Biotin Shampoo for Hair Growth Reviews

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Best Biotin Shampoo for Hair Growth

There are countless solutions and methods for combatting hair loss, and all have varied and mixed results. Using biotin shampoo for hair growth is among those solutions, and there is a significant number that showed positive results after a certain number of uses. Biotin is a vital ingredient used in many shampoos for hair loss.

Fortunately, an infused shampoo with biotin has no virtual side effects, and neither do supplements cause any serious ones. Below are some of the biotin shampoo reviews.

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10 Best Biotin Shampoo for Hair Growth Reviewed

Deciding on the appropriate product is vital in promoting healthy, radiant strands and the fight for hair loss, which includes biotin shampoo for hair growth and thickness. Always take note to be aware of products that may seem to deceive rather than effective when choosing. You will also read some vitamin shampoo reviews below.

1. Biotin Shampoo for Hair Growth B-Complex Formula

Biotin Shampoo for Hair Growth Reviews

With Biotin Shampoo, you can return the thickness and volume of lifeless and thin hair. Although your genes might be a significant factor in hair loss, so is a deficiency in nutrients. While applying shampoo may not alter your DNA, it can provide botanicals for hair energizing that can strengthen and reinvigorate hair follicles to promote healthy and thick hair growth.

Biotin Shampoo also contains a blend of natural oils for conditioning. Olive, coconut, argan, and jojoba oil work hand in hand to give your hair that ultimate hydration boost with that nourishing blend. It moisturizes every hair strand, reviving lifeless hair while also leaving your tresses visibly luscious and soft.


  • Hair follicle stimulator
  • Natural hair volumizer
  • Sulfate-free shampoo


  • May cause dryness

Why You Should Choose

The biotin shampoo for hair growth contains coconut oil – a delight in the tropical areas that brim with fatty acids and antioxidants for the nourishment of skin, hair, and nail. Not only does it strengthen hair and promote growth, but it also adds shine, making your hair look silky and beautiful.

2. Revita High Performance Stimulating Shampoo

Biotin Shampoo

DS Labs puts its focus on technology and innovation, but it’s also keen on significant results. The Revita High-Performance hair-stimulating shampoo aided in about 90% of participants in a particular study to diminish the effects of hair loss.

Additionally, 85% of said participants also show improvements in their overall hair appearance. With results like those, you might find it difficult to argue, and there are several reasons why the High-Performance Shampoo works wonders.

One is the unique Nanosome delivery system that DS Labs has. It is what sets it apart from other companies manufacturing hair growth shampoos. In short, the Nanosome system operates by releasing the ingredients that are active in Revita’s products into a more programmed and gradual manner. It makes the ingredients penetrate a desired depth to the skin.


  • Sulfate-free shampoo
  • Clinically proven
  • Advance Nanosome delivery


  • Results take time

Why You Should Choose

Revita has a powerful combination of quality ingredients specifically designed for hair vitality maintenance and revitalizing hair follicles to produce quick results. It has a developed formula without a detergent called sodium lauryl sulfate – usual in causing dryness, hair loss, and skin irritation.

3. Lipogaine “Big 5” Hair Stimulating Shampoo 

Biotin Shampoo for Hair Growth Reviews

The “Big 5” in the shampoo’s name refers to the five key ingredients to aid in reducing or stopping hair loss while also generating hair growth. However, that is only good news. The better information is that this best-selling product showed significant results. 

The advantage of purchasing a product such as Lipogaine 5 is the ingredients in the shampoo that costs a hefty price when bought separately. For example, a bottle of castor oil can sometimes cost up to $30. It may not be cost-effective to purchase the ingredients found in biotin shampoos separately.

Among the ingredients in Lipogaine Big 5 are coconut oil, green tea extract, jojoba oil, rosemary oil, and cedarwood oil. These ingredients that are all-natural significantly reduce shedding and block dihydrotestosterone (DHT) – which causes excessive hair loss at high levels. 


  • Premium natural ingredients
  • Free of harsh chemicals
  • Trusted brand


  • May cause dryness

Why You Should Choose

The formula of the Big 5 stimulates blood circulation to the scalp, which enhances new hair follicles. Studies suggest that saw palmetto successfully blocks DHT, treating male pattern baldness through new hair follicle growth promotion.

4. Mill Creek Botanicals Shampoo Aloe Vera

Biotin Shampoo for Hair Growth

Other than the famous biotin ingredient in the Mill Creek Botanicals Shampoo, you will also find aloe vera – a well-known ingredient found in a variety of products for skin and hair care. If you are like most people, then you’ve most likely used it to soothe first to second-degree burns.

It has plenty of benefits for hair due to its various nutrients that maintain hair health while also treating thinning strands. An extract from an aloe vera plant contains vitamins A, B, C, E, and other amino acids, making Mill Creek Botanicals Shampoo one of the best vitamin products.

More specifically, the chemical make-up in aloe vera has a close resemblance to that of keratin – the protein that composes nails and hair – while also reducing frizziness and breakage that several people experience often.


  • Soothes dry scalp
  • PH balanced
  • Mild, everyday formula


  • Easily broken dispenser

Why You Should Choose

This biotin shampoo for hair growth contains keratin, aloe vera, jojoba oils, peppermint, and argan oil as an excellent moisturizer. Whether you dyed your hair or not, Mill’s Creek is safe to use on all hair types since it does not contain any parabens, alcohol, or sulfates.

5. PURA D’OR Professional Grade Anti-Hair Thinning

There is plenty of good stuff contained in a bottle of Pura D’Or’s Professional Grade Shampoo, with biotin as a key ingredient. Other than the numerous benefits of biotin in hair growth, this product also has an extended inventory of active DHT blockers – mostly natural. To name a few are cedarwood, saw palmetto, argan oil, clary sage, black cumin seed oil, tea tree oil, and Korean seaweed.

Once you combine all the ingredients of Pura D’Or’s, you create the Puraplex technology of the brand, which fights hair and scalp issues, while also treating hair thinning issues. It also has aloe vera as a gentle ingredient on the scalp and hair while actively containing enzymes and amino acids to promote a healthier scalp that encourages hair growth.


  • Puraplex technology
  • Increases volume and thickness
  • Twice the concentration


  • May feel heavy

Why You Should Choose

The Pura D’Or Professional grade shampoo has natural preservatives as ingredients along with a USDA plant-based formula, making it the gentlest shampoo ever to touch your hair. You can use it daily without having to worry about your hair getting stripped from its natural oils.

6. Ultrax Labs Hair Surge with Ultrax Labs Hair Plush

Ultrax Labs has a promising line of hair loss and hair growth products. Although not all of them may contain biotin as an ingredient, their Hair Plush Serum does. And in using it together with their Hair Surge Shampoo, you can ensure yourself a guaranteed method for combatting hair loss. Both the Hair Plush and Hair Surge have caffeine as ingredients – which aids in hair thickening while also encouraging hair growth. Caffeine helps with the cycle by increasing blood flow in the affected area, allowing for the site to absorb more nutrients, which stimulates growth. 

Caffeine also aids in extending the lifespan of hair follicles, meaning less hair loss. If Hair Surge rings a bell, it’s mostly because of its numerous awards that make it the market’s best biotin shampoo.


  • Contains powerful caffeine compounds
  • Contains effective CaffinoPlex blend
  • Reduces breakage


  • Lacks specific instruction for usage and amount

Why You Should Choose

This revolutionary biotin shampoo for hair growth delivers vital nutrients to the hair follicle to thicken and nourish thinning hair, which enhances natural hair growth. Manufacturers particularly formulated Hair Surge to operate as a complete delivery system that provides the needed ingredients to your hair follicles.

7. Organix Thick and Full Biotin and Collagen Shampoo & Conditioner

Are you looking for a decent and promising biotin shampoo and conditioner? Check out the two-bottle set of Organix! When used together, the products create a quality-performing shampoo or conditioner system, particularly designed for hair loss treatment while also making denser, fuller hair.

Included in the formula of Organix are biotin and hydrolyzed wheat proteins that add volume in hair while also improving its strength. Collagen, however, is another crucial ingredient and play several roles in progressing overall hair health:

  • It provides amino acids that help in hair construction. With a collagen-rich formula, your body will have the needed building blocks to create hair.
  • Collagen also helps in repairing damaged hair follicles since it is also a known antioxidant that counteracts the damage of free radicals.
  • Studies suggest that collagen may diminish hair thinning incorporated with aging.
  • It improves the elasticity of the skin and protects the skin layer with hair roots, which slows down hair thinning.


  • Fresh of harsh chemicals
  • Infuses volume and thickness
  • Safe for all hair types


  • Shampoo may cause dryness

Why You Should Choose

If you are a consistent Organix user, you will immediately notice the difference in the overall density of your hair after one use. Because it does not have any harsh chemicals as ingredients, you can safely use it on dyed or colored hair!

How Does Biotin Shampoo Help Hair Grow

Biotin, also known as the H vitamin and part of the B-complex group as B7, is a water-soluble and critical vitamin to various body functions, including cell growth, metabolism, cell repair, and carbon dioxide transfer. Due to the vitamin’s numerous responsibilities, biotin is a crucial factor for the health of our nails, skin, and hair. Once people have a deficiency with this vitamin, you might notice red rashes around your eyes, mouth or nose, dry skin or scalp, eczema, and thinning hair, amongst other more symptoms.

Biotin Shampoo for Hair Growth

What Is Shampoo With Biotin

Shampoo infused with biotin cleanses your hair and promotes growth and strength. These shampoos ensure to provide your hair the vitamins and nutrients it needs with its ingredients of high quality.

Remember to make sure to always check the listed ingredients on the bottle. There might be some items you want to cross off from that list, including sodium Laureth sulfate, sodium lauryl sulfate, isopropyl alcohol, propylene glycol stearate, and disodium EDTA. The mentioned ingredients can be harsh and harmful, causing damage to your scalp along with dry hair. It makes your strands weak and brittle. You can also find more of these chemicals in antifreeze shampoos that can seep into your skin, causing even more damage.

How Does It Work

You can guarantee that a critical contributor to hair regrowth is biotin. If your scalp suddenly gets dry and flaky, it may be difficult to remove the dead and excess skin cells from your hair follicles. It will most likely hinder the natural regrowth cycle that your hair usually undergoes. However, with shampoo infused with biotin, you can rehydrate your scalp. Ensure effective treatment of your flaky and dry scalp to make sure your pores get unclogged. Having the pores working correctly again, you can continue with its normal growth cycle.

The shampoo enriched with biotin will help in delivering the vital minerals and vitamins to your hair. After having the essential enhance the shafts, circulation will significantly improve along with your hair’s health. Additionally, biotin shampoo also strengthens your hair. Since protein is what makes up your strands, adding biotin will aid your body in utilizing amino acids and getting the most out of the proteins.

Key Ingredients in Biotin Shampoo

Other than biotin, these types of shampoos also include other ingredients, including caffeine, ketoconazole, saw palmetto, and keratin, amongst others. Read below to know more:


Biotin provides plenty of benefits, with the vital advantage of helping in hair growth. Otherwise known as vitamin B7, you can find biotin in plenty of food rich in protein, such as eggs, meat, and nuts. Although biotin may not grow hair alone, it still makes sure that you have the appropriate nutrients in your body to incorporate hair growth. A shampoo will make it easy to get biotin on your scalp and hair directly without having to take supplements or change your diet.


Caffeine is more widely known as providing the needed energy jolt in the morning or any time during the day. Little did most people know, caffeine also aids in thickening hair and stimulating its growth by increasing the circulation of blood in a certain area. With an increase in blood flow come more nutrients and a higher potential for hair growth. Additionally, it’s also a natural antioxidant known to fight free radicals that contribute to signs of aging.

In case you might be wondering, you will not make your hair grow by drinking lots of coffee. According to scientists, you will need to drink at least 40 to 50 java cups to have any significant effects of therapeutic benefits on your scalp and hair – and drinking that much is toxic and fatal. So, best not to try it at home.

Saw Palmetto

Studies suggest that saw palmetto blocks an enzyme called 5-alpha-reductase that converts testosterone into DHT (dihydrotestosterone). DHT has a known link to hair loss, which is my most hair growth, and hair loss shampoos have vital ingredients such as saw palmetto.


If you read the ingredients found on dandruff and hair growth shampoos, you will most likely find ketoconazole on that list. It helps increase the density of hair and the follicle percentage in the anagen phase. An additional benefit is that it treats pityriasis – a harmful fungus that occasionally inhabits the scalp.

Biotin for Hair Growth: Does It Work?

Biotin, otherwise as vitamin H, is part of the vitamin B family as a water-soluble vitamin. Biotin is a crucial ingredient in your body that helps in converting particular components to energy. It also has a critical role to play in the health of your nails, skin, and hair.

If you lack the intake of biotin, you may experience a scaly red rash or hair loss. Fortunately, deficiencies in this vitamin are rare. Most of the time, the biotin from your diet is enough for your body to absorb its health benefits. Still, plenty of people increase their intake, hoping to reap additional benefits.

What Research Says about Biotin and Hair Growth

A known essential protein that makes up your skin, nails, and hair is keratin. Biotin enhances your body’s keratin infrastructure. Beyond that, however, researchers remain unsure of the role of biotin in skin care or hair.

There is only sparse research on what the effects of biotin are on hair growth. To date, you will only find limited evidence to suggest that increasing your intake on biotin will help in promoting hair growth. For instance, in a study in 2015, women having thinning hair had oral intakes of marine protein supplement (MPS) induced with biotin or a certain placebo pill twice every day for three months. Researchers took digital images at the beginning and end of the study on the scalp’s affected areas for comparison.  They made sure to wash the hair of every participant and count any hairs shed. The study showed significant hair growth and less shedding in the affected areas for women that took MPS a day.

A study in 2012 by the same researchers also had similar results. Participants experienced an improvement in hair quality and growth after three to six months.


If you have concerns as to how frequently you should use biotin shampoo, or whether it may cause any adverse reaction, it’s best to read the instructions first on the container or consult a professional. Never ignore the given recommendations as well – they will guarantee you the best results without causing damage to your hair or scalp. Take note that biotin is only one ingredient of an overall formula. Take note of the other components, and you’ll do fine.

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