How to Apply Beard Balm (2020 Full Guide)


Many men suffer from itchiness, red blotches, and other irritations because of overly-thick and messy beard.

Another reason for that is the men’s stereotype on beard balm application. They’d just get a wallop of the balm and dab it onto their beard and that’s it!  Or they thought so!

Contrary to what they believe, applying beard balm on procedure is crucial!

Beard balms function for specific purposes. One of those purposes is to secure healthy maintenance of the mane. In order to realize its function, it requires specific tools for easy application. Therefore, applying beard balm on the facial hair can be very meticulous.

Now, thanks to the step-by-step guide on how to apply beard balm, nothing should go wrong!

Before we hop into the nitty-gritty details, let’s differentiate first beard balm from beard oil.

Choosing Between Beard Balm and Beard Oil- Which is the Best?

Beard balm is a conditioner that comes in ready-made packages or even in DIY (do-it-yourself) recipe tags. It has one main function- soften the beard to a style.

In order to do so, it makes use of natural and organic substances. Primarily, it assists you in shaping your thick beard into your preferred style. Ultimately, it naturally holds your mane before and after you shave and even during styling.

Beard balms contain concentrated butter, essential oils, carrier oils, beeswax, and herbal additions.

Beard oil, on the other hand, softens the hair with higher intensity. To draw a clearer line- let’s set a timeline, say, 3-4 months. In that period, you will have already grown a thicker mane from your last shave.

The beard oil can be applied on the first month within the given time period. It softens the hair more than the beard balm, yet it can only work as a supplementary.

Why? Because it doesn’t shape or style the hair. It merely softens and prepares the beard for the final straw during the 3rd or 4th month. Nonetheless, it doesn’t hold the beard as the beard balm does.

But, is one better than the other? The answer is no. Both are complimentary. You can use them both at the same time. By all means, one is supplemental to the other depending on the need.

Beard oil consists of essential oils, herb oils, vegetable oils, and other nutrients.

To recap: Beard oil and beard balm are complimentary.

Both complete an efficient and comprehensive beard care kit. It’s even advised that you apply beard oil during the early growth of your beard, and then use beard balm during the 3rd-4th month, or when your beard thickens up.

Why is Beard Balm Highly Recommended?

Beard balms don’t only style and smoothen the beard, they also nourish the hair strands from the root to the tip.

Beard balms offer a number of benefits. That’s why we highly recommend that you use it!

Not convinced yet? Keep on reading!

  • It softens the beard and then styles it.
  • Beard balm helps you get rid of beardruff.
  • It encourages the hair root to produce natural oil.
  • The balm makes for easy beard care and maintenance.
  • It protects and nourishes the skin from irritation, nicks, cuts, etc.
  • The beard balm secures a clean and close shave.

These are just a few of the many benefits of properly and effectively applying beard balm. To help you easily remember- just lightly run your fingers on the beard balm cake. That should tell you the pleasures it offers!

Tools – The Secret to the Successful Application of Beard Balm

Most men won’t take time to detail into the necessary peripherals in putting beard balm to the face. While results may not prove to be that damaging, failure to secure the tools make your whole routine counter-productive.

So, in order to avoid such- don’t miss these important tools:

  • Soap Pack
  • Beard Oil
  • Towel
  • Beard Bristle/Brush
  • Razor (if aiming for a shave)
  • Shaving cream
  • Specialized combs

These tools complete a comprehensive kit for beard care. Nevertheless, these also double-up the efficiency of the beard balm application. Missing a few of these tools may lead to counter-productive results.

Finally! Here’s the Effective Step-by-Step Guide on How to Apply Beard Balm!

Applying beard balm may appear to be simple and basic at a glance. However, it should not warrant lose practice. If you’re aiming for a golden result- then, you ought to be meticulous on the details.

Always keep in mind that you only get to apply beard balm once per beard growth stage.

One wrong move and you’ll instead end up with unsatisfactory results. With the right tools on hand, here are the steps into effectively applying beard balm.

  • Take a shower, pre-condition your beard with any beard soap, and then dry your beard with a towel.
  • Taking  shower and applying soap conditions your beard many times more effectively. Drying the beard with towel maintains its nutrients and smoothness.
  • Apply 2-3 drops of beard oil on the beard and let it soak for 4-5 minutes. The beard oil fully completes the conditioning process. Now, this is most helpful if you have a very thick beard type.
  • With your thumb and index  finger, scoop out a portion in the balm’s surface. A dime size of the balm would be sufficient for your beard.
  • Rub the extracted amount between your fingers. It’s also important that you gently massage your beard surface at this point.
  • Evenly coat your beard with the balm and while doing so, ensure that the strands are evenly positioned. You can begin to style your beard at this point.
  • Let your fingers guide the directions of the hair  strands. Even if you utilize a specialized comb or a beard brush at this point, you’re still bound to feel the tactile presence of your fingers across your mane. Nothing beats that.
  • If needed, you can add more amounts of balm on your beard.
  • If necessary, let balm stay in your beard overnight for more concentrated nourishment. This encourages proper distribution and absorption of nutrients in the hair follicles.

If you’re aiming for a shave:

  • Let the beard balm work as the shaving cream.
  • With your razor, establish a shaving pattern akin to where you applied the balm.
  • If you‘re having difficulty shaving short strands, you may apply shaving cream.
  • Clean up face with water after you shave.

Top FAQs on Applying Beard Balm

Go over this reviewed FAQs and their answers. Know every bit of the routine and the products as well. Be empowered and don’t forget to spread the knowledge!

Is it safe to use beard balm and oil together?

Yes. It should be safe. There isn’t any indication of danger concerning the application of beard balm and oil at the same time. But the best method would involve applying the beard oil first before the balm.

When is the right time to apply beard balm?

It’s best to apply beard balm when your beard has thickened to such degree (usually during your beard’s 3rd-4th growing period following the last shave).

How frequent should I apply beard balm?

Apply beard balm anytime you need to style your beard. It should not matter how frequent. However, we would not recommend that you frequently apply beard balm during the shave.

Can I apply beard balm on my hair?

Yes. You can

Does beard balm effect have expiry?

Yes. Of course. On average, your beard balm will be able to hold that style for 19-24 hours.

Does beard balm help increase hair length?

No. It only secures a healthier growth, not necessarily a longer beard length.

How do I apply beard balm on thinner or shorter beard?

The best means for applying beard balm on thinner or shorter beard is by utilizing a comb or beard brush.


Applying beard balm, because of its basic impression, has been taken for granted by many men. It seems basic at first glance, but once you’ve tried, you’ll never go bare again!

A specific procedure should also be followed so that you won’t lose the whole essence of the balm.

Beard balm nourishes the beard hair and maintains health in the skin. It further prevents irritations and that ever-annoying beard itch!

A standout characteristic of an effective beard is an organic quality. It should also blend with essential tools for applying beard balm. The tools include mild soap, beard oil or essential oils.

So, there you go! It’s time to stash these babies into your vanity kit!

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