A Quick Guide on How to Use an Epilator This 2019


An epilator is one of the more advanced tools for hair removal. Why so? It’s fast and it lets you enjoy your hair-free skin longer! You might be asking- how to use an epilator?

Due to technological evolution, hair and skin care needs have grown in leaps and bounds through the years. Not to mention, it has become a bit more complicated than just washing the skin and hair with soap and water.

An epilator might be intimidating to use, especially if you’ve been accustomed to shaving and waxing! Read our quick guide below on how to use an epilator! And you’ll never go back to waxing!

The Latest Must-Have In Your Grooming Kit!

The epilator comes in as the newly-preferred hair removal technology. It’s an electronic device designed with a rotating disc and sprang pullers that efficiently remove unwanted hairs in the armpit, pubic area, groin, and bikini area. Ultimately, the epilator pulls out hair at the follicle level. So the result is only temporary.

But, what users find most interesting about the device is the very smooth and clean output. It doesn’t miss a single hair. With that, it births a new process called “epilating.”

An epilator resembles closely the traditional tweezers, and wax tools. From this point, the epilator evolves as an electronic device. Ultimately, you can purchase it either as a corded or a battery-powered device.

Dissecting The Epilator- Understanding Its Mechanisms

As interesting as it gets, the epilator is never a magic machine. Like all devices, there is quite a learning curve and routine to take into consideration.

One can see how manufacturers of the product distinctly designed its parts from the original’s. Everything that makes the device works takes parentage from traditional materials. And as you look closely on it, you’d be very interested on how it has revolutionized hair removal.

Here’s how the epilator works:

  • Its rotating scheme has a two-way process: feeding and releasing. Feeding happens when you roll the disc on the surface of your skin. As it rolls, the disc pulls in hair from the follicle. Simultaneously, the roller’s other end releases the hair to avoid clogs.
  • The epilator’s speed can be adjusted two-way. You can either slow it down on sensitive areas or speed it up when necessary.
  • The epilator includes a variety of attachments in its package. All these attachments work to fully exfoliate, protect, and nourish both hair and skin.
  • The epilator doesn’t damage the hair follicles. It only removes hair at depth level. This means that you have more time to enjoy that hair-free skin!

The Epilator Design Variants

The epilator itself is a product of its own evolution. Even so, most of its variants are still used to date.

Its variants include:

  • Tweezer Design

This one works with a more complicated framework. Inside the device is a series of metal plates. These metal plates work more effectively in pulling out hair. Accordingly, it grips, pulls, extracts, and discards the hair. However, it has yet to prove itself if it really does a smooth finishing on the skin.

  • Rotating Disc Design

This particular design is only made distinct through the absence of its spring. With its absence, the rotating metal plate does a smoother glide over the hair.

  • Spring Design

This design is considered by many to be the classic epilator design. It makes use of a spring for manual use. Nowadays, due to the incorporation of electronics to mechanical functions, manufacturers discarded the spring.

Does It Hurt?

The epilator exactly feels just like what you feel when you’re using tweezers, wax or pullers. The only thing that makes it unique is that it hurts more than any of these. Alongside that, it also stands out to be the most efficient- both in cost and result. All-in-all, it leaves you the smoothest and irritation-free skin result of all. That’s the reason why many still prefer this tool over shavers and razors.

Step-by-Step Guide On How To Use An Epilator

An epilator is an efficient device. Using it is a piece of cake.

Here’s the step-by-step guide on how to use an epilator:

Pre-epilating process:

  1. Plan out the epilating process as it can be a totally new sensation for you. This should be done days before the target process. While you are planning it out, start exfoliating your skin ideally in the morning and in the evening.
  2. Purchase the best epilator brand. Don’t hurry in the selection process. Most epilator products are inexpensive. Whatever the circumstance, you ought to go over the product reviews.
  3. Do the epilating ideally during the night when your skin comes to a relaxed state.

Main Epilating process:

  1. Turn on the epilator and keep calm.
  2. Start the process in the least sensitive part of your skin. For a better angle, start in the lower legs.
  3. Hold the epilator with your hand in a 90-degree angle, with the rear leaned against your skin.
  4. Don’t hurry! Making haste on the whole process will hurt you more. Besides, you won’t want to miss any here. Let it slowly glide through your preferred areas. Take your time. You can get back to that area until you’re sure of its smoothness.

Post-epilating process:

  1. Tend to your skin. You might notice some redness and bumps. Cool it using natural essential oils, creams or aloe vera extracts. Perhaps so, a slice of cucumber should cool it off and prevent your skin from succumbing to complications.
  2. Always clean the epilator after use. Wipe it with a clean towel wet with rubbing alcohol. If you fortunately purchased a waterproof epilator, then you can simply soak it in water.

Let’s not just convince you how beneficial an epilator is to your skin and hair. Go over the benefits of using an epilator and prepare to be impressed!

The Benefits Of Using An Epilator

Hair removal can never get better without the epilator. That’s is one sure fact. And, the reason why an epilator works efficiently is that it doesn’t deviate. It only develops from its classic intent.

But, of course- we’re not saying that the epilator is spot-on flawless. With that said, we now look into the benefits offered by the epilator.

  • Longer hair regrowth
  • Shortest hair removed
  • Smoother skin
  • Smoother regrowth hair
  • Lessened skin irritations
  • Eases and speeds up the hair removal process

Epilator Results Time Frame

The positive result by the epilator can last for 2-3 weeks. With that, hair takes 4-6 weeks longer before growing fully.

Possible Disadvantages of the Epilator- Can It Cause Folliculitis?

Because it rapidly pulls out hair, the epilator can be very painful and uncomfortable. In addition to that, it can further break out follicles if not done properly. Proper direction of the epilator involves going through the direction of the hair. Doing the opposite would break your follicles, causing folliculitis.

Top FAQs On How To Use An Epilator

Information on how to use an epilator won’t be fully grasped without the common questions!

Is It Painful To Use An Epilator?

Yes. It does feel painful.

Should I Epilate Wet Or Dry?

We recommend that you epilate wet to make it less painful.

How Do I Prevent Pimples And Bumps After Epilating?

Apply aloe vera extracts, essential oils or cucumber. This should soothe your skin.

Can I Use An Epilator On My Facial Hair?

If you’re courageous enough, why not? When you do, just don’t bring it near the eye area.


  • Technological evolution has brought both good and bad on skin and hair care.
  • The epilator proves to be an efficient and safe device for any types of skin.
  • The epilator itself has undergone innovations throughout the years.
  • It’s best to use epilator when wet to lessen pain.
  • While it’s most painful, the epilator secures a smooth output on skin.
  • The epilator removes even the shortest hair.
  • When using an epilator, one has to guide it through the course of the hair, not against it. Doing so breaks the follicles.
  • The technological pattern of the epilator takes parentage from the traditional tweezers, pullers, and hair wax tools.
  • It’s best to take time in using an epilator, especially if it’s your first time.
  • The speed of the epilator can be adjusted depending on the sensitivity of your skin.

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