Mario Badescu Drying Lotion Reviews: Say Goodbye To Acne

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When I say that a 17 dollar treatment can wipe out your acnes, would you believe me? We better find it out! We’ll dabble a bit on the latest acne spot treatment in the metro. A lot of women, even celebrities have sworn by this potent drying lotion in a bottle. Keep scrolling for my Mario Badescu drying lotion reviews.

It may be cheap and affordable, but let’s see if it really works, how it works. And let’s see if you should get one for that nasty zit on your nose.

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion for All Skin Types|...
  • [DRIES SURFACE BLEMISHES] by drawing out impurities from targeted spots

What do people usually treat their acne with?

Let’s take a quick peek at what people often use to treat their acne. And how did it work for them? 

To start, let’s see where exactly you got that zit from. 

Acne forms when your hair follicles become inflamed and clogged with excess oil, bacteria, and dirt. It may or may not have something to do with the peanuts you’ve been munching on yesterday. Even if you finished the whole bag, we can’t fully blame the peanuts for all our zits

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Though some people are more vulnerable to developing acne especially if they have overactive sebaceous glands. 

Some people often overwash their faces in a bid to remove the excess oil. But does it work? Apparently not. And neither does squeezing the life out of it. 

Mario Badescu drying lotion reviews

Is Mario Badescu drying lotion effective? (Reviews)

Mario Badescu is essentially a drying lotion. This pink tinted lotion had its beginnings in New York way back 1967. Such a long time huh?

So since then, this spot treatment has been hitting the shelves and selling like hot hotcakes. 

So what makes this so effective? It can actually dry out pimples overnight. And the brand is known for its beauty products that are fast, effective, and safe. And that’s exactly what we girls are looking for. We want to clear our acne fast but we don’t want to look like a pizza pie or the Mars planet.

Let’s look at the basic ingredients of this drying lotion so we can further understand this sorcery.

The magic ingredients

Mario Badescu drying lotion is a concoction of these potent ingredients:

  • Salicylic acid

Salicylic acid is an effective agent in unclogging the pores. It’s often used in a lot of beauty cream, treatment, and lotions. Though it can effectively unclog your pores, it can’t kill bacteria. It’s often used in combination with other acne solutions for it to work better.

  • Zinc oxide

 Zinc oxide has both antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. And when combined with salicylic acid, it can be an effective treatment. 

  • Sulfur

When in combination with zinc oxide and salicylic acid, sulfur completes this magic cream. It can also help unclog the pores, which is the root cause of the inflammation.

  • Camphor-acne can be really itchy. That’s why you keep on picking on it even when you’re not supposed to. So the camphor helps in relieving the itch.
  • Calamine- it’s a soothing agent. It is often used in a variety of anti-itch creams. Calamine also has drying properties 
  • Titanium oxide- this is the creamy agent why Mario Badescu feels powdery on the skin
  • Isopropyl alcohol-this one rather controversial ingredient but it’s said to help with the fast-acting property of Mario Badescu spot treatment.

So how do these ingredients make Mario Badescu drying lotion so effective? How does it work?

So the game is on

So let’s get to the gist of my Mario Badescu drying lotion review. 

Armed with my zits and acne, I have to try out this calamine tinted cream. I have checked the ingredients and it seems to be promising. But let’s see if my sensitive skin will be able to take it.

It’s best to use it at night because you need time for your skin to absorb the cream. And you wouldn’t want to go outside with pits of pink-tinted cream all over your face.

And make sure to start on a clean slate. Gently moisturize your skin first. You might be tempted to give it a good shake, as what you normally do with all your moisturizers and stuff. But you don’t have to do that with the Mario Badescu spot treatment. 

All you have to do is grab a Q tip, insert it into the bottle, and start dabbing each zit with this magic cream. You should feel a subtle tingling sensation. So it means it’s working its way through your clogged pores. So all you have to do is sleep on it and what the magic unravel the next morning!

So I guess the raves are indeed true. It did dry out the zits. But you must continue with the treatment and in a few days, it’ll be gone. It might not result in overnight removal. 

But that’s another good thing about it. It means that it isn’t harsh on your skin. Even if you have sensitive skin like mine, Mari Badescu drying  lotion is gentle. It’s unlike those peeling creams that can remove acne overnight. But it will leave your skin raw than before and render it more sensitive to sunlight.

So here’s what we are after- effective but safe treatment. And oh, it’s very accessible and easy to do too. 

And who wouldn’t forget about the price points? It’s relatively cheap, right? I mean for 17 dollars, you can have an effective yet safe solution for your acne dilemmas. 

But some consumers mentioned that they were able to see results in as fast as a single treatment. Well, that’s good to hear, I think it’s possible depending on the size of the acne. 

Another thing that sets it apart is that it’s neither too drying nor something that makes your skin too oily. 

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Any complaints?

While I tried it on, it did work for me and didn’t experience side effects. But I just worked on a couple of zits. I think some issues might arise if you have a ton to work on. And your skin isn’t compatible with it.

Some users reported experiencing a dry sensation. Well, the alcohol might be the culprit. So if you may be allergic to alcohol, the dryness and stinging might be too much for you. If it did work on one person albeit having sensitive skin, it’s not guaranteed that it will for you.

But a lot of users have sworn by it. So I guess before zapping all the zits out, try to work on a few ones and see how your skin would react.

Mario Badescu drying lotion

How to prevent acne

Treating acne is one thing, but preventing it is another. Let’s see some simple ways on how you prevent those zits

1. Wash your face before you go to bed

Acne is a combination of clogged pores of dirt, bacteria, and excess oil. One way to keep it at bay is to wash it all off before you sleep. You surely have accumulated a ton of dirt during the day.

2. Buy products for your skin type

Whether it be a moisturizer or a foundation, buying the product for your skin type can spell a lot of difference. If you have oily skin and you’re using an oil-based moisturizer, that can cause breakouts.

3. Keep your hands off your face

It has been a force of habit. We all love to touch our faces. And imagine the bacteria your hands have accumulated from pushing the elevator button to opening doors, you can be unconsciously transferring them to your face.

4. Stress

Stress can wreak havoc on your already acne-prone skin. It can produce a ton of hormones that can trigger your acne.

5. Have our fill of water daily

Water helps flush out toxins from your body. So staying hydrated will help your skin clear of the toxins that can trigger breakouts. 

6. Don’t sunbathe

Excessive exposure to the sun dries out your skin fast. And when it dries faster, your body jumps into a protective mode by producing excess oil. And this can clog your pores.


The Mario Badescu spot treatment is a drying lotion. So the mere fact that it can be drying is a telltale sign that it works. The thing is, some people may be too sensitive to the alcohol ingredient. 

So the same rule applies, if it works for all, it doesn’t mean that it’ll work for you too. But don’t be duped into believing you can zap all your acne overnight. But there’s a safer, faster and more effective solution. 

My Mario Badescu drying lotion reviews scored it as one of the most affordable, effective, and safer ways to treat your acne. And no one treatment fits all. Nevertheless, it’s quite effective, so I guess the raves are true!

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion for All Skin Types|...
  • [DRIES SURFACE BLEMISHES] by drawing out impurities from targeted spots

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