Is it Worth the Price Tag?: Chi Rocket Hair Dryer Review (2020)

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It’s always nice to go to work with smooth hair with just the right amount of volume. To achieve this you need a handy hair dryer. It’s one of the essentials a modern woman should have. Chi has been a household name when it comes to hair tools. Are the raves true? We’ll see that and all in my Chi Rocket hair dryer review

CHI Rocket Hair Dryer

Durability, salons like performance and antimicrobial properties- these are just some of the newest features of the chi rocket hair dryer promises. Do they deliver? Keep reading to find out.

A further look at the Chi rocket hair dryer: Chi Rocket Hair Dryer Review

Chi has been a reputable brand when it comes to hair dryers and hair straighteners. And it has been evolving ever since to cater to the modern woman’s needs. It’s been in the industry for quite some time along with famous brands like Babyliss and Revlon. With the innovations and new product release, Chi hair dryers are one of the front runners when it comes to hair dryers and straighteners

The Chi Rocket hair dryer has been making waves in a lot of reviews. Let’s dive into its features, specs, pros, and cons. And of course, my personal unbiased experience on what works and what doesn’t.


In contrast to the latest innovation of the competition, the Chi Rocket hair dryer does not contain many key features and elements. But as they say, the simpler the better. Let’s see if it’s true with this hairdryer.

Chi rocket is a ceramic hair dryer. I’m quite partial to ceramics. They’re great heat conductors so you don’t have to make several passes to get the sleek finish. The coated ceramic material can smoothen out frizz and flyaways without drying your hair too much. That’s why it’s more expensive than any other type of hair dryer.

I’m contemplating on which hair type this Chi Rocket hair dryer works best for. Ceramic is usually a preferred material for fine, limp, and damaged hair. Because they can straighten out your locks without frying it out. While tourmaline seems to be the favored material for curly and unruly hair.

Chi rocket boasts of these features:

  • Makes us of ceramic, far infrared and ionic technology

Infrared dries your hair from within and not the other way around. It infuses itself deep into the hair cuticle. And the end result is smoother hair. That’s a plus for me. When you can dry my hair without drying it out, I am all ears. 

Ionic technology, on the other hand, produces negative ions. The beauty of negative ions is that they don’t open up your hair shaft. So the moisture is kept intact. As a result, it comes out smooth even after being subjected to heat.

Another bonus is that it features LED lights. And this in return has antimicrobial properties to keep your head of hair clean at the same time too.

And when you combine these three technologies, it’s going to be a treat for your hair.  

So let’s dive more into the clams if these are true.


One thing I’ve noticed is that it took me faster than my old dryer to finish my entire head of hair. I’ve mid-length semi wavy hair. The temperature I used with the Chi Rocket dryer was not as hot as my previous brands. And yet, my hair was fully dried up faster than my old brand. 

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Now, I loved that one! It means I don’t need my blower to be so hot to get my hair done faster. It saves some time and it spares my hair from drying out too. The cool shot button also comes in hand if you want to dry your hair without the heat. 

As for the negative ions, we all can say that my frizz and flyaways were kept at bay, so I think it’s the water clusters working together to keep my hair smooth. So for the negative ions, a big check there too.

It’s also lightweight. So I don’t feel like having an arm workout every time I blow dry my hair. And the cord looks professional too and has a sturdy built. 

And another advantage of Chi Rocket is that it only has 1800 watts. So it’s a perfect match if you’re looking for the lowest EMF hair dryer.

So for the three hair technologies, the Chi Rocket hair dryer lived up to its clam. Now let’s go to the next part of my review,-what I do not like about the dryer.


It’s expensive! I love how fast and smooth my hair became but it can really rip off my budget. 

Chi also had a brand that’s similar to the Rocket which has a lower price. The Chi PRO works similarly. It had the same ceramic and ionic technology that doesn’t dry the hair. The thing is, it has a lower price range. 

Another downside is the placement of the on and off button. It’s in an awkward position that you unintentionally turn it off when you’re blow-drying your hair. Not a biggie though. And I’d love it if it would have a diffuser along with the package. So I can make curls too.

What’s the total score?

I am giving it an 8.5 out of 10. It is one of the Chi hair dryers that can dry my hair the fastest without leaving it dull and dry. And since I’m into the green revolution, I love the concept of a more eco-friendly hair dryer. So even if I’m blow-drying every single day, I’m still reducing my carbon footprints!

So if you’re up to the more expensive price tag, The Chi Rocket Dryer is a great blower that will help you get straight and smooth hair. It comes in handy when you’re rushing through the morning.

FAQs: Is it Worth the Price Tag?: Chi Rocket Hair Dryer Review (2020)

How can I minimize hair damage if I’m blow-drying every day?

First, get a high-quality hairdryer. Blowers such as the Chi Rocket dryer are equipped with hair technologies that you wouldn’t just find in a sub-par dryer. And scanning through hair dryer reviews will also give you an idea of what brand is true to its claims.

Second, use the right temperature setting for your hair type. If you have damaged, fine or limp hair, go for the lowest temperature setting. While if your hair is frizzy and curly, it can tolerate high temperatures up to 450 degrees without drying. 

And lastly, you can use hair products to protect your hair from the damage caused by heat. This is recommended if you’re blow-drying your hair every day.

Do I need a diffuser?

Well, it depends on what look you’re aiming for. Normally for straight and smooth hairdos, you don’t need a diffuser. But if you want to achieve soft curls, then this accessory is a must-have.

Is it worth it?

Hairdryers are popular beauty tools. Almost all women have one at their vanity desk. And you wouldn’t even leave without blow-drying your hair. That, or you got to the salon to get a professional blowdry. But that’s too expensive. 

You can still get the same salon blow-dried hair if you just pick the right blow dryer.

So what to look for in a blow dryer?

  1. Ceramic or tourmaline

As I’ve said, I’m partial to ceramic. It’s the perfect material for fine to medium thick hair. What I love most about ceramics is that it can dry your hair faster but more safely. 

Tourmaline, on the other hand, can be very useful for those with super thick and unruly hair. 

  1. It must have a cool shot button

After blow-drying your hair, a burst of cold air will make it more bouncy. It amps up the volume. And you can also use it to dry your hair if you don’t want the heat.

  1. Efficient heat and power settings

It must have temperature options so you can choose the best one for your hair type. The Chi Rocket hair dryer, you only need the lowest setting to get your hair fully dried. I’d recommend the highest setting for thicker and curlier hair though.

  1. Price should be equal to the value

Professional blow dryers can be expensive. But having a blowdry at the salon can cost twice as much. The price tag should match the value and convenience that it gives you. 

Getting a subpar dryer with a cheap price tag will set you back in the future. How? One, they’re likely to break faster. Two, you need several passes to get your hair done. And that means more time. And three, your hair will dry up. 

Subpar hair dryers don’t contain har technologies that the Chi Rocket hair dryer has. 

Just keep in mind that you have to get the best value of your money.


Chi rocket blow dryer, is it a hit or a miss? It’s mostly a hit for me, needless to say. At the end of Chi Rocket Hair Dryer review, it ticked three items in my list:

-Gets hair done faster

-Results in smoother, shinier, and frizz-free hair

-Eco-friendly with only 1800 watts

And the expensive tag may put you off, but you have to ask yourself if you’re getting your money’s worth. Calculate how much you can save form having your hair professionally blow-dried. As for me, the Chi Rocket dryer is a win since it can save me time in the morning, that’s a lot of value.

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