How to Grow and Maintain That Perfect Stubble [ A 2020 Guide ]

If women use makeup to define and enhance their faces, men have beards and stubbles for those additional brownie points! There’s just something sexy about that five o’clock shade! So the question is, how to grow and maintain a perfect stubble?

Smart looking stubble beard men

Rugged and manly, the perfect stubble definitely is the new black! But another question here is- will it suit you?

Read our simple guide on how to grow and maintain that perfect stubble and how to make it work for you!

What Exactly Is A Stubble?

By the definition of the dictionary, a stubble is defined as the traces of hair left on a man’s face after shaving.

So, you get it! A stubble consists of those short, grainy hair that starts to grow out after you shave, depending on how fast you grow out facial hair. These strands may start to come out in a day or two, or even a few weeks post-shaving for some. Those short, grainy hair are kind of your way to grow out a beard.

Stubble can also be described as that thin line between a clean-shaven look and a beard. It’s significantly shorter even compared to a short beard.

Generally, a stubble gives a more “faded” look and a distinct definition to a guy’s face. For us, we like to see stubble as subtly sexy while giving you that very manly look.

Stubble Vs Beard: So What’s The Difference?

The main difference between a beard and stubble is the length. A stubble is generally that facial hair growth that occurs a day or two after shaving. While a beard, on the other hand, is grown out to a significantly longer length which can take anywhere from a few weeks to a couple of months to fully achieve.

A stubble simply appears like you have forgotten to shave! But as days pass, its length grows out to give you this rugged and stylish look. It has a very short length that gives you that more clean and polished look as well, versus having a beard that can appear sloppy at times (if left uncared for).

Not to mention, maintaining a beard can be time-consuming and requires expert grooming to keep things looking tidy, while the shorter stubble doesn’t require much! It also appears neater and is easier to maintain, minus all the meticulous work.

So, if you don’t think you have the extra time in the morning to groom and tidy up a beard, then growing a stubble may just be the perfect choice for you!

Will Growing Out A Stubble Suit My Look?

Some guys look nice with a beard, there’s no doubt about that! They casually flaunt this noble and manly look that’s just very distinct.

While others, on one hand, may look a bit off. A little odd, if we must say. It’s almost as if having a beard is just not for them!.

Going very clean-shaven also doesn’t go well for some. A  hair-free face typically gives men this young-looking vibe.

And as grown-up men, you kind of don’t really want that!

Unfortunately, there’s no sure way to know whether or not facial hair will look good on you! At least not until you give it a shot!

So, if you think that a clean-shaven look is too much to maintain for you, then perhaps growing out a stubble will work for you!

Men growing beard

However, you’ll never know if a stubble looks good on you until you try it!

That short, grainy, and faded look might just be what you need to nail that extra sexy look! Also, a stubble isn’t as complicated to maintain like a beard, so it’s an absolute win-win for you!

It’s also not that difficult to grow out. And even if it doesn’t turn out as planned, you can easily shave it away or continue to grow it to a full or short beard!

Consider A Few Things Before You Grow Out Your Stubble!

First things first: Know the shape of your face!

We’ve all heard this- it pays to know what you exactly need! And it’s pretty much the same when you’re trying to grow a stubble, a beard, or any sort of facial hair for that matter.

Knowing the shape of your face when you’re aiming for a stubble look is crucial. This can basically make or break the outcome!

Generally, there’s quite a number of different types of face shapes. And according to experts, they are the following:

Square-shaped face

A  square-shaped face is the most favorable of all. It’s broad with a favorable facial length. People with square faces are also gifted with a very nicely-chiseled and well-defined jawline.

Think David Beckham and Zac Efron! Those gents are the perfect example of what a square face looks like. Additionally, they also both look great with or without facial hair!

smart beard stubble person

So if you happen to resemble the shape of their faces, then you’re in for a hot look if you’re looking to grow a stubble!

Rectangle-shaped face

A rectangle-shaped face is quite similar to the square face. The only difference is that it’s slightly longer and is not as wide. People with this face shape also boast a defined jawline.

Round-shaped face

A round-shaped face slightly resembles a square-shaped face when it comes to width. However, this face shape is associated with gentle curves along with prominent and rounded cheekbones.

And in case you’re wondering what a round face looks like, think about Gerard Butler or Leo Di Caprio – these two Hollywood celebs are known for their rounded face shapes!

Leonardo DiCaprio stubble beard

Heart-shaped face

A heart-shaped face may slightly resemble a round face except that this face shape has a slightly wider forehead in contrast to the chin.

Popular celebs with heart-shaped faces include Ryan Gosling and Hugh Grant!

Pear-shaped face

Now, a pear-shaped face is very similar to a heart-shaped face. The only difference is that this face shape has a wider jaw than the forehead. It generally resembles an upside-down heart shape.

Diamond-shaped face

A diamond-shaped face is known to have a narrow and pointed chin. This face shape is accentuated by high cheekbones along with a narrow hairline. Combined, these factors create the illusion of the diamond.

Moreover, a diamond-shaped face is longer than a heart-shaped face, although the two may possess slight similarities.

Popular celebrities boasting diamond-shaped faces include Twilight star Robert Pattinson and singer Ricky Martin.

Triangle-shaped face

A triangle-shaped face is defined to have a very prominent jaw that is noticeably wider than the person’s cheekbones. This shape is nearly similar to the heart-shaped face, minus the gentle curves.

Typically, men with triangular faces look better without a beard or stubble. And if you’re wondering what a triangular face is like, then think Justin Timberlake and Ryan Reynolds!

Up Next! A List Of Things You’ll Need For That Perfect Five o’Clock Shadow!

Growing out a stubble and maintaining it isn’t as challenging and strict as maintaining a beard or a clean-shaven look. A stubble is generally a very manly and sexy look that you can bring out effortlessly, especially when done right!

So without further ado, here are the tools that you’ll need if you want to get that perfect five o’clock shadow:

Trusty electric clippers

Before you completely ditch your safety razor, you must first find yourself your very own trusty electric clippers! Invest in a high-quality one and your stubbles will forever thank you for it! For this matter, an electric clipper with different adjustable guards is what you’ll need.

Beard trimmer

Generally, we highly recommend an electric clipper that also plugs directly in the wall. We mean, you can always get a wireless one if you prefer, but the last thing we’d want to happen here is to end up with a dead battery in the middle of a trim! So for that reason, we don’t really recommend rechargeable ones.

Another thing to consider when getting your electric clipper is its set of adjustable guards. Take note that some of these clippers may only have one guard that is attached to the clipper which you can adjust with sliding or twisting gestures. While that seems like the most practical and less time-consuming choice, we still recommend getting one with detachable guards.

But why?

Well, adjustable guards are… “adjustable.” And one thing that we’re trying to avoid here is to come across accidental guard-adjustments in the middle of your trimming session! So just to be sure and safe that you won’t mess up your trim, opt for a clipper with individual guards that are detachable!


Okay, we’ve probably mentioned something about ditching your safety razor but keep in mind that your neck area and cheeks will still require some cleaning up! So for that, we recommend that you still get yourself a razor.

You may still use your safety or disposable razor if you prefer, but for us, an electric razor works just as fine!

Daily facial and beard moisturizer

And just like shaving and maintaining a beard, a facial and beard moisturizer is another important product that you should invest in when growing a stubble! Always remember that aftercare is crucial, and both your face and facial hair need some lovin’ and hydration!

When choosing a moisturizer, opt for a product that works well not just for your face, but for your facial hair as well! Additionally, this type of moisturizer doesn’t just keep your skin soft, supple, and hydrated, it also tames and keeps your stubble feeling soft!

Men using moisturizer in stubble area

How To Grow Out The Perfect Stubble

It looks like you’ve finally decided that you want that sexy and rugged look that only the perfect stubble can provide!

And while having that nice five o’clock shadow isn’t much of a work, there are still a few steps that you need to follow to achieve that rough manly look!

Before getting your hands on a trimmer, you must first exfoliate!

Just like any piece of artwork, you must have a clean canvass for you to achieve only the finest results! Oddly enough, the same thing works for when you’re trying to grow out stubble.

The right facial wash and exfoliator can’t just do wonders for your skin, it will also prep your face perfectly for that stubble! So go ahead and find the one that suits your skin type the best!

Additionally, getting used to a good facial exfoliating and conditioning routine will not only keep your face free from oil and dirt, but it will also keep your facial hair strong and healthy, especially during the growing out period!

After you exfoliate, pick the right tools!

Nothing could ever go wrong when you have the right tools in hand!

Now, the secret here is to find the perfect trimmer that will suit your needs best when it comes to achieving that manly stubble!

Generally, trimmers come in a wide variety. They differ in sizes, styles, and features. But at the end of the day, you should remember to pick one that will fit your needs the most.

If you’re planning to maintain and groom your stubble on a daily basis, then we highly recommend that you find something more durable and reliable to add up in your grooming arsenal. Sure you’ll have to pay more – but always keep in mind that the best results never come cheap!

Moreover, if you happen to have sensitive skin, you should also put that into consideration. You should definitely get a trimmer that does the job well, without compromising your soft and supple skin!

For both of these reasons, we personally find that the Conair Man I-Stubble GMT900R works best to cater to these needs!

And if you happen to notice that your facial growth isn’t as quick, then you may want to opt for a trimmer that lets you groom your length with ease. Practically, there are trimmers that come with several attachment guards which let you cut off your facial hair to the specific length that you prefer.

To get the job done, we highly recommend the Remington PG6025!

Once the right tools are selected, it’s now time to determine your desired length!

After you have decided on your trimmer, it’s now time to determine your length!

But before anything else, you should know that growing out facial hair is 100% up to your genes! If you’re blessed with a good amount of testosterone and just plain sexy genes, then this shouldn’t be a problem for you!

As for others, this may not exactly be the case.

Regardless, it’s still important to you to get an idea of your desired length! And then you can finally do the trimming, and completely make your way to that gorgeous designer stubble.

For us, personally, we’d wait a week or so for our facial hair to grow out before we grab our clippers. About 10 days into growing out a beard, we then start off trimming away!

And if you’re new to growing out that designer stubble, then we highly suggest that you grow out a fairly long beard. Once you’re satisfied with the length, take things slowly! Gradually cut your facial hair, minimally trimming, turn after turn until you reach that nice five o’clock shadow look.

Essentially, the worst that could happen here if it’s your first time is that you might end up shaving off all of your facial hair completely. But either way, you should always be able to grow the hair back out and try again!

After I Have Grown Out My Facial Hair, What’s Next?

Assuming that you have grown your facial hair about two to three mIllimeters, it’s now time to grab your trimmer! Make sure, however, that you picked a trimmer with an adjustable guard so that you’ll be able to put it in a setting that you prefer.

And if you aren’t into using an electric trimmer, you can still opt for clippers! The ones that have fairly short guards can pretty much do the job for you with ease!

Okay, so onto the trimming!

Here are a few steps to follow when you’re trimming your facial hair down to a stubble:

  • Make sure that as you trim, you make several passes while checking frequently checking the look on your mirror. Watch out if there are any missed spots – check your neck, sideburns, chin area, and under your ears. Essentially, the last thing that you want to happen is to end up with an uneven stubble!
  • After you’re done trimming and are happy with the look, wash your face! Don’t neglect this part as this will clean up your entire look!
  • After washing, pat your face dry with a towel. Once it’s nice and dry, grab a handy pair of grooming scissors and clean up and spots that are generally hard for the trimmer to reach. This is also your chance to balance everything out and get rid of any stray lengths!
  • Once you’re completely satisfied with your stubble, give your face some TLC! Apply a good amount of facial and beard moisturizer. Let your skin absorb all of that nice moisture to keep your face hydrated and your stubble soft and manageable!

Keeping That Stubble On Point Tip

In growing out a stubble and keeping it looking nice and clean, you should be aware that your facial hair has this tendency to just grow out anywhere! Yes, that include regions that hair has never popped out before!

And when this happens, it’s pretty normal for patches to just show up! So to keep this look at all clean and sleek, remember to take extra time to regularly check your stubble and shave those areas! Check for any unwanted hair growth and snip them off with your trimmer!

Men Trimming Beard

Additionally, the neatest way to look great while flaunting your stubble is to get rid of the bearded neck look! Make sure to always trim about an inch above your Adam’s apple to get the best depth of your facial hair growth.

It’s also crucial to trim along your cheeks! In fact, you do need to keep this area especially neat! But, remember not to overdo it. Personally, we found the use of a razor very convenient for this!

Okay, okay! So you don’t just want a five o’clock stubble, you want a pretty heavy and more rugged one!

We get it! So for that look, it’s best for you to aim for a nearly full beard growth before you decide to trim your facial hair down to a stubble.

But always keep in mind, that growing a heavy stubble is not for everyone. Especially if you find it difficult to get in that facial hair to come out within a few days after you shave.

However, patience here is gold and having enough of that will take you to anywhere you want to be. Yes, that includes that nice, manly heavy stubble that will make the chicks turn their heads on you!

When growing a heavy stubble, here are a few things that you should follow:

  • Let your beard grow for at least more than a week, or if at all possible, grow it out fully! The longer, the better. This allows for a thicker facial hair to work with, giving you a heavy, more rugged looking stubble as the end product!
  • After you have fully grown your beard, about a half an inch longer than your desired stubble length, it’s time to give it a trim! Grab your trusted trimmer and start trimming away.
  • Heavy stubbles are supposed to look more rugged, but this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t clean them up! Still, look for any stray hairs and cut them all off. Accentuate your facial shape by keeping your stubble neat and parallel to your jawline.
  • And of course, don’t forget the neckline! Even with the aim of a rugged look, keeping things neat on your neckline is still an absolute must! You can simply keep this area clean or create a faded effect down to your Adam’s apple!
Beard men

Maintaining Your Stubble

Maintaining a five o’clock shadow or a heavy stubble isn’t really as complicated as maintaining a beard. It also requires less time and effort, which is why for most, a stubble is the way to go!

So, if you just grew out yours, you’re probably wondering how you’re going to keep your stubble looking sharp and fresh!

1: Trim regularly!

Just because stubble is supposed to give you a messy look doesn’t mean that it has to be messy! Literally, at least!

Regularly trimming your growing facial hair will help you maintain that rough yet neat look that a designer stubble calls for!

As a rule of thumb, we go by giving our stubble a trim every two to four days, just to keep things tidy! This also allows us to be in total control of the length!

2: Stubble shaping is a must!

If you think that a rugged look also calls for a scruffy stubble, then you’re wrong! To maintain your beard and keep it looking nice and sexy, you must also shape it!

Ideally, you should go for a look that complements and accentuates your features. Shaping your facial hair is also your ticket to creating an illusion of a prominent or angular jawline!

Another essential step in maintaining a clean cut appearance when sporting a stubble is through shaping.

When shaping your stubble, here’s what you gotta do:

  • Start off by applying a shaving cream that doesn’t lather up very thick. Work with a very fine and light lather, just enough for you to see what’s underneath.
  • Take out your razor. Make sure it’s sharp! It’s very important that you use fresh blades for this, since shaping is quite a meticulous step! This is also the part wherein you add up the “edge” to your stubble!
  • And speaking of edge, the next step is to work your way around the edges of your stubble. Very carefully and trim the sides and give them a sharp appearance.
  • Lastly, once you’re happy with the shape of your facial hair, wash off any remaining shaving cream on your face. Pat your skin dry and then moisturize!

3: Invest in the right grooming tools!

One of the most important things you should never neglect when maintaining your stubble is grooming. And if you’re wondering, grooming isn’t just about giving the stubble a trim. It’s also about keeping it healthy!

So for that, invest in a very reliable beard and facial moisturizer. This will keep everything under control for you, plus it will make your facial hair healthier looking!

Another thing you must invest in is a good facial wash. If it’s within the budget, opt for a high-quality one that’s is also friendly to your facial hair. A good facial cleanser will keep your skin clean and will also get rid of any dead skin cells or debris that might clog your pores. And trust us, the last thing you’d want the next time you give your stubble a trim are blocked pores!

Last, and definitely not the least, you should get yourself trusty trimmers! This is actually the most important of all. Keep in mind, that the quality of the trim will be dependent on your clippers, so make sure you find only the best one that fits your needs!

4: Don’t let the length get out of hand!

Remember that stubble isn’t a full beard, and your ideal length shouldn’t be any longer than 2.5 mm is you’re aiming for that medium scruff look, or about 2 mm if you want to keep it short!

Always check if your stubble has grown beyond your preferred length. And if it does, grab those clippers and start trimming!

You may also want to avoid having a patchy look, so be extra careful when trimming! Moreover, pay extra attention to the hair on your neck! It can get slightly out of hand down there, but patience and a meticulous trim will keep things neat and tidy!

Ideally, you may want to use different settings for your neck area and jawline. When you go for your neck, opt for the shorter setting, and longer when you pass on your jawline! Doing so may minimize your risk of doing errors during your trim!

Trimming And Shaping Your Stubble

Assuming that you have successfully grown your facial hair to at least 3 centimeters in length, it’s now time for you to trim and shape it!

As we have mentioned earlier, trimming and shaping your stubble are both keys to achieving that rugged yet neat and sexy look that you’re aiming for!

So, without any further ado, here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can trim and shape your stubble!

Trim the neckline

Before going for your face, you have to start cutting off on your neckline first. Most guys neglect this part as they think that the neckline isn’t always seen, but having a sharp line on your neckline is one definition of a fine-looking designer stubble!

Carefully work your way on your neck and make a line underneath your chin. Doing this will keep the area looking neat and tidy!

Work on those cheekbones and define your stubble shape

The next thing you’d want to do is to rid of any stray hairs near your cheekbones. Grab your trimmer and trim the hair on your cheek area, creating a straight diagonal line. This line should start from your sideburns down to the edge of your stache, giving your stubble its final shape.

Once you have created your line, clean up the area below your mouth. And remember to take things slowly, but surely! The last thing you’d want to happen here is to trim too much and end up shaving off everything.

Create the stubble

After you have shaped your facial hair, it’s now time for the main event- creating your stubble!

For this step, we highly suggest that you set your trimmer between the settings one and three centimeters. You may want to start off with a longer setting just to avoid trimming too much on your stubble, then start adjusting as needed.

Always check in the mirror and see if you’re satisfied with the length. Then move down to a shorter trim setting once you have found your ideal length and start passing all over the area. Once through, you may now tidy up your chin area using your shaver!

How To Nail That Rugged Look

So after you have trimmed your facial hair down to that perfect five o’clock shadow, you’re probably wondering how you can style it.

Well, the good news is, styling your stubble won’t take up much of your precious time, and it’s pretty easy to do! In fact, there isn’t much that you need to do!

As a rule of thumb, it’s best to let your stubble be as it is! It really doesn’t need much styling, and as long as you keep its length short, then you’re good to go! Its natural appearance is what makes up the perfect stubble, so you need not worry about it so much.

Additionally, growing out stubble isn’t as complicated as getting a beard, so life is pretty easier! When you’re styling it, all you need to do is to simply wash your face with your facial cleanser and moisturize afterward – no need to get products that are aimed specifically to tame a beard!

Beard oil is entirely optional, but we highly recommend it! This will condition and keep your stubble healthy, all while keeping your skin soft and smooth too! Applying this every day onto your facial hair will also help in preventing itching and dryness.

Man using beard oil

Frequently Asked Questions On Growing and Maintaining The Perfect Stubble

Is growing out stubble a good look?

If you ask us – then by all means, yes! Growing out a stubble is a good look, at least for us! We find it sexy and masculine, without necessarily exerting too much effort.

However, not everybody thinks the same! You may find growing out stubble a completely great look, while others won’t. The answer here is pretty much dependent on an individual’s preferences. And remember, not everyone likes the same things!

That said, rocking a grainy, rough stubble may either look good or bad, depending on your personal preferences.

What is the length of a 10-day stubble in millimeters?

Before answering that question, a 10-day stubble is a rugged look that’ is typically grown out anywhere between 10 to 12 days. That explained the length of this stubble should be no longer than four millimeters. Anything beyond or below that’ is not considered to be a “10-day stubble.”

How do I get a stubble look?

Getting a stubble look is pretty easy! All you have to do is grow out your facial hair anywhere between a couple of days for up to twelve days. You may also choose to grow your facial hair longer within a few weeks or so and then start trimming!

Essentially, growing a longer facial hair lets you have the option to trim your stubble down to your preferred length and shape it as well! It allows for more room on styling and making your own statement!

Which look is better, clean-shaven or a stubble?

There’s not one justifiable answer to this question as an individual’s preferences vary from another. Some people may think that a clean-shaven look is much better, while some will go for the stubble.

It’s this simple- if you’re all about looking neat and tidy, then a clean-shaven look is your option. And if you’re someone who likes to add that sexy and edgy character to your appearance, then growing a stubble is the way to go!

Moreover, whether a clean shaven or stubble look will look better on you depends on a few factors- your facial shape, ability to grow facial hair, and of course, your personal preference!

How long should I wait before I grow out a stubble?

A stubble can be grown out in as fast as two to three days, depending on how quick your body grows facial hair. Others may have it this way, while others may experience facial hair growth to be a little slower. It is all dependent on your genes.

You can also wait up to a few weeks to grow out a significantly longer facial hair and trim it down to a stubble. As we mentioned earlier, this option gives you more freedom on styling, shaping, and finding the right length for that faded five o’clock look!

The Final Takeaway

Sporting that sexy, manly look should be undemanding with the perfect stubble! After all, what man doesn’t want to look effortlessly masculine?

Easy to grow out, groom, trim, and maintain, a stubble is a look that every man should try to aim for at least once in his life!

And if this is your first time to go for this look, you might be feeling slightly anxious. But really, you shouldn’t! A stubble doesn’t require much, and it’s not as challenging as growing out a full beard and maintaining it.

So, go ahead – let that facial hair grow, trim it down, and shape it!

Besides, the worst thing that could ever happen if you fail to achieve that perfect stubble is to end up with a clean-shaven look. Worry not, sit back, relax, let that grainy facial hair grow, and don’t be afraid to aim for that five o’clock shadow!

And at the end of the day, even if you don’t achieve that perfectly rugged look, it’s just hair! It will grow back, and until then, you may always try again!

You know what they say, practice makes perfect, and the third time will always, always be a charm!

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