Look Hot Even With Thin Hair With the Jason Statham haircut

Jason Statham haircut
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Getting bald can slash one’s self-confidence. And guys are not any exception to these. That’s why there are a lot of products offering natural hair regrowths or even natural hair wigs for men. You can fight it back with all these methods. Or you may just choose to embrace it with the Jason Statham haircut.

Losing your hair isn’t the end of the world nor should it affect your confidence. Not all hot and handsome men have a full head of hair! It just boils down to how you carry yourself. Let’s take a look at one of the hottest hairstyle for men who seem battling against time

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Who is Jason Statham? (the man behind the haircut)

Before we ogle on his haircut, who is Jason Statham?

Jason Statham is a producer and an English actor. He was born in England and he’s been performing his own stunts and stage combat. He has been featured in several films since 1998. Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels was the first-ever film where he was seen. But Jason Statham became a household name when he co-starred in the Fast and Furious franchises. 

What makes his haircut so hot nowadays? 

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Why go for a Jason Statham haircut?

In an era where men are embracing baldness more than ever, the buzz cut hairstyle of Jason Statham is a beacon. You don’t necessarily need to shave your entire head as with Vin Diesel. Though that’s also embracing your hair’s natural tendencies in all its glory.

The Jason Statham haircut is perfect for those who have thinning hair, you don’t need to shave it all together nor do you need to conceal it. Just let it all out for the entire world to see!

Tune it’s not so bad after all. On the contrary, it even looks hotter than ever. It’s a breath of fresh air in a metropolis where everyone wants to have lush hair and perfect hairlines. 

Compared to shaving or going fully bald, the Jason Statham haircut is a less drastic one. It allows you to slowly embrace your thinning hair without the need to push yourself too much. So in a sense, it’s a gradual acceptance of nature that in one point or another, your hair is bound to fall. It can be like a transition from a full head to a bald one.

 Close cropped buzz cut looks clean and has a certain appeal to it. And when matched with a suit, it demands authority, and people will see that you mean real business. As compared to wearing a wig! Now you tell me which of the two you’d have more confidence collaborating with. I’m sure going for the buzz cut dude rather than the one with the wig!

This hairstyle is needless to say, low maintenance. You don’t need to comb it or put any wax or hair products. Just a clean shampoo and air dry will do. I’m reckoning it feels soothing and fresher on the scalp. It’s a perfect hairstyle for summer too. 

And if it looks good in a suit, it definitely looks hot in summer shorts and naked top right? 

No Maintenance really?

Okay, okay, it’s low maintenance but of course, you still have to give it a bit of tender loving care.

But at least no more hair product, gels, or waxes. All you need is a clipper and you can even do it in the comfort of your own homes. Just buzz it every month once it grows out too long. And your clippers should be at the lowest setting. 

hairstyles for balding men with round faces
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How do you get the full Jason Statham look?

It’s surprising to know that Jason Statham started losing his hair even before he hit 30. But instead of concealing it, he decided to embrace it in its full glory. And it sure did work for him! 

So why not embrace your thinning hair too? No more expensive shampoos for hair regrowth too. 

This Jason Statham haircut also goes well with a stubble beard. If you want to get the full Jason Statham look, you can grow a 5 o’clock beard. This beard style is actually synonymous with Jason Statham. His beard style, like his haircut, is also very easy to maintain. You need to let your beard grow for about 3-4 mm. 

But of course, the growth rate is dependent on your genes. To improve hair growth, you can massage the area around your beard to enhance blood circulation and oxygen uptake. This will help you grow a beard faster.

You should also comb your beard with high-quality beard combs. An adjustable stubble trimmer is the best tool to use to achieve this look. Choose .5 mm for a shorter shadow and .2 mm for a longer one. Then you just need to trim all the patchy areas to make it look all even and sleek. 

You can also shave around the neckline to achieve a cleaner look. This will accentuate your stubbles even more. You usually need to do this every 3-4 weeks to avoid that scruffy look, unless you’re going for that one next.

Why should I buzz my hair?

If your hair is beginning to thin out it’s not the most attractive thing to see, especially if it’s thinning at the crown area. Your head would look like a field of thin grass.

Buzzing your hair will give you a clean-cut,and it’s an attractive one too. And it makes you more comfortable in your own skin, and this does millions to your self-confidence. If the celebrities can rock these bald hairstyles, you can too.

Will shaving my hair make it grow back?

Contrary to old beliefs, shaving your hair won’t make it grow back. But it can make you look clean and more attractive compared to having a patchy head of hair.

What are the advantages of buzzing my hair?

Buzzing your hair regularly can improve the appearance of your hair. It won’t make it thicker, but it can give an illusion of your hair looking fuller. How? when you buzz your hair, you’re making way for new hair to grow. These new strands of hair appear thicker than the old ones. So in a sense, it can somehow make your hair look fuller, it’s like camouflage.

Why does your hair thin?

Genetics play a major role in male pattern baldness. But other factors can aggravate it such as illness and stress. Oh, stress is pretty much a big contributor to thinning hair. 


The Jason Statham haircut is one of the best hairstyles for thinning hair. Jason Statham, and along with other bald celebrities have made bald heads quite acceptable in society. Some may even argue that it looks hotter and more attractive than a man with a full head of hair.

It only gets to show that you can rock everything with the right attitude! You don’t need to have a full head of hair to feel confident and look good. You just have to move on from your hair and embrace its natural tendencies of thinning out.  

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