Style Like Korean Men (31 Refreshing Hairstyles to Try)

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korean men hairstyle

Over the past few years, Korean influence is very significant around the world. From girl bands, boy bands even to hairstyles! And many find K pop hairstyles cool and unique. From short haircuts to really long ones, Korean hairstyles are the next big thing.

The beauty industry is greatly influenced by Korean culture that even men joined in the bandwagon. There’s more to just the simple men’s hairstyle! Let’s take a look at some of the trendiest Korean hairstyles for men that are currently dominating the beauty and fashion industry. 

And let’s take a peek at what makes them so appealing.

Asian Hairstyles For Men

Why are Asian hairstyles, particularly Korean hairstyles so popular? From the get-go, it looks clean, sleek, and modern. And these hairstyles evoke a sense of youthfulness and playfulness. 

It’s a perfect hairy cell that can change the way you look too.  

Trendiest Korean Hairstyles and Haircuts For Men

So here are some of the trendiest Korean hairstyles for men

1. K-pop hairstyle

If you’re a K-pop fanatic, this hairstyle will seem all too familiar to you. It’s characterized by a lot of fringes with straightened up sides. It’s a perfect hairstyle to amp up some volume into your thin hair.

Thi haircut often makes one look younger with the feathered bangs. 

2. Classic Korean haircut

The classic Korean haircut is clean, neat but has an edgy look that’s often worn by men on campuses. It gives off a subtle tone so it’s perfect for those who don’t want to call too much attention to themselves. This haircut is  perfect for the laid back men.

It’s quite simple but it has lots of charisma and personality. 

3. Shaggy bowl cut

It’s an upgraded bowl cut! If you love bowl cuts but are getting too bored with its plain childish look, the shaggy bowl cut is a great option. It’s like a disheveled bowl cut that adds texture and volume to your hair.

The sides are slightly layered for the added volume. It seems to do a lot for this haircut.

4. Faux hawk and shaved sides

This haircut will awaken the rockstar in you! It features shaved sides. The nape is also shaved and gets longer at the front. 

The faux hawk is an extremely edgy hairstyle. It has a lot of attitude and can make you look cooler.

5. Wavy curtain bangs

This tousled up look was inspired by Taehyung (V). It features wavy textured bangs with highlights. This haircut can add a lot of wow factor. But you do need to grow your hair a bit longer to get these nice wavy bangs.

6. Messy volumized brown bangs

If you want an “I woke up like this” look, the disheveled bangs can do the trick. This adds up more volume and edginess to your hair. The messy bangs are best showcased when highlighted in brown.

7. Mid-length layered cut

This haircut has a lot of lakers on the crown. This technique frames the face well and adds a lot of volume to your hair. So it’s perfect for those who want to add more volume to their hair.

 The bangs are kept long just brushing along your eyebrow lines. Those with thick hair need a lot of layering to achieve this look.

8. Slicked back Korean hairstyle

When we’re speaking of a slicked-back hairstyle, for Koreans these are intensely slicked back. 

The extreme slicked back look can look very clean and fashion-forward.

9. Rounded cut with texture

This contemporary haircut features a round textured haircut that runs the eyebrows. It also has a lot of layers at the crown and can greatly add texture to very thin hair. 

If you have thick hair, this might be too volumizing for you.

10. Side parted dark hair

This haircut looks best on raven black hair. The hair is slanted at the sides. This haircut looks prim and proper and it also looks quite elegant.

11. Long half up, half down

It features a shoulder-length hair that has been casually tied up in a pony. It’s half tied up and leaves several fringes of hair down that frames your face.

This is a casual and low maintenance haircut.

12. Top knot with shaved sides

This is a contemporary take on the infamous man bun. It boasts of shaved sides and the top is kept long. It’s then slicked back and tied up into a bun.

It can be worn in two ways! You can wear it asymmetrically with one part swept to the sides. Or you can let it loose.

13. Angular fringe

This takes your short haircut to newer heights. The entire hair is short but the top bangs are kept long. It features a fade on the side and at the back. The bangs feature a feathery finish and are angels to the side.

14. Short and spiky

This short and spiky hairstyle needs a lot of gel for hold! But it’s one of the staples in Korean hair fashion. You can wear this hairstyle tow ways. One, have all the hair swept up. And two, sweep the bangs forward for a less spicy look.

15. Messy Korean haircut

It’s so low maintenance you don’t even need to style it! This hairstyle is often textured and layered. It’s the perfect hairstyle for those who don’t have much time to style their hair, just run your fingers across your locks and you’re done!

16.  Contemporary teddy boy style

This is a spin-off to the famous 1950s teddy boy style. This haircut is given more flair and texture with the top part all volumed up. The sides are almost shaved and the top is kept quite long.

17. Forward swept teenage cut

It features a long top and a lot of layers. The bangs are textured. This is a popular hairstyle worn by Korean schoolboys.

18. Toc and pompadour bangs

This features a mid-length hair with bangs pulled away from the face and pinned up to a knot. If you’re having a bad hair day, it’s a perfect way to get through the day looking still fashionable. 

19. Two block haircut and long fringe

This is a spin-off from the popular 2018 two-block hairstyle. It features an undercut with two block cuts at the sides. Then the two-block cuts feature shaggy layers that skim through the eyebrows.

20. Long Korean mullet

It’s a modern mullet that is an upgrade for the beloved mullet cut. It has a lot of layers and textures with the back part particularly kept really long. 

21. Crew cut

This Korean crew cut is an intense version that features a face-framing crew cut. The entire hair is relatively short but the side fringes and sideburns are kept long to frame the face.

22.  The mini pompadour

This is a pompadour style for those with shorter hair. The top is subtly puffed up to give the pompadour a modern take.

23. Two-Tone asymmetrical

If you want to look extra cool, this two-tone hairstyle fits the description. It features side-swept bangs and shaved sides. This hairstyle often uses a deep color and an extremely light one to achieve the best effect.

24. Korean man bun 

This is perhaps a takeoff from the Japanese man bun. The man bun was used to hold a samurai helmet. And a samurai man bun is one of the most famous Japanese hairstyles for men.

The Korean man bun is similar in a way that the entire hair is tousled up in a bun. It’s low maintenance and has a sexy appeal to it. 

25. Half nape and long bangs

His hairstyles give you the liberty to style your hair. With a longer nape, you can play with more hairstyles. And your eyes are slightly covered with long layered and texturized bangs that are swept to the side.

27. Messy slick back

If you find the intense slick back too regal but love the clean look, the messy slick back is a must-try. It features the clean slicked look but plays with the short bangs. The bangs aren’t all that fully slicked to the back, instead it features messy bangs.

Albeit the messy bangs, this hairstyle matches a business suit.

28. Mid-length cut with blue tones

Korean men’s cuts are all about experimenting, even with bold colors! This medium length haircut looks more preppy and fab with blue tones.

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29. Blonde long parted hairstyle 

Korena hair is naturally dark, so when worn with a lighter color it can make you look really different. This long haircut is parted sideways, oozing with a retro feel. And a blonde or washed off-color look great on Korean skin tone too.

30. Slightly disheveled quiff haircut

It’s a short hairstyle with a disheveled top. This looks rather sporty and can make you look carefree and adventurous. It’s low maintenance too and you just need to run your fingers through your hair to maintain that disheveled look.

31. Mid-length blue-green hairstyle

If you want to give your medium haircut more flair, you can always wear it in shades of blue and green. Blue-green shades are also one of the most prominent bold colors for Korean hairstyles. You’d be surprised how easy it is to transition into this color.

The Trendiest Colors for K-pop Hair

Korean haircut boasts of loud and wild colors. You may even see all the colors of the rainbow in one head!

These colors make you look bolder and fiercer. You’ll surely stand out from a sea of blacks and browns. Here are some of the most popular and unique colors to try for your K-pop haircut.

  • Lilac and violet
  • Fiery orange
  • Forest green
  • Strawberry red
  • Gray and beige ( greige)
  • Ash brown with milk tea blondes
  • Creamy blonde
  • Buttery blonde
  • Rose blonde
  • Cotton candy
  • Silver
  • Rainbow
  • Purple
  • Pink
  • Sherbet
  • Yellow
Style Like Korean Men


What is the most popular Korean haircut for men?

Bowls cuts seem to be one of the more prominent hairstyles for men. This has something to do with the cute Korean culture. And Korean bowl cut has different variations that make it suitable for the modern man. You can look cute without looking like you’re buying a lollipop.

What makes Korean hairstyles so popular?

Korean hairstyles boasts are unique and they’re not afraid to experiment with colors and cuts. This is what makes them stand out from the rest. 

What is the most low maintenance Korean haircut for men?

The messy hair or disheveled look is one of the easiest to maintain hairstyles. These are the “I woke up like this” hairstyle.

And man buns are great too. You can easily tie your hair up in a bun if you don’t want to style it. The thing is, you have to have medium to long hair to be able to pull this off. 


With Korean hairstyles for men, men have as many options as women. You can choose from a ton of interesting and unique hairstyles. And you can always go for bold and perky colors when you want a refreshing and unique look.

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