Finishing touch flawless facial hair remover reviews 2020

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Facial hair looks sexy…on a man. Even the thinnest fuzzy peach hair can make a woman’s face render it less smooth. And for the more hairy women, it’s a must to have their face shaved and exfoliated. Well, you can go for a dermaplaning session at the salon. It’s effective but it can also cost a lot just for a single session. That’s why it’s a must to have your very own facial hair remover. Stay tuned to see a new nifty tool that I’ve discovered, the finishing touch flawless facial hair remover. My finishing touch flawless facial hair remover reviews will make you go out and buy your own!

Finishing Touch Flawless Dermaplane Glo Lighted...
  • The next generation OF dermaplane: this is a non-vibrating facial exfoliator - Made for absolute precision.
  • Each package includes 1 dermaplane Glo dermaplane with 6 replacement heads and 1 AAA battery for the LED...

What is the finishing touch flawless facial hair remover?

So before we go to the gist of my reviews, let see what this tool really is. Finishing touch flawless facial hair remover functions in the same way as a dermaplane. Only that it’s handier and can be used at home. And of course, flawless glo facial hair remover costs just less than 20 dollars, while a single dermaplaning session can run between 75-150 dollars, or even more.

The finishing touch flawless facial hair remover has the same esthetician grade blades that are used in spas and salons. So an in-home device doesn’t really translate to a more inferior product. 

Finishing glo doesn’t vibrate. Instead, it’s used statically because this can ensure more precision. And you have blades to work on, so it doesn’t really need to vibrate. And compared to other dermaplaning devices, it can give you more control since it’s static. So it can result in a more flawless finish. 

finishing touch flawless facial hair remover reviews
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How does the finishing touch flawless facial hair removal work?

So the package includes the dermaplane device, 6 replacement heads, and batteries for the LED light. It’s encouraged to use a new head every time you do a session. But not to worry, the replacement heads are quite affordable too. You may be able to buy a pack of 6 for less than 10 dollars. So if you do the math, it’s still way cheaper than having a dermaplane session at the salon.

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This dermaplane tool lights up when you’re using it. The LED lights allow you to see more clearly the area that you’re working at. So it enables you to get a much closer shave. So I think the illuminated light is a genius edition. It’s a first of its kind to have one. And it also ensures that you wouldn’t miss even the tiniest spot. 

You just pull the cap off the top and a blade is already inserted. To turn the LED lights on, you just simply have to press the gold button. In case you’re wondering how to put the blade on, it’s easy peasy. There are also videos that can help you do it correctly.

You just need to press the unit against the blade (which is placed in a try). So you don’t even have to touch the blade. That keeps it sanitary and prevents you from incurring any cuts.

How to use the finishing touch flawless facial hair remover 

Now that you’ve met the product it’s time to shave!

  1. As always you want to cleanse your face with your favorite facial cleanser. It’s a must to start on a clean slate.
  2. You may also slather a bit of jojoba oil to make the shaving easier. And if you have dry skin, it can also moisturize your skin and prep it for the shaving. And it’s easier to shave if your skin is a bit oily. 
  3. You can also lather some aloe vera gel, especially if you have sensitive skin. It’s just to have an extra layer of protection from the blades.
  4. So remember to hold the tool with the blade facing down to avoid any cuts and avoid any cuts. And you tend to have more control if you’re going in a downward direction.
  5. It’s best to start from the hairline, using short strokes. And move toward the contour of your face.
  6. And carefully shave each part. You can hold your skin taught with the otter hand for a more even finish. And the light just lets you see everything that’s happening.
  7. Just remember to not press the blade too much on your skin, these are still blades

So after using the flawless finishing touch, it’s best to let your face rest from creams and moisturizer for a few hours. Let it bask in all its glory first. A lot of reviews also swear by a smoother skin thereafter. So there’s really no need to put on moisturizer post facial shaving.

Flawless facial hair remover reviews
Photo Credit: instagram

What’s my rate?

I love this tool! 

It gave me that smoother finish because I can really see where to go. If you’ve missed a spot, you’ll definitely know it. It feels so satisfying too. Shaving your facial hair can make a lot of difference to your face. 

So let me round up the pros of this dermaplaning tool

  • The LED lights are just genius. Even if you’re a bit far away from the mirror, you can still finish shaving your face with flying colors
  • The blue LED lights can also beneficial for your acne and breakouts
  • We love the way the blades and the handles are shaped. It makes it easier to use in every area of the face.
  • Apart from removing the fuzzy peach hair, it also removes a layer of dead skin cells. So it results in brighter smoother skin.
  • It’s one of the safest and painless hair removing products for women
  • It can make your skin softer and smoother
  • Can help deal with acne
  • Shaving the dead skin cells can help your skin absorb your products more
  • The rose gold and white design looks really pretty

Overall, my skin felt so refreshed after. I got the same feeling for my brows when I did  my flawless brows reviews.

 There was a bit of tenderness and redness after, but it quickly dissipated. And I woke up to a smoother and younger-looking skin the next morning.  

Skin care after using flawless finishing 

So you’ve got that smooth flawless finish. But there are some things that you have to do and avoid doing. These will give your skin the tender loving care that it deserves.

  • Avoid sunbathing for at least a day after shaving your face
  • Rest your skin from products and make up several hours after shaving your face.
  • Shave your face only once a week. Doing it more often can lead to infections.

Your skin will feel a little bit tender after shaving. Well it should because you’ve just removed the top layer of your dermis. So you really need to avoid doing the mentioned things above. Otherwise, it can cause skin irritation. A lot of reviews will also tell you the same thing. 


Can I shave against the grain?

While the direction of shaving can be preferential, experts still recommend shaving following the growth of your hair. And that’s to go in a downward direction. People who shave against the grain may get a closer cut. But you also get a higher risk of getting nicks and cuts. And you have more control if you shave in a downward direction.

How often do I use the finishing touch flawless facial hair remover?

Maximum of once a week. Any more than that can lead to skin irritation.

Will my hair grow back thicker?

Contrary to popular beliefs, facial shaving doesn’t make your hair grow back thicker. 

Should women really shave their faces?

Shaving facial hair also removes dead skin cells. And since it’s a painless and safe procedure, why not shave? It’ll make your skin look brighter and softer. You might not need to put makeup on for a few days!

Should I apply oil before I shave?

If you have already dewy and damp skin there’s no need. Oils and aloe vera may help if you have dry or sensitive skin. It’s easy to shave your face if your skin is a bit damp or has a little oil. And shaving with dry skin might increase your risk of getting a cut. 

Is it better than waxing?

Definitely yes. It’s not traumatizing to the skin like waxing. And you won’t be able to wax the finer hair of your skin. Waxing may only apply to your upper lip. And the hot wax can also irritate your skin. 


Whether you want hair on your upper lip gone or you just want a smoother face, dermaplaning is one of the most effective treatments. But the cost is a letdown. So having your own finishing touch flawless facial hair remover is a blessing indeed. And it only takes less than 5 minutes to finish saving your face. You can enjoy a hair-free, softer, and flawless face at a fraction of the cost.
My reviews have shed light on why you should shave your face. Because with all the advantages, why not shave your face?

Finishing Touch Flawless Dermaplane Glo Lighted...
  • The next generation OF dermaplane: this is a non-vibrating facial exfoliator - Made for absolute precision.
  • Each package includes 1 dermaplane Glo dermaplane with 6 replacement heads and 1 AAA battery for the LED...

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