How to Grow a Better Beard for Black Men

The facial hair of most black men is coarse and curly, making it difficult to manage. If you have an unkempt facial hair, it’s an open invitation to various skin irritations, itches, and other problems. Thus, there is an extreme need to take care of your beard!

But, what if taking care of the beard has reached its tipping point? What if the beard’s just too difficult to manage no matter the circumstances? Would you close your door on that?

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Of course, not! You’d grow a better beard, instead.

To grow a better beard is to shave the previous one. It’s like moving on from something, to begin with something new. That’s the positive way to look at things!

Whoa, whoa, whoa.. Not too fast! There are detailed steps to take before reaching that point. Check out our guide on how to grow a better beard!

But first, let’s reflect on some facts on growing a beard,

Some Facts on Growing a Beard

In our experience, we get to receive large numbers of requests for proper beard growing and maintenance tips from black men. And that explains it!

Black men have naturally curly and coarse hair. Maintaining and managing the beard/facial hair can be extra challenging.

If they don’t end up with messy facial hair qualities, they’re bound to suffer ingrown hair cysts and other forms of irritations.

Most of the time, we respond to their requests by starting off with, “Grow your beard first!” At the same time, we present some facts on growing a beard on a silver platter!

Why grow the beard first? Fully growing your beard makes you more aware of the shape, texture, and natural inclination of your facial hair. In a matter of 4 to 6 weeks, you would be able to determine your beard characteristics.

Only by spotting these detailed facts on your own beard can you properly set a routine for it.

It’s like getting to know your beard to predict its inclinations.

Here are some facts to consider when growing a beard:

  • Trimming the beard helps you see its shape clearly.
  • Purchasing the best beard care kits is a must for black men.
  • Popping the ingrown hairs is a big no-no!
  • Exfoliating the beard and the skin underneath should be done on a daily basis, preferably before you sleep. This goes not just for black men, but for everyone as well.

Easy-to-Remember Beard Care Routines

Growing and caring for that tough beard can sometimes come off as a mess. It’s further aggravated by a busy schedule, or an unexpected visit from a friend, or a jolting night out!

Here’s how you’re going to do it- keep it simple!

Here you go!

  • Wash the beard with shampoo and conditioner. Make it daily. I don’t care what time.
  • Use organic beard care conditioners.
  • Get yourself the best beard oils. There are a lots to mention.
  • Use beard balms interchangeably.
  • Brush and comb daily when necessary. But don’t do it more than twice a day!

See? These are easy stuff. You wouldn’t be able to miss a thing. Chow!

We’ve finally come to our most-awaited part!

Growing a Better Beard: The Black Men’s Secret!

Rejoice! You’ve come into our ultimate guide! Time to experience heavenly beard quality.

But before anything else, you ought to know that the secret isn’t really that confidential. Beard care for black men is relatively bearded care for all men. The only difference the former has from the latter is the effort. Beard care for black men requires more effort.

Here are the tips:

  • Don’t use strong-scented chemically processed solutions.

And that’s self-explanatory!

  • Do the skin trick.

Take good care of the skin beneath your beard. Exfoliate it with all the essential oils that you know.

  • Keep yourself healthy dear!

What you put in your hair is as good as what you put in your mouth. Nourishment. That’s what you need most.

  • Patience is indeed a virtue.

If you really want to grow a better beard, then don’t do any premature moves. Don’t scratch the beard even if it feels itchy. Don’t trim or shave yet until you have seen the full growing capacity/characteristic of your beard hair.

  • Exercise to power-up metabolism.

Diet plays an unmistakable role in keeping your health in check. Again-when you’re healthy, your hair is healthy! It’s just that simple.

More Black Men Beard Care Points

Whenever we get requests from black men, we inevitably end up with these points at hand. Just consider these as supplementary tips to further beard care efforts. Certainly so, these simple points come in generic tone.

  • Maintain proper grooming.

Even when you feel that your beard hair has softened a bit, you should not stop from trimming. Black men, particularly, have the most obstinate beard hairs. Diligence is key in this whole order.

  • Organize your own beard care kit.

Now, this is a major thing to do after you’ve got your hands busy in trying many beard care solutions. By 2-3 uses, you should’ve already picked or organized a personal kit for your beard.

  • Love your skin and give all attention to it.

Healthy skin is the most crucial factor in growing and caring for a better beard. Because black men have coarser and thicker hair, they often overlook their skin! We recommend that you use essential oils and other organic solutions that are easily absorbed by the skin.

Up for more surprises? Keep scrolling down to discover top tips on styling and combing the beard!

Top Tips on Styling and Combing the Beard

Provided that you have observed the full potential of your beard/mustache hair, then you try out these tips.

  • Oil it Out!

First, apply beard balm. Then, after a few minutes, apply a generous amount of beard oil on the area.

  • Neck-Chin Strokes

Using a standard-sized cellulite acetate comb, start combing upwards from below the neck to the base of the chin. Don’t apply too much force on the strokes.

  • Dividing Hairs

Divide beard into halves, down-up, left-right. This process isolates and organizes beard effectively.

  • The Reversal

After having done dividing the beard/mustache, reverse the direction of the strokes. This should put back your hair In place.

  • Style it up!

Add beard balm this time. Apply it on beard or mustache. Then, begin styling with your hands. You use the comb or a boar brush to aid you in the whole process.

  • Enjoy the gloss!

Don’t forget to admire yourself in the mirror! Take your time in taking in the beauty. Love yourself!

FAQs: How to Grow a Better Beard for Black Men

Learn from other’s experiences. Reflect on these questions.

Go, go, go!

What Is the Average Duration for Black Man Beard Hair to Grow Fully?

Facial hair of black men can grow fully in 4-6 weeks.

What Are Immediate Solutions for Straightening Beard Hair?

Combing and conditioning using beard oils and balms and the general application of essential oils are immediate solutions for straightening beard hair.

What Are Solutions for Growing Black Man Beard Hair Faster?

Solutions include keeping a healthy disposition, using grapeseed oil and other beard hair growing products, etc.

  • The best solution for worry-free beard hair is growing a better beard. Meanwhile, growing a better beard requires careful steps to succeed.
  • Black men have the most challenging beard types. Genetically, their facial hair tends to be coarse and curly.
  • Organic solutions are highly recommended for growing a better beard.
  • Growing a better beard means observing it fully and getting to know its inclinations. By doing so can you only develop a beard care kit and routine.
  • Black men’s beard care tips are no different from all men’s beard care tips. The only slight difference lies as to which of the two requires the most effort.
  • Organizing a beard care kit is a must especially if you have a full-grown beard.

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