James Charles Palette Review: Is It Worth It?

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When you are a dynamic beauty enthusiast, or you are just starting to explore makeup styles, you must have a heart for eye makeup. Why? It is simply because the eye is the window of the soul. Upon saying that, your eyes need that perfect blend to come up with an impressive face. Everyone wants a pretty appearance. So in this James Charles palette review, there are a lot of opportunities for you to discover the wonders it can to do your eyes.

At A Glance

If you take a glance at the product, you will quickly figure out that this is one of the most versatile eye makeup in the market. You cannot deny the authenticity of this one because a very artistic personality created it for almost everyone’s preference.

This product aims to give users the freedom to be an inner artist. When you have all the variety you want for the look that you want, your dream is already a reality. More so, you can entirely have a good set or collection of eye shadow by just having this item. When you are a makeup beginner or long time user, this will definitely bring you joy and satisfaction for flexible choices of palette colors.

Basically, James Charles x morphe palette has several palettes that give you the desire to need and want them. It’s a sure thing to be glad once you have this on your eyelids. Want to know the reasons? Keep reading to learn more.

The Packaging

When you check the packing, you will simply like how the box, with its classic campaign design, further ignites your passion for using it. No wonder this is an ultimately creative product that has a palette that is not only simple but also elegant and weighty. It is more significant compared to what you expect, which is great within itself.

You can see the unleash your inner artist printed on this James Charles eye makeup that brings out a very subtle and delicate touch. The history of the colour automatically hits you when you start to realize its great difference from other palette colours that you can choose on the market. 

It turns out that by just looking at its packaging, you can set the creativity and artistic spirit in you. You will be surprised by that instant excitement you feel once you got it on your hand.

The Shades

Through this James Charles palette review, you can determine the varying eye shades of the product. In case you might be asking yourself, this eye makeup has three primary sections – the top, middle and bottom sections. Here they are: (from left to right and top to bottom)

Top Section

The top section has two rows – first row and second rows as the following:

First Row

On its first row, you have 1. canvas, 2. ringlight, 3. so good, 4. 518, 5. rusted, 6. Halloween, 7. wig, and 8. tea.

With canvas, you have an average or standard base shade that matches most skin colors significantly. It is good for those that need a pop color on the crease. Also, it keeps you laid bare.

Ringlight stuns with its toned silver foil with gold hints. So good has a pretty authentic gold foil while 518 has gorgeous bright orange shade. Rusted is an orange-red tone that creates a chic blush.

Then you have Halloween for metallic copper tone and shade. Wig has a dirty copper gold shade and tea has an adorable cool brown matte.

Second Row

On the second row, James Charles’ makeup palette has 9. punch me, 10. sister, 11. Mary, 12. literally, 13. you’re kidding, 14. shook, 15. boutique, and 16. benny.

Punch me is a nude brown shade. Sister has pale and salmon pink shine while Mary is with rose-brown matte.

Literally makes a cute peach foil that captures for real. You’re kidding gets a stunning and thrilling palette that is also good for blush. Shook brings out a dark red-tone metallic copper.

Boutique provides a red-tone brown matte while benny has a grey matte.

Middle Section

On this part of the palette set – middle section and third row, you have the classic shades, including 17. flashback, 18. face, 19. tune, 20. Code James, 21. 10% off, 22. no beans and 24. spooky.

The flashback shade has classic white pigment that is great for brow bone or lid. Face is a good-tone shimmering shade for highlight, and the tune has its pale and yellow matte.

With Code James you can have a warm-tone of pale orange for a crease shade. 10% off is another warm-tone with brown matte.

In the middle section pan,  this James Charles palette review can guarantee that no beans has magnifying red-tone and brown matte while spooky gives you a black matte pigment shade.

Bottom Section

In the bottom section, you have the fourth and fifth rows.

Fourth Row

On this row, you have 24. bee, 25. guac, 26. hello, 27. playground, 28. brother, 29. artistry, 30. love that and 31. pinkity drinkity.

Bee gives a stunning yellow matte shade that has a bright glow to die for. Guac is your classic green foil in a darker tone.

Hello delivers an icy blue metallic shade to pop color on your lids. Playground is teal blue popping matte while brother is your purple-tone with pastel blue matte shade.

Artistry comes with a purple base with added blue, purple, and pink shine through it.

Love that is your perfect pink burgundy shade, and pinkity drinkity provides you with a perfect pink pastel color.

Fifth Row

Now, the last row in the James Charles mini palette, you have 32. social blade, 33. daddy, 34. cape cod, 35. cola, 36. a capella, 37. escape, 38. single, and 39. skip.

Social blade has an excellent green matte, daddy got forest green in a dark matte finish, and cape cod offers blue-tone guac version.

On the side, you have cola – a darker shade of brother, then a capella is a blue metallic pigment.

You can also count on escape a purple matte on a darker tone, single, which is your light purple version of matte, and skip for a hot and popping pink shade.

Tips For Applying

If you have not used a pressed pigment in the past, you may need to be slightly familiar with the product. Through this James Charles palette review, you can go and scroll over some tips for getting the best and appropriate application of eye makeup.

Some of the essential pieces of advice are:

  1. This palette is best used on dry eye primers. You must not put concealer or sticky bases because the pigments will appear patchy and will not blend quickly.
  2. Your pressed pigments go with most of your pigmentation when you do it in a patting direction. Pat the shade and gently blend it on circular motion.
  3. You will achieve the best impact using some metallic colors or shade when you apply with damp brush or setting spray before your dip in the James Charles palette swatches pan.
  4. The shimmering or shiny shades will look gorgeous when you apply it with your fingertips.

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More About The Product

You can always explore more about this product by trying it on your own. In this part, you may feel more impressed with the product. Here is why:

  • You can enjoy it if you are a makeup enthusiast who likes to sit down and take time to create traditional and even dynamic looks.
  • The product is set up for those who aim to deepen their inner artistic soul because the palette regards this matter intensely, even on its packaging.
  • When you get used to the product’s formula, you will easily apply it. Definitely, you can get that gorgeous look and walk through wherever you go with style and shimmer.
  • The shade variety is universal; you can create your personal blend, and it uncovers your creativity by helping decide unique colors for yourself.
  • You can mix and match, and your eyes will even look fuller the moment you indulge in the things this palette can make you do.
  • This palette can also be a blush, highlight, and eye shadow at the same time.
  • Blending and pigments match most of the styles that artists want.


How many shades does James Charles palette have?

This palette product has a full range of 39 shades.

What kinds of finishes does it have?

It has three types of finishes as matte, shimmer, and metallic.

Can I use the shades for blush or highlight?

Yes, you can. This product is versatile and does a lot of makeup style and wonders.

Final Words

With this full spectrum of eye shadow palette, you can make creative styles, blend, and mix to your heart’s satisfaction. By this time, this James Charles palette review is always at hand to give you the things you need to know or revisit when you are doing your eye makeup. Just remember, all the rules are only your guide, you can always make your own rules as a makeup enthusiast and explorer.

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