How Long Do Finger Tattoos Take to Fade

How Long Do Finger Tattoos Take to Fade

Tattoos are a form of self-expression. Especially, finger tattoos are in trend these days. Simple, subtle, and beautiful; finger tattoos are worth the pain. But did you ever think of how long do finger tattoos take to fade? Is it a faster process than usual tattoos or does it take time? These are commonly asked questions that need to be answered precisely with correct guidance.

We use our hands all day, fingers are used for every small or big work. And that is why finger tattoos fade away quickly and need to be taken care of more. Aftercare is important for any sort of tattoo, be it on any part of your body. So let us look in detail about the same.

How Long Do Finger Tattoos Take to Fade?

You would have heard or read that finger tattoos fade quickly. Yes, that is true finger tattoos do fade faster than other body parts. The simple reason being hands are the most used body part and are often on work. Also, hands are washed regularly which is a necessity and can’t be avoided. Through frequent contact with water can affect the ink. And due to these all reasons finger tattoos fade away faster compared to others.

It’s not like you should not get a finger tattoo. But you need to take proper care of it and re-ink it at frequent intervals. With all the needed precautions taken a finger tattoo can last up to 6-12 months depending upon ink quality, tattoo size, artist, etc. 

Even with proper care, you do have to re-ink every 8-10 months by your tattoo artist. It’ll fade anyways if not re-inked even if you take proper aftercare. So if you are ready to do all the needed be it aftercare or re-inking you should go for a cool or a beautiful finger tattoo.

Some Facts About Finger Tattoo

Let’s look at some special facts about finger tattoo and what different should be done for the finger tattoos

  1. Finger Tattoos Need More Attention

Finger Tattoos are the same as any other tattoos and the aftercare is also nothing special. There is no different treatment required. As finger tattoos are made with the same ink or artistic skills it is no different. The only thing that differs is that hands are the most used body part and that is why finger ink fades quickly. The only thing you need to do is give more attention to finger tattoos compared to others.

  1. Finger Tattoos are Painful

Yes, you read that right. Getting a tattoo on your fingers is more painful compared to others. As fingers are rich in nerves and skin there are very thin as well. The sensation of needles on the bones is high because there is not much muscle or body fat on the finger. You need a very high pain tolerance for getting a finger tattoo.

  1. Finger Tattoos are Expensive

Yes, finger tattoos are more expensive than other body parts. Tattoo artists need to take a lot of effort for finger tattoos as designing them is pretty hard. Tattoo fingers are small and ink should be precisely pigmented. Also, finger tattoos need to be re-inked every 8-10 months that also need the same amount of money as if making an actual tattoo. So it is more expensive and costly than other tattoos.

  1. Choose a Simple Design for Finger Tattoos

Choose a very simple and subtle design, maybe a letter or thin design. There are two reasons for it. First, as mentioned earlier finger tattoos are painful and a difficult design can complicate things for you. Secondly, there are more chances of it getting discolored or fading faster than usual. Thus choosing a simple tattoo design is very important.

Finger Tattoos

After Care Tips for Finger Tattoos

Knowing Aftercare of Finger Tattoo is just as important as some facts about finger tattoo before getting it is. Also as finger tattoos are exposed and are painful, taking proper aftercare is very crucial. Proper care should be taken of the wound for faster healing. Though the difficult part is taking care of it until the ink dries. Let’s quickly look at some tips for the aftercare of finger tattoos

  1. Keep Finger Tattoos Safe and Clean

As we use our hands and fingers very often, keeping finger tattoos safe and clean for at least 5 to 7 days is very important. You need to be very careful with finger tattoos especially during daily chores like bathing and cleaning etc. 

Use an antibacterial or an antimicrobial soap that is specially designed to clean the tattoo wound along with killing living microorganisms from your skin. And also make sure your soap is chemical-free as well.

  1. Keep Finger Tattoos Moisturized

For the first few weeks keeping your finger tattoos moisturized is very important. Fingers have a lot of work to do and so the wound is prone to getting dry which can result in shedding and then quick fading of color. Keep your finger moisturized by applying lotion or moisturizer. 

Especially after washing, apply the moisturizer immediately so that the wound would not turn dry. Do not use normal lotion or moisturizer. Always buy a chemical-free and 100% natural and organic moisturizer. There are moisturizers specially formulated for the faster healing of tattoos.

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  1. Re-Ink Finger Tattoo Frequently.

In the first year, you need to re-ink or top up your tattoo to keep them from fading away. Finger tattoos are high maintenance. As mentioned earlier choose a simple design, if you go for a complicated design it can be time-consuming.

Complex designs need many top-ups and re-application that can be painful. Consult your tattoo artist properly before coming on to any decision.


How to make finger tattoos last longer?

With proper aftercare, that is by keeping the wound clean, moisturizing it, and re-inking finger tattoos you can make it last longer.

How long do finger tattoos last on average?

On the average finger, tattoos last for 6 to 12 months if being taken care of properly and with frequent top-ups.

Do finger tattoos fade quicker than other areas?

Yes, as hands are the most functional body part there are chances of finger tattoo fading away quickly compared to other areas

Final Thoughts

Finger tattoos are high maintenance, fade quicker, and are really painful. You need to be sure about your decision of getting a finger tattoo. And if you are for sure getting a finger you need to take proper aftercare and keep in mind a few little things such as simple designing and ink quality etc. Hope this article was helpful for your finger tattoo-related doubts.

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