How to Maintain Stubble – Everything You Need to Know

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How to Maintain Stubble

Should I be going for a clean-shaven look or should I be going for a thick beard? How about we tell you there’s also another option that you can avail?

Yes! It’s the stubble. It’s a not so shaven look yet a not so thick facial hair look either. Let’s just say it’s the fair balance between both and you can’t go wrong with one. Well, of course, it’s not only about growing a stubble but maintaining it too.

Just like you need to maintain your haircut to keep it looking fresh or a beard trim to keep it looking neat, similarly, you need to know how to maintain stubble. Well, don’t worry cause we have got you covered.

Now that you know the nuts and bolts, let’s dive into it.

What is Stubble?

Just like we said, stubble is like the fair balance between a perfectly clean shaven look and a short version of a beard. In other words, it’s the length of the facial hair while growing a stubble that makes the difference. It’s like the middle son, lying somewhere in between the two. The average rate of growth of hair is half an inch per month. It can be more or less depending on an individual. So, growing a stubble might be days long or weeks long depending on your individual rate of hair growth. 

Unlike the short beard, your hairs don’t protrude out of your skin. It helps you to form that sharp chiseled look, giving you a more masculine appearance. 

How to maintain a stubble

You might be wondering if a stubble is easy to keep. However, you have to put more effort in maintaining a stubble than maintaining a beard arguably. Stubble is not easy to do. But if done right, it accentuates your masculine features and tones your face and structures your jawline. 

However, like we said, it will take putting up the work to maintain it. So we have laid down the following steps so that you can grow and maintain the perfect stubble: 

Choose the Right Device

First and foremost, before doing anything, you must select the tool you wanna use for the stubble. It’s crucial to know that there are 2 ways you can achieve this. One is using an electric razor and the other through a classic beard trimmer

However which one to go for will mostly depend on your preference and situation. If you’re someone whose hair grows back very fast – like it all coming back to cover the face  the next morning fast, then you’re better off with an electric razor.

However, if your hair is rather dense, you need to have a beard trimmer whose length you can adjust freely. Make sure the trimmer has a trimmer guard as well to help you snip off the hair. If you’re someone who doesn’t trim everyday then this is the best option for you.

In case you don’t know which one to go for, you can always try them out both and find your comfort zone as they both provide a quality stubble.

Grow out your Beard

In order to maintain and keep a stubble, you first need to let it grow out to the point its beginning to form a short beard. You need to start from there. So don’t shave everyday or else you are going to be giving yourself a clean shaven  look.

You can’t put back the hair that you just shaved or trimmed. So, when trimming keep your beard to a length that you know is longer than the length of the stubble you wanna keep. 

Growing out your beard to a desirable length will solely depend on your beard growth. Some men will be able to grow it out in a matter of days whereas it will take others weeks to grow it to a similar length.

Determine the Length of the Stubble

In this step, you must already have an idea or image of yourself in mind with a stubble. You need to picture yourself having that and move forward. This helps you to determine how much to trim and how much to keep. There is no best stubble length. The stubble entirely depends on the right length of beard. So it’s essential you have a rough idea or estimate of the length of the stubble you wanna keep.

Wash your face

Before letting any device touch your skin, at first you must wash your face or the area you wanna trim or shave off. You need to rinse lukewarm water on your face as this will help soften your facial hair. Apply facial scrub or face wash and exfoliate yor face to remove all the dead skin cells before shaving.

Apply Shaving Cream

Apply Shaving Cream/Foam

Apply shaving foam/cream to your skin and leave it there for a while to help soften your hair making it easy for the blade to glide over your skin. In laymans term it means preparing you face so that you don’t cut yourself while shaving.

Start Trimming 

Just like you are to keep a slightly longer hair than your ideal stubble hair to maintain a stubble, you must start trimming your facial hair with a slightly higher setting. If you normally go for a setting 2 while trimming your beard, you might wanna switch to setting 3 while trimming for a stubble. Trim your beard to a uniform length to make it easier to trim.

Shorten in increments. 

By this stage, you’ll have an even length of beard you can work with. You must trim your beard in small increments. There will be areas on your face that are slightly denser than the other parts. So trim it down to find the right length for you that is suitable for your skin.

Remember, the idea is to have a clean stubble fade to shaven look. In order to do that, you can trim your moustache and chin at a slightly hair setting than you’d so on your cheeks. This will give your face a contour and faded appearance. It will blend in perfectly and give you that ever so dramatic look. Either way, go for the one that gives you the cleanest look.

Clean the flyaways

Flyaways usually remain after every trim. Once you have achieved the desired length of the stubble and look you were aiming for, it’s essential that you get rid of stray hairs and flyaways that pop out of your skin. They make your cut look asymmetric so they are best shaved off with a razor or you can gently snip them off with scissors. You can also achieve this by using the trimmer guard to clean the flyaways.

Decide what to do with the neckline 

Now when it comes to your neck, you can either shave it off completely or give it a fade as well to compliment and accentuate your jawline. What actions you take from here will solely depend on your preference. 

On the off chance that you settle on a marginally more, progressively tough look with your stubble, at that point you likely need to keep some stubble on your neck also. On the off chance that the hair development on your neck is excessively inconsistent, uneven or patchy—at that point you can tidy it up by simply shaving it off.

  1. Fade the Neckline

If you wanna have a faded stubble down the neckline then set the trimmer length setting to 2 and start trimming down from the jawline to the Adam’s apple. After this, switch the trimmer set to 1 and trim around your Adam’s apple. This will give you a very well fade below your neckline and complement your overall facial hair. This helps to blend in the contrast of your face and neck as well.

  1. Shave the Neck

Just in case you want a shorter, cleaner stubble look and don’t want the hair to stretch out to your neck, at that point you can shave it smooth just past your jawline. 

The skin behind the jawbone underneath your skin is delicate and soft. Use your fingers as a guide to find the spot and push it.  This is where you need to make your common edge for your neckline. Shave everything down that spot to give yourself a much cleaner look. Shave off any flyways that remain.

Use Aftershave Balm

Use Aftershave Balm

It’s essential that after shaving or trimming, you wash your face with cold water to tighten and close the pores. Pat dry with a towel and use an after shave balm to soothe your skin. It will work as a calming agent and shall give you relief from anny irritation. Follow all these steps and you’ll have a stubble beard in no time

So there you have it. Now you have a better understanding of not only how to keep a stubble but also how to maintain it. Remember it all starts with the device you select and how you operate it. You must take time and be patient with every stroke. Do not ignore the neckline or the hair under your chin as they too help provide a contour to your face. Nevertheless we believe if you follow all the steps above you’ll succeed in maintaining the perfect stubble.

With that said, we believe you’ll be greatly benefited from this article. If you have any questions or queries, we are always ready to help you out. As always we love hearing from you. So don’t forget to share your experience with us in growing a stubble. Did you face any troubles while doing so? Would you recommend anything in regards to that? Please let us know

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