How to Wash Your Hair Once a Week With Maximum Nourishment

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How to Wash Your Hair Once a Week

Research suggests that washing your hair often is damaging as shampoo just wash off all the natural oils and defenses while conditioners just do the part of actual moisturization. And thus many hair experts and professionals have stated that hair should be washed as little as possible but with good care. Well that leads to a question that must have popped into your mind: How to wash your hair once a week with maximum hair nourishment?

Many times you just cause damage and breakage yourself by washing your hair that just wash off all the important nutrients. Also, the worst part is later when you blow-drying hair with heat regularly and it is a proven fact that heat damages the hair. While you are washing your hair often with the view that it’ll nourish your hair but is causing you severe damage. So here is proper guidance that will tell all facts and no myths.

Tips on How to Wash Your Hair Once a Week

Many of you would have reacted like washing hair just once a week that sounds dirty and feels uncomfortable. But trust me with these few simple tips and setting a hair routine for washing hair once a week will be indeed beneficial for your hair

Wash With Cleansing Shampoo and Condition It

If you are washing your hair once a week and want it to be clean and moisturized for seven days you need to make your hair wash session worth it with proper care. Firstly comb your hair properly to remove all the extra oil on the scalp further wash your hair with cleansing or clarifying shampoo to eliminate all the excess dirt, chemicals, and product build-up.

Deep cleanse your hair with at least 10p amount of shampoo, massage it properly, further double lather, and rinse it for an effective wash. Lastly, you need the conditioner for tips as scalp oil will hydrate the roots but, you need to hydrate the tips by moisturizing them with a conditioner.

Keep Your Scalp Oil-Free

Natural oil released from hair is more than enough for your hair if you want to wash your hair once a week and that is why you can strip out some time from the oiling session and just oil the hair tips to keep them hydrated. Weekly hair washes with cleansing shampoo make it essential for a natural hair oil to do their work without artificial oils. 

If you need a quick refresh to keep your hair in place throughout the week you can use conditioner or texturizing spray. Though just a little amount is good and doesn’t over use it to style your hair and make it look fresh.

Rinse Your Hair On Night Basis

Many of you will be thinking that what about the hair cleanliness if I washed my hair once a week. Don’t worry that is also possible, just rinse your hair with lukewarm or cold water to remove all the pollutants, sweat, and dirt. By doing this you can keep natural oils well integrated, and wash off dirt without a product build-up. 

Rinse your hair at night with water, damp it with a towel and then comb it with a wet brush to keep your hair clean and dirt free

Use the Right Hairbrush

You need a good hairbrush so that when you comb your hair all the natural oils your hair releases can be properly and evenly distribute to your hair scalp overall A hybrid boar-and-nylon bristle brush is an essential product you can buy as it will move hair oil, remove all the dead skin cells and dirt throughout your scalp. 

Give Up on Heat Styling

This is no secret that heat damages hair and causes breakage, so giving up on heat styling with blow dryers and irons is only beneficial. Slowly try to adopt natural ways of hair drying and lay off heat styling totally as it is one of the most prominent reasons for most of your hair problems. 

A little squeeze and damping your hair with a microfiber towel after a shower is just enough hair drying you need, also it allows hair to dry frizz-free.

Use Hair Accessories

When you don’t want to wash your hair often and like once a week, hair accessories can be your style statement. You can use headbands or tie up your hair into ponytails for your hair to look styled. This can save your hair from damage due to all blow-drying and heat styling. All you need to buy are cute hair bands, hair ties, and pins.

With new and unique cute hair bands, have become a trendy style with different designs and colors. You should definitely give it a shot if you want to especially hide greasy hair.

Advantages of Washing Your Hair Once a Week

Now that you know how to wash your hair once a week let’s look into some advantages of doing so and how it is beneficial for hair

Saves Time 

Washing your hair once a week saves your time that can be utilized somewhere else. It can be time-consuming if you have long, curly or frizzy hair as shampooing them is a great task. With this new once-a-week routine you are not adjusting with either of your hair care or time. And then again time spent on further styling after hair wash is another story. So for hair nourishment and to save time weekly wash is good enough.

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Healthier Scalp

When you are washing hair daily you are washing off all the natural oil that your hair excrete and leaving your hair with a drier scalp. Your scalp produces Sebum, an essential substance that moistens hair and keeps it from drying out. By shampooing your hair a lot you are actually drying out the scalp, which results in hair fall and many other hair problems. So wash your hair once a week for a healthier scalp.

Smooth Hair

As mentioned above hair wash frequently can make your hair super dry so it is beneficial to wash your hair once a week with the shampoo and conditioner etc. Though it is a slow process, it will take time but if you strictly follow the routine you can yourself see the result of soft, smooth, and shiny-looking hair. Dead ends, damaged hair all this can be resolved by just following a simple weekly hair wash routine.


Is It Okay to Wash Your Hair Once a Week?

Yes, it is absolutely fine to wash your hair once a week, in fact, it is beneficial and nourishing to wash your hair once a week.

Do we have to rinse hair while showering regularly?

It is not a compulsion but rinsing your hair while shower, with just lukewarm or cold water, can remove all the pollutants, dirt, and sweat from your hair without washing off the natural oils. 

What Happens if You Don’t Wash Your Hair for a Week?

It is a myth that not washing your hair just for one week will make your hair smell bad or result in an itchy scalp. It needs to be taken care of properly to avoid but again more than a week can cause such problems.

Final Thoughts

Washing your hair once a week can make your hair and scalp healthier along with saving your time. By shampooing your hair on a daily basis and blow-drying it with heat you are just further damaging them instead. I hope by reading them in detail about the weekly hair wash routine you have got a fair idea of how effective and beneficial it is.

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