How to Shave Your Head with an Electric Razor

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How to Shave Your Head with an Electric Razor

We all know about the traditional razors. There are safety razors and then there are the straight razors. There are also electric razors. But the question is can you shave your head using an electric razor?

Today we bust the myth and tell you the effective ways on how to shave your head with an electric razor. Not just that but we’ll also cover the do’s and don’ts about shaving your head with it. An electric razor can be used as a head shaver and we recommend you to try it out 

Everyone’s rocking a bald these days. Going bald has even become a trend. If you are someone who doesn’t have any other tools available to you other than an electric razor or if you’re someone looking to make a switch then this article is for you.

As always, we got you covered. So dive in right now to give yourself the perfect bald with an electric razor.

Things to Know Before Shaving Your Head

Whether you want to shave your head with an electric razor and just keep the stubble visible or you want to shave your head bald with an electric razor, you should follow the same steps as you normally would’ve when you shave your beard but however, you must approach this a bit more delicately.

There are two reasons why shaving your head with an electric razor should be approached differently than with your beard:

  1. The texture 

The texture of your scalp hair, as well as its thickness, is quite different from that of your facial hair That is of course, if you have a full beard or the ability to grow a full, thick beard. Because unlike your full thick beard, your scalp hair may not be as thick.

  1. Viewing issues

There will always be areas on the head that you can’t see. Hair especially on the top back and sides, are essential parts which are visually very hard to see when you’re shaving alone.

shaving tools

Tools you’ll need for shaving

Following are the different tools that you’ll require for shaving your head with an electric razor:

  1. Mirror 

You’ll need this if you’re shaving it for the first time to help you look better in difficult angles and places to shave.

  1. Scissors 

Scissors are important to trim down your hair to a desired length and shorten it.

  1. Trimmer 

Use a trimmer to cut your hair down to sizeable and manageable length, preferably a stubble  to make it easier and comfortable to shave your head with an electric shave.

  1. Electric Razor

This will be like putting the final nail in the common. This is the tool that you are going to use to go bald. Buy a high quality electric razor.

  1. Aftershave Lotion 

it’s something that you must incorporate in your post-shave routine. It’s a must have to disinfect your scalp from contact with the blades and also close the pores.

How to Shave Your Head with an Electric Razor

How to Shave Your Head with an Electric Razor

We tried making sure to provide you with the best way to shave your head. As such, we segmented this shaving procedure into 3 phases.

Just like your workouts, there’s also a before, during and after phase when it comes to men’s grooming and personal care. It is no exception and it too must follow a systematic approach.

1. Pre Shaving Phase

The preparation phase before shaving is as important as the rest of the steps as you’ll soon begin to discover while scrolling through this article. 

Take a Shower

We recommend you take a shower first before letting any electric razor or tools coming in contact with your skin. Following are benefits of taking a shower before shaving:

  1. Water helps to soften hair male armpit hair and provide lubrication.
  1. Razor is able to pass through easily providing a comfortable shave.
  1. The pores open up.

Use Scissors to Trim Hair

If you already have short hair, you can skip this step and directly move to trim. But assuming you have longer hair, we recommend cutting down individual strands of long hair first before proceeding on to the next step.

Start with the Top First

Cutting off your top hairs will be quite easy, since it is usually the thinnest area and will be of varying degrees of density, so be the easiest to cut off and tackle first.

Cut Around the Ears First

You want to start around the ears because you want to get the most sensitive and difficult areas done first. Try to cut it in little snips. Before you start cutting around your ears, make sure you cover them with your free hand. 

Take your fingers and cup your ear with your free hand. Slightly bend it so you can get as much around it as possible while protecting it from getting any nicks and cuts.

Continue to work up your head, taking little snips as you go. After you have one side done, proceed to do the same to the other side. It is worth noting that the time taken to cut one side will be fairly more challenging and time-consuming. It will depend on if you are left or right-handed.

Cut Hair on the Back

The next step is to remove hair on the back. We recommend starting with the lower areas, cutting narrow strips of hair. Work your way upwards to the top while cutting this way.

Use your fingers to help guide you to assess if the cutting is appropriate or not. Use your fingers to feel around and the measure of work done. If there are still  remaining hairs, snip it off with your scissors. Now it’s time to move to the next step.

2. Shaving Phase

This is the most important part of the process. Here you finally use the Electric razor to shave your head bald. Here we laid down the exact steps so you know how to shave your head using an electric razor. Follow them to ensure a smooth shaving experience.

How to shave with Electric Razor

Use the Trimmer Section of Electric Razor

Just like your beard or facial hair, you’re going to take the trimmer section of your electric razor and use it to trim your hair down further.

Step 1

Using the trimmer section of the electric razor, start back again at the top till you get down to a stubble. Just like the scissors, follow the top to back motion. Don’t be hasty, and let the razor move gently downwards. Go slower in areas you feel are still a little thicker. Repeat the process until the head is completely shaved. Use your free hand to grasp the extent of smoothness as you go. Use your hand a guide to direct you as you go. 

Step 2

Now just as you did with the top, use the beard trimmer and start doing the same with your sides. Take short strokes to trim until you reach the stubble.

Don’t try to go all the way down to the skin. The purpose of this is to cut the remaining long hair that you might’ve missed with your scissors If there are one or two longer strands or sections go little by little making your way up and down the side with short downward strokes. 

Work your side until the length is a short as you can go with the trimmer. Then go to the other side and do the same. Now it’s time to move to the back of your head.

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Step 3

Find out the areas with long hair with your fingers acting as your eyes. When you find it, stop there. This is the area you are going to cut. 

Just go lightly until it’s as close as you can get with the beard trimmer. Use your free hand to feel around the back using your sense of touch. Use your hand to feel around the back and guide you like a mirror.

We are done with the trimming section of the electric razor. You are supposed to have stubble by this point. Now it’s time to move on to using the vibrating razor heads of your electric razor.

Use the Vibrating Razor Head of the Electric Razor

It’s time to switch to the vibrating razor head of the electric razor to start cutting your hair down to a bald. 

Shave Along the Grain: 

Don’t shave in any direction you want. You must shave along the grain of your hair. Shaving against the grain will cause irritation.

Start From the Peak: 

It ‘s important for you to start from the top of your head before continuing to other areas while you’re shaving. The tip of the head is a delicate AND sensitive part that requires quick shaving before the device gets too hot. 

Switch to the Sides:

First, switch to the sides, i.e. to the right and to the left, and ensure that they align with each other in the process. Avoid applying pressure while doing this

Work on the Back:

In case of the back, we recommend applying pressure while shaving as the hair is the most stubborn here. We are not telling you to go all crazy with it but just the optimum pressure to give a close skin shave.

Look at the Mirror:

Check to see if there any stubbles of hair remaining on the back or side of your hair. Shave it off if you find any remaining. Take a look at this beautiful masterpiece you’ve created for the past hour.

Post-Shaving Phase

This is a very important phase of shaving, one that is easily underestimated and overlooked. This phase is as important as any of the parts mentioned above. So we recommend the following steps:

Clean the Razor

Make sure to clean and rinse the razor with water immediately after shaving. Doing this will help get rid of dirt, debris and any residue of hair because of shaving from the razor. You will also be able to maintain quality and a longer-lasting razor this way

Use Aftershave

Using a soap may cause the skin to go dry, making you feel extreme irritation. Use a good aftershave after you’re done shaving. This makes the skin fresh. It will also repair any mild damage done by the razor and cause relief.


Do’s and Don’ts While Shaving with an Electric Razor

Of course, we wouldn’t be leaving you dry without covering the do’s and don’ts of electric shaving. Like everything, there’s also good and bad when it comes to electric shaving. 

  • Take precaution while shaving off acnes or rash with an electric razor
  • Do not use an unclean razor
  • Clean the razor with disinfected lukewarm water or use a mini brush to blow out any stubble on the razor.
  • Don’t shave your head without a mirror if you are a beginner
  • Avoid pressing too hard as good electric razors already allow you to cut smoothly without applying pressure thanks to its vibration
  • Make sure to use aftershave or any similar agent to moisturize your skin and repair it after shaving
  • Wear a head or apply sunscreen on your head to prevent sunburns.

We hope you answered your question “Can you shave your head using an electric razor” in this article. We do believe if you follow all the necessary steps and do’s and don’ts we mentioned, you’ll not only have a great shaving experience but a comfortable nick and cut free experience. Just remember to follow the ste[s as mentioned and you’d be rocking your bald just with an electric razor 

With that said, we would like to hear from you about your experiences with shaving. Have you decided to go bald? If you are, are you planning to shave using an electric razor? Have you used an electric razor before? Would you recommend it over traditional razors? Comment down below and let us know your thoughts.

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