How to Prevent Humidity From Messing Your Hair-ouidad Climate Control Gel

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Humidity and hair, these two aren’t the best of friends. Your once bouncy and shiny  curled locks just suddenly wilted and became frizzy. That’s humidity messing with your hair! There are ways to dehumidify your hair so that it will be soft and smooth again. And one of the  most convenient ways is by using the ouidad climate control gel.

What makes humidity bad for your hair? And how does an anti-frizz product work? We’ll know all of that and more on this page.

Meantime, park your thoughts here and read on my Ouidad climate control gel reviews. Let’s get the humidity from running your hairstyle. 

What is Humidity and What Does It Do to Your Hair?

Humidity is the amount of water vapour in the air. Humid air can contain more air molecules than dry air. And a humidity that is 60 -70 percent higher is considered to be unhealthy for your hair. It’s at this rate that your hair goes berserk. 

It becomes frizzy and sticky. That’s all because humidity breaks down the hydrogen bonds in your hair strands. And this can cause swelling of the hair strands and frizzes.

Your hair is actually the perfect meter for humidity levels. It’s porous so it can really absorb much of the water vapors in the air. And chemically treated hair is more prone to the damaging effects of high humidity in the air. And ouidad climate control gel is the perfect antidote to humidity.

And because warm summer air is more humid, you can definitely notice your hair acting up more during the hot weather. 

While there’s nothing you can do about the weather, you can make your hair humidity resistant with the use of  ouidad climate control gel.

What is Ouidad Climate Control Gel and How Does It Work?

Moisture in and humidity out.

To keep your locks shiny heath and frizz-free, you need to keep the moisture in while banning the humidity out of your strands. Curly hair is the most susceptible to the dulling effect of humid air.

What makes up Ouidad climate control gel? 

This hair saver contains the following humidity busting compounds

  • UV filter- gives protection from the sun and the environmental aggressors
  • Protein from silk seals-helps locks in moisture while banning humidity out
  • Wheat protein and pliable styling polymers- holds curls without putting any weight on the hair

The anti-frizz technology of ouidad gel also won’t make your strands sticky or crunchy.

Well, it’s time to put it to the test.

What’s My Rate?

So I’ve naturally 3a-3b curls, and my hair strands are quite porous. So it’s the perfect canvas to try out the ouidad climate control gel. One of the challenges I often come across with hair  products is that they tend to leave my curls sticky at the end of the day.

Not to mention, it’s also greasy and doest look the most attractive. Especially when the humidity hits it.  So let’s see what changes the ouidad climate control gel can do to my curly tresses. 

All I’ve gotta say is that, I don’t think I’ll make it through the summer looking gorgeous without the ouidad climate control gel!

So here are some of the great stuff that  it has done to my hair

  • Kept frizzes at bay
  • Holds curls really well without weighing it down. It’s also perfect if you’re curling your hair with an iron. You can use it to seal the curls.
  • Accentuates my already curly locks
  • Make my hair soft to touch
  • Doesn’t feel sticky or greasy
  • Doesn’t dry the scalp
  • It’s paraben-free!

Overall, it makes my hair look healthy and shiny. 

Natural Ways to Dehumidify Your Hair

We’ve got ouidad climate control gel,  which is the perfect anti-frizz product. But let’s add in a bit more tender loving care to your locks by these simple steps:

  1. Avoid overwashing your hair

Summer may make you  wash your hair more often. Though it can be refreshing for your head, too much lathering can make your hair go in rebellion.

Excessive washing with shampoos can strip your hair’s natural oils and moisture. But if you have an oily scalp and there’s a need to wash it more often, opt for a gentle organic shampoo. 

And it’s best to get sulfate and paraben-free hair products. These chemical compounds can lead to more scalp and hair dryness.

  1. Avoid blow drying too often

Blow dryers emit heat that can add to the dryness and frizziness of your hair. Air drying your hair is a friendlier option to keep all the moisture intact.

  1. Get a keratin treatment once in awhile

What is keratin? Keratin is a protein compound that has numerous benefits for your hair. It can smoothen the cells that cover your hair standard, thereby making it shiny and looking healthy.  Same with  ouidad climate control gel, keratin can also keep frizzes at bay.

  1. Go for a humidity friendly style

And what exactly that? It’s when you wear your hair up! Braids and knots seem to defy humidity and frizzes. 

But if you don’t want to look all glammed up, you can always wear a messy bun. It doesn’t look too done, but it can still save your hair from drying out. 

  1. Don’t rub your hair against a towel  

Rough rubbing causes friction that can dry your hair. Instead of rubbing, you may gently squeeze your hair to remove the excess water.

And also ensure to thoroughly dry your hair. As the excess moisture can add up to the frizz. 

  1. Indulge your hair in oils

Oils are perfect sealants, especially for those with thick curly hair. Lightweight oils such as shea butter can make your hair bouncy and glossy without putting too much weight on it. And it works perfectly with  ouidad climate control gel.

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  1. Use cold water

There’s nothing more refreshing than a cold shower on a hot summer day and it does your hair good too. It closes down your cuticles so that the moisture doesn’t escape. 

  1. Use heat protectants

When you’re using your flatiron or blower often to style your hair, it can be the perfect recipe for frizzes. So heat protectants such as products with Morocaan oil can give your hair an additional layer of protection. The oil also helps seal in the moisture that your hair needs. 

  1. Aftercare after the beach

Whether you’ve spent the day at the beach or lounged by the pool, your hair has also basked in the drying effects of the heat and humidity. So after a sojourn at the pool, indulge your hair to a moisturizing treatment.  

You can also use cleansers that can remove the salt, sand, and chlorine from your hair. The longer these compounds stay in your hair, the more damage it can do.

These simple tips can amplify the anti-frizz effects of  ouidad climate control gel.


How do I use ouidad climate control gel heat and humidity gel?

Section your damp hair and rake the gel onto each section. Make sure to seal the ends of the cuticle using your fingertips. Then to amplify the curls,  shake the entire hair  by holding the ends of each section.  This is referred to as the shake and rake technique, with which the brand is known for. 

There are also videos on youtube that can show you exactly how it’s done.

How much of ouidad climate gel shall I use on my hair?

You should use about a nickel size for every section of your hair.

Can I use it daily?

If you live in  areas where it’s almost humid every day, yes you can! You can also use it as a daily styling gel.


Hair and humidity, it never is a great match. That excess vapors in the air can make any hairstyle fail and any efforts futile. While you can’t do anything about the air, you can do something to protect your hair from it. The ouidad climate control gel can be your hair’s best friend on a humid day!

You can still get defined curls and healthy hair even if the humidity is crazy!

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