How to Comb Your Beard: The Ultimate Guide


Believe it or not, combing the beard is not as simple as you think. Sorry to burst your bubble but the kind of routine you have been doing the whole time may have been wrong!

If you’re lucky enough, you must have had encountered somewhere the perfect guide on how to comb a beard and somehow saved yourself from a bad beard trim and other inconveniences that can come along with it.

Yes- there is a perfect guide for combing the beard.

How do you actually know if you have been doing it wrong? Well, there is one simple indication- itches.

Beard itches emerge from a handful of factors. Certainly, itchiness is not an independent case rather, it’s a consequence of skin infection. Dry skin, Beardruff, Eczema, Folliculitis are just a few of the culprits.

Whatever the cause is, one thing remains certain- proper combing of beard wards off the itchiness!

When combing your beard, there’s more to it than meets the eye. This simple routine ( when done in the proper way) can save you from a plethora of discomforts.

So how important is it to comb your beard? Allow us to fill you in on that!

Why Do You Need to Comb Your Beard?

There are countless factors that warrants the combing of your manly mane. One reason stands above all- beard itch.

Have you experienced incessant itching following a shave? You’ve been scratching your skin raw but to no avail. An ingrown is most likely making itself comfortable in your beard!

What causes ingrown hair? Remember that small strand of  hair that was not totally removed by your razor? That portion regrows and in the process, rubs its sharp tip against the skin’s layers. Here is where the irritation takes place.

Now, if you regularly (once on a daily basis) comb this growing portions of the beard, you encourage it to grow on a certain direction and avoid rubbing through the skin layers.

But, when do you actually begin combing? Now, that’s a good question for a tricky answer. The thing about combing is that you ought to do it habitually and even religiously for that matter.

You can not simply expect great results after a few haphazard combs. No.

And, here is one more thing- don’t comb your beard right after you shave. That would be preposterous. Imagine combing through the skin with God knows what- invisible hair? Thus, you can only comb when beard hair starts appearing in gradual lengths.

And, if you want better and faster results – comb the beard while it’s in its prime. It should be at its thickest state.

According to the Texas Beard Company, combing your beard is training your beard hair to observe shape, direction and style, and of course, to avoid it from covering your mouth. The latter proves to be more practical than the former.

Now that you know how crucial it is to establish this type of routine, you need a beard comb first!

But wait! What exactly is it that you should look for when buying the best beard comb?

We can’t wait to share these insights with you!

Stay on this page to find out!

Qualities of the Best Specialized Beard Comb

Combing your beard might seem like a mundane task right? You can use whatever comb you can get your hands on. From cheap plastic combs to the regular hair combs, it doesn’t matter right? Wrong!

We can’t even begin to expound how wrong this practice is in so many ways!

What’s the worst that could happen? Messy beard shape and irritated skin- that’s what.

Don’t take your beard for granted! You don’t want your beard to be a host to a range of microorganisms, do you? So what’s the difference between a specialized beard comb and a regular hair brush? For one, it’s specialized… just kidding!  

We’ve listed several factors as to why a beard comb deserves the extra attention.

Here are its qualities:
  • Beard combs have solid teeth (which don’t bend) with intervals designed for coarse beard hair
  • Beard combs are made from hardwood, ivory, horn, metal or cellulose acetate. No cheap plastics here!
  • The teeth of beard combs are quite sturdy. It doesn’t easily give in to applied pressure.
  • Beard comb teeth have wider spaces compared to regular hair combs
  • The teeth of beard combs may have closer spaces fit for a shorter beard but, they are not as tightly-placed as that of a hair comb.
  • Beard combs feel more solid and are heavier than hair combs.

Now that you know why it’s essential to use a suitable comb for your beard, let’s proceed to the ideal beard combing schedule and routine….Yes, it too has a schedule!

The Ideal Beard Combing Schedule and Routine

The ideal schedule and routine for combing the beard is at least once a day or to the most, thrice a day if needed. The necessity is constituted by a messy and coarse beard.

This should compel you to style your beard more frequently. But if your beard seems to be fine after a comb, then don’t over comb it.

Over combing and over brushing are two different things. There is lesser damage with the former than the latter. However, it still doesn’t warrant that you go berserk over combing your beard! Trust us, you don’t want to do that!

Your bread has a natural oil that makes it look healthy and soft. Over combing it may result to the loss of this precious oil! Sans the oil, it would look and feel dry! That’s less brownie points for you.

Furthermore, bear oil prevents your hair from being pulled out. You don’t want your face to have patches of bald hair, do you?

When’s the best time to comb your beard? Early in the morning! And it’s best if it’s after you shower. But do keep in mind that facial hair should be thoroughly dried first before running your cob through it.

Your hair is at its weakest when wet, that’s why it’s crucial that you dry it out first. But wait! Don’t grab the hair dryer just yet! Instead, allow your facial hair to dry on its own or gently use a towel to wipe off the excess water.

I repeat- gently rub.   

Remember, do otherwise and you’d surely lose that beard oil, and we all know what can happen next!

And there’s the conditioning phase too! We want to give it our utmost care, don’t we? For the whole beard conditioning process,- you can fill your beard care kit with top quality beard balms, oils, and other beard conditioners.

Finally: The Perfect Step by Step Guide on How to Comb a Beard!

Many think that randomly combing their beard in whatever direction is okay. It has become a norm anyways, so why should it bother you? Because there’s an underlying consequence that’s inevitable if you’d continue with this practice!

How can it go bad? Let us spell the dangers for you- grave skin irritations, dry beard hair quality and a lot more!

So heed our advice and follow these step by step guidelines on how to comb your facial hair. You’ll be thanking us later!

  • Take a shower and then towel dry your beard first.
  • To begin using the comb, hold it with the teeth pointing upwards. Start with strokes from the neckline and work your way up to the chin.
  • Repeat the process until all hair strands are separated. It’s important that you don’t make haste during this process to avoid pulling out your beard hair.
  • With your beard hair or mustache positioned upwards, apply beard balm for styling. If you are only rooting for conditioning, you can just use beard oil.
  • Let the balm/oil soak for 2 minutes. Then, you can proceed by doing the same upward combing this time to the jawline.
  • Once beard hair strands have been separated you should start to feel your beard becoming woolly, soft and silky. Reverse the process by combing your beard hair down.
  • You can proceed to style your beard hair at this point.
  • Spend a bit more time on the mustache (if you have one!). Add balm if necessary. You can run your fingers through your mustache or beard to style it!
  • Grab a mirror! Are you happy with your look ? If not, there’s always a next time!

Combing the Beard Under the Chin

There is a higher possibility that the beard under your chin will snag. While it can be painful, it would be irritating to lose patches of beard due to accidental pulls.

To avoid such, here are specific steps:

  1. Drench the comb with beard oil before using it to comb the hair under your chin.
  2. Dedicate 3-4 minutes for combing the beard under the chin.
  3. Do upward strokes. And whenever you have achieved the desire fluff on the beard hair, reverse the direction of the stroke.
  4. To concentrate on such area, make sure that you’re working the stroke within an inch distance from the edge of the chin to the base under it.
  5. Do this slowly and carefully to avoid snags.
  6. If there are snags, go back to step 1!
  7. Keep a beard balm or oil at hand. These should come in handy.

The Top Mind-Freeing FAQs on How to Comb a Beard

Still have doubts in your mind? Check out the top FAQs below.

Which is safer- combing or brushing the beard?

Combing is definitely safer than brushing! Compared to brushing, combing doesn’t damage the natural texture of the your facial hair.

Split ends? Not a problem! You’re less likely to get these. However, when overdone, it can cause the hair to lose its natural oil.

What should be the first direction in combing the beard: up or down?

Always comb from up to down. This is crucial for detangling!

Why do I sometimes feel a painful sensation in my beard?

There are various factors that can cause your beard to hurt. The most common factor is an excessively dried-out beard hair type. This usually occurs when you have lost tremendous amount of natural oil in your beard.


Combing the beard requires diligence. There’s a system involved in combing the beard hair. In fact, all grooming routines have a system! You can’t simply let the combs flow on this one.

If you are eyeing for a clean and well-maintained beard shape, then you are to observe the perfect guide on how to comb a beard.

The guide presented herein doesn’t prove to be perfect in all context. However, it should work as a perfect guide in the context of beard maintenance and styling. Ultimately, beard itch and other skin irritations demand that you follow the guide correctly.

Part of realizing the guide is acquiring the most fitting beard combs. There’s a large number of beard comb brands in the market today. But only a few could make it to the list.

Lastly, the guide we presented is not the ultimate, sole guide in the world. Thus, you can stylize by inputting other routines. However, always keep in mind that the sequence/procedure is to be strictly followed in order.

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