How to Shave Your Head With an Electric Razor (Comprehensive Guide for 2020)

Since the COVID-19 virus is forcing us all to stay at home we are looking for ways on our own way to take care of our head. And there is a trend going to shave the entire head to avoid the complexity of hair grooming. Also since there is no possibility of going out, everyone is shaving his head without any fear

Shaving the head with an electric razor should be easy. But if you purchase a low-quality razor, then you’re bound to regret the results.
Uneven hair shape. Nicks and cuts. Rough shave. These are what await you when you shave your head with a cheap electric razor.

Albeit the fact that electric razor shaving is an easy task, it still requires your attention to detail. You can’t miss a spot on that.

What’s more challenging? Irreversible results!

Calm down and don’t let it bother you anymore!
We have prepared a step by step guide on how to shave your head with an  electric razor.

Shaving The Head With An Electric Razor- How Effective Is It?

Can you shave your head with electric razors?

Of course, yes!

As long as you’re assured of the quality of the electric razor, it’s alright. And if the electric razor is really intended for the head, then you can proceed with it.

Electric razors for the head manifest a design fit to glide through the contours of the head. It has the right curves, flexibility, grip design, and many other features that are suited for the head.

Ultimately, the best electric shaver/razor should either serve you well for both balding and trimming purposes. These are what constitute a good electric razor!

Does securing a good electric razor solve most of your problems?


While it may still require the necessary aids, a good electric shaver can already lighten up your shaving problems.

But, that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to buy the necessary aids. You’ll still be needing the help of shaving creams, conditioners, and skin moisturizers. In fact, stowing a manual razor in the drawer might even come in handy.
This leads to our next query- manual razor vs. electric razor: which is more efficient?

Manual Razor Vs. Electric Razor: Which Is More Efficient?

Both have their sides of the coin. A manual razor is most beneficial if you’re looking for a controlled shave. A controlled shave means that you’re in control of every style and length of the shave. While it may sound manual, this should help you control mistakes in your shaving routine.

An electric razor, on the other hand, is the tool for fast shave. It doesn’t require shaving details since it shaves the head, all or nothing. Being meticulous with hand strokes isn’t even a top need in electric shaving.

It’s simpler, easier, and worry-free. But the thing about electric razors is it’s an all-or-nothing-tool.
You just had to have the best electric razor to end up with the best results. The worst electric razor gives the worse results. No compromise.

Fortunately, the market is teeming at the sleeves with high quality electric razors. Some of the low-quality electric razors also get tucked in the row together with the best ones. Thus, spotting the best product brand requires the expert buying eyes.

On side of the story, a problematic shave can be salvaged with correct preparation.
Let’s hop into the preparatory routines for shaving the head!

Preparatory Routine For Shaving The Head

The right preparation for shaving the head refers to long term routine maintenance. Certainly, a one-time, all-of-sudden decision to prepare for a shave isn’t that.

Preparation entails a month-long maintenance of the head hair and skin. This preparatory routine should be to be observed religiously. Obviously, such routine determines the success of the shave in terms of being close and accurate.

Regardless of a good or bad electric razor at hand, this routine alone guarantees a higher chance of shaving success.

Here it is:

1. Exfoliate Your Skin By Filling It With Vitamin E.

Note that our target here is the skin. It has to be exfoliated and moisturized enough to avoid razor cuts. You can do this at least twice a day (morning and evening) one month prior to shaving. Vitamin E is prevalent in essential oils, vegetable oils, avocadoes, nuts, and sunflower seeds.

2. Keep The Hair Dry &Brittle. Let Your Hair Lose A Considerable Amount Of Sebum.

You can maintain this over a handful of solutions ranging from  alcohol-based solutions to simply leaving it alone (no combing  or conditioning) in a span of 1 week before the actual shave.

3. Keep Your Hair Clean.

Using a clean and dry cloth, wipe your hair clean of dust and excess oil. Do this in a span of 1 month before the actual shave. Avoid using conditioners for a month. This should stiff dry your hair during the actual shave.

4. Start Selecting Your Shaving Tools.

At this point, you should’ve already begun scouring for the top quality shaving products. These products include after-shaving tools.

5. Cut Your Hair A Bit Short Before Applying Your Pre-Shave Cream.

Make a decision- which portion should you start to trim. Begin with the trimming by buzzing portions of your hair in shorter length cuts. Do this until hair length has become fine and extra-short for the shears to reach.

After the haircut, dab on some shaving cream. Allow the skin it to absorb for 10 minutes. Once done, wipe your hair with a towel in a direction against its grain. This should stiffen your remaining hair strands.

Now, that’s pre-shave routine! This time, let’s delve into the main action.

Step By Step Guide On How To Shave Your Head With An Electric Razor

Finally! Here’s a detailed set of instructions deemed to yield the best electric shaving results.

Don’t forget to tick each number and take delight in this presumably enjoyable electric shaving experience.

1. Firstly, Know The Direction Of Your Hair Growth.

You can do this by feeling your hair grain with your fingers. You can even see it in front of the mirror. It should not be difficult to spot.

2. Begin Running The Electric Razor Along The Grain Of Your Hair.

Once you’ve found the direction of the grain, let the electric razor run from the back of the top of your head going front. This enables you to easily course through the grains of your hair. Others do this sidewards-back-to-front and even a straight back-to-front pattern. Apply as little pressure as possible.

3. Apply The Same Process On The Four Areas Of Your Head.

At this point, I recommend that you divide your head into four hemispheres. This reflects the hemispheres of the growth direction of your hair. So when you’re done with the back-to-front pattern, you can shift now to side-to-side.

It doesn’t matter if you start from either the left or right. Do this alternatingly until you accomplish a complete shave.

4. Once Done, Inspect Any Missed Spots On Your Head While You Apply Shaving Cream.

While going over your reflection in the mirror, feel uneven patches or missed spots in your head with your hand. Better yet, to save time, pour in shaving cream into your hand as well. Do a second round in case of missed spots.

5. Alternate Between Shaving Across And Against The Grain.

Do both directions alternatingly until you’ve reached a close and clean shave. You can actually feel the grain with your fingers. If the grain feels fine and smooth so that you can almost feel the scalp, then you are close to an end.

6. Wash Off With Cold Water Once Done.

Rid your scalp of any residues, specks of dirt, and remaining hair. Wash it with cold water to close the pores. Clean it dry with a towel. If you have accidentally nicked yourself, place slices of refrigerated cucumber on the affected area of the head.

7. Maintain This Kind Of Shaving Routine For The Next 3 Weeks.

The point of this is to allow your scalp to get used to the shaving sensation.There you go. Enjoying your bald head yet? Wait ‘till you get to maintain it for the months to come!

How Effective Is Electric Razor For Shaving The Head?

It’s highly effective. That’s a simple, true and direct answer.

Here are other factors that make electric razors  effective on the head:

  • Speed

When it comes to speed and convenience, there’s no question that the electric razor delivers!

  • Economy

When you buy this device, you’re paying for the years of service that you could’ve eternally been spending for with a manual razor.

  • Durability

Electric razor, provided that it’s of the best quality, proves to be more durable than a manual razor.

  • Innovativeness

For one thing that’s irrevocable of the electric razor: it’s innovative. And it works well with head hair!

  • Flexibility

One characteristic of the electric shave that makes it stand out is its flexibility. It can turn upside down, and  inside out. You can move it along the contours of your face and head. Still, it yields without complications. That’s why the electric shaver is perfect for shaving the head.

  • Safety

Because of the discrete design and placement of its blades, the electric razor can go through your skin without cutting it.

Maintaining A Clean And Healthy Shaved Head

Maintaining a clean and healthy shaved head is maintaining a healthy lifestyle. If you skip this routine, you can  experience noticeable irritations in your head.

Why so? Obviously, because the scalp is very sensitive. A bald head exposes the scalp to infections. Rashes. Bacterial infection. Dandruff. All these can befall your scalp if you don’t keep your head clean after a shave.

Here’s the guide to keeping the shaved head clean and healthy:

  • Keep it cool.

Clean your head with cold water after shave to tighten the pores, protecting the skin from the entry of infectants.

  • Moisturize scalp at least once daily.

An after-shave moisturizer can do its job for you.

  • Give it a gentle massage.

Massage scalp after moisturizing it for proper blood circulation.

  • Don’t overexpose your scalp to heat. Wear a hat or cap.

The scalp’s tolerance level to heat is slowest compared to other skin areas in the body. So armor it best.

  • Maintain shaving for at least once every 2 weeks.

Now, this can be optional should you allow hair to persist and regrow. Always remember to replace the blade after every use.


  • Both manual and electric razor serve specific purposes. They can both be advantages and disadvantages depending on the need.
  • Shaving the head with an electric razor is easy with the use of a high- quality product.
  • Using low-quality razors can cause complications in the scalp.
  • The scalp is a very sensitive portion of the skin.
  • The sole challenge of electric shaving is its irreversibility. Thus, proper planning and preparation are required in securing a successful shave.
  • Maintaining a clean and healthy bald head entails a proper preparatory routine, meticulous during-shaving guide, and a long term after-shaving routine.
  • The preparatory shaving routine is a long term routine, ideally one month before the target shave.

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