DIY : How to Cut Your Own Hair for Men at Home

Did this question – How to Cut Your Own Hair? ever popped in your mind especially after the last year’s quarantine and lockdown period when you had to be in your house social distancing for months without a haircut.

I am damn sure you realized that it’s high time to learn self-grooming and that it is needed especially for you men because men’s hair care, even the trip to your salon or barbershop can cost you in bucks, also it is time and energy-consuming.

So why not develop this essential life skill. Here is a detailed manual for How to Cut Your Own Hair for Men at Home.

How to Cut Your Own Hair for Men

It is known that men’s hair grows faster than women’s and needs to be cut or trimmed frequently, a trip to a barbershop or your salon once a month is needed. But Voila! What if you get those scissors and clippers in hand and have a nice, simple haircut! Don’t worry it is not horrible as you think with proper guidance it is possible. And that’s why we are here with this blog to explain to you a step by step process on  How to Cut Your Own Hair for Men

Let’s get it!

Step 1 – Select a Haircut or Hairstyle

Going with a plan for cutting your hair is a must and that’s why selecting a haircut is our first step. If you’re a first-timer go for a simple haircut and don’t complicate things for yourself. But if you do want to try a different haircut there is a way to determine which hairstyle would look good on you and that is your face shape. Face shape and Hairstyle should always be in sync for your looks to outshine.

Step 2 – Prepare Your Home Salon Setup

To make it hassle free you should set up the workspace in the bathroom. Keep all the essentials ready and make cutting hair at home worth the experience. So get your blow dryer, scissors, or hair clipper ready, if you are using clipper for the first time read all the instructions nicely. Keep a towel with you and a vacuum cleaner nearby to clean afterward. That’s it, your home salon workspace is ready.

Step 3 – Wash Your Hair Before The Cut

Having a haircut on clean hair is rather messy and can be a lot easier when you’re cutting your own hair. So wash your hair with a shampoo and also condition it for a smooth texture. And then dry it properly if you are going to cut your hair with clippers if not damp it a little with a towel

Step 4 – Cut Your Sides

Take a look at your hair properly before starting this process as you need to determine the direction of your hair growth. Put the right-sized attachment on the clipper according to the haircut you have chosen and then start cutting your hair in the direction of your hair growth. Repeat it if you think its not cut properly but don’t overdo it. If you want to get an undercut just cut your lower hair a bit shorter.

Step 5 – Cut Back Of Your Hair

Going with the flow, move the clipper from the sides to the back of your hair. Take a mirror in your hand and look through it to know if you are doing it right. Cut the hair by moving the clipper up. And again if you want an undercut look cut the lower part shorter. But make sure that the side cut and back of your hair are looking even.

Step 6 – Cut The Top Of Your Hair

Long hair more than a few inches on top of the hair needs to be cut down with the help of the scissor. Part your hair into sections and then start cutting it into a straight line. Ensure that you have cut all the sections evenly. You need to be very careful while doing this step as it will define your look.

Step 7 – Clean The Hairline And Neckline

And the last step is to clean and get precisely trimmed hairline and neckline. For that, you can use a trimmer as it will be more efficient or just use your hair clipper upside down. Be careful while doing this make sure to clean your hairline but don’t go too far around your ear.

Step 8 – Style Up Your Hair

And it is done! Well the crucial part, wasn’t it easy and cool? But there is more that is just wash, dry your hair, and then style it up. Now look into the mirror, Isn’t it looking good? Or maybe better than having  uncut, long, messy hair.

Hair Cutting Tools

Some Essential Self Hair Cutting Tools 

No Art is complete without the Artist’s tools. Well, we are not artists here but hair cutting is indeed an art and needs its own tools to make it perfect. So listed down below are some essential self hair cutting tools –

1. Hair Clippers

You need a top-rated clipper if you have short hair and want some faded hair cut. Hair clippers come with different affixes and you can use them according to your convenience and need. So buy a hair clipper with a powerful motor, good run time and sharp blades. If you are cutting hair yourself for the first time at home just get an easy to use a basic hair clipper

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2. Mirror 

Of course, you need a mirror to look at the whole process and examine it properly but here we are not talking about a wall mirror but a handheld mirror. You need a small handheld mirror so that you can have a view of your back hair as it becomes easier that way.

3. Scissors

No hair cutting is complete without scissors. Yes, even if you have a clipper or trimmer, a scissor is a must. Scissor is helpful to cut the top hair mostly and fix some parts here and there. You need a barber scissor as it is designed for a good grip while hair cutting.


Is it a bad idea to cut your own hair at home?

No, If taken needed measures and following the process perfectly can turn it cutting hair at home a great experience.

How can I cut my own hair?

By asking someone who has already done it or to do it step by step you can take help of online articles or blogs. They not just explain the process but tell you essential tools and every small thing you need.

Why should I cut my hair at home?

It has many benefits you can save your money as haircut cost a lot and especially men need to have a trip to barbershop frequently also it is time saving and its more comfortable


Having a haircut at home looks scary but done properly can turn it amazing. And again learning useful skills like haircutting is helpful for the long term and has a lot of benefits. So just give it a try and I hope this article helped you and feel free to ask anything on your mind

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