12 Proven Ways to Grow a Thick Beard #7 Will Shock You

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Grow a Thick Beard

All my kings going through frustration because of having a patchy beard and not knowing what to do to achieve a fuller look, worry not. We have got you covered.

Today we will not only tell you how to grow a thicker beard but the No 1 reason as to why some of you can’t in the first place. We’ll also cover the qualities a thick beard has what makes a beard thicker to begin with.

The Benefits of Keeping a Beard

Some people might be questioning why keep a beard in the first place when the clean-shaven look is something they are already rocking. Well following are some of the benefits of a beard and why you might wanna keep a beard:

  • It is a sign of maturity.

Men without a beard and completely shaven skin look like a baby face. A beard gives them a much fuller and mature look and provides the illusion of growth.

  • It is a sign of fertility.

Usually people with thick beard sprouting out have higher testosterone. This male growth hormone is the primary indicator of fertility and hence a thick beard shows that.

  • Beards are often associated with wisdom and leadership.

There is a stereotype that men with beards are more mature and more smart. They are also knowledgeable. So having a beard just might give off that impression to people.

  • It can make men with baby faces look older, and older men look younger.

For people with young age having a beard is a blessing as it provides the illusion that you are older and for people who aged, beard makes you younger than you look.

Qualities Of a Thick Beard

Qualities Of a Thick Beard

Men think the complete beard is synonymous with strength, control, leadership and intelligence. Before we dive deep down into the main reasons why you can’t grow a thick beard, we believe it’s essential you know some of the qualities a great beard possesses.

Thickness is a characteristic that makes your face look fuller and less patchy. On the other hand, your length of the beard does play an important character in determining your quality. Have these 2 qualities and you’ll have a luscious beard in no time.

No 1:Reason Why Some People Can’t Grow Thick Beard


There I said it. It’s not you. It’s your genes.

BUT WAIT!! Before you swipe away and give up on this thinking it’s all over for you, hear me out. Depending on the genes different people grow beards at different rates.

While some people can achieve a fuller look within days some people take months or even weeks. Unless you have some problem with your skin, you can grow hair usually at the rate of ½ inch per month.

The reality is that most of the guys do things that halts the beard growth long before it even reaches its full potential.

The trick to being able to grow a thick and fuller beard faster is simply just believing in its potential to grow and let it keep growing. It is at this time the beard will fill in the patches much better.  

But some people shave off their beard before that happens and can’t ever find out the full extent of their beard. You’ll notice uneven areas and patchiness after a while. It requires a little boost and patience from your side.

Some men simply have a higher testosterone level and can develop a full beard. Others are, unfortunately, left with some to no facial hairs at all.


What Makes Beard Thicker

Growing a beard is subjective to individual perspective. Like we already say your genes play an important role. Some men experience massive growth in a couple of weeks while some struggle to grow it in their lifetime.

What happens here is that you get the illusion that someone’s beard is thicker. Sometimes sth as simple as the color makes a great difference. It provides that thick illusion. Even the density of the beard puts you under the impression that a beard has a high growth rate. But obviously, some men do have thick hair follicles which is the reason why the look the way they do.

How To Grow Your Beard Faster & Thicker

What You Can Do To Grow Your Beard Faster & Thicker

The following are tips on how you can achieve a thick, healthier, fuller-looking beard faster:

1. Avoid Myths About Beard Growth

Let us start off by debunking a myth. From time to time you can see the question:  “Does shaving make the beard thicker?” 

There is no truth in this theory. Don’t fall for this myth. Shaving removes your beard, leaving your beard alone, and letting it grow makes it thicker.

2. Let it Grow 

What can you do to grow a thick beard? Just let it grow. This is an obvious tip but one that’s easily forgotten and overlooked. Shaving doesn’t make your beard grow any faster or thicker. So you can keep your blades away from your face for a while.

Just let your beard grow itself out. Don’t worry about the minor disconformities that you’ll see when keeping it long. Just give it time and your beard will be looking full soon enough.  

3. Proper Grooming

it goes without saying that you need to wash, clean, and regularly comb to have a healthy beard. Just like a healthy mind is the foundation of a healthy body, the growth of a beard depends on its skin quality. 

Use a good moisturizer to keep the skin healthy.You’ll notice improvements and get a thicker beard in no time. So don’t forget to clean and moisturize your skin as this will clear away all the dirt, replace dead skin cells and make your skin achieve that natural shine and glow.

4. Start Exercising

Testosterone is known to boost beard growth. so be sure to plan regular sessions throughout the week as exercise promotes beard growth by improving testosterone levels. Intense, short burst workouts will send your testosterone levels through the roof and get your facial hair working overtime!

Exercising increases testosterone, which we have already discussed being linked to promoting hair and facial hair growth. You’ll also be able to elevate your levels od DHT(dihydrotestosterone). This is crucial for growing your beard. DHT promotes beard growth and gives it a curl like appearance making it look thicker.

5. Balanced Diet

We have all heard of the saying “Health is Wealth”  Even “ Healthy body, Healthy mind”  All of these are linked with health eating habits. Healthy eating habits are not only good for your body but as an added bonus will work towards helping your beard grow too. Nutrition is key. So couple your food with healthy balanced options

6. Reducing Anxiety and Stress

Remember an apple a day keeps the doctors away? Similarly your stress and anxiety will keep your beard from growing too. Why? Stress produces a substance called Cortisol in your body which has the opposite effect of testosterone. 

Stress obstructs healthy blood circulation thus preventing healthier hair growth. So don’t stress it, Kings!

7. Get Proper sleep

Men who are trying to grow a fuller and thicker beard must not underestimate the importance of sleep.Sleeping helps to relax your muscles and boost testosterone production thus helping you heal and grow faster.

If you get adequate sleep, the depression will be reduced and the facial hair will increase. Science says a healthy individual should get a minimum of 8 hours of sleep a day.

8. Drink Water

Stay hydrated and drink water daily, Drink at least 3-4 Litres of waters a day at the bare minimum. This will help flush out the toxins in your blood.

This will make your skin hydrated, and healthier skin means healthier and thicker beards. This one may seem obvious to some, but you will be surprised how many men are not doing it.

9. Taking Supplements

Truth to be told, your regular diet in most cases don’t make up for the shortcomings you have. The incorporation of vitamins into your diet can have a beneficial impact on the facial hair, as you’ll begin to ascertain the standard of the hair improving afterwards.

  • Biotin

It is one of those super-powered vitamins that has shown to stimulate hair growth. Aside from Biotin promoting beard growth it’s also great for your skin so it’s giving you all sorts of health benefits. You’ll often find this in some of the top beard products.

  • Minoxidil

Recently many men have benefited from a minoxidil solution. It is said that Minoxidil makes beard thicker thus helping you achieve a fuller look. In most cases, it will take anywhere between six months to two years of consistent Minoxidil applications to grow a full beard with Minoxidil. Obviously, if you have some beard growth already and your overall beard hormone levels are on the higher side, then your results will come in faster.

  • Multivitamins

Zinc, magnesium, vitamin B, iron, vitamin D supplementation helps in growth of thicker beard. Other vitamins like vitamin B6 and vitamin C also play similar roles.  So throw in a Multivitamin supplement today to accelerate that beard growth.

Use Beard Oil

10. Use Beard Oil 

If you’re serious about beard growth then do not underestimate the power of beard oil.  Beard oil not only moisturizes the facial hair but also the skin underneath it. It helps in elimination of both beard itch and beardruff.

Our skin produces Sebum. It’s advisable to go for a beard oil that is close or similar to sebum which our skin produces. So opt for the beard oil that contains  jojoba oil. 

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11. Trim Your Beard Properly

Trimming doesn’t mean shaving the bulk off however the idea behind it is to give you a maintenance cut and keep a fresher look that’s more manageable. Remember to define your neckline and then shape the rest of your beard 

12. Dermatologist Consultation 

If all else fails and nothing works for you, always seek help and advice from a medical professional. Consult a dermatologist or skin specialist today if you’re facing troubles growing a beard. There’s no alternate to this. It’s also advised to take their advice and recommendations before starting or switching on to a new diet or supplement routine.

So remember at the end of the day nothing can provide you an alternative to seeing your nearby dermatologist or a skin specialist/doctor.

I know growing out your beard is a pain. But just like a baby needs nurturing your beard has its own groom up routine and care too. Be sure to follow all the tips given above to ensure you have a healthy thick beard.

If you have any questions, please comment them down below. Let us know your experience with growing out your beard. Did it work for you? Did you try any other methods that haven’t been mentioned here but worked for you? As always we love hearing your response.

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