Few Simple Tips on How to Train Your Hair to Go Back (7 Simple Tips)

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How to Train Your Hair to Go Back

Is it possible to train your hair to go back? If yes, then How to train your hair to go back? Do these questions pop up in your mind when you watch a celebrity on a red carpet or an influencer in their Instagram pictures with that slicked-back hair? If yes, then don’t worry it is no rocket science and you can as well do it yourself with our 7 simple tips.

Hair has a particular growth pattern and it differs in everyone as it depends on the hair follicles underneath your hair scalp and it cannot be changed. So to train your hair to go back you need to make a styling habit, use various products to keep it in place, and further follow the routine patiently.

7 Simple Tips To Train Your Hair To Go Back

Yes, it is possible to train slick hair back, though by training we don’t mean like a typical training of hours. What we mean is we will stimulate our hair to make them do what we want by challenging the hair traits and condition that dominates.

Here follow this few easy steps to train your hair to go back –

1. Comb Your Hair in the Shower

Use a wide comb tooth to comb your hair after shower whether you wash your hair or condition, it’ll help your hair train to go back. Then just lightly dry them with a towel though keep it a bit damp to blow dry them.

2. Blow Dry Your Hair

Heat sets your hair to go back rather than following the natural direction of the hair. Blow-dry your hair on a low heat setting after the shower. Make sure heat is low as excessive heat can damage your hair, this process is just to modify natural growth patterns to go back. First, blow-dry sides closer to your head, then comb and blow-dry down and back. Lastly, blow-dry the top portion that falls right opposite part as it’ll carry most of the weight

3. Good Quality Hair Pomade and Wax

If you want to train your hair to go back by applying a good quality hair wax or pomade for lying your hair flat. Choose a premium quality hair wax or pomade as it is going to be in your hair for a few hours and need to be non-damaging to your hair. Take the pomade or wax in your hand, apply and then carefully give the desired shape for a slick hair back.  

4. Use Hair Products Correctly

Even if you use a premium product for your hair there is a right way to use it without which it won’t be effective for training your hair to go back. Put wax or pomade in damp hair if you have thick or curly hairs instead of dry hair. And then if you have thinner hair or oily hair but the hair wax or pomade after blow-drying your hair thoroughly to regain volume.

5. Apply Serum A Bit

To give your hair training a final touch with a small amount of serum. Rub the glossing serum between your palms and then apply it to your hair similarly as you applied the hair wax or pomade. Apply it in little amount as too much can make your hair look oily and greasy

6. Shampoo Every 1-2 Weeks

Use a Clarifying hair shampoo as it removes build-up due to any hair product use, hard water, or environment. You need to wash the hair every week or two so that there is no excessive build-up because of hair products that can be harmful and damage your hair. Also, good conditioning after that can be the cherry on the cake. Though consult your hair expert for a good shampoo product as per your hair.

7. Be Patient

Be patient, it is not that your hair will go back in just the first session, training is about a lot of sessions to get your hair back as you want easily. Keep the above tips in mind and follow them thoroughly so that you can see results in a couple of days and then further with a lot more ease and not much time will be spent on styling.

Best Slicked Back Hairstyles

Originally a traditional hairdo slick back hair has emerged as a trend in the last few years. As it goes with any hair type, lengths, looks, and can be worn for any occasion. So let us have a look at various slick back hairstyles.

1. Classic Slick Back

For this timeless classic slick black hair just use wet pomade or wax with the glossy serum, comb the hair back thoroughly and use a product that will make your hair look thick even though pulled back and not flat.

2. Slick Back with Side Part

To style your hair like a Don Draper from Mad Men you have to make a sharp partition with a silkier product and would make sure to add sleekness to your look. But first, make your mind about the side you are going to part the hair as it should look cool and stylish

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3. Slick Back with Pompadour

A mixture of traditional hair + trendy hair, for the slick back with pompadour hair you need to have a full volume with smooth hair. Try using volume-boosting products or blow-dry your hair upside down to direct roots upward.

4. Slick Back Undercut

Slick Back Undercut is a perfect example of a formal-casual hairstyle. Hair is styled in such a way that there are short back and sides with the hair on the top left longer. This is one of the simplest hairstyles you can do for slick back hair.

5. Modern Slick Back Hair

As we started this list with Classic let’s end it with the Modern Slick Back Hairstyle. Same as Classic Slick Black Hair but there should be extra volume on top and texture also you can just use your fingers instead of a comb to keep it natural and minimal for this contemporary version of the traditional hairstyle.

Products You Need To Train Your Hair to Go Back

Let’s look in detail a few of the products that we have already read about above that you need for slick back hair


Pomade is an essential product while creating slick back hair. Most of the professionals would also suggest getting natural, oil-based, or water-based Pomade for slick back hair. Nature-based are best for the matte finish while water and oil-based are good for shine and sleekness


Wax same as Pomade is a nice product for slick back hair although it would not provide as much shine or maneuverability as pomade but will offer you an extra hold to your hair. For a textured style that would not lose the shape for slick back hair, wax is super effective.


For a Modern Slick Back Hairstyle that is a bit messy, Clay is the best choice as it is drier than hair wax and pomade and gives your hair a more textured finish. 


How Do I Train My Hair To Stay Back?

With a hair styling routine for a few days that includes combing after showering hair, blow-drying, and the use of essential hair wax and pomade you can train your hair to stay back.

Can You Train Hair To Slick Back?

Yes, with the proper process for a few days by combing your hair while showering, blow-drying it, and with effective products such as pomade, wax, etc you can train your hair to slick back.

Is Slicked Back Hair Attractive?

Yes! Slicked-back hair is one of the most attractive and coolest hairstyles you can have. Even though being a traditional hairstyle it has regained contemporary modern audiences and is trendy.

Final Thoughts

Training your hair to go back takes time and one needs to be patient but those slick back hairs will make you look way too cool. So just give it a try and I hope this article was helpful for you with all the tips, hairstyle, and products. Feel free to ask any question that comes to your mind.

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