about Shea butter? If you’ve heard of shea butter, the question is, did you use it? If not, then allow us to explain why you should.

Today we are gonna unveil the mystery of Shea butter. Starting from what is made of to the benefits of shea butter for beard growth. We will also explain how to make your own beard butter at home. In this article, we also helped to explain the differences between a Shea Butter and a Beard Balm

Without wasting a single minute, let’s quickly get down to the facts and explain why you should incorporate Shea butter as a part of your daily beard grooming routine.

What is Shea Butter Made of? 

Shea butter is a solid, yellow fat extracted from the nut of the African Shea tree. Very widely found in Africa, shea butter is used for many reasons including cooking, grooming, and body massage. The Shea tree, from which Shea butter is extracted, is very widespread in Africa.

What is Shea Butter Used for?

Shea butter has been used in skincare and hair care for years including our beard balm because it’s good for beards! It is high in vitamins A, E and F and it also provides the skin with important fatty acids and the nutrients required to create collagen.  It is also used as a moisturizer in cosmetics, it is also nutritious and used in some food processing as well as in chocolate as a supplement for cocoa butter!

Beard Balm vs Beard Butter

Benefits of Shea Butter for Beard

We are here. It’s finally time to talk about why you should use shea butter for your beard. Following are some of the benefits of shea butter for beard:

It’s Natural

The first and foremost benefit that might woo a lot of people is that shea butter is all-natural and is exacted from the Shea Tree. This means that there are no additive chemicals or reagents used in most products that you see today. 

These chemicals and different reagents used in products can worsen the skin over long time use. However, with shea butter, you don’t have to worry about that as it is 100% vegan and all-natural. 

Great Moisturizer

Remember every time we used to compliment the beard balm for its ability to lock in moisture? Yes, it got its ability to hold from beeswax present in it and ability to lock in moisture from shea butter present in it.

Shea butter is one of the main components of beard balm. The natural oil produced by the skin under our facial hair is sebum. Shea butter moisturizes and helps the skin get proper nourishment whenever there is a shortage of sebum oil. 

Smoothes and Softens Hair follicle

Shea butter conditions your beard and makes it buttery slippery smooth. Why do you think it’s called shea ‘butter’? 

The moment Shea butter comes into your hair or beard it softens it instantly. Due to its strong moisturizing properties, it helps lock your hair and beard in moisture and thereby softens it. Moisture is key to softening, and since Shea butter is a great moisturizing agent, so it immediately softens your hair.

Keeps Stray Hairs at Bay

One of the key perks of Shea butter is that it helps keep your stray hairs at bay. There are always those stubborn hairs from our beard that keeps sticking out. Some people go so far as to using the hair gel that they use on their scalp on their facial hair to keep those flyaways in help.

But thanks to Shea butter now you can keep flyaways and stray hairs out of your way and your preferred beard style, in place. So your beard would look less fuzzy and more well maintained. So if you’ve been looking for a product that keeps those annoying flyaways in check and in their place, then shea butter is for you.

Reduces Razor Bumps

Sometimes hair grows inwards instead of growing outwards thus resulting in the hair growing back into the skin. As the skin cells tap into this hair, it forms a bump which is known as razor bumps. Razor bumps can be faced by any individual who shaves their body. 

Thankfully you don’t have to worry about that anymore. Shea butter has amazing healing properties. Shea butter significantly reduces bumps, and it also helps to heal the bumps faster even when there are already bumps on your skin. Make sure to apply Shea butter on your skin before shaving and you’ll thank us later. 

Excellent Aftershave

Beard balm is excellent for post-shave care and works as an aftershave balm. Apply a pinch of shea butter on the shaved area to not only moisturize it but also smooth it out. It works as a healing agent and has a calming effect.

Can Give Shine

Shea butter is one of the top ingredients present in Beard Balm. The fatty acid present in shea butter can give shine to your hair and reduce your hair frizz thus resulting in a perfect looking beard. This can be a great substitute for various beard shine products that you see in the market.

Can Promote Beard Growth and Prevent Hair Loss

There have been studies carried out that show that the anti-inflammatory properties present in shea butter can help to grow a beard faster. Because of this reduction in inflammation, Shea butter helps to create a better growth condition and reduce the breaking of hair that is a major cause of hair loss. 

Shea butter helps strengthen and reinforce your hair strands and follicles that hold them. A safe scalp is the most effective means of avoiding hair loss. Shea butter is going to do so for you. And, as for a beard, it will reinforce the beard and keep the skin fit for faster beard growth. For reason you will experience lesser hair loss i.e, your hair will stop falling out like crazy.

Protects Beard from Ultraviolet Rays and Other Pollutants

We all know how the UV or Ultraviolet rays emitted from the sunlight are not only harmful to our skin but also for our beard and hair. There’s also the issue of dirt, dust and other pollutants settling on our hair or beard.

Thanks to shea butter you don’t have to stress about it anymore. Shea butter helps to make an effective protective and coating layer that shields your beard and the skin under it from harmful UV rays by blocking the rays from entering into your beard and hair and thereby preventing hair damage.

Repairs Damaged and Split Beard

Another great benefit of shea butter is that it helps heal split ends in the beard and also scalp. Split ends aren’t good for healthy hair and beard growth. However, thanks to the fatty acid components present in shea butter, you don’t have to worry about that anymore as it nourishes the hair and can revive it if damaged.

Normally when someone has split ends, the solution they mostly sought out for is trimming or snipping that hair. Thanks to shea butter now you don’t have to worry about that.

Reduce Beard Itch and Rashes

A lot of men complain about the beard itch in the initial phase of growing their beards out. However, this is because your beard ‘s hair strand tip is still spiky and pointy. And as it grows out, it grows back into the skin, rubbing its surface ultimately resulting in itching as it’s spiky. 

As such, people who grow out their beards just experience beard itch.  Beard itch can also be a result of dryness of hair or when the skin under it is too dry.

The good news is that Shea butter has anti-inflammatory qualities that help to reduce itchiness and rashes. What Shea Butter does is replenish all of the lost moisture and help moisturize your hair. Not just your hair, but your skin under your hair as well.

Soothes Skin Infections 

Shea butter can help in soothing the skin and provide relief from various inflammatory skin diseases like Seborrhoeic Dermatitis, Psoriasis and Eczema. The anti-inflammatory properties of Shea butter can soothe skin and relieve itching and prove to be useful against these inflammatory skin conditions. It can also absorb rapidly, which could mean quick relief for flare-ups.


Beard Balm vs Beard Butter

As we said before, beard butter is one of the main components used in a beard balm. However the difference is in the thickness, consistency and quantity used.

Beard butter includes more butter and less wax whereas the opposite is true for beard balm. This makes beard butter softer and gives a more thick, consistent, creamy appearance.  As a result, they are easier to apply and quicker to absorb than beard balms. 

Beard balms use more beeswax to provide that firm hold that many people love. But it comes at a cost of consistency and easy absorption.

So, there you have it! Now you have a detailed and comprehensive guide about Shea butter. Now you not only know about the origin of Shea butter and its unending benefits but also how to tell it apart from a beard balm. 

Now you know that Shea butter isn’t just a discount substitute for beard balm. In fact, it offers so much more than it’s credited for. It is a great switch for people having damaged beards, razor bumps, dry hair and beard itch.

Wait, don’t leave just yet. We love to hear from you. Can you share your beard growth experience with us? Have you ever used Shea butter for beard before? If you didn’t, are you willing to consider using it now?

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