15 Best Hair For Box Braids

A box braid is a fairly popular hair-braiding style, predominantly popular throughout Africa and some places in the Americas. This kind of twist results in “box-shaped” hair divisions and can be styled using a number of ways. Box braids are generally made with synthetic hair to add length and thickness, …

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Best Hair Loss Shampoo for Men in 2020

There’s no denying that one’s hair is an integral aspect of one’s looks. As a matter of fact, your hair can help shape people’s first impressions of you. But what happens when your biggest asset starts to disappear? This can be a big deal-breaker for several men. Fortunately, science has …

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Best Purple Hair Dye for Dark Hair in 2020

Best Purple Hair Dye for Dark Hair

In today’s generation, trends are constantly changing. And the same thing goes for hair colouring!  Everything is just continuously evolving. And it only seems like yesterday that blonde highlights are the biggest trend. Now it’s kind of not! While highlights are a look that is absolutely fab, purple hues bring …

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Can Cardio Workouts Make Your Hair Grow?

Can Cardio Workouts Make Your Hair Grow

This secret is not widely known in general. But reality tells us that cardiovascular training helps hair growth. So, in the following points, we will see in what specific way to apply this. Hair loss is generally an inconvenience in various situations. Whether due to aging or pregnancy, hair loss …

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Best Keratin Treatments for Curly Hair

best keratin treatment

Doing Keratin Treatment for curly hair is merely training your hair to become the best version of its quality.  Keratin treatment, or other treatments in that matter, cannot promise long-term results. You can’t expect to have permanent straight despite many treatments.  However, you can only hope that your hair, as …

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