How Long Does It Take to Have a Full-Grown Beard? (2020 Guide)

how to grow a full beard

If you’re planning to grow a full-grown beard for the first time, let me tell you, the journey can be challenging!

There are a few stages of beard growth that you need to overcome before you can achieve your optimum full beard effect.

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Basically, this article would serve as a guide on what to expect on the whole beard growth stages. Plus, we’ve also offered some helpful tips on how to get to the finish line! Without further ado, let’s get started!

Stages Of Growing A Beard

To help beginners and those searching for more helpful info on growing a beard, we’re going to break down the stages of beard development into weeks.

Below shows the beard growth timeline from week 1 to week 10.

Week 1: The Stubble Begins to Surface

Growing a beard involves a couple of stages, but the most fun and challenging at the same time is the first few days! You need to drop that razor and let time takes its course! Keep in mind that the beard growth rate may differ from one person to another.

Hair color can determine the growth of stubbles for men. Those who have dark hair will probably begin to see some stubbles at this stage. However, you may need to wait for another week if your hair is blonde or grey.

When you see stubbles on your face, resist the urge to pick a razor. Let them grow out and wait for them to reach the desired length. You won’t need to use beard oil at this stage because your sebaceous glands will do the work for you.

How To Grow a Stubble Beard?

Start with a clean-shaven face. Groom your skin with a good shaving cream or lotion to reduce irritation. A post-shave moisturizer is also a nice bet to make your face hydrated.

A beard shampoo and conditioner are good investments to make your facial hair strong and healthy during the development stages.These products will remove the dirt without stripping the natural oils of your skin.

Week 2 To 3: A Killer Beard Begins To Form

During this stage, you’ll begin to show signs of a powerful beard. A 2-week beard growth is a heavy stubble. It might be itchy at this point so make sure that you use the right products.

Use some beard oil if you begin to feel some itch. To strengthen and moisturize the hair follicles, consider using a beard balm at this stage. You can also use a beard wash to remove any dirt and oil that might clog your hair and skin.

Your goal here is to keep your skin in the best condition. Growing your beard shouldn’t be difficult. Clean and moisturize your skin to ensure a fresh looking face at this stage.

Week 4 To 5: Sizeable Beard Growth

Congratulations! At this point, a  4-week beard looks like an official beard. It has grown in a sizeable amount and it’s time for you to care for it properly.

Beard itch is a common issue at this stage. This happens when the skin underneath the beard gets really dry. To find relief, use beard oil.
Beard oil doesn’t only offer itch relief but it also helps soften the beard. This will make the beard feel soft and manageable. It also helps reduce the risks of split ends and promote the growth of healthy hair.

Week 6 To 8: The Bushy Stage

A 6-week beard needs trimming. You need to look as stylish as possible. If it’s your first time, it may be a bad idea to do it on your own so we recommend that you visit your nearest barbershop.

Decide where the neck and cheek lines are going to be. Do you want to extend the beard in your chest or just below your chin? If you’re specifically hairy, grow your beard just an inch above your Adam’s apple.

For the cheek lines, there’s no need to trim it unless it begins to grow towards your eyes. Sculpting it to an unusual shape can do look mortifying so we recommend to grow it naturally.

It’s rather hard to look in the mirror and sculpt the beard yourself. One mishap and you might accidentally cut a large patch of hair. You need a professional barber to help you shape the beard you desire.

Once done, you can try cleaning up the lines with your favorite beard trimmer.  Do the trimming between visits to the barbershop.

Another essential that you need to use at this point is beard soap. These soaps are specially designed to nourish the skin underneath the beard. They contain a lot of natural ingredients to suit your skin.

Beard combs and brushes are other tools that you may need at this point.  The combs can help style your beard to give it more volume. The brushes can help exfoliate your skin too.

Week 9-10: Maintenance

This is the last stage of beard growth progression. You need to decide at what beard length you want to keep and maintain that sexy facial hair. If you want to grow an extra length, visit the barbershop regularly or trim it yourself to the wiry hair astray.

You may notice that the hair on your upper lip will begin to curl up. This could be really annoying because it gets in the way when you’re eating. You have two options here: trim it or embrace it fully.

If you choose to grow out the mustache, keep it away from the mouth with some mustache wax. If not, trim the mustache.

For maintenance, you need to exfoliate your facial hair twice a week.  Wash your beard with a good beard wash to remove any grime and dust buildup. Apply beard oil into your beard once a day and use beard wax to keep the hair orderly.

Can I Have Full Beard In A Few Weeks?

There’s no definite time when you can grow a full beard. The answer varies from one person to another but normally, the full beard growth stages take about six to eight weeks. After that, you can just maintain the beard at its desired length.

You might wonder, why that long? Why not in a short time? Each hair on our body goes through three stagesanagen, catagen, and telogen.

  • Anagen: This hair growth phase is when the beard grows the most. This can take eight weeks up to two years, depending on your genetics. Your beard will either grow thick or thin.
  • Catagen: The second phase is when your hair doesn’t grow anymore. It roots itself in your skin kind of sits there for a couple of months.
  • Telogen: This is the final stage of hair growth. New hair pushes out the old hair to grow. You might see some shedding so don’t be alarmed.

If you leave your beard untouched, you can expect it to grow for about three feet. Some may have a longer or shorter beard but you’ll never be certain until you grow it yourself.

You’ll know that your beard has reached the maximum length if you begin to see some shedding even if you’re not tugging them out.

Again, genetics play a major role in the growth of your beard  If you’re not lucky to have the genes, you can maximize the potential growth of your beard with the right vitamins and supplements.

You can also exercise to improve the blood flow to your face and promote the growth of facial hair.

How to Grow a Hipster Beard

The hipster beard is a long and full beard. It’s a trend nowadays but not everyone is blessed to achieve this edgy look. So if you’re yearning to get this look, here are the steps:

1. Grow Your Beard

Your goal is to grow a long and full beard so basically, you have to stop shaving! But before you do that, remove whatever hair has grown on your chin. This is to make sure that the new growth of hair will be even.

Now, it’s time to wait for the beard to fill out naturally. This may take two months to be exact. You may look a bit messy and feel the itch for some time, so better use the proper beard products such as beard oil.

Remove any stray hair that begins to intrude your cheeks and neck. You want the majority of the beard to grow around your lower cheeks, mouth, and jawline. Begin to shape the beard lines at this stage.

2. Style The Beard

When your beard has grown half an inch, it’s time to try new styling methods. Trim your beard according to the shape of your face. If you have a square jaw, cut the sides and extend the length under the chin.

Keep the beard shabby. Use a beard comb to make the beard appear fuller. Try not to let your beard grow so long that it begins to appear rough and grimy. Don’t forget to style up your mustache into a gentle taper.

3. Maintain The Beard

Now that you achieved the right length and style, keep it groomed always. Wash your beard with a special shampoo to eliminate the dirt and follow it with a conditioner to keep it moisturized. Do this routine every few days.

Apply a quality beard oil after washing your face. This will soften your beard and remove dandruff. Comb your beard to remove any tangles and brush it to give it a sleeker look.


What’s the average age to be able to grow a full beard?

Boys will be able to grow a full beard when they hit puberty. Some may start to grow a beard as early as 12 years old while others experience it as late as 20 years old. On average, beard starts to grow at age 16 and develops into a full one within the next three years.

Again, growing a full beard depends on your genes. Look at your father or grandfather and if they had a full beard, chances are high that you’d be able to grow one too.

How to grow facial hair faster?

The most common ways to speed up the growth of your beard is to care for your face, take vitamins, and let it grow.

To care for your face, exfoliate it at least once a week to remove the dead skin cells. Never forget to moisturize!

Taking plenty of rest also helps in promoting the growth of beard. Keep away from stress because more beard will grow if you’re more relaxed. Exercise to boost your testosterone levels and enhance blood circulation on your face.

It’s also advisable to take supplements, like biotin, to increase beard growth. Incorporate vitamins B, protein, and minerals in your diet. Most importantly, store your razor or shaver away from sight so you won’t be tempted to shave them down.

Is Minoxidil effective for beard growth?

Yes, it seems that Minoxidil is effective in growing a beard. Thousands of people have used it with great success. However, there are temporary side effects that you should be aware of like heart palpitations, headaches, and itchiness.

You can choose any brand of Minoxidil but ensure that it only contains Minoxidil 5% as the only active ingredient. The liquid form is more affordable but it dries much longer than the foam variant. Two popular brands of Minoxidil are Rogaine and Kirkland.


Growing a beard is really an arduous task. You need a whole lot of patience and dedication to fight the itch and maintain the length. There are only a few men who can achieve this feat so be proud if you have can grow a full beard!

Follow our tips above and you can grow a healthy full beard in about six to eight weeks. Remember to keep the skin underneath the beard moisturized and hydrated. Use proper beard grooming tools to make the journey easy.

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