Ceramic vs Titanium Curling Wand

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Ceramic vs Titanium Curling Wand
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Hairstyling is not an easy task. It entails numerous tools and kits to perfect the style of preference. One of the vital tools in hairstyling is the curling wand. To come up with those luscious and balanced curls, it is befitting to use one. However, there is one question, what material should you choose for your curling wand? This has become an argument of ceramic vs titanium curling wand.

Before we dwell on the significant difference between these two, let’s take on the purpose and structure of a curling wand. Let’s take a look at the considerations we need when buying a curling wand.

Curling Wand 101 

A curling wand is a curling iron that has no clasp and lock style. In general, it makes looser and natural-looking locks than other hair styling tools. Before, people only multi-purposed their flat irons into making curls. When curling wands were introduced, curling became easier and more convenient to do. To give you a clearer picture, here are two common types of curling wand you may use for your next up-do.

  • Straight Curling Wand

Uniform curls are what the straight curling wand produces. Since the barrel of the wand has only one straight, consistent size, it does the same to the locks of your hair. The uniform curl can be attributed to the even heat distribution produced by a straight curling wand. You may want to use this if you only want to curl the ends or tips of your hair.

  • Tapered Curling Wand

With the use of a tapered curling wand, looser curls are produced. The wand’s cone-like shape aids in making the curls look as natural as possible. Using the narrow end of the wand will give you more precise and curlier locks; the wider end will have larger curls of hair. Some hair stylists recommend using this kind of curling wand if you’re always on-the-go.

Things to Consider in a Curling Wand
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Things to Consider in a Curling Wand

Before buying a curling wand, you have factors to consider. This can help you in choosing the right type and brand to choose and purchase. In some way, a ceramic vs titanium argument can be settled.  

  1. Barrel Size

Barrel size refers to the circumference of the wand you will be using. You should check the barrel size to achieve the looks you want for your hair-do. The barrel size also has something to do with the length of your hair. You cannot just use wide sizes on your short hair. It is also the barrel size that produces your desired width of the curls on your hair.

  1.  Heat Setting

Too much heat can be damaging for your hair. This is why you have to check this in every curling wand carefully. Be careful in buying the one with a very high heat setting because you might regret it later on. For hairstyling tools like the flat irons, it is also essential to check the heat setting to prevent any fiasco over titanium vs ceramic flat iron and their effects on the hair.

  1. Hair Type

This factor is applicable in all hair styling tools, even for titanium vs. ceramic flat irons. You need to consider this because it varies from one person to another. Some will have thin, others will have thick, and others will have normal hair. Curling wands will not be entirely useful if it will not match the type of hair you have; therefore, you should look into that.

  1. Material

The primary material from which the curling wand is made affects the heat production needed for hairstyling. It is mostly a question of which is less dangerous for my hair and makes it more plump-looking. Whether it is titanium vs ceramic curling wand, the material must match your hair type to produce the perfect curls you want.

You may need to look after your hair when styling it. Be careful as hair styling tools can damage your hair according to many beauty experts.

Ceramic vs Titanium Curling Wand

To use a ceramic curling wand or to use a titanium curling wand – that is the question. People have been asking this question mainly because there have been good reviews on both sides of the argument. In simpler answers, the only thing that will determine the answer to this is your hair and its needs at the moment. But let’s break down the sides of the ceramic vs titanium curling wand claims.

Ceramic Curling Wand

A ceramic curling wand is very well known for its smooth surface that prevents any form of hair pulling during the curling process. It has an even surface that ensures adequate heat distribution through the wand onto the hair.

Usually, ceramic curling wands offer multiple heat settings giving the user the freedom to control the heat of the wand. Having these numerous heat settings means it can cater to different hair types. It can work even on chemically-treated hair. So you don’t have to worry about this curling wand intended for only one specific hair type because it is not.


  • Even and adequate heat distribution
  • Smooth surface does not accumulate dust particles
  • Prevents hair damage such as frizzing and split-ends
  • Perfect for all types of hair


  • Heavy, making it hard to handle for an extended period

Ceramic Curling Wands

1. Conair Double Ceramic Curling Wand 

If you want flawless and defined curls, then the Conair Curling Wand is perfect for you. It has 30 heat settings for different and more effortless hairstyling. The ceramic material prevents the curls from frizzing out and even protects the hair from further heat damage. Its white tip enables safe and secure handling throughout the curling process.  


  1. Instant heat-up                                                    
  2. Heat damage protection
  3. Auto off feature


       a. uneasy handling due to slim design

2. BESTOPE 6 in 1 Curling Iron Wand Set 

Curling can become very easy if you have the right tools on hand. The Bestope Curling Iron is just that thanks to its set of wands you can choose from. Six wands have different barrel sizes and types to give you the perfect curls you want. Temperature control is a feature beneficial in preventing overheating, which may cause hair damage. This is a convenient wand set suitable for any hairstyling need.


           a.  30-second heat up, saving waiting time     

        b. Ceramic material gives off a smooth and shiny finish

                       c. Comes in an easy handle design and package


        a. Wands keep disconnecting from the iron.

3. CHI Spin N Curl 

This ceramic curling wand does not look like a styling tool at first glance. However, that is the good thing about it; it has a unique curl chamber. There, your hair is captured gently and curled in an even size. It comes out of the chamber, looking perfectly styled. Hair damage is prevented with the wand’s easily adjustable heat settings.


  1. Prevents hair from tangling                              
  2. Has beep alerts for easy monitoring
  3. Unique design and mechanism


  1. Takes a long time to curl long thick hair 

Titanium Curling Wand

Proceeding with the titanium curling wand, the main feature of this is its quick heating technology. This means that the curling wand does not necessarily take much time to heat up. It saves a lot of time waiting. Aside from this, titanium also has lightweight properties. In turn, the wand is easier to handle and use for hairstyling.

Moisture is naturally absorbed and given off by titanium curling wands. It makes the curls of the hair look shiny and smooth after. Titanium curling wands are better used for coarse and thick hair types because of its easy heat absorption. However, people with thin hair need precaution or hair protective gel or spray before hairstyling.


  • Easy heat-up technology
  • Durable due to the strong properties of titanium metal
  • Faster heat transfer making the process quick and efficient
  • Comfortable and light handling


  • Does not necessarily suit all types of hair

Titanium Curling Wands

1. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Conicurl Iron 

Faster curling is possible with the turbo heating technology. The BaBylissPRO Titanium Curling Iron enables you to create loose and natural waves and even tight and defined locks. Far-infrared heat embedded in the titanium material prevents hair damage. Nano titanium material also enables flexible hairstyling for different curl sizes.


  • Works well with dry, coarse, even chemically-treated hair
  • Its rubber tip prevents burns
  • Curls hair very quickly


  • Can become hard to handle for a long period

2. INFINITIPRO BY CONAIR Rainbow Titanium Curling Wand

If you’re after uniform curls, then InfinitiPro Curling Wand is perfect for you. Loose yet defined waves can be created with this wand’s help. The rainbow color is not only for design but rather for the prevention of hair damage and adds shine. It can suit any hair type thanks to its easily adjustable heat setting to match your hair needs.


  • Smooth surface for easy curling
  • Protects the hair as it comes out shiny and smooth-looking
  • Even heat distribution technology


  • Barrel size may be too small

3. Hot Tools Pink Titanium Curling Iron 

The curling wand’s titanium surface is responsible for a soft and smooth feel on the styled hair. Heat settings are also easier to control on the Hot Tools Curling Iron, enabling full control on styling. With this heat control, one can achieve different styles of curls and waves. You are sure to have an even and well-styled hairdo with this curling wand.


  • Quick heating technology
  • Tip and thumb grips for more comfortable handling
  • Prevents any further hair damage


  • Can become too smooth for the hair to stay put for curling

To settle the ceramic vs titanium curling wand fiasco, both produce well-styled locks. Both have great heat setting features to ensure hair protection while styling. Hair stylists and beauty experts recommend ceramic and titanium curling wands. It is however in the personal preference of the user which to buy and use. 

Curling Wand
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How can I take care of my hair while having it styled?

There are three essential tips you may follow to care for your crowning glory. First, know your hair type. This will establish all the following procedures and treatments you may need for proper hair care.

Secondly, buy or use excellent and clean tools. It is just for you to be clean and hygienic. Take a bath daily to keep your hair in good condition.

Third and final, seek help from dermatologists or professional stylists. Sometimes, it is not enough that you care for yourself. Once in a while, consult with them about treatments and hair products you should use to shield your hair from damage.

What is the difference between a curling iron and a curling wand?

At a glance, one can be able to tell which is which. For one, a curling iron typically has a clip and lock wherein the hair is clipped onto the rod for curling.

The speed of working with both tools is another difference. A wand gives off the heat quickly, making it more efficient to work with. Curling irons may take time with giving its results.

The critical difference between the two is its finished product. More defined and smoother curls come from curling irons while curling wands produce a more natural wave.

How can I maintain my styling tools, especially my irons and wands?

You should be consistent with cleaning and maintain your styling tools for it to last long. Every after use, wipe the devices with a clean cloth to remove hair bits or dust. Store them properly in boxes to prevent any dirt from accumulating and any dent when the tools fall on the floor. At least twice a month (depending on the frequency of use), brush the devices with an old toothbrush to get deep-seated dirt in them.

Final Words

The whole argument about ceramic vs titanium curling wand is simple and can be quickly resolved by checking its surface and properties. Identifying which kind of curling wand you will be using is essential to achieve that gorgeous hair-do. Take your hair type and needs into consideration to choose the appropriate hair styling tool for you.

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