Growing a Beard for Black Men – The Only Guide You Will Ever Need!

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How to Grow a Better Beard for Black Men

You must have always thought to yourself that the best looking beards are usually pulled off or owned by white caucasian models or celebrities. What if we tell you differently? What if we tell you we have a beard growing routine and hacks specifically catered to your skin?

For all the dark-skinned men out there, if you are worried about your colour and how it impacts your beard, fret not. We have got you covered. Today we are gonna give you 9 amazing tips on how to grow a better beard for black men. 

We love being extra. We love it more when we are doing it for you. So today we’ll not only cover the tips but also going to give you a list of different beard styles you can choose from to take your beard game up to the next level.

So now that you know the nuts and bolts, let’s dive into the details.

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Black Beard Problems:

Knowing about some of the common problems that people of color face during growing a beard will help you gain a better understanding of what to do to counteract these problems. Following are a list of some of the common problems black men face while growing a beard:

  • Beard Itch
  • Patchy Beard
  • Not finding the right products catered to their skin
  • Prone to Razor Bumps

Beard Growing Tips for Black Men

We have compiled a list of steps and processes that you can adapt to your lifestyle and follow it starting today to get the best results. Make sure to follow them. Following are some of the ways you can grow a better beard

1. Take care of your Beard and Skin 

In spite of the fact that you most likely have just heard the articulation, “dark doesn’t break”, this doesn’t imply that individuals of colour must set aside all healthy skin and beard grooming items. Rather, they should utilize hair and beard products for overall growth and development.

If an individual of colour has long facial hair, it’s essential that he takes care of it. All things considered, it’s essential to appropriately treat it and also the skin underneath. By and large, individuals of colour ought to maintain a certain distance from skin and facial hair’s caring items containing colours, lanolin, and counterfeit scents. 

These operators can cause aggravation, evaporate the skin and fill in the pores of your skin. Conventional cleanser bars if used frequently may strip the facial skin of its dampness and its characteristic oil (sebum). In the event that you have a moderately short beard and wish to choose facial skin items rather than facial hair items, you should search for an exfoliating agent containing salicylic corrosive. 

These tweaks can help prevent the hairs from growing back into the skin and also clogs up the pores. At long last, regardless of your skin colour or ethnicity, when you intend to head outside, it is essential to utilize a cream with sunscreen. Utilizing a lotion with FPS will assist with forestalling indications of skin maturing and even skin cancer.

How to Grow a Better Beard for Black Men

2. Moisturize it

You know the importance of shampooing and conditioning your hair. Beard oil is one such product for your beard which helps you to moisturize and soften it.

It’s important to moisturize your beard once every morning and once every night before going to sleep. Moisturizing the beard helps prevent flyaways and also keeps beard itch and beardruff in check. In order to moisturize your beard, gently apply a few drops of beard oil in your palms and then run your hands through your beard.

Use a beard comb to help spread the product uniformly and distribute it to all the parts that need it.

3. Grow a Healthy Eating Habit

Ever heard of the phrase “You are what you eat” ? Indeed it is true. If you fill your body with crap you will look and feel like crap and that’s just the way it is. A terrible eating routine can leave your facial hair dry, fragile, and sketchy. 

The key to looking good, being healthy and having a healthier fuller looking beard is to feed your body with healthy and nutritious food. So, unless you’re providing your body with the required nutrition, nourishments and supplements don’t expect any miracle or magic to happen that will change your facial hair structure or growth magically.

Make sure you do the following:

  • Eat foods that have plenty of Vitamin A like spinach to improve the skin underneath your facial hair. 
  • Eat foods that contain Omega 3 Fatty Acids like salmon which to aid in hair development.
  • Eat foods containing plenty of protein (chicken, fish, eggs) is likewise fundamental for sound hair development. 
  • Eat broccoli and other organic products which are filled with Vitamin C and E to keep your skin and hair hydrated. Nutrients C and E will keep your skin and hair hydrated

4. Exercise Regularly 

So when was the last time you went to a gym to work out or did exercises in general? If you didn’t then now might be a good time to start consider doing it.

Doing regular exercise doesn’t only keep you strong, healthy and stout but also boosts your testosterone and metabolism. Testosterone is one of the key components responsible for your beard growth. Elevated levels of testosterone help in overall better beard development. 

Exercise also diminishes pressure which is responsible for the reduction of testosterone and helps with digestion and metabolism thus leading to better overall hair development.

5. Avoid Stress

Stress produces cortisol in your body which can diminish testosterone. Since testosterone is fundamental for facial hair development, you have to dodge and avoid stressing as much as could reasonably be expected. 

Elevated levels of pressure can even make it harder for your veins to convey legitimate supplements to your hair follicles, which can hinder beard development. Cut out the significant stressors throughout your life (companions, family, drive) or make sense of better approaches to oversee it. 

So don’t stress it, kings. Live stress-free

6. Keep your Beard Trimmed

If you don’t trim your hair every now and then to maintain it, you risk the chance of growing split or stray hairs.  Despite seeming counter-productive, cutting your facial hair will assist you with getting a cleaner beard that looks incredible.

Instead of heading off to your hairstylist consistently to trim your beard, we firmly recommend that you invest in a decent facial hair trimmer and a decent pair of steel scissors for beard and moustache. Both of these apparatuses will permit you to set aside cash and save time and with them, you’ll have the option to consistently have an unblemished and conveniently cut facial hair. 

7. Treat Razor Bumps when they Appear

By and large, the hairs of people of colour are regularly bunched up, frizzy, curly or wavy. This sort of hair i\usually results in ingrown hairs and razor bumps. All the time, men with dark skin experience the ill effects of hyperpigmentation and respond all the more emphatically to the irritation brought about by the razor strokes.

Despite the fact that dermatologists would say that black skin is like a protective layer of security, they also state that waiting too long to treat them might result in a grave error and it’s a serious mistake to do so.

If you don’t treat these razor bumps when they show up, they could harm your hair follicles and altogether decline the development of your beard. So the primary concern to remember is to treat razor bumps quickly as time permits to stay away from any skin issues. 

On the off chance, despite doing everything as recommended you still have razor bumps, we propose that you counsel a dermatologist or a skin specialist to get progressively proficient guidance catered to your needs and circumstances. 

Try not to attempt to pull off your ingrown hairs on the off chance that you would prefer not to wind up with a face loaded with scars. By being excessively forceful, you’ll simply exchange your ingrown hairs issue for a scarring issue. 

8. Utilize High-Quality Products for Your Beard 

Some people make the mistake of using lotion, cream or other products they use on their scalp on their hair. You need to understand your facial hair and the hair on your scalp are essentially different.

Remember that whatever you put on your body is as significant as what you placed in it. So, abstain from utilizing items with harsh ingredients no matter what. These items will either block your pores or strip them of the natural oils that are beneficial for you. With regards to dealing with dark hair and skin, regular is the way to go.

Besides the advantages of not presenting your body to harsh ingredients once in a while effectively affect your general wellbeing.  You must also use top-notch items to maintain and style your beard. The correct beard brush or comb can have a major effect on your facial hair development. 

When combing ensure it doesn’t pull out your facial hair. Not only does that hurt but it could, in essence, obstruct your facial hair development. In the event that you incline toward a brush, pick one with medium to delicate bristles in it. This sort of brush can treat unwieldy facial hair without harming it. 

9. Drink Plenty of Water to Help Your Beard Grow 

Always remember the importance of staying hydrated. There’s a solid and direct connection between water utilization and facial hair development. Hydration helps with a blood pump and flow.

Extraordinary bloodstream guarantees that your skin is getting the significant supplements it needs. Solid skin is the establishment and is compulsory for a sound and full facial hair. Optimum hydration keeps your facial hair’s establishment in top condition. So drink plenty of water

10. Let it Grow

This is perhaps the easiest but also the hardest thing! You must offer your facial hair an ideal opportunity to grow. Growing facial hair takes time. But do not panic. We ‘re talking about hours, not months or years. Fighting through a grotesque, contradictory and upsetting stage-it ‘s common.

We know it gets annoying growing it out. It gets messy. Just give it a couple of days. When your skin gets used to your new facial hair, the tingle will vanish. Keeping your face clean will improve, but it’s not necessarily going to wipe the tingle 100 per cent.

Abstain from moulding or shaving your beard and allow your facial hair time to find its true example, it should take around a month, at the very least! So let it grow kings!

Black Men Beard Styles

Black Men Beard Styles:

You know how to grow black beard naturally. Now it’s time you know what sort of beard styles you should resort to while keeping them. This will elevate your style and upgrade your fashion sense too. Following are some of the best beard styles we picked for you.

1. The Classic Beard

There’s nothing like a full, classic beard. It is an effortlessly masculine, timeless and versatile look. Famous back in the 1970s, black people once again accept the full beard as it can be tailored to fit anyone. It looks great with a lot of haircuts starting from Afro to bald. Your barber will shape your beard to give you the impression of a stronger jawline, or to round out a broad, large, or narrow face. 

2. The Sculpted Beard

Would you like to be a standout amongst the other guys in the room with simply your beard style? Then you might try this look. 

To achieve that look you will need a personal trimmer or sharp razor. Draw straight lines along the edges of your goatee, neckline, jaw, and moustache. You need to sculpt your face according to your face contours.

The more thick the beard is, the smoother the lines would be. This style is recommended for thick-haired black men with fairly short beards. When the beard grows thicker, the lines at the edges will lose their crispness.

3. The Anchor Beard

Perhaps the most popular one in our list today. Like the Avengers hero, it is also regarded as the ‘Tony Stark’ beard. It suits people with square or rectangular face shapes.

The anchor is a pointy, goatee-style beard combined with a moustache; this combination produces the appearance of an anchor that is where the beard derives its name. When it comes to the anchor beard, hygiene is vital; daily trimming of each segment is important to maintain the form intact.

4. The Goatee

The goatee is an enduringly popular and common look to black people. That’s because it’s one of the fastest and most comfortable to grow beards. Even, it’s an excellent option if your facial hair appears to be patchy on your cheeks, so you can keep them clean. It fits every shape of the face, too. The goatee will be appreciated particularly by those with a round face. That’s how it structures the chin and draws attention more towards the face

5. The Boxed Beard

Not everyone can grow a full beard. When you want something different from all the beard styles mentioned, you might wanna try going for a boxed beard. It’s basically a short version of a full beard. Let your beard grow to make it. You’ve got to get through the point where it looks patchy to let it fill in.

Keeping your skincare routine up through this period will keep your follicles safe to encourage the best growth.

Trim it periodically to prevent having scratchy bits. You don’t have to build too much detail around the edges, though. This beard style looks fantastic with a bit of stubble down the neck and on the cheeks.

There you have it. Now you not only know how to grow black beard naturally but also how to use it your advantage by incorporating different styles. Indeed, you don’t have to falter or look away because of your skin colour. You too can grow a luscious amazing and beautiful looking beard that’s going to make you look like what you were destined to. A King!

We sincerely hope you’ll follow all the tips we mentioned. Remember, your skin is what makes you beautiful and your beard makes you look even better! Nevertheless, as always, we love entertaining your opinions and voices. So if you have any questions or queries please ask them away. Have you ever grown a beard? Do you like a shaved or full beard? Would you recommend our tips to any of your friends?

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