Mature Hairline – Is It Normal?

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Are you worried about going bald or male pattern baldness as your hairline has started moving back recently? Well take a deep breath, it is not a sign of baldness. It is a Mature Hairline. Though yes, your hair is not the same as when you had a juvenile hairline with those thick hair locks. Surely your hair growth is changing but it is not something to worry about it. Mature Hairline is pretty normal and every male experiences it in life.

What is a Mature Hairline?

A mature hairline is a new hairline that starts growing usually in adulthood. Usually, mature hairlines start developing between the age of 17 to 30. When men are in their teens they have a juvenile hairline – a head full of hair, with thick and smooth hair locks. Well if your hairline is still on top wrinkle you have juvenile and if not your mature hairline has started to evolve.

A mature hairline is just a juvenile hairline moving an inch or 2 back, that’s all. It is a normal hair growth process and is nothing related to baldness. It is just a new hairline, quite higher than the hairline that male develop when going into their adulthood from teenage

Scientific Reason Behind A Mature Hairline

It is the result of the hormonal change which occurs in adolescence. Androgen is a cause of hair follicle reduction which is a reason for hair maturation. DHT that is Dihydrotestosterone is one of the causes of the mature hairline. When the level of DHT is high in the male body there are chances of development of mature hairline. Though if the male body produces a higher level of DHT it results in male pattern baldness

Is Having Mature Hairline Normal?

Mature Hairline is a hormonal change and a physical growth that every male experiences. It is the same as getting a hoarse voice, beard growth, etc. in your late teenage. Many times it is not even noticed it depends from person to person as everybody has their own maturity pace. Some may get their mature hairline in teenage itself, while for some it takes 8 to 10 years and in rare cases which is 5% of men who don’t get a mature hairline. And any of this in fact all of this is absolutely normal.

Characteristics of A Mature Hairline

As a mature hairline starts growing it is just a new hairline where your normal hairline has moved slightly back. There are some characteristics of the mature hairline which will help you to differentiate between the normal hairline, mature hairline, and possible male pattern baldness

1. Even Transition 

The hairline of men when it goes from natural hairline to mature hairline it has an even transition. A mature hairline moves back evenly though in some cases there is an uneven transition that is a rare case. Usually, men experience an even transition in hairline maturation. 

2. Above 1.5 Inches 

The mature hairline is just 1 to 1.5 inches above the top wrinkle. This is typically how far a mature hairline grows. If it is above a width from the last wrinkle or so it is a mature hairline so no need to worry as explained it is totally normal but if it exceeds more than that it can be a sign of possible male hair baldness.

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3. M Shaped and Widow’s Peak

A mature hairline develops in an M – shape or the other possibility is Widow’s Peak. So basically M shaped hairline basically removes the round curves from the juvenile hairline and makes it sharper. On the other hand, some men also can develop a Widows Peak that is a V-Shaped development of hair towards the center of the forehead.

Measure If You Have A Mature Hairline

To end your doubts just measure if you have a juvenile, mature or receding. It can make things easier for you as you can take the necessary steps if there is a possibility of male pattern baldness. Here follow these simple steps to measure your hairline –

Steps To Measure Your Hairline

  • Take a handheld mirror or just simply sit in front of the mirror
  • Then raise your eyebrows as if you are surprised so that your wrinkles can show up
  • After that just place your finger and measure the space between your top wrinkle and the hairline

If it is about a width that is 1.5 inches it is a Mature Hairline, if it is less than that so you still have your juvenile hairline and if its more than that your hairline has started to recede and may need immediate assistance.

Mature Hairline Vs Receding Hairline

By its characteristics, a mature hairline is a type of receding hairline. But again there is a difference. Receding Hairline is one of the causes of male pattern baldness but the mature hairline is a common phenomenon when you are having hormonal changes in your teenage years.

Some characteristics set Mature Hairline and Receding Hairline apart 

1. Extra Decline of Hairline

As explained earlier mature hairline develops in M-shape or as a widow’s peak but then if has moved way too higher than 1.5 inches from the top wrinkle especially your temple it can be a sign of a receding hairline

2. Extreme Hair Loss

While there can be some amount of hair loss while you have a mature hairline but in the case of receding hairline there is excessive hair shedding. There are clumps of hair loss usually during a shower or while styling it up. Hair loss is normal after teenage but to the certain point that is 90 to 100 hair per day but anything more that can be worrisome

3. Fast Pace 

Hair Maturation or Mature Hairline is a slow process, you would not notice it unless you are measuring it purposely but then receding has a faster pace  and you can notice when there is excessive hair loss or when there is an extra recession on your temple

Mature Hairline Vs Balding

Now there is a huge difference between Mature hairline and Balding. Also, it is important to address this as this is the fear each and every male has that is baldness. So to clear up a mature hairline is again a normal hormonal process, while baldness can have many reasons. 

1. Hereditary 

If baldness runs in your family there is a high chance of you having male pattern baldness. As explained before, mature Hairline is a result of high DHT levels while baldness is hereditary but this doesn’t mean you will get male pattern baldness for sure it is just highly possible.

2. Thinning and Hair Loss Overall

Hair maturation causes hair to move back from the frontal region that is the forehead whereas Baldness has to do with hair overall. Baldness causes thinning of hair, hair loss, especially on the crown part on the head, dry scalp, etc.

3. Stage 4 on Norwood Scale

Hamilton-Norwood Scale is used to classify the stages of male pattern baldness which have been bifurcated into 7 stages. So if your hairline is what is depicted in Stage 1 or 2 it is a mature hairline if it goes upward then that can be a sign of male pattern baldness. Especially if your hair pattern resembles Stage 4 and beyond it can be baldness.

Mature Hairline Hairstyles

We have listed down some of the hairstyles which you can surely give it a shot to make your mature hairline a style statement

1. Induction Buzz Cut 

Also known as the military haircut this is the most uniform cut. Basically, military recruit’s hair is cut short during their induction and thus the name. It exposes your mature hairline and makes it attractive with hair cut short.

Here is Zayn Malik flaunting his mature hairline with the induction buzz cut – 


2. French Crop Cut

A Classic! French crop cut or crop top cut is a trendy hairstyle with a fade on the sides. French crop cut is a short hair hairstyle with the cropped fringe in front this is often paired with an undercut and a taper fade. With this hairstyle, you can either hide that mature hairline and its in trend so that’s a plus

Infamous Thomas Shelby aka Cillian Murphy is a French crop cut all about these days –

French Crop Cut

3. Ivy League Haircut 

Ivy League Haircut is a slight and stylish variation of the crew cut. It is an ideal hairstyle if you want a gentlemen’s look with enhancing your mature hairline. It can be the ultimate choice for styling your hair maturation.

Evergreen Ryan Reynolds showing off his Mature Hairline with Ivy League Haircut – 

Credit: Rex by Shutterstock


Does Mature Hairline Stop Receding?

A mature hairline may look like a receding but it eventually after a certain time. Also while Mature hairline can be a part of the receding process there are a lot of differences. The mature hairline may seem to recede before it stops

Is Mature Hairline Normal?

Yes, It is absolutely normal to have a mature hairline. It is one of the effects of hormonal change during adolescence.

Can you get a mature hairline at 15?

Well, it can differ from person to person, It depends on male puberty and as it varies with everyone, similarly the age of getting mature hairline varies in each person. 

Final Say

Mature Hairline is absolutely normal and there is no reason for you to worry. It is an organic hair growth process that every male in the age between 17 to 30 has. Though you need to classify if  it is a mature hairline and not receding or balding which needs treatment. Hope my blog was helpful for you and cleared all your doubts.

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