Chi Air Spin n Curl review: An Idiot Proof Way to Get Luscious Curls

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Chi Air Spin n Curl review

Every woman wants to look extra on some days. Those bouncy class curls- you can’t go wrong with them. It can even upgrade your usual wardrobe. A sophisticated hairstyle also speaks volumes of you.

But sometimes, it’s not that easy to get beautiful soft curls. One, it takes too long. And most curling irons require an expert hand to get a decent style that you can flaunt. And two, your regular curling iron can make your hair look like corn hair under the sun instead of luscious. What to do? Read on our Chi Air Spin n Curl review and see how you can enjoy effortless luscious curls every single day.

 What makes Chi Air Spin n Curl special? (a product review)

CHI Spin N Curl in Onyx Black. Ideal for...
  • 1” Inch Ceramic Rotating Barrel ideal for shoulder-length hair between 6-16” length..ELECTRICAL RATING:...
  • Includes Pre-set Temperatures: Low 370°F for Fine Hair, Medium 390°F for Medium Hair, High 410°F for Coarse...

Chi Air Spin n Curl is one of the hottest curling irons in the market today. And that’s for several reasons. I’ve tried a range of curling irons before, and I could just say that some of my experiences have been a bit romantic. Those barrels can just eat a ton of your hair. And I ended up spending a lot of time trying to get every standout.

And ugh, the frizzies. It always happens with a nonceramic curling iron. And my hair looked like it would complete my Halloween costume last year. Dry, lifeless, and a lot of frizz. 

And have you had experience before having raw curls? It’s like your hair can’t decide if they want to be straight or curly. It looks like a half baked curl. And that just plain looks uninteresting.

If your regular curling iron is taking way too much time in the morning, it’ s high time to make the switch. And the Chi Air Spin n Curl is just what you need. Let’s get on with the review!


Want those sexy curly waves to look like you just came out of the salon. But you don’t even have to make an appointment with your stylist. With the chi air spin n curl, you can enjoy salon-quality curls that are as easy as 1,2, and 3. The rotating barrel does all the work for you. So it won’t feel like an arm workout every time you want those luscious bouncy curls.

It has a digital LED display that shows the temperature. How to get it spinning? The top two buttons are the directions for the rotation. And it also has a home button. So this is like an emergency stop button that you can use when you twirled it a bit far from your thumb holding the unclamp button. Because yes, you need some room to unclamp it. 

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It’s not your regular curler, in fact, Chi Air Spin n Curl may look a bit different from your old brand. The long barrel might seem too large and complicated to use. But on the contrary, it’s made for beginners. You don’t even have to have experience with curling irons just to nail this. In short, there are almost no mistakes that you can make. That’s how easy it is. Other reviews say so.

I’ve tried it on a Monday morning rush to see if these aren’t just nice curling iron reviews. Well, the package looks rather nice. So there’s a strategy there haha. Basically, the instruction says that you just need to feed the barrel with a thin layer of your hair. That’s about 1 inch. Then click the rotation button. We love how it gives options on which direction to rotate

Does that make a difference? Yes of course! For natural-looking curls, you have to curl in a direction away from your face. But if you want to create more drama, curl in the direction toward your face. It may seem like it doesn’t even have any bearing, but trust us, it does. 

And so I started to take Chi Air Spin n Curl  for a spinning test. And boy, was I glad it only took me 15 minutes. And I have moderately thick short hair, a little between thin and thick hair that is. Had it been just a popularity stunt, I would’ve been late!

But if you still find the instructions vague, you can always check YouTube tutorial videos on how to use Chi Air Spin n Curl . A lot of bloggers and influencers have been hooked on this product. So expect to see a ton of videos and legit reviews.

Can you recall when you used to coil your hair around a wand? It does take some time right? And these rods can get pretty hot. I actually burnt my hand several times. That’s why my old wand is in storage already. In the far section of my storage cabinet…

You can also create several curly hairstyles with Chi Spin n Curl  All you need is a little bit of imagination. Or tutorials can help, very easy to find. If you want curls with straight ends, you can lower down the temperature.

All in all, this automatic curling iron will give your hot tools and wands a run for their money. So let’s narrow down the pros and cons in our Chi Air Spin n Curl review .


  • It’s user friendly. you might have some hesitation at first because it might seem longer than your usual wand. But don’t be intimidated. And once you take it out for a spin, you’ll understand what I am saying! There’s no learning curve or whatsoever. Besides, not everybody has time for that.
  • Looks posh and sophisticated. I am planning to display it where my friends can see it on my vanity desk. 
  • It’s made of ceramic. It’s the preferred material of most hairstylists. Why? Because it’s gentler for your hair and can disperse heat evenly through your hair strands. So your hair is spared from being fried. And since it can eliminate static electricity, you’ll never have a frizzy hair day.
  • It’s dual voltage. So you can bring it with you to your business meetings abroad. Though it might be a bit longer compared to your usual wand.
  • Curls your hair in under 20 minutes. Yes, that’s all you need to get a fabulous curly hairstyle.
  • The curls last longer and look more defined. 
  • It’ll be quite hard to burn yourself with this curler, even if you’re willing to


  • Some may find the barrels too long. I might take up a bit of space in your luggage. But if you want to still have fabulous hair even if you’re miles away, the extra space is worth it. Besides, you might save money on salon fees.
  • It only comes in one size. 

Now it’s your turn to get luscious curls in a jiffy!

I can’t help but fall in love with this chi automatic hair iron. I’ve been struggling before trying to get those even curls. And my old iron before was very challenging to use. I always find myself avoiding getting burned rather than focusing on getting those nice curls. And when you manually coil your hair around a hot rod, burning is inevitable. 

I did get decently curly hair before but that took me more than 30 minutes. And it doesn’t look cool if you’re going to party with a set of band-aids on your hands.

And being a showoff that I am, this chi air iron also sits perfectly on my vanity desk. I have them in an all-white setup. So it perfectly complements the theme that I’m going for. 

How to make your curls look more dreamy

While the Chi Air Spin n Curl can give you dreamy curls, it won’t be bad to go a little bit more extra. So let’s add some icing on the cake to this review.

  1. Find the right temperature for your hair

If your hair is thin and fragile, opt for lower temperature settings. Your fragile hair won’t be able to stand a 400-degree setting, it can fry it out. While you can go as high as  400-450 degrees if you have coarse and unruly hair. Anything too low can result in half baked curls.

  1. Make use of seal protectants

Even if you have the best tools on hand, adding a hair protectant will save your locks from drying out. Especially if you’re ironing your hair more often, you need a little bit of help form quality hair protectants. 

  1. Air dry your hair

Skip the blower and use a fan instead to dry your hair. That way, you can save the heat for something  more glamorous.


If you want more defined curls, the Chi Air Spin n Run is highly recommended. You don’t even have to use a ton of hairstyle products to get nice curls with a bouncy volume. All you need is a Chi Air Spin n Curl.

What can we say, lovely curls add a lot of character and personality to your hair? And it makes you look more sophisticated and attractive too. So you can glam up anytime, not just on special occasions! Your hairstylist will be missing you for a while! Hope you liked my review!

CHI Spin N Curl in Onyx Black. Ideal for...
  • 1” Inch Ceramic Rotating Barrel ideal for shoulder-length hair between 6-16” length..ELECTRICAL RATING:...
  • Includes Pre-set Temperatures: Low 370°F for Fine Hair, Medium 390°F for Medium Hair, High 410°F for Coarse...

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