3 Matrix Total Results So Silver Shampoos

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The shampoo, conditioner, toning, or masking of hair is essential to have a better physical condition. People who use trusted products are more positive in life. More so, hair is the crowning glory of a person, and the only brand which can help you achieve a problem-free hair is Matrix. Come on, let us check out the most valued Matrix total results so silver shampoo.

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Haircare is known to be our responsibility as part of personal hygiene. However, pollution, diet, and even hair products can damage hair. So, we are here to help you pick the professional products for maintenance and solution of it.

3 Matrix Total Results So Silver Shampoo

We list here all the So Silver Matrix Products to give you guidance on what Matrix products you should use. For sure, you will not regret buying it.

1. Matrix Total Results So Silver Color Depositing Purple Shampoo

Matrix So Silver Purple Shampoo | Neutralizes...
  • Toning Purple Shampoo: So Silver color depositing shampoo neutralizes unwanted yellow tones in all blonde,...
  • Hydrating Formula: Illuminates highlights on blondes and adds shimmering brightness for color treated or...

This Matrix total results so silver shampoo is the most in-demand Total Results product because of its usage. Its ingredients help create a blockage through nullifying brassy hair. Aside from this, it can correct yellow tones for those who have a blonde, grey, or platinum hair.

Consequently, everyone is anxious about stripping strands, but If you are going to consume this product, you do not have to worry. It can even maintain your desired blond hue because of the neutralizing pigment’s ingredients.

 Since Total Results So Silver Color Depositing Shampoo is for clarifying colored hair, it can bring brightness too, especially to the natural hair ranging from white to gray or vice versa. Therefore, it irradiates highlights of blondes-headed people.

To use this product, apply onto the wet hair wearing plastic or non-absorbent gloves and rinse well. If your hair is thick, you can repeat the process, and for maximum benefits, you can leave the shampoo to the hair for about 3-5 minutes.

Most of the consumers are very pleased and say the price of the product is worthy of its value. The shampoo always gets a high rate in terms of the scent and moisture.

Furthermore, this shampoo is one of the successful products which provides confidence without thinking about dryness and undesirable tones. It does not turn you down, nor makes you feel dull and unpleasant.

Now all you have to do is trust and buy. Use these in-demand total results shampoo and transform into a head-to-toe turner kind of person.


  • It smells good.
  • It is very effective to use.
  • It helps prevent unwanted highlights.
  • It targets the usual problem of blonde hair.
  • It is incredible to keep your blonde from getting brassy.
  • It shows results right away after using it.


  • A little pricey but can not disappoint your expectation nor tear your pocket than other products.

 Why You Should Choose

This Matrix total results so silver shampoo is perfect for most people. The ingredients are safe and quality assured. You can understand the instructions easily before using it. Additionally, when you buy it, you will be surprised by its amazing benefits.

2. Matrix Total Results So Silver Conditioner

Matrix So Silver Conditioner | Hydrates Dull,...
  • Hydrating Conditioner: Uses nutrition technology to quench dry porous hair leaving locks shiny and healthy so...
  • Benefits: Non-color depositing hydrating conditioner that helps tone hair leaving shiny and healthy looking...

It is essential to use a conditioner after putting a shampoo to keep your hair healthy. Conditioning can make replenish the nutrients. As advised, conditioner adds for the process of rehydration. Matrix Total Results So Silver Conditioner is an excellent choice for everyday use.

Moreover, this conditioner treats dryness and brittleness of hair. The use of nutrition technology can boost hydration. It is essential to know that when your hair is hydrated, it can sway easily following body movements.

The conditioner is a non-color hydrating for blonde and gray hair, and whenever you use this product, it subdues stiffness leaving your hair silky and smooth. Thus, an ingredient like cetrimonium chloride makes the hair avoid brittleness.

Hair is looking shiny and healthy because of its lively texture. So Silver conditioner uses nutrition technology to give customers heavenly results. Vibrant hair lifts mood and attracts positivity to the appearance. 

Lastly, to achieve the maximum result, it requires massaging motion while your hair is wet. After minutes of massage, rinse thoroughly, and enjoy your lively hair the whole day.


  • It makes your hair hydrated.
  • It can remove stiffness
  • It can create a vibrant, silky smooth hair
  • It makes gray hair look like classy silver hair.
  • It keeps your hair healthy
  • It nourishes your hair through technology nutrients.
  • It brightens your hair naturally.


  • It leaves stains, but you can remove it easily.

Why you should choose

Total Results So Silver Conditioner is worthy of choosing because of its benefits. Because of its hydration power, damages of hair is no longer evident. Accordingly, it is a perfect combination of the So Silver Shampoo.

3. Matrix Total Results So Silver Deep Conditioning Triple Power Toning Hair Mask

Matrix So Silver Toning Purple Hair Mask | Deep...
  • product volume 200 ml
  • English (Publication Language)

Are you looking for a solution to restore healthy hair? For sure, you also need a Triple Power Toning Hair Mask, which helps you protect the nutrients your hair gets.

An intensely wholesome hair treatment mask can create a big change in the gleam and strength of your hair. And it is mainly vital if you have dehydrated, damaged, tightly curled, or very long hair. So, this deep conditioning hair mask comes with hydrating and restorative ingredients.

Furthermore, it deactivates yellow in blonde hair and enhancing tones for those with silver hair. What the best of this product is, it can adjust to your hair condition and color, leaving your hair toa cool-toned finish.

For more information, it can not only repair damages but brightens your blond and Silver hair too. You will see the progress instantly because of the remarkable progressive technology in the ingredients.

To get the best results, you can use the product one to two times every week after applying shampoo onto the hair. Remember to put gloves to avoid skin irritation. You can also comb for even distribution of toning hair mask.


  • It dramatically works on blonde and gray hair.
  • It repairs damaged hair.
  • It leaves hair naturally smooth and silky.
  • It brightens hair color.
  • It provides hair protection.
  • It prevents damages to hair.
  • It offers customizable toning for gray and blond hair.
  • It is concentrated and easy to apply.


  • Leave it to your hair based on how yellow your hair is.

Why you should choose

You should use a mask for your hair to avoid more spending on treating the damage. You can use it even at home. It keeps your hair naturally protected.

Four Factors To Consider When Buying Hair Care Products

Considering the hair care institutions are different and vast. You should be wise and smart before choosing to avoid regret. Below are factors you must highly consider when buying hair care products.

1. Use

It is on the top list because we observe some people buy hair products that are useless to the condition of their hair. As much as possible you have to know first the needs. For example, if your hair is dry and stiffy, then find a shampoo that can solve the problem.

There are also hair products that naturally combined different target solutions. So, if ever you are not sure of what is your hair specific problem, it can help your hair become healthy.

2. Ingredients

All products have components on the specified part, remember to check it and search for the risk. You need to know if the ingredients can potentially harm your condition. There are lots of people who lose their hair using unknown products. Check the review to know more.

  3. Availability

Maintenance is somewhat the key to beautify anything. Choose products that are available to trusted stores and websites. By determining the availability, you will have an idea if the product is effective either in-demand. Most of the products work well when you maintain it.

4. Brand

You can analyze and see the positive impacts of a hair product when you search for its reviews. Be sure to choose a reliable brand. It is easy to determine if the brand is trustworthy or not, read reviews or testimonies, and check its shreds of evidence.


How often should I use a mask for my hair?

You can use the mask at least one to two times a week. Do not overuse to avoid harmful effects.

Can I use the Matrix total results so silver shampoo even if the color of my hair is natural?

So Silver shampoo, conditioner, and toning are perfect for gray and blonde hair. Therefore, you can use it to make your hair naturally vibrant and smooth.

Does this work well with brunette hair with significant ashy tones?

You can use it to avoid dull and stiff hair.

Can the conditioner stay long in my hair?

No. You have to rinse it out. Just make it stay for a few minutes to make the hair absorb the nutrients. 

What is the difference between So Silver and Brass Off?

So Silver neutralizes the yellow color while Brass Off focuses on the orange highlights.

The way you care for your hair can make a difference or can harm the totality of the condition. However, choosing the best like the products of Matrix Total Results So Silver can make your life calm and problem-free. It has perfect components for resolving color issues. It is best for Platinums, Greys, and Blondes. 

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