What’s your Hot Tool? Hot Rollers vs Curling Iron

Hot Rollers vs Curling Iron

Those luscious curls can indeed make you feel more extra. It can even change how you look. There are a lot of hot tools in the market today, and the most popular ones used for curling are curling irons and hot rollers.

Others tend to have both tools. It gives them more liberty in styling their hair. And when the other fails you, you have a backup! But what if you can’t afford to buy two hot tools at the same time? Which is better?

We’re going to get an insight into the pros and cons of each hot tool. And from there, you’ll be able to see which one suits you best. So hot rollers vs curling iron- let’s get those curls rolling!

What Are Curling Irons?

Curling irons are long electric rods that are heated. It curls the hair via the heat generated. And with curling irons, you have to wrap your tresses on the heated rod, hold it for a few seconds and release. 

Why are Curling Irons So Hot in the Market?

Let’s dive deeper into its advantages so you can see if it’s something that you really need.

  • Offers a lot of styles 

Curling irons come in different barrel sizes. The larger ones can give you loose sexy curls. And the thinner ones are perfect for ringlets and corkscrew curls. The interchangeable barrels give you a ton of styling options.

  • Options for tapered barrels

What’s with tapered barrels? These barrels can give you a more natural-looking curl. These curls are bouncy and similar to the girl next door look. 

  • Hair curlers are made of different materials that can suit your hair type

Curling irons can be made from tourmaline, ceramic or titanium. Each type of material suits a specific hair type. For instance, if you have sensitive and fragile hair, ceramic barrels are great for you. Whereas coarse and stubborn hair needs the heat prowess of a titanium barrel. And tourmaline can help you get rid of the frizz. 

So whichever their type you have, you’re sure to find the best fit that will give you beautiful and healthy curls. 

  • You can curls hair near the roots

The clasps also make it possible to curl the hair near the roots without scorching your hand or your face.

What Are the Hot Rollers?

Hot rollers may be vintage, but it’s indeed making a comeback. Some people still prefer this old fashioned way of curling hair. 

Hot rollers are tubes or cylinders designed to curl hair. These are heated from an electric chamber before wrapping your hair around it.  

Why Use Hot Rollers?

This vantage way of curling hair has some pros that might fit into your needs and lifestyle.

  • It’s safer for the hair.

In terms of damage from heat, hot rollers are almost foolproof. It takes about 12 minutes for hot rollers to cool down. So even if you leave it on longer, it’s less likely to damage your hair

And because hot rollers just retain the leftover heat, these are safer for those with fine delicate hair. 

  • Hot rollers can give you a more natural volume

Hot Rollers Versus Curling Iron: Which is Which?

Let’s put these two hot tools in the ring so that you can decide best.

  1. Hot rollers are not for the impatient, curling irons work faster.

It will take several minutes to wrap your tresses around hot rollers. Some just have time in the morning to do this beauty ritual.

While if you’re rushing through the day, you’ll find curling irons more convenient. Since it heats up quickly and the heat is maintained, you can achieve luscious curls faster.

2. Curling irons can be more damaging while hair rollers are almost foolproof.

If you’re not careful, it’s easy to scorch your hair with a curling iron. Especially if you’re using a heat setting that’s too high for your hair. Or if you left it too long on your hair, it can get damaged.

While hot rollers are using leftover heat, so even if you’ve left for more than 15 minutes, there’s a slim chance of getting your hair burnt. 

3. Curling irons can curl stubborn hair or thicker hair while hot blowers may lack curling prowess.

If you have coarse hair that just won’t curl, a curling iron will help you get those sexy beach waves. Since there is an option to have a higher heat setting, your har will be more pliable for styling.

The leftover heat from hot blowers seems to be not enough for curling stubborn and coarse hair.

4. Hot rollers can eat up a lot of space in your vanity than curling irons.

Space is an issue when it comes to hot rollers. You need several rollers just to achieve one specific style. Where a curling iron is more space-efficient. 

5. Curling irons give you more liberty in styling compared to hot rollers.

Hot rollers may come in different sizes too, but you can just change the size of the curls and that’s about it. While curling iron allows you to create a myriad of curly styles and sizes too.

6. Curling irons may require a learning curve and demands more attention

If you’re using a curling iron for the first time, you might need to learn a few tricks before you get it perfect. 

How to wrap the hair around the barrel? Are you holding it too long? You have to know these. Oftentimes, beginners might find hot rollers easier to use. Once the hair is set in the rollers, you don’t have to pay too much attention to it. You just wait for the rollers to cool down.  

Whereas when using a curling iron, you have to pay more attention to your hair. Otherwise, there’s a risk of scorching it.

7. Curling irons are great to bring for travel. And hot rollers will eat a chunk of space in or luggage.

8. It’s challenging to do touch-ups with hot rollers, while it’s very convenient with a curling iron.

Are Hot Rollers For You?

Hot rollers are perfect for those with delicate hair. And it’s best for those with shoulder-length tresses. If you have too long hair, you might have a hard time wrapping each section of your hair into each roller. And imagine how many minutes it would take you just to finish wrapping each section into each tube.

And if you just love to multitask, this hot tool can be for you. And there’s also some sort of satisfaction when you have your hair curled with rollers. It’s kind of a vintage feel. And you somehow feel more pampered given the time you spent beautifying yourself.

And hot rollers allow out to do other chores. You can finish your morning coffee or go ahead with your makeup while waiting for the curls to set. 

Are Curling Irons For You?

If you want a fast curling season, no doubt, the curling iron is for you. You just have to know the right type of material and heat settings for your hair. Otherwise, it can result in heat damage and frizzes. 

And if you want a ton of hairstyles, you’ll find more than enough with a curling iron.


Hot rollers vs curling irons, which one is better? We have listed the pros and cons of each hot tool. While it’s best to have both, your budget may not allow it. To summarize, let’s rundown everything.

Hot rollers are great for those with fine hair, multitaskers, and if you want less damage from heat. While curling irons are preferred by those who want it faster, more styling options, and if have stubborn hair that doesn’t curl easily.

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