How to Apply Beard Oil in 10 Simple Steps

How to Apply Beard Oil

Beard oil is arguably the most popular product in the beard grooming industry. It is recommended by thousands upon thousands of brands, fashion, grooming and lifestyle magazines. We recommend it for the variety of benefits it offers.

Of course, you already know it. You’ve all heard about the benefits of beard oil. You probably even own one right now. But the question is how do you use it? Today we are gonna give you an answer to your question. 

As always we got you covered kings! In fact, we are gonna break it down into 10 easy steps so that even if you are a beginner, you can still benefit from this article.

So let’s not waste any of your sexy time and dive right in.

How to Apply Beard Oil

Time to address the elephant in the room. Following are the step by step process on how to apply beard oil:

Step 1: Take a shower

Like your other grooming routines, washing your beard is also the primary thing to do here. We recommend you to rinse it with lukewarm water at least once a day. However, it is preferred if you take a shower as that will help to make the application of beard oil much simpler

Dry your beard

Step 2: Dry your beard

After the shower, you must dry your beard before you apply beard oil. Here drying means towel dry.  We strictly advise against using a blow dryer as it can damage your hair follicles.

When you towel dries make sure you pat your beard not rub it. As hair follicles are usually very soft and weak when they are wet. Rubbing them vigorously might damage the hair follicles and defeat the purpose altogether. So pat and towel dry your beard.

Step 4: Pour the Required Amount of Beard Oil in your Palm

The number of drops of beard oil that you should pour in your palm will depend on how long you have been keeping your beard. Applying too much of it can make it oily, while too little might leave the beard feeling dry.

The point is to apply and adjust the number of drops as necessary. If you’ve just started growing your beard, then 2-3 drops of oil are recommended. If you’ve been growing it for a few months then 5-6 drops of oil are recommended. This number will increase or decrease depending on how long your beard and how long you have been growing it.

Step 5: Spread it All Over

Spread the oil you put on your palms by rubbing your hands together to emulsify it. Keep rubbing your palms together till you think you have a warm sensation. Make sure it reaches your fingers too, not just your palm. Continue rubbing till the beard oil covers the entire surface of both the palms and fingers.

Step 6: Do the sides

Distribute the oil evenly in your beard by applying it across and with the grain. We recommend starting with the sides first because it’s the easiest to spread through. Massage your hands gently down from your ears to the jawline. Repeat this motion a few times till you’re convinced it has reached all the parts.

Step 7: Up and Down

Tighten your hands and close your fingers and put each hand over your mouth. Your fingers should be attached together and run in parallel keeping your index finger just touching your nose. Now, from that position, run your fingertips down the front of your beard.  Repeat the process with each hand for a few times till you get  the desired result.

Bring your hands up through the bottom of the board as you continue to spread the beard oil evenly. The bottom of the beard will typically start from your neck or just a bit above your Adam’s apple. With your fingers pointed upwards, drive your hands upwards from that portion of your beard to your chin. Get back to the starting position again. Continue running your fingers through your beard like this to spread it evenly.

Step 8: Don’t Forget the Moustache

Use your fingertips to coat the hairs on your moustache. We recommend mainly placing the index fingers or placing it with your middle finger in conjunction and from that position massage your moustache along its grain down to the cheeks.

Step 9: Use a Wooden Beard Comb/ Beard Brush to Spread Evenly

When using either of these tools, a simple thing to keep in mind is that a beard brush is best used for a short beard whereas a wooden comb is best used for a long beard. However, when using a beard comb, make sure it is wooden and not plastic and also that it has both wide and narrow teeth on opposite ends.

Use a beard brush/wooden beard comb to flatten the hairs to your desired shape. Use it to evenly distribute the oil while setting the hairs back in place. Comb your beard up and away from your face to make the beard fluff out. Then from that position comb it down and further along the grain.

Work the comb across the direction you want your beard to grow. Comb the sides and the neck too. Lastly to give it a finishing touch, comb your moustache from the centre till it has a pointy appearance at the side. 

Step 10: Wash your hands and comb

Wash your combs of any residue so that you may use it again. Also, wash your hands unless you prefer an oily one! That’s it!  Now just simply get on with your day and let the oil soak in and work its magic.

Beard Balm vs Oil

Beard Balm vs Oil

Beard oil consists of different ingredients such as argan oil, jojoba oil whereas beeswax is the main ingredient used in a beard balm.

Beard oil helps with the shine, whereas beard balm helps with the hold.  Beard balm consists of all the same types of oils that are in beard oil. The main distinction in the product is that balms have a predominant foundation of beeswax, cocoa butter, and shea butter.

If you notice that most of your beard stays in place and you like how it naturally lays down, then beard oil may be the best option for you. The oil contains the same minerals and nutrients as the balm, but it does not impact the grip or hold of your hair. When you don’t want the extra lock and hold, but you do want the relaxation, conditioning and health-enhancing results, beard oil is the way to go.


When Should I Use Beard Oil?

The best time to apply a beard balm is when yourbeard is at its cleanest. Like a beard balm, we recommend applying beard oil right after your shower.

How Often Should I Oil My Beard?

The usage and application of Beard Oil entirely depend on your lifestyle, beard length and beard growth. But applying it once a day will improve the overall health of your beard and not harm it. Feel free to apply it more than once a day but you may not need it.

Can I Apply Beard Oil Everyday?

We recommend applying beard oil once a day. Too much of it can make your beard greasy. However, not using it might leave your beard to feel dry which can cause beard itch

How Much Beard Oil To Use?

There are no set rules on this, as it depends on your beards length, size and thickness, growth. Every beard is different. However, a minimum of 2 drops is recommended.

So there you have it, my kings. You finally have your answer. We hope this article helped provide you and garner an overall perspective on how to apply beard oil. We hope we covered all your concerns and queries in the FAQ section too 

We are positive after this article, you’re not going to have any problems in starting out to apply beard oil. Of course, if you have any concerns we are always ready to tend to it and solve it for you. 

Before we go we would love to hear from you. Can you tell us your experience with beard oil? Have you ever used it? If so, did you face any problems while doing so? Would you recommend your friends to use it?

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