Top 3 DIY Shea Butter Shaving Cream Recipes for 2020


DIY Shaving Cream and recipes. Yeah! We know you like the sound of it! The thrill. The excitement. The scent. Or just plainly the liberty of making your own shaving cream!

A large number of shaving cream users, mostly men, have never experienced making their own shaving creams at home.

We get it that most are busy at work and couldn’t even find a single time to shave.

Do-it-your-own projects have their advantages actually. In fact, making and storing your own shea butter shaving cream at home is downright practical.

Imagine having to just grab the shaving cream at your convenience. And if you do run out of the cream, you can just make another one!

The fact that homemade shea butter shaving cream is super safe is an understatement. Yet again, the whole deal goes back to the idea of fun. It’s fun to make your own shaving cream.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your paper and pen! Let’s jot down the top 3 DIY shaving recipes and 3 top products you can buy online.

The Benefits Of A DIY Shaving Cream Project

Shea butter and coconut oil, the main ingredients of shea butter shaving cream, are readily available in the market. Inexpensively priced, these natural materials are healthy too, especially if you’ve sensitive skin.

As a result, experts encourage people to make their own shaving creams. Meanwhile, studies show that making your own shaving cream at home can save you 10% from your daily expenses! And we’re not yet talking about the amount of energy and effort you’ll save with the easy DIY project.

Benefits of DIY shaving cream project:

  • It’s fun, enjoyable, and easy to do.
  • You can save and store more shaving creams. You’d have a year’s stock of shaving creams and, you won’t have to worry about running out of stock.
  • Homemade natural shaving creams are healthier to the skin. Additionally, they guarantee a clean, safe, and close shave.
  • You can control how much of essential oils to add.
  • Homemade shea butter shaving creams smell and feel better.
  • Doing your own shaving cream empowers you.
  • You can save money for a year’s worth of shaving creams.
  • It allows you to improvise and to add ingredients to your recipe.

Top 3 Best DIY Shea Butter Shaving Cream Recipes

We’re finally here, my friends- the most awaited section!

But, before you get your hands dirty on making these top shaving cream recipes, always remember to research further on certain toxic oils. Yes. There are. And while some may not be lethal, others can otherwise harm your skin.

Allergens prove to be another concern. Whether you like it or not, your sensitive skin rules. So if you’re uncertain about your skin’s reaction to herbs, choose the common ones. After all,  shaving cream can already exist with merely shea butter and coconut oil. So, you’d better stick to these two.

The top 3 best DIY shea butter shaving cream recipes.

1. Shea Butter Lotion Potion and Shaving Cream

Ingredients and Materials:

  • Sweet almond— ⅓ cup
  • Olive oil (or other essential oils)—10-12 drops
  • Shea butter—½ cup
  • Coconut oil (fractionated)– ½ cup
  • Medium sized mixing bowl—1 pc
  • Stand mixer—1 pc


  1. Tenderize shea butter in a bowl using the stand mixer.
  2. Add olive oil into the mix.
  3. Add a few drops of water if the desired state is not achieved.
  4. Pour coconut oil and sweet almond into the mix for the final whip.

2. Main Homemade Shea Butter Shaving Cream Special

Ingredients and Materials:

  • Shea butter—⅓ cup
  • Coconut oil—⅓ cup
  • Essential oil addition (your preference)—10-12 drops
  • Organic Castile Soap—1 tbsp
  • Stand mixer—1 pc
  • Jelly jar— 4 oz
  • Medium sized metal mixing bowl—1 pc


  1. Place a metal mixing bowl in the fridge. Keep it there for about 10-15 minutes. This process allows the metal bowl to absorb cold and hold it for another 10-minute use. Keep the bowl cold to avoid the butter from melting.
  2. Once the cooling process is done, start whipping shea butter and coconut oil in the mixing bowl using a stand mixer.
  3. Continue the mixing for about 7-10 minutes. Then, freeze the whip for about 10 minutes.
  4. Once done, repeat the whipping process. When the size of the mix increases, pour in the castile soap and essential oil ingredients for final whipping.
  5. Pour in the finished product into the 4 oz jelly jar for storage.
  6. Seal tightly for future use. Enjoy!

3. Oil and Honey Ultimate Mix

Ingredients and Materials:

  • Pure honey—¼ cup
  • Shea butter—¼ cup
  • Warm water—¾ cup or more depending on the size of the container
  • Castile soap—¼ cup
  • Sweet Almond oil– ½ cup
  • Essential oil (of your choice)—15 drops
  • Measuring cup (preferably glass)—1 pc
  • Saucepan—1 pc
  • Glass container— 16 oz, 1 pc


  1. Put the shea butter in a measuring cup and then place the cup in a saucepan with water. This process should resemble a double-broiler.
  2. Keep butter in stable heat.
  3. Tenderize butter.
  4. Once tender, add almond oil, soap, and honey into the mix.
  5. Whip again.
  6. Pour the finished product into 16 oz glass container. Seal tightly for storage.
  7. Shake properly for desired concentration.

Top 3 Homemade Shea Butter Shaving Cream Online Products: Wholesome Reviews

When we talk about the best non toxic shaving cream, we always end up imagining long rows of ingredients to purchase and complicated instructions. In other words, we’ve always been at the center of the effort.

Otherwise, how can we be assured of the quality of the shaving cream if we don’t manage it ourselves, right?

No worries! We’ve asked this exact question too, suppose thing’s get too physically tiring. And the answer?  Buy homemade products online!

Yeah. you heard it right. Private online sellers now tease organically-prepared shea butter shaving creams at your disposal.

And, what’s more? It’s guaranteed to be safe, organic, and effective. Perhaps the first best move here involves knowing the seller more. Nay, I change my mind. Let’s focus our lens into their endorsed products per se. We’ll let the products sell themselves.

If you’re with us on this, hop on. Let’s dive into the top 3 homemade shea butter shaving cream online product reviews:

01. Manly Man Manes: The Razor’s Edge Fluffy Shaving Cream

Complete with the moisturizing properties, I give this product a “Best Pick” tag.

With a cool and invigorating scent, this natural and homemade shaving cream effectively moisturizes the skin and creates a soft and fluffy path for the razor. Shaving won’t ever be the same with Manly Man Manes The Razor’s Shaving Cream.

Bought with a fixed 12 oz size, this product can actually last you for a year. Besides, you won’t be needing to shave again with this product as you’ll end up with very smooth hair regrowths. You can thank its rich presence of Vitamin E for that. Vitamin E plays a crucial role in de-coarsening messy hair.

The seller is also very accommodating. Thus, you can place your order with just a message. No ifs and buts.

If there’s one thing that I think the product can improve upon, that would be its thick butter compound. This thick compound leaves residues after the shave. This could be due to the inclusion of baking soda in its mix.

Other than that, I can’t raise any issues against the product.


  • Has a very soft, fluffy, and cool effect on the skin
  • Has natural scent
  • Promotes fine hair regrowth, therefore minimizing ingrown hairs
  • Packed with all-natural oil ingredients
  • Works on all types of hair and skin


  • Butter tends to leave off thick residues

02. Seaside Homemade Naturals

This product’s reasonably high price tag deserves the “Premium Pick” title.

Its strong but pleasing and relaxing scent will surely transport you somewhere heavenly. With the breeziness of the Jasmine scent, the lightness of the Honeysuckle and the conviction of the Lavender, the cream can elicit a surge of emotions without losing its main purpose.

Not only does it secure a fast shave, but it hydrates the skin as well. Why? Because it’s made from certified organic shea butter and coconut oil. The cream’s added scents are nothing but pure, organic and potent. By all definition, it’s a full organic shaving cream.

If there’s one more title I can think of the product- that would be “high potency”.

In addition to these, sellers and manufacturers of the product guarantee a FDA-approved clearance.

Lastly, the Seaside Homemade Naturals impresses as a multipurpose product because you can use it as bath soap, hair conditioner, and shaving cream all in one.

What I find problematic about the product though, besides its expensive price, is that it lacks the oil density. It’s almost like watered down a bit for the purpose of increasing its volume.

But when it comes to potency, the product still rules though.


  • Bears a variety of calming and energizing scents
  • Feels cool to the skin
  • Has varied functions- hair conditioner, moisturizer, and shaving cream
  • Has FDA-approved tag
  • Works with high potency
  • Can work on all types of skin and hair


  • Lacks oil density
  • Seemingly watered down
  • Reacts to changing temperatures

03. doTERRA Essential Oils and Shaving Cream

Garnering the “Best Choice” attention from our team, the doTERRA shaving cream is as awesome as it gets!

Also very cool to the skin, this homemade shaving cream product bears in a firefighter-approved check. Meaning, it can lay out a very thick flow of oil on the skin while allowing intense pressure from the razor.

I think this homemade shaving cream is highly effective. It leaves zero cuts and razor burns in the skin. So, what more can I say about it except that it feels great on all types of skin?  

Another major wonder by this product is its ability to smoothen skin and soften hair.

Despite its reputation, the product still has a lot to improve upon though. First, it’s got a weak scent. Second, it seems to underperform when applied on coarse hair. And lastly, it’s got a very thin oil presence.


  • Feels very cool and pleasurable to the skin
  • Works on various functions
  • Has firefighter-approved clearance
  • Great on all skin types
  • Maintains zero cuts and burns every aftershave


  • Has weak scent
  • Works least on coarse hair
  • Low oil concentration


There’s so much you can do with your knowledge on the DIY shaving cream and recipes. More so, your knowledge on the subject empowers you to such practical degree. It moves you into many steps ahead of the game

One major advantage of making your own shaving cream? You know what gets into that mixture!

This leads to the reason why shea butter is promoted on this page. Coconut oil equally demands serious attention. Coconut juices have long been known to not only better the hair and skin, but the whole body as well. Both oil sources are powerhouses of the homemade shea butter shaving cream.

The homemade shaving cream, its process and outputs, help you take better control in your shaving routine- the amount of cream to use, how much product to spare, when to make another one, etc. Meaning, a homemade shaving cream product, or a recipe on hand should boost your shaving confidence.

The wonders of the shea butter shaving cream are an understatement. What’s most interesting about the DIY project is the idea that you involve yourself in the whole process.

Amazing, ain’t it?

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