Get Sassy Curls for Your Short mane (How to Curl Short Hair with a Flat Iron)

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How to Curl Short Hair with a Flat Iron

Short hair is chic and pretty. And the shorter your locks are, the more liberating it feels. And you’d look entirely different with short hair, especially if people are used to your long locks.

But the problem with short hair is, there are limited hairstyles that you can play with. There is little room to work around. The short tresses can sometimes be limiting. And what if you want curls? It can be quite challenging right?

Is curling short hair possible? And can you curl short hair with a straightener? It may seem impossible but it can be done! Read our simple guide on how to curl short hair with a flat iron. It might be easier than you think!

How to Curl Hair with a Flat Iron

A flat iron is a very versatile hot tool. You can use it for straightening and curling your hair. But for short hair? Only a few would think that it’s possible, but it can be done.

Take a peek at the step by step procedure on how to get it done.

1. First things first, you have to prep your hair. 

  • Cleanse your hair and scalp first, it’s always nice to start fresh
  • Towel dry hair
  • Apply products on your hair which will help your locks hold the curl. It can be a mousse or a texturizing spray. 

2. Clean your hair iron. Use a towel or cloth and wipe the plates to ensure it’s free from dirt. This will also remove any residue of hair products that you used yesterday.

3. Section your hair from top to bottom. You can also use small clips to secure each section especially if you have a thick mane.

4. Brush your hair gently to make sure there aren’t any tangles or knots.

5. Place the hair iron and it should be pointing down. Take a section of hair and gently twist it once away from your face. And slowly bring it down.

6. You may straighten the ends to get a more finesse look for your short hair.

7. And to get beachy waves for your short hair, alternate the direction of the curls.

8. So for the second time, get a small section of hair and turn the flatiron towards your face once. Then gently pull down.

9. Repeat the same process alternating between curling towards your face and away from it.

10. Spritz on a texturizing spray on your hair to add volume and hold to your hair. You can also use a hair spray or dry shampoo.

11. Spray on your hair and not on your scalp.

12. And gently run your fingers through the waves to give it a natural look.

More Tips on Curling your Short Hair!

Now that you know how to get stunning beach waves with a flat iron, let’s add in some more pro tips! That’ll make you look like you had it done at a salon.

  1. Alternate rotating the flat iron can give it a more natural look.
  2. When you start curling from the bottom, it adds more volume to your hair. So if you have thin hair, this is the way to go
  3. But if you have thick hair, start curling from the top layer of your hair and work your way down.
  4. If you want tight small curls, use a slimmer flat iron. And work on very small sections of hair.
  5. If you want to achieve a 60s wave, curl the ends outwards.
  6. To achieve effortless curls look, don’t touch the ends of the hair with the iron, leave it as it is.

How to Curl Very Short Hair with a Wand

What about very short hair? Can you still curl style it?

You can still get sassy and super curly hair with your very short mane. and we’ll show you how.

  1. Divide your hair into small sections. 
  2. Take your curling wand and hold it upside down. Start to wrap your hair around the wand starting with the hair near the roots.
  3. Hold it for a few seconds. Make sure to hold taut the end of your hair with your other hand.
Tips When Curling Very Short Hair

Tips When Curling Very Short Hair

  • When curling your very short hair, keep in mind that it takes longer. Because you’re working on smaller sections and you need to be extra careful to not scratch your scalp and hands, it can be awhile. But the result is going to be fantastic!
  • The smaller the sections the better. Curling too thick a section of hair won’t be successful
  • If the ends come out a little bit funny, feel free to add more curls at the ends
  • You can wear protective gloves to protect your hands from the heat.

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How to get beach waves with a flat iron?

Turn the flat iron just once towards your face and leave the ends alone. It will give it a more natural beach wave look.

Which is easier to use for curling, flat iron, or curling wands?

Curling wands are perfect for creating curls for very short hair, it would be difficult to use a flat iron on very short hair. 

And you can use a flat iron for curling your short hair. This hot tool can also help you achieve sexy beach waves on your short hair,

What can I do if it’s too difficult for my hair to hold a curl?

Go easy on the conditioner. Too much moisture will render your hair difficult to curl. You may also use texturizing sprays to prevent your hair from getting too slippery. If your hair is too slippery it’ll be difficult to curl it, let alone hold the curls.


You don’t have to wait for your hair to grow out just to enjoy sexy beach waves! You can still curl style it with a flat iron. Read our tips on how to curl your short hair with a flat iron. And it will help you achieve those dreamy locks sans your short hair.

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