15 Best Ombre Braiding Hair (Based on Popularity)

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Best Ombre Braiding Hair

There are instances when you just want to rock a funky hairstyle. But you can’t temporarily color your hair crazy because you’ve got work the next day. But it’s so tempting to have colorful braids! The good news, you can try on funky and colorful braids with the best ombre braiding hair. 

These versatile synthetic braids let you have crazy colored hair whenever you want. It’s also perfect for cosplay costumes! And ombre braiding hair can take your personality up a notch. And since it’s just an attachment, you can remove it whenever you want a new hairstyle. 

So let’s see what ombre braiding hair brands can transform your boring hairstyles into a funky one.

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15 Best Ombre Braiding Hair Reviewed

1. Ameli Ombre Braiding Hair 

The Ameli ombre braiding hair comes with a lot of funky and gorgeous colors and they won’t irritate your scalp. So even if you have a sensitive scalp, you can still wear the braid of your dreams. This black-navy blue-white braiding hair lets you have blue colored hair without the  need for bleaching. 

This ombre braiding hair is made of kanekalon, so it doesn’t feel like plastic, unlike other brands. And if you need a full head of hair, you only need to get 5 packs of it and you’re fully covered.I’m loving how it is easy to braid it all together. It’s also very soft so it feels like real hair.

And to seal the hairstyle, all that’s needed was to knot it at the ends. It’s quite easy to work with the fingers, so knotting it isn’t such a hassle. 

This ombre Kanekalon braiding hair can retain its color even after 1 and a half years. It’s one of the most durable ombre braiding hair in the market today.


  • Feels soft and doesn’t tangle
  • Does not irritate the scalp
  • Feels lightweight
  • Length is true as advertised
  • Retains its color


  • Challenging to seal with water

Why should you buy this ombre braiding hair

It’s a stable braiding hair if you have a sensitive scalp. It doesn’t feel heavy on the scalp and doesn’t itch too

2.  Liyate Jumbo Braid Hair 24 Inch 

This two-tone ombre braid feels lighter almost like natural hair.

Ombre braids are a lovely way to update your hairstyle or to make a statement. But sometimes they can be a bit heavy. This Liyate jumbo braid is one of the lightest ombre braids on our list. It feels light almost like your own hair.

Another advantage is that it can pretty much hold the texture and the style, quite like your own hair. So it’s easy to weave, braid or crochet into it. It’s also durable and can be used a couple of times. You can even wash it, just don’t soak it. 

This ombre braiding hair blends very well with African American hair. One can never tell you’re wearing an ombre braid as it has neutral colors too. 


  • Can be used several times
  • The packs are quite thick
  • Feels very light
  • Can be washed
  • Has a long-lasting vibrant color


  • Some find it too soft

Why you should buy this ombre braid

It is so soft that it feels like natural hair. And since it’s lightweight. It’s one of the most natural-looking ombre braids on our list. 

3. YMH Pride Pre Stretched Braiding Hair

This brown to blonde ombre braiding hair saves you a lot of time. You can finish braiding in half the time compared to your old brand

Yes, braids are lovely and we don’t make a fuss no matter how long it takes. But wouldn’t it be nice to work on braids but it wouldn’t take a chunk of your time?

These pre-stretched ombre braids are easier to work on. Since it’s conditioned already, it easily gives in to a variety of styles. You can’t skip the pre-stretching as this is what will make your dreads look more natural. 

This 26 inch Kanekalon ombre braid is the percent braid extension for the woman on the go.


  • Can be sealed in both hot and cold water
  • Takes lesser time to install 
  • Looks more natural
  • Doesn’t irritate the skin


  • Heat sealing can be challenging

Why you should buy this ombre braids

It looks more natural. And we love how pre-stretched braids can cut your installation time in half.

4. S-noilite 24 Inch Ombre Jumbo Braiding Hair Extensions

Make a statement with this three-tone jumbo ombre braiding hair. It will never be missed out.

Sometimes you just can find large barrels of braids. It’s either they’re too small or still too small! So if you’re looking for a larger than the average ombre braiding hair, this product is for you.

The vivid three-tone colors add a lot of spunk. It’s quite easy to put on and can be used for a variety of styles. Aside from the usual box braid, you can also use it for short bob hairstyles. It’s a versatile ombre hair. 

This ombre human braiding hair is made of 100 percent Kanekalon. And you just need 5-6 packs to cover a full head of your preferred hairstyle.


  • Doesn’t have any funky smell
  • Soft and easy to work with
  • Has a lovely three-tone color
  • Comes with a great price
  • Doesn’t shed or fall apart


  • Doesn’t take hot water that well

 Why you should buy this ombre braiding hair

The three-tone color is just perfect for concerts and pop festivals! You’ll look smashingly colorful and spunky with these jumbo braids. 

5.  Senegalese Twist Braids

Senegalese twists come in handy when you just want two braids twisted together. Though the box braids are more popular, the Senegalese braids are equally beautiful too.

Box braids are beautiful but sometimes they can weigh a lot. And a beautiful alternative would be the Senegalese braids. And you need two twists instead of three. And sometimes you just want a different hairstyle that can make you stand out from a sea of box braids. 

It has a black, blue and light blue ombre combination. The transition of black to blue gives it an  illusion of a midnight blue braiding hair.

We love how the ends can be curled, so you can personalize the twists a bit more. The material is easy to work on since it’s soft. It doesn’t slip at the ends whenever you’re twisting or knotting it.

You need about 6 packs to cover a full head, but feel free to add more if you want to volumize it up. It comes in 14 lovely colors too.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to work with
  • The ends can be curled
  • The ends are durable and don’t separate
  • Colors came as advertised 
  • Doesn’t have any smell


  •  Not for those looking for jumbo braids

Why you should buy this ombre braid

If you want to add more texture to your hairstyle, this Senegalese braid is a great choice. It’s easy to work on, be it for braid or crochet, and it can pretty much hold texture. It’s also a perfect choice if you’re looking for skinny braids.

6.  Ombre Kanekalon Braiding Hair Extensions

Blue is a daring hair color, especially if you’re going to wear braids. These ombre Kanekalon blue braids let you have your dream blue locks without the need to bleach your hair.

Sometimes you want to get a daring blue color for your braids, but the bleach can kill your locks. This ombre kanekalon blue braid comes in lovely blue hues that’ll chase the blues away!

It’s so easy to work on since it’s soft. And it smells a bit like barbie hair, so I think that’s cool. Barbie hair smells great right?

You can also reshape it into different hairstyles and just dip the ends in hot water. It also holds up very well and won’t slip. So it’ll last for the entire day until it’s time to remove your cosplay costume! 


  • Doesn’t fade
  • Has a vibrant blue three color
  • Doesn’t shed
  • Stretches rather well


  • The ends have to be dipped several times in water

Why you should buy this ombre braiding hair

It’s one of the ombre braiding brands that are very easy to search. Therefore it’s easy to reshape it into different types of hairstyles

7. CCmaegue Black-Brown-Blonde Three Tone Color 

If you want braids of more natural and laid back color, this black, brown and blonde ombre Kanekalon braid is a great option.

Sometimes funky colors have their day off. There are days when you just want a softer and more laid back look. This three-tone earth color lets you achieve amazing braids without calling too much attention.

These can easily be reshaped and braided. It pretty much holds the style so it can last for the entire day. And each pack comes with really thick hair, so you’re getting your money’s worth. You often would need 4 packs for a full head as compared to 6 packs of other brands.

You can even shampoo and brush it and it would still look great. It retains its color for longer. 


  • Soft and easy to braid
  • The braids are thick
  • Offers a more toned-down color
  • Hair separates easily. Can be brushed
  • Doesn’t feel itchy


  • Doesn’t take hot water that much

Why you should buy this ombre braid

You get your money’s worth because each pack comes with thicker braids. And you only need 4 to cover a full head.

8. LOSMOEER 2 Tone Jumbo Braid Twist Ombre Chocolate To Beige

You can still rock an epic hairstyle with these two-tone ombre braids. 

Sometimes there are days when you want to give your 3 tone braids a rest and go for a more subtle color combination.

This 2 tone chocolate to beige hair braids will give you a laid back color but still big braids. These jumbo braids can still give a statement even if it has earth colors. And if you want to cover a full head, you need about 5 packs of it. 

It’s made of Korean heat resistant fiber, quite different from the kanekalon braids in our list.

This ombre hair extension is fun and easy to braid, style, and even curl. You can enjoy a myriad of techniques. It feels soft and silky but it’s still very manageable and gives into styling.


  • Easy to style 
  • Has laid back earth colors
  • The big braids are a statement


  • Can’t be treated with hot water

Why should you buy this ombre braiding hair

If you’re looking for earth-toned ombre braids that are only of two tones, this is a great choice.

9. Angel’s Beauty 24 inches three-tone jumbo Ombre braids

These Jumbo earth tone colors are great for an everyday look. It has  black-dark brown-light brown ombre colors.

You love those big braids, but sometimes they’re not just fitting for daily use. Especially if you don’t want to look like you’re going to cosplay on-duty hours. These earth tone ombre braids let you have big lovely braids that can be worn every day.

We love bright perky colors, but it’s not an everyday look. Especially if you work and they have some sort of dress code. Blue ain’t going to work it! But you can still get lovely braids with this jumbo earth tone Kanekalon braids.

It flows smoothly and you don’t have to deal with tangling or split ends. It’s also quite easy to braid or crochet.


  • Large braids
  • Has laid back two-tone colors
  • Great for everyday wear
  • It’s quite thick you need just a few packs to cover a full head
  • Has a great texture


  • Challenging to seal

Why you should buy this ombre braiding hair

Earth tone colors are perfect for everyday use. These laid back colors are perfect even for the workplace when you don’t want to call too much attention to your braids.

10. Dorsannee Jumbo Braiding Hair Crochet Braids 24 INCH

This silky smooth extra long long braids can be worn daily since it has neutral colors.

Tangles are a common problem with extension braids, especially if you’re weaving longer ones. These jumbo 24-inch braids are silky smooth that it rarely tangles. So you can get on with the long hairstyles without making so much fuss.

And you can wear it daily without looking like you’re going to a concert. The subtle earth colors are great for everyday wear. You can even wear one to your office and your attention would not be called out. 


  • Feels silky and smooth
  • Extra-long braids
  • Does not tangle 


  • Doest come in shorter lengths

Why you should buy this ombre hair

This black-brown-beige 20-inch ombre braid is great for those extra-long hairstyles. It’s perfect for you if you’ve been looking for rapunzel-like braids.

11. Bacana Jumbo Braiding Hair Ombre 3pcs 

Bacana is an easy to seal ombre braiding, you don’t even need hot water!

Most ombre braiding hair requires hot water to seal. But the problem is, sometimes these braids don’t also do well in hot water even if advertised. The BACANA ombre braiding rids this frustration. You can seal it even without hot water.

There’s a lot of things to love about this ombre braiding. It’s soft, easy to style, and it won’t even shed or break. These braids had been curled under 190 degrees, so it could hold its texture and shape.

And since it’s made in high temperatures, you can curl it, straighten it using high temperatures too. So it offers more versatility for styling.


  • Doesn’t shed
  • Easy to braid and style
  • Quite versatile
  • Doesn’t need water to seal
  • Style stays all-day


  • Might have some issues with tangles

Why you should buy this ombre braiding

Because this Black- Grey Blue-Silver Grey is so versatile! You can use it for a variety of hairstyles other than box braids. 

12. ItsUHair Jumbo Braid Hair 

The cool combination of green and light blue makes this Kanekalon ombre braid a breath of fresh air.

It’s hard to rock green colored hair. but if you have a vibrant color such as this ombre braid, you’ll want to flaunt it every chance you get.

You can go green with your dreadlocks, twist or box braids, and still look stunning. The three-tone ombre gives off a lovely transitioning of the colors. It feels soft and bounces too, like your natural hair. 

If you want to cover a full head of hair, you need about 5-6 lots of these. And It’s quite long too so you have more liberty in styling. it measures 24 inches when folded and 48 inches when unfolded.


  • Long ombre braids
  • Doesn’t shed
  • Does not have any funky smell
  • Has a vibrant green color


  • The color is not for everyone

Why you should buy this ombre braiding hair

This is perfect if you want to stand out from a sea of blue and earth tone braids. These black-green-light blue ombre braids are  hard to miss out in a crowd.

13. Dorsanee Jumbo Braid Kanekalon Synthetic

This Dorsannee jumbo ombre braid comes in lavish purple color. It’s perfect for parties and proms.

When you want to style up but don’t have the long locks, a braid extension is a perfect way to go. But some brands just look too unnatural. Dorsannee synthetic ombre braids look closer to the real deal. It’s easy to maintain and you can use it for the years to come.

You can also get these perky braids at a very affordable price. It’s one of the cheapest Kanekalon braiding hair on our list. And you can use it for a variety of styles too. It’s easy to braid, style, and will make you stand out on any occasion. You can also restyle it with the use of hot water.


  • Durable and lasts longer
  • Soft and looks natural
  • Easy to maintain
  • Can be restyled with hot water
  • Big braids
  • Offers 100 percent money-back guarantee


  • The color purple may be too much for some

Why you should buy this ombre braid

This purple ombre braiding hair is  a lovely and perky style for an occasion. And this ombre braid is easy to restyle so you can use it in several events too.

14. IDUSA Ombre Colors Braid Kanekalon Hair 

This 2 tone black and red ombre raid will make you look sizzling hot.

A plain red braid extension will look too fake and just flat out. While a 2 tone braid of red and black will make it seem like it’s a natural part of your hair. 

Another thing we liked is that You can use this ombre braiding hair for a variety of styles. From twists, Senegalese to box braids, you’ll surely be a standout in this red hot ombre.

It’s made of yaki Kanekalon braid. It’s the most preferred material for synthetic braids as it doesn’t smell, never sheds, and has minimal tangles too.

And there are a lot of ways to seal the ends. You can do that with the use of hot water, straightener, or by a hairdryer. 


  • 100 percent high temperature
  • Doesn’t shed
  • No funky smell
  • Features tight and neat braids
  • Has a lot of ways to seal the ends


  • If you’re looking for laid back colors, this isn’t for you

Why you should buy this ombre braid

It offers more versatility and options in terms of styling and sealing the ends.

15. NOWMEHAIR Synthetic Ombre Braiding Hair 

Kanekalon ombre braids are among the most affordable yet quality braid extensions. You can get funky three-toned pink with the NOWMEHAIR ombre braid.

Pink is pretty, but it’s hard to find a quality pink braid extension that doesn’t feel heavy. This kanekalon ombre braid comes in a vibrant pink that‘s perfect for a lot of special events. 

And you can also use it daily if you want to look spunky all day. Because it’s not heavy, it almost feels as if it’s your natural hair. No tangling, no smell, and no split-ends.


  • Vibrant pink color
  • Doesn’t feel heavy
  • Feels silky soft and almost like natural hair
  • Easy to style into box braids, Senegalese, or twists


  • The color may not be for everyone

Why should you buy this ombre braiding hair

If you’re looking for a lovely pink braid extension, this ombre braid is a perfect choice.

Buyer’s Guide: What to Look for in an Ombre Braiding Hair

Ombre Braiding Hair

Ombre braiding hair is the perfect way to upgrade your hairstyle instantly. Even if you have short hair or are too scared to get spunky hair color, these braid extensions got you covered.

And the two-toned or three-toned ombre hair is more flattering than a flat mono-colored one. It gives an illusion of continuity. And it makes the hair look natural too.

Though not all ombre braiding hair is the same. Here are some factors that you have to consider when buying your own ombre braid

1. It should feel lightweight

You want an instant hair makeover. But if it would weigh you down, you wouldn’t be able to rock it all day. So you have to get an ombre braid brand that’s lightweight. It’s something that should almost feel like your own hair.

Kanekalon braids are one of the more preferred synthetic materials for braid extension. And that’s for good reason- because they are so lightweight.

2. Itch free

What’s the use of a beautiful braid if you’re going to itch like crazy? So be sure to verify if the ombre braiding hair that you’re getting is itch-free. 

3.  It should be flexible

The perfect braid extensions should be able to move with your hair. It’s synthetic but it doesn’t need to look like it. And people don’t have to know that it is! So a braid extension that follows your every movement is the top priority.

4. Better if pre-stretched

Pre Stretched ombre braid extension saves you a lot of time. Since it’s pre-feathered already it gives in more to any style. Kanekalon braids are the materials that are pre- feathered and pre-stretched. 

How to Take Care of Your Ombre Braid Extensions

 Best Ombre Braiding Hair

Even if these are synthetic braids they still need some tender loving care. 

Here are some simple steps on how to make your ombre braids last longer. Especially if you want it to look like it’s still a part of your hair, these should be done.

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  1. Your ombre braiding  hair is still subject to the sun’s harmful rays. So it can look dry when not attended to. It’s a good idea to spritz it every day with a mixture of leave-in conditioner and water. 
  1. You also have to take care of your scalp. Because once you just installed your braids, it can be uncomfortable and itchy at one point. And since it’s tightened around the scalp area, it’s possible. You can apply a bit of castor oil on your scalp to relieve it.
  1. Washing your hair with braid extensions can be tricky. But you have to do so at least once a week. Otherwise, it’ll become too greasy and you’ll reek of a funky smell. And your ombre braids can smell if not unwashed. Since you’ve been out and about, dust and smoke can cling to it as well. 

How to wash it? You can spritz it with a combination of water and shampoo. Then just wash it all off and allow it to dry.


Are box braids bad for hair?

If they are installed incorrectly, yes they can damage your hair and scalp. How to avoid it? You have to treat your hair with love before and after installing the box braids.

Before Installing the braids, make sure you haven’t undergone any kind of treatment at least for the past two weeks. And after removing your ombre braiding hair, treat your hair to a deep conditioning treatment. 

 And don’t keep your box braids longer than 6-8 weeks,

Should I blow dry my hair before braiding?

 A big no-no. To get the best result, your hair should be in its most natural state before braiding. 

What should I put on my hair before braiding?

You can give it some strengthening conditioning for added scalp and hair protection. That’s a strong protein treatment and a moisturizing one. And indulge your hair with it twice before installing your braids.

How do you keep box braids moisturized?

You have to spritz it daily with water, and then follow it up with a touch of some light oil. Jojoba and grapeseed oil are preferred. Though you can still use coconut oil, it often leaves a heavy smell on the braids. And it might feel heavier too


Braid extensions are style savers! Especially if you’re going to do box braids and it takes forever for your hair to grow. Our top picks are among the most affordable yet stylish ombre braiding hair in the market today. I hope you were able to get your pick from our recommendation!

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