Benefits of Shaving Your Entire Head This 2020

Benefits of Shaving Your Entire Head

You must have encountered numerous critics about people advising you to not shave your head. However, we have reasons why you might think differently. For some people, going bald is really the way to go.

Today we are gonna not only tell you the benefits of shaving your head but in fact some of the drawbacks you might face due to it. Shaving your bald head can even be a fashion statement for some. As a bonus, we’ll also tell you when you should consider growing bald.

So without further ado, let’s dive in.

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Benefits of Shaving Your Head

There are several benefits of shaving your head albeit it is subjective to individual perspective. It doesn’t affect all men equally. For some men, it can be a matter of showing off when they can pull it off but for some, it can be something to be insecure about too.

However, we can assure you that the pros far outweigh the cons and hence today we bring to you 8 amazing benefits of shaving your head.

  1. Hide Male Pattern Baldness or Receding Hairline

Men’s biggest universal fear is probably the loss of their hair. Hair reflects youth and liveliness of a person. Losing hair might make many people fall into depression. Imagine losing your hair at your early 20’s or teens.

Due to stress and anxiety that produces cortisol, males lose more of their hair. It is true as you age, you’ll naturally have some hair loss. But it’s a matter of great concern if you lose too much too fast. Yes, there are things you can try out like minoxidil. But after you stop the application, your hair will start to fall off again. In fact, it’s not sustainable or feasible to keep using it.

No amount of shampoos, pills or supplements can reverse male pattern baldness. It’s a marketing gimmick. The sooner you realize it the better. However, the good news is that if you go bald, you don’t even have to worry about it.

It makes you look manlier and younger. It offers a much better look as you’d have with your receding hairline. So rock your bald starting today.

  1. Save time

This is probably the most noticeable benefit you can notice and feel after shaving your time. Yes, it has to do with saving your time. If the question is how then think of it in this way.

You woke up one fine morning and you were late to the office. But you have a messy beard. You have crappy hair. You need to clean them up before you can go to the office. This is probably the worst news given you are already late and this is gonna cost you time.

But not when you go bald. Because when you go bald, you don’t have to care about any of that. Just splash some water in your face and get going. You can have your breakfast on the way.

Bad Hair
  1. Goodbye Bad Hair Days

Unless you’re some celebrity or model who has hair stylists and professionals tend to their hair every now and then, chances are you’ve probably had bad hair days. Don’t worry you’re not the only one.

Imagine a world, where you don’t have to worry about that anymore. You can always go out putting minimal effort and still rocking that look. Yes, indeed! Going bald is a much cheaper and quicker alternative to haircuts and bad hair days. Go bald today and say goodbye to bad hair days.

  1. Look Intimidating

Dwayne Johnson, Vin Diesel, Jason Statham. Celebrities who you’ve probably seen a lot on television. One thing that’s common in all these 3 individuals is that they are bald. You can see top 100 powerful bald people too. 

The bald hairdo impacts the overall look and vibe of these celebrities. You too can look powerful and intimidating if you pair yourself with a bald haircut like them.

  1. Save Money

This should be a no-brainer. You don’t have to go to hair salons. You don’t have to pay stylists to style your hair. You don’t even have to buy hair styling products like gel, balm, wax or pomade. Some of these things are expensive to afford and can break your bank in the long run.

Save all these expenditures. Switch to a bald look today. You don’t have to spend money on hair treatment. Not even dandruff removal or hair straightening. Go bald and save some real cash.

  1. Look Younger

Imagine you’re 40. With some tweaks, you can look 30 or 35. Maybe even younger. Wouldn’t that be great?  Well, great just got better. Because by shaving head, you can look 5-10 years younger now. 

People mistaking you for a youngster is highly likely once you go rock a bald. Not having a beard will provide the added illusion of a baby face too. For some people, it can even make them look manlier.

  1. Perfect for any Weather

If you are active in hot temperatures or reside in them, a clean bald  will feel and look much better than a head full of hair. But if you are not staying in a warmer environment, in the summer it should still feel great. If if it’s chilly, you should wear a super-looking hat at all times.

  1. Make a Fashion Statement

Mohawks, Pompadour, Side Fade, Buzzcut – some of the most popular and trendy haircuts today. Oh! We are sorry. We made a mistake. Please add up bald head.

Indeed, going bald is the way to go these days. Lots and lots of Hollywood actresses like James Spader, Vin Die.  Celebrities and players around the world also pull of this look. You can always go full bald with baby skin or you can always couple it up with a thick beard and look super well maintained

Drawbacks of Shaving Your Head

Of course, we wouldn’t end it here. We have talked about the benefits of shaving our heads. But that was only one side of the coin. Let’s turn the coat and look at the other side of the mirror, shall we? So now as promised:

  1. Oily Skin Problem

Persons with oily skin types may have several complications after they fully shave their heads. That’s why you can see a dermatologist before shaving, whether you have allergic or oily skin form. People’s dry skin is still irritated when their heads are shaved

  1. Razor Bumps

Your hair adds a protective layer to your skin thus preventing ingrown hairs and razor bumps when shaving. When you have a bald head it’s a different story.

For those of you with sensitive skin prone to razor bumps, rashes and itch, shaving your head to bald might pose to be a chore for you. You must get yourself a razor perfectly catered for bald cuts to prevent irritation.

However, this problem can be remedied quite easily if you use electric razors for shaving your head.

  1. Eats Away your Time

Yes. I know. I know we said that going bald saves you time. In fact, it does as it cuts down on a lot of processes. But frankly, the process of going bald is a rather time-consuming process. Doing it once every week or twice depending on your growth, might make it an unpleasant experience

In order to give yourself a time-efficient shave, you must use shaving foam or a gel before shaving with a razor. You must wash your hair with lukewarm water to make the hair follicles soft to make the blade glide over the skin. Use a high-quality razor with sharp blades.This shall cut down on the time required and save you from wasting.

  1. Might Feel Insecure Initially

People are insecure and self-conscious going bald, to begin with fearing what others might say. Not all heads are made perfect. After shaving, some might notice lumps or bumps in them. This will give a rise to their insecurity and add frustration on top of it.

But It’s only for a short transitory period till your hair grows back. You don’t have to be scared about it as your bald is beautiful and you are perfect the way you are.


Regardless of everything, we still believe shaving your head provides you far greater benefits than drawbacks and weighs heavier on school. We would still recommend you to go bald and give this a try. Who knows? You might even begin to love it!

Benefits of Shaving Your Entire Head

How To Look Good Bald?

Okay now that you’re in, we gotta cover how we are gonna make you look like the best version of yourself.

Looking good with a shaved head can be simple, but like most things in life, it simply does not necessarily equate to easy. 

However, if you take the right steps, you will not only look fantastic bald but you will look more confident.

 Throw in a Hat

Remember Walter White from Breaking Bad? My God how a person changed from being a High School Chemistry teacher to literally the most badass character in a show. All he did was shave his head and threw in a hat and BOOM!

You might also wanna wear it for the following reasons

  • To protect your head from the sun.
  • To keep your head warm when it’s cold out.
  • To keep it dry when it’s raining and you don’t want to carry an umbrella.

Try Growing a Beard

Pairing up your bald with a thick facial beard adds depth and layer to your fashion and style. It makes you look 10x better than your current state. Facial hair can help balance out baldness’s severity and emphasize masculinity. If you are someone who can grow facial hair, do experiment it with different styles.

Dress For The Shape of Your Head

Whenever you choose an outfit, consider the shape of your head. As you go bald, your outlook and appearance changes. So it’s important that you dress up to complement your bald

Opt for collared and v-neck shirts which help to frame and contrast the curvature of your head. It helps to add structure to it.

When To Go Bald

Of course, you might have asked yourself when you should consider going bald. To answer that, you honestly need to determine which Norwood scale level you fall into. 

Also known as Norwood Hamilton Scale, it determines the stage or level of male pattern baldness you are in

Remember that if the level keeps increasing, it’s trouble. Level 1 and 2 signified minimal hair loss. However, if you’re at level 3 it means you have a little to be worried about. It signifies moderate levels of hair loss. But if it’s level 5, its bad news. This is probably when you should consider going bald as this is massive male pattern baldness


So there you have it. Now you not only know the benefits of shaving your head but the best time to go bald and also how to look good with it. We sincerely believe you’ll be benefited by our guide. Of course, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask away.

As always we love hearing from you. So before you leave let us know about your shaving experience? Have you ever gone bald before? Would you consider it? If so would you recommend to your friends about this article? Did you have troubles for shaving your head? What’s your motivation for staying bald?

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