How to Clean Hair Clippers: The Ultimate Guide


Most of us own a pair of hair clippers at home or in a salon. These clippers are great in giving you a quick and sharp cut each time.

A word of caution though, every great tool needs some sort of maintenance. Cleaning and sharpening Clipper Blades regularly are equally important

Since the clippers get in contact with your skin and scalp, you need to clean them after every use!

Otherwise, a plethora of discomfort awaits you!

Why is It Important to Keep Your Clippers Clean?

Hair clipper maintenance is important if you want to extend the durability of your clippers. There are still a lot of reasons why you should know how to clean your clippers. Find them out below.

Why Clean Your Hair Clippers?

Sanitation is one of the main reasons why you should regularly clean your hair clippers. These clippers can host a lot of bacteria that may cause a plethora of diseases.

The only way to remove those bacteria and stop spread the disease is to clean the clippers each time you use them.

Regular cleaning of hair clippers also helps retain its sharpness. You want to remove those hair clippings and dirt because they can dull the blades. A clean pair of hair clippers also improves its appearance.

When you clean the clippers properly you’ll help them extend their life too. This will save you money in buying a new pair each time your old clipper dulls out! All of these are enough reasons why you should clean your hair clippers, right?

Cleaning your clippers won’t really take a chunk of your time. Let’s find out how you can keep this integral part of your hair care system in its tip-top condition.

How to Clean Your Hair Clippers

Fortunately, it’s very easy to maintain hair clippers! All you need is the commitment to do it after every haircut.  

So, how to clean clipper blades? Here are three easy steps:

Step 1: Remove Dirt And Hair Clippings

Hair clippings and dirt can get stuck in your hair clippers. This debris can dull the blades and affect the smooth function of the motor. To improve its performance, remove any buildup after each hair haircut.

So, how to clean a blade?

First, spread a towel over the sink. The towel will catch all the debris that might be present in the clippers. Next, remove the comb guide from the unit and check the blades for any hair clippings.

If the unit comes with a designated brush, use it to brush away any hair clippings and dust that you see. If not, use any clean cosmetic brush that you have at home. Some blades are detachable from the unit so make sure that you follow the direction guide on how to detach them.

TIP: Never use cotton swabs or any fibrous material to clean the blades because you might leave some messy fibers behind. Instead, use a soft brush.

Step 2: Dry the Blades

Once you’re done the cleaning, return the blades into the unit before they land on your feet! Compressed air is a good alternative to clean the unit without detaching the blades. Put a blade cover on the clippers to keep them protected.

Step 3: Remove the Comb Guides and Clean

Comb guides often trap some oil or small hair trimmings when you use the clippers to cut hair. To clean comb guides, remove them from the unit and wash them thoroughly. Air-dry or lay them on an absorbent towel overnight.

Once dried, check the comb guides for any damage. If you find that the comb has broken teeth, consider replacing it. Broken teeth can affect the results of the haircut.

When everything’s fine, put the comb guide back to the unit. Store the rest in a safe place where you can easily reach them when needed.

Step 4: Oil the Blades

Any equipment with moving metal parts need lubrication to work smoothly. Hair clippers are no exemption. These clippers are often exposed to elements, like air and moisture, so they can deteriorate over time.

To keep the sharpness of the blade, oil the blades. Lubrication also helps resist corrosion and rust.

As you may know already, hair trims smoothly with sharp blades. It avoids the horrible tagging of hair strands when they get stuck up between dull blades. You don’t want that to happen to your own hair or to others, do you?

So when’s the best time to oil the blades? Most barbers recommend oiling the blades each time you use the unit. This process takes only a few minutes.

To oil the blades, switch on the unit and put oil on the blades. Use a spare amount of oil, maybe a drop or two, to avoid over lubrication. Let the unit run for a couple of seconds to evenly spread the oil along every blade and wipe the casing for any excess oil.

Now that everything’s cleaned up, it’s time to sterilize your clippers!

Sterilizing Hair Clippers With Alcohol

When you visit a hair salon or barbershop, you might notice a glass of container filled with an antiseptic liquid. That is used to sanitize the combs and clippers. These establishments have a credibility to maintain so they want to keep the equipment kept as clean as possible.

Many barbers use alcohol to sanitize the blades and help remove grime. So, how to clean hair clippers with alcohol? Here are the steps:

  1. Fill a dish with ½ inch of isopropyl or ethyl alcohol.
  2. Brush away the hair clippings and dust from the blades.
  3. Soak the blades onto the alcohol solution (avoid soaking other parts of the unit).
  4. Run the clippers for half a minute. See how some loose hairs and dust gather in the alcohol.
  5. Repeat the second and third steps with fresh alcohol until the solution no longer accumulates any debris.
  6. Wipe the blades with gentle and dry cloth.
  7. Air-dry and follow with oil to lubricate the blades.

If the blades are detachable from the unit, remove the blade and soak it in alcohol. Replace the alcohol until it stays clear.


Still got questions on your mind?

What can I use to clean my clipper blades?

Do you know that you can remove any hair clippings with vinegar?

This is how to clean the tools with vinegar. Soak the blades onto a mixture of ½ white vinegar and ½ water to loosen the hair.

You can also use a dedicated blade-cleaning solution, like the Oster Blade Wash to clean the blade. Put a bit of this solution to a soft brush and remove any debris from the blade.

How do you lubricate hair clippers?

With the head of the clippers facing away from you, put a bit of oil on the blades.  A drop or two is enough to lubricate a blade. Never add too much oil because it might reach into the motor compartment and destroy the motor.

How often should you oil hair clippers?

Hair clippers should be oiled after every use. Do it after cleaning the blades.


As shown on the steps above, cleaning your hair clippers isn’t that hard right?

Remove the blades and guide combs, clean them with any hair and debris, then air-dry them before putting them back. You can sanitize the blades with alcohol to keep the unit safe to use.  Easy peasy!

Proper maintenance of hair clippers surely helps sharpen the blades longer and stop the accumulation of germs on the unit. You can also save money on buying a new one. So amazing!

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