How To Make Tattoo Ink With Pen Ink

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They say that you need balance before going through the decision of having a tattoo or body ink. Scroll through this article so you can identify the beauty and basic ideas for tattoo inking at the convenience of your home. Be prepared to dive deeper on discovering how to make tattoo ink with pen ink.

How To Make Tattoo Ink With Pen Ink
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You may have also wondered if it is possible to use fountain pen ink for tattoo. At a glance, it will only let you conclude that it is no. The idea seems irrelevant, but when you come to think of it again, there is a good possibility.

Just try to see the difference between what makes an ink work for a pen and what makes it work for the body. That creates an incredible starting line for this fantastic idea. Read and learn more about this art and science in one.

How Do You Make A Tattoo?

A fountain pen ink typically comes from dye-based ink. It is a colorant that fully dissolves in liquid. On the other hand, tattoo ink comes from pigment-based ink that solid and colored particles are suspended in its liquid carrier.

These pigment-based inks will be an issue for fountain pens because the particles will clog the feed, but specially formulated inks can be used instead of it. Meanwhile, a dye-based ink, in its soluble form, will simply flush out. Tattoo removal works this way: you use a laser to break the pigments into tinier particles, then it will be absorbed into the bloodstream and flushes out.

To this point, you have to use inks with bigger particles to attract your body’s macrophages’ attention. Those are white blood cell types that rush to your wound area and eat the particles. Macrophages also keep the inks in your skin or dermis.

When these die, another set of macrophages absorb the ink that makes the images fade slowly through time. That is why some artists recommend bigger texts or images to make it last long since finer details do not usually stay a long course. As you go on, you will know these factors are related to how to make tattoo ink with pen ink.

More About Tattoo Ink Components

A vast sea of jargon describes how ink pigments flow or spread through the tattoo design. But to make it easier for you to understand, this section depicts it a little further.

You need to have a solvent to dissolve your ink pigment. That is to make it spread quickly from the needlepoint. A typical solvent used for various tattoo shops or parlours has ethyl alcohol, propylene glycol, and distilled water, and additional antiseptic mixtures.

Putting alcohol swab on top of the skin before the tattoo procedure is specially meant for increased permeability to the skin. Some studies show that selected pigment colors have heavy metals like mercury (red), nickel (black), and lead (yellow).

General organic chemicals have carbon coming from ashes, arsenic, calcium, beryllium, and lithium. Also, natural formulas are coming from plants that are also good inks for a vegan tattoo.

There are also concepts on how to make tattoo ink with pen ink. Some artists also know how to do a tattoo using pen lead and alternative colours.

Some ink companies do not disclose their ingredients for their tattoo procedures. The majority of them employ lightening agents like titanium or lead for reducing cost production. That seems unfair for some artists who use components that have extra relief for the clients.

According to health reports, benzopyrene found in black tattoo inks can cause cancer. It is very alarming. So, considering your tattoo formulas is extremely important.

How To Make Your Own Tattoo Ink

How To Make Your Own Tattoo Ink?

Several tattoo specialists decided to have their own mix of inks to be sure of their content. Most of the non toxic ink mixtures are the same as the ones used by native tribes.

It is safe to your tattoo artist the tattoo component before you proceed with the body inking. It is a particular concern for ink poisoning.

You can typically begin your base with antiseptic solutions depending on your preference. Then, with bits of propylene glycol, add it together with the same amount of glycerine with medicated grade. You can finally mix the pigment powder to get the necessary tattoo ink color that you desire.

In fact, you can purchase your own pigment powder from your reliable tattoo ink supplier to make your homemade tattoo ink. You are suggested to do the activity in a safe and clean environment. Do not forget to wear masks as well as gloves to guarantee that no germs gs into your mixture.

Sanitize your container where the ink will be stored and prevent it from getting direct sunlight. This makes the color last longer.

Is It Safe To Use Fountain Pen Ink For Tattoo?

The question about the safety of using fountain pen ink for tattoo depends significantly on its infection concern for the human body. Regular tattoo ink is sterile and somewhat has allergen formulations. Red is considered as one of the colors that bring most issues for people because of the mercury sulphide presence. However, an unexpected regulation occurs considering the popularity of the tattoo and its potential demand for managing fallouts.

Some products contain similar ingredients as printer inks and car paints, so considering how to make tattoo ink with pen ink is not a bad idea after all, isn’t it?

The first ink used for tattoos came from soot or a form of carbon. More so, iron gall or iron sulfate and the tannic acid mixture made inks darker when the body is exposed to bright light. These kinds of inks block modern inks. Except if they are formulated against it, they will be as effective as them.

Still, there are ink companies that develop different ranges of inks for fountain pens. These literally darken at your sight while you write. Tattoo inks may contain metal like titanium as well as carbon, which are similar to traditional inks of the past.

Additional Information About Your Own Product And Procedure

If you are trying to figure out how to make homemade tattoo ink, you will be surprised that DIY tattoo inks are very usual or common in prisons. 

Just a trivia, Do-It-Yourself tattoo is popular in prisons. It is called a prison tattoo. Some prisoners from the past who serve their death sentence are fond of body inking because it is not a problem for them any longer. Still, it is not just the way you think it. You can do it in your own home.

On the other hand, you can make a tattoo ink from ashes. You need baby oil, tin can, water, and charcoal. You have to burn the wool in the container that is filled with oil. The tin can make the soot black. You should scrap the black powder and mix it with water to produce the ink.

Tattoo Ink With Pen Ink
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End Notes

Every state has regulations for body tattoo inking. But, the rules do not restrict tattoo artists and specialists to explore their talents and skills.

Tattoo ink is known to be part of cosmetology. And according to FDA, it’s one of the causes of why it does not have certain regulations nowadays.

Thus, when you are preparing and exploring how to make tattoo ink with pen ink or homemade ink, just bear in mind its effect. Some of these links do not last longer than professionally made ones.

But, you have all the freedom to discover and deliver what is best for you. If you have a tattoo artist’s heart but still learning or in the process, you can try to mix your own inks. You might not know, it will be your first step for more remarkable tattoo inking milestones.

Though you may need a professional guide, it does not mean you can’t be a specialist on your own. To say pen inks can be your gateway to incredible body inking adventures.

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