Best Wax Strips: Top 17 Reviews In 2020!

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Best Wax Strips

Ever tried waxing? Painful, right?

But, did you know that you can opt for a better waxing experience? By better, we’re referring to a painless experience.

Yes. Why not. The universe of waxing is richer, deeper and more empowering than you think.

At times, you’d think that you’re a helpless victim to loss of choice. But, that’s not actually the reality.

If you look closer into the waxing universe, you’ll be gob-smacked to discover various types under it. Types here are varied depending on 1. the wax solution used and, 2. the process involved.

But, some of these types tend to be too expensive that you’d be drawn to just focus on basic soft waxing.

And, the pain?

Do you want to know if there’s any chance for the pain to be eliminated in basic waxing?

Yes. It’s in the best wax strips for face. 

Eventually, wax strips play a vital role in securing a painless waxing/epilating experience.Let’s go on with the top 17 reviews of the best wax strips in 2020 and settle for the best, shall we?

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The Top 17 Best Wax Strips 2020 Reviews!

In this article, we will be dividing the wax strip reviews based on their intended areas: face, legs, underarms, bikini/inner thighs, and eyebrow. 

Still, we will only be selecting three top products out from the seventeen entries, not from each category.

Wax Strips for the Face

01. Tifara Beauty Non Woven Large

home waxing kit

When it comes to comfort, ease and efficiency, this product is a shining royalty worthy to be called a “Best Pick”!

The 3” x 9” dimension of the strips just fits to any preferred angle. In my case, I had the strips cover a whole upper portion of my face without tearing. Even with the high amount of wax tat I’m putting the strips just held on to the skin.

The feeling of cold sensation channeled by the strips was most remarkable. It felt so great that I didn’t want to remove the strips off. And, there’s a perfect explanation for all its goodness.

These are non-woven strips.

Raw. Organic. Natural. These materials are really evident in the strips. Such qualities add a layer of protection for the skin against immediate pain.

With a special cooling technology, the strips absorb all the wax and relieve you of the pain after. Thanks to this technology too, premature pulls are heavily avoided. Meaning, you can feel that’s it the right time to pull the strips because the wax would just instantly cool off.

And, that whole process entails just a couple of seconds right after you apply the strips.

To say it simply, the strips enable you to pull the wax off in the right timing!

With these superlatively empowering wax strips, you’ll be able to self-  wax in no time sans the pain of burns and cuts.

I don’t see so many issues against the product.

Yeah. I’m glad to say that it’s perfect!


  • Non-Woven Quality
  • Sufficient Dimensions
  • Natural Ingredients
  • Cooling Effect
  • Best for Soft Hair Removal Waxing
  • Dry Quality (except when splashed with water)
  • Spa-Quality


  • Messy with Water

Why choose it?

  • You ought to believe it when it claims to be genuinely good, because it really is good; it’s very pleasurable on the skin, besides being instrumental to a successful waxing effort!

02. Tifara Beauty Non Woven Body and Facial Wax Strip

parissa wax strips

Despite earning a grand “Premium Pick” reputation among other products on this list, this Tifara pro otherwise proves to be the most economic!

If you’d be asking wise users which brand has, more or less, helped them save up from the next 6-7 months of budgeted expenses, I’m sure they’ll come up with the three golden syllables:


But, of course! One can’t deny the fact that it’s the most expensive in this list! And, it’s also the thickest product package a roll of wax strips can keep themselves in ever!

Three inches by ten-yard roll.

That’s how thick the product is. Tell me, can you finish it all up in just a month?

Nope! Impossible.

Speaking of thickness, the product has often been labelled by experts as cloth-level thick! A premium in the side, this whole roll of wax strips ranks as “ultra quality”.

Obviously, it does not tear easily as it does not contain wax. According to experts, it’s very much unlike ordinary wax strips that easily thaw with abuse. This one doesn’t. In fact, it even lasts for up to 5 uses.

It’s also got a cooling effect that intuitively tells you when to pull wax. This particular trait is enabled by its dense absorption mechanism and a solid hard outer surface. In a way, this also makes the strips best for epilating.

Since, it’s designed for soft hair removal, the product earns nods from top reviewers as a meticulous tool.

On the other hand, the product earns flak for its messily sticky under-surface.


  • Thick, Durable & Non-woven Quality
  • Economic
  • Stable Dimensions
  • Natural Ingredients
  • Fast-Cooling Effect
  • Best for Soft Hair Removal Waxing
  • Spa-Quality


  • Messy

Why choose it?

  • It’s a premium quality that ironically allows you to save money for the next 7 months, because it’s thick, dense and not easily-exhausted, even with several uses.

03. Tifara Beauty Non Woven Body and Facial Wax Strips Multi Size

Another leading Tifara product is currently enjoying our top place, bearing the “Best Choice” title, thanks to its non-woven “ultra quality”!

If you’re looking for a straight-A painless hair removal (either waxing or epilating), you’ll surely be pleased with this latest Tifara product.

Almost identical to several Tifara variants, this one sparks as unique a little here and there.

Unlike our “Premium Pick”, which is enclosed in a roll, this one is itemized. With over 100 strip pieces, the product also boasts practical and economic consumption from your end. More so, the strips can withstand several uses.

Experts believe that due to the brand’s employing of thick and durable quality materials, its strips even leave protection for the skin as it goes through post-traumatic healing. This then, instantly results to an unbelievably skin after waxing and/or epilating.

Furthermore, quality control assessors confirm the authenticity of such claims, giving the product a fully-approved seal of recognition.

The product’s non-woven strips measure 3” x 9” to 1.5” x 5” in overall dimension.

The product is particularly fit for facial waxing or epilation not only because it’s dry and wax-free, but also because it’s smooth on skin, further guaranteeing zero-pain sensation.

Despite the manufacturers’ claim of organic extracts infused in the strips, experts remain doubtful. Such doubt roots strongly from the strips’ synthetic scent.

But, at least for the first time in wax strip history, one Tifara product finally turns out to be non-messy.


  • Non-Messy/Non-Sticky
  • Extended Dimensions
  • Thick & Sturdy
  • Economic
  • Fast-Drying Effect
  • Cooling Effect; Zero-Pain
  • Best for Soft Hair Removal Waxing


  • Synthetic Scent

Why choose it?

Besides its obvious reputation, marked by the existing brand, the product guarantees 100% successful waxing and epilating, smooth and protected skin, and certifiably painless experience.

04. Huini 160pcs Non-woven Facial and Body Wax Strips

If you think you’ve had enough with the Tifaras, cool off with this smooth, skin-enhancing, yet disposable masterpiece by the Huini brand!

Of all the products in the list, this one has been in the industry for almost a decade. It has since been regarded by many as an unbeatable “classic”.

It is undeniably a classic when it comes to absorbing hair through the wax. With the highest absorption capacity, the product has since become a standalone, a multifunctional tool. People are now using it as a recyclable tissue, despite being recyclable!


It’s a quick-dry, hard and sturdy material. Infusing real natural ingredients within, it releases the most natural of scents ever breathed by people.

Some think the strips are rather narrow, with their 8” x .75” measurements. However, others think its narrowness has much to do with its quick-dry capacity!

It may not be that cool on skin, but the product absorbs wax really fast!  And, its strips never miss a strand.

But, what about its pain-blocking power?

Unfortunately, the strips can be quite painful because they generally pluck hair right out when dried. More so, you can’t take much time with them because once they dry up, they tend to be painful.

Since the product is a super-dry capacity, I recommend that you sprinkle it with water once stuck on hair area on face. This should delay its eventual dry-up.

Other than these issues, the product is highly credible.


  • Economic (320 pcs. per pack)
  • Very Quick-Dry
  • Highly Disposable
  • Durable (doesn’t easily tear)
  • Organic (Natural Ingredients)
  • Best for Waxing Face
  • Non-messy/Non-Sticky


  • Painful when dried up

Why choose it?

  • Not only is this product sanitary, but it also nourishes the skin with its natural infusions (herbal extracts); it works best for quick-waxing!

Wax Strips for the Legs

01. GiGi Large Cloth Epilating Strips for Arms, Legs, Chest, and Back Hair Waxing/Hair Removal

This GiGi product lives up as the best wax strips for legs in this category by earning the public’s favor as a genuine convenient and painless tool for waxing and epilating legs.  

Once claiming to have fast-absorbing wax strips, this product now enjoys a grand reputation. Well, it won’t land number one in this category if it doesn’t.

But, what’s in it really? Here’s our honest review.

When you look into buying this product, it’s very important that you check out its dimensions: 3” x 9”.

Why is this important?

The stretch of such dimension, including its potential for capacity to cover areas like the legs, arms, chest and back can help you save strips for future 3-5 uses. Such feature is deemed by experts to be at its maximum. Imagine using small strips on these areas.

That would be timely and costly.

The average leg size, for instance, would require 4-5 strips to be used. We’re not yet even counting strips that’d would fall as trial strips. Trial strips take the biggest toll on your wax strip usage. Ironically, this seems the least talked about trait of the wax strip.

Another major plus by this GiGi product is its fast-absorbing technology. You can thank its non-woven fine cotton fabric for that!

These minute fabric interactions enable the strips to absorb the stickiest wax solutions in seconds.

But, how does its technology do it exactly?

As per explanation by experts, the tightly intersected fabric strands eliminate air pressure in the fabric. As it does so, it sucks out high amounts of water molecules in seconds.

That’s how it does it.

What does its fast-absorbing technology does?

Since it instantly absorbs liquid wax, it eliminates the chances of the wax to solidify/harden in the skin, further securing a painless removal in the end.


  • Economic (100 strips)
  • Fast-Absorbing
  • Scented
  • Strong yet Smooth Cotton Fabric Quality
  • Natural Finishing
  • 3” x 9” Wide


  • Despite claims, muslin fabric is still better

Why choose it?

  • Economic, light, soft and fast-absorbing. It won’t take a minute before the product impresses you with painless and even pleasurable waxing/epilating on the legs.

02. Parissa Wax Strips Super Pack, air Removal Waxing Kit for Women & Men

Landing second, the Parissa product impresses with fast-waxing outputs, easy application and long-term smooth skin outputs even beginners will find helpful!

Branded by critics as “nature’s gift”, the Parissa strips are no ordinary strips. To say it simply, they’re eco-friendly!

They also feel cool and refreshing on the skin.

Confirmed by quality control testers to be made from organic materials—beeswax, tree resin, plant extracts, vegetable oil and other essential oils. Completely safe on skin, particularly on the highly sensitive legs, the strips even provide protection and comfort to the skin.

Since the product is resin-based, its residues are easily detached by oil. Some users might consider its high-residue as a potential problem though. If you don’t want this to bug you on your end, do what the experts recommend and don’t over-apply.

But, do I have to wash my skin first before putting on the strips?

No. The strips have natural cleaning (without alcohol) solution, dominated by Azulene oil extract. Just think of this extract as a both a natural antiseptic and moisturizer.

Water, on the other hand, dries up the skin instead.

Its high organic package is the ultimate reason why it’s best for beginners.  

Although the strips may trigger rashes in the skin due to their fast hair-ripping hold, it’s not something to be concerned of. The rashes, skin’s natural reaction to a disruption, last only for 10-15 minutes.

But, how wide are the strips exactly?

Twenty inches by 2 sides. Yes. Flat-faced and highly stretched. The strips can perfectly cover a quarter of your legs. Once they do so, they stiffen up the wax for a 100% painless rip-off.

And, the result?

Expect to get a genuinely marble smooth skin surface in the next 2 weeks.


  • Eco-friendly Package
  • Disposable 40 Strips
  • Safe and Cool on Skin
  • Painless Hair Removal
  • Secures Smooth Skin in 2 Weeks
  • Natural Ingredients


  • Leaves heavy residues (can be easily removed with oil)
  • May trigger rashes in the skin
  • Not so good on underarms due to skin folds

Why choose it?

  • A premium, high-quality with genuine, undisputed reputation, the product is an effective hair wax strip with pleasurable feels. But, beginners best noted it for its practical application and removal mechanics.

03. Bliss Poetic Waxing Hair Removal Kit

While Parissa is cool on the skin, this product from Bliss is cooler. In fact, it’s the coolest among the products presented in this category. Ultimately, it rules over other products for its high-application precision capacity!

Considered by many users as the closest experience to a Salon/Spa hair removal, the product leaves very cool and revitalizing feels on the skin, while also securing its (skin) smooth turnabout afterwards.

You’ve got its Chamomile oil to thank for its Spa-like effect. Alongside the chamomile oil are herbal extracts—Oregano oil, Aloe Vera extracts and a lot more. And, it comes with a kit to ensure its aromatherapy-based-hair-removal is delivered successfully.

Fast-absorbing. Easy on low-temperature. Quick-wax drying capacity. That’s how QC testers saw the product strips in their experiences. In turn, they applaud its blue formula for its successes in precision.

What is the blue formula?

The blue formula taps into acid-induced herbal extracts (responsible for making it appear blue) to ensure that the strips are placed right exactly where you want them to be.

In regular cases, once the strips are placed, it’d be difficult to move them around. With the blue formula, the inner part of the strips enables them to slide along the skin while the wax solution hardens in minutes.

This formula is quite a tricky hand for precise strip application. Imagine moving the strips anyway and anytime you want it, while also knowing that the wax within is hardening.

Nevertheless, this also makes the strips perfect for something as elusive as epilating.

All-in-all, it eases and speeds up the whole application.

Users also noted the wax strip’s ability to collapse follicle spaces for shortest-hair removal. Quite ironically, they also criticize this feature as the only let-down in the product.

Why so?

It triggers heavy rashes, for starters. And, it eventually dries up the skin with constant use. So, as a recommendation, do not use the product heavily like twice a month.


  • Guarantees Extra-Smooth Skin Surface
  • Spa-Quality
  • Aromatherapy Hair Removal
  • Fast-Absorbing; Dries Wax in Seconds
  • Easy & Precise Application; Best for Epilating


  • Triggers heavy rashes
  • Can dry up the skin with excessive use
  • Bad Scent
  • Leaves Heavy Residues

Why choose it?

  • Commands more or less as an adventure product, these high-quality wax strips are serious about precision and convenience without losing a spa experience fun!

Wax Strips for the Underarms

01. Buytra 200 Pack Hair Removal Waxing Strips Non Woven Wax Strips Epilating Strips

Currently earning the top rank as the best wax strips for underarms in this category, this Buytra 22 Pack Hair Waxing Strips guarantee an all-body use, fast and effective performance and a very smooth skin in the end!

A straightforward waxing/epilating peripheral, this product’s strips remove hair zero-pain, fast and easy. Measuring 20cm/7.87 inch in length, 7cm/2.75 inch in width, there’s no reason for the strips to disappoint in the context of waxing/epilating difficult areas in the body. 

The underarm is considered a difficult area due to skin folds.

Fortunately, the strips are flexible enough to tightly hold on to skin. Experts call this the “breezy” mechanism. It eventually allows you to remove or leave the strips attached on the skin. And, since it’s naturally-made, it won’t leave you concerned about exhausting chemicals on the skin.

Noted by many for their sanitary, economic nature, the strips may be used 3-5 times in a row.

Sharing the same durability with Tifara, the product is considered a tough-placed strip. As I mentioned earlier, you can leave it for more than an hour in your underarm, and then rip it off later. It’ll still hold.

We still won’t recommend doing it though.

Albeit its tendency to trigger allergies, the product still proves to be super-safe for a general profile of users. Testers confirm its softness on the skin. In the end, it also secures very soft skin surface.

Is it fully hypoallergenic?

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No. The problem is that it’s not certified hypoallergenic at all, so you might have to do skin patch testing before using them.

Other than this, the product works perfectly well.


  • Highly Durable/Tough
  • Relaxing Scent
  • Flexible
  • Fast & Easy Application-Removal
  • All-Body Use
  • Secures Soft Skin Surface


  • It’s not hypoallergenic (may trigger allergies)

Why choose it?

  • When it comes to effective, painless and easy function, these strips from Buytra exceeds expectations!

02. Wax Strips, Ajoura Hair Removal Strips for Face Leg Eyebrow Bikini Brazilian Underarm

This product from Ajoura redefines the frames of what wax strips can do in terms of its professional quality, portability and 100% effectivity!

A real definition of skin care, the product’s package includes 4 skin care wipes. Eventually, such trait serves as the product’s edge over the others.

All reviews about the product conclude that it’s the most popular for underarm care and protection.

Thanks to its high concentration of natural Avocado oil concentration, it builds protective layers on the skin. By coating the skin with the necessary hard proteins, it eliminates its chance of succumbing to rashes, itchiness and pain during and after waxing/epilating.

The product works especially well on the underarm, albeit it’s not so great on other body parts.

It may not be as flexible as Buytra’s (despite its claims), but it secures a safe, hypoallergenic, totally smooth skin turnabout post-waxing.  By all means, it keeps underarm hair from growing within 2-3 weeks.

For that, it’s also known as a non-irritant, soothing set of wax strips. You’ve got its cleansing wipes to celebrate with that!

Another thing people can’t let go of the product is its optimum convenience and portability. This is successfully ensured by the strip’s fast-absorbing technology. And as mentioned, you can bring it along when you travel and attach on your skin whenever you feel like waxing, without much ado.

The same feature also makes the product a perfect waxing tool for beginners.


  • Convenient & Portable; Includes Cleansing Wipes
  • High Concentration of Avocado Oil
  • Economic
  • Natural Ingredients
  • Best for Soft Hair Removal Waxing


  • Not for All Skin Areas (despite claims)
  • Leaves Heavy Residues

Why choose it?

  • It’s the best set of strips that you need when you are travelling. It’s highly convenient and requires no skin-washing at all!

Wax Strips for the Bikini Area

01. Nair Hair Remover Wax Ready-Strips 40 Count Face/Bikini

Like its preceding brands, this set of ready-for-action wax strips from Nair once again proves that waxing the more difficult areas like the bikini/inner thigh area, need not be messy!

Easy to put, easy to remove. That’s how die-hard users describe the product strips in a one-liner.

There are certainly right to say. There is no mistaking the mess-free technology of these best wax strips for bikini as well. More so, it’s very widely known to be of genuine quality so that you don’t have to heat the strips for them to hold. They will hold onto your skin with 100% precision, strength and comfort.

Given these traits, there’s no denying that the product is perfect for difficult skin areas in the body like bikini area and underarms.

These areas are usually hidden ends up with more skin folds than other areas.

The strips are also known for their very thick and durable quality, the quality required for highly acidic areas in the body like the bikini and underarm area.

Product testers certify the brands claim of being 100% Natural!

It’s innermost fabric sheet is layered with essentials oils. But, the best oil source that has ever graced them is the Rice Bran oil.

How does the Rice Bran oil work?

This type of oil is essentially antioxidant. Obviously, it nourishes the skin while exfoliating it.

Buyers who are not aware of this feature will surely be surprised because the product’s endorsement is quite low-key. By then, they would surely be moved to secure the product for their bikini areas.

The strips are great for the face too.

What about its claim of skin results lasting for 8 weeks?

This remains to be proven, though. Thirty percent of the reviewers and testers think that its results don’t actually last that long—4 to 5 weeks maybe, but not 8 weeks.

In addition to that, the strips are not that expert in removing short hair.

What remains true about the product is that it’s super-convenient to use! It does have its effects too. Most of the reviewers hail it for its ability to instantly make bikini area marble smooth!

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  • Super Easy & Convenient to Use
  • 100% Natural (with Rice Bran oil); Exfoliating &  Nourishing
  • Secures Painless Waxing & Epilating
  • Smells Good
  • Safe and Cool on Skin
  • Portable
  • Requires no Heating


  • May not remove very short hair all-out (despite claims)

Why choose it?

  • The product is downright practical so that it works best for beginners or busy users bugged by messy outputs.

02. Wax Strips Hair Removal Wax Kit for Full Body Face Bikini

Despite falling second in this category, this Wokaar product bears an equal reputation with our first product. It’s economic, multipurpose, healthy on skin, and is everything you could ever ask for from wax strips!

Very large, on-the-ready strips, that can be cut into smaller pieces to accommodate your bikini area, this product is highly economical. In that same manner, it’s been praised for its instant application and removal mechanism.

Its edged over our first product is that it can remove the slightest, shortest hair possible as it hardens the wax in seconds. It secures both its grip and the wax’s grip to the hair so that as you pull it, through its finger allowance, it comes the hair off without a miss.

Obviously, it’s a precision product, so you won’t have to spend so much time adjusting it.

Because of its certified features, its best known as the toughest (yet gentle on skin) set of wax strips for bikini waxing/epilating.

All-in-all, the strips count to exactly 20, succumbing to dimensions: 7.2” x 3.5”. Its smaller strips measure 4.0” x 2.0.

It’s also guaranteed to be made with 100% natural ingredients: Beeswax oil, Aloe Vera extract, and other skin-nourishing sources. Due to these ingredients alone, skin patch testing no longer demands priority.

Zero side-effects. This is what the product guarantees. And, boy it does.

Another great feature of the product is that its utilized in a kit. It’s like being put in place for simple pullouts.

The only drawback of the product is that quickly hardens and somehow hardens the wax even sooner than 30 seconds (despite claim). Therefore, you have to swift in using the strips, because if you fail to do so, you’ll definitely be squirming in pain.


  • Economic; Large-sized strips
  • 100% Natural
  • Smells Good
  • Easy & Convenient (instant application)
  • Best for Smooth Removal Waxing/Epilating
  • Multipurpose (can be used for cleaning all skin areas)
  • Fast Dry; Fast-Absorbing


  • May be painful when not removed instantly
  • Leaves Heavy Residues

Why choose it?

  • If you’re looking for a fast, swift, instant yet precise wax stripping (not longer than 5 minutes) for your bikini area, you’ll definitely be pleased by this one!

03. Veet Leg & Body Hair Removal Kit- Sensitive Formula

The safest in this list, this third product from Veet proves to be a high-grade set of wax strips as it is dermatologically-tested. However, it’s more than that because it’s a necessary source of nourishment for the skin.

Before anything else, let’s talk about its Cold Wax Strips technology. Regarded by many as the product’s most intuitive feature, this enables its strips to absorb the wax solution fast and easy. As it does so, hardens the wax using a cold distribution motion.

What is such motion?

Simple. It comforts your skin while cooling the wax. In the process, it removes 100% of the hair waxed; it takes out every single one, including the shortest ones. When you decide to pull it (practically, 20 seconds; though may take the longest time possible), you’ll only have to simply detach the strips.

No need for quick pulls! No need to hold breaths!

The product has seemed to perfectly craft the mechanisms of a painless bikini area waxing/epilating.

The product, as per reviews, is also certified organic. Filled with Shea and Acai butter extracts, the product proves to be a necessary source of nourishment for the skin.

Obviously, it feels cool on the skin too.

It would be practical, from these strengths, to presume that the product is dermatologically tested. Meaning, you don’t have to do skin path testing with this one.

Another notable feature of the product is its Easy-Gelwax technology. What does this do?

It secures the least residues possible. Most of all, such technology makes strip-pulling easy, while not being greasy.

Larged-sized. Forty strips. That’s how economic the product is.

A known problem with its strips is that they tend to come off after a few seconds. For that, we recommend that you hold it for the first 5 seconds upon application, or when wax has fully hardened.

Some accessories in its kit don’t deliver as expected.


  • Easy Gel-wax Technology (for moisturized process and nourished skin)
  • Economic
  • 100% Natural Ingredients (Acai and Shea butter)
  • Painless Waxing/Epilating
  • Removes 100% of Shortest Hair
  • Leaves Smooth Skin for Months
  • Cool on Skin


  • Strips may come off upon first application
  • Some accessories in kit don’t deliver as much

Why choose it?

  • It’s difficult to miss such product due to its iconic Veet brand, dermatologically-tested tag, and its comfortable, skin-delighting effect!

04. Wokaar Wax Strips Hair Removal Waxing Kit

Easy. Highly empowering. Mild and gentle on skin. This Wokaar product comes in the most complete kit ever!

One thing that makes this product holler in the market are its double-sided strips. With such feature, its strips prove to be the easiest and most-convenient to handle. Plus, it’s got a complete kit that consists of wipes.

The wipes come in handy before and after waxing/epilating. What are they in for?

They’re in for a cleaner, smoother turnabout- that’s what!

Experts consider the product strips empowering because they give users the choice on which strip size they’ll be using. This is especially useful during cases wherein one wouldn’t want a part in the bikini area to be touched.

Besides such advantage, it helps you save as many strips as you want.

The strips are all designed for practical usage. Part of that is the double-sided configuration. All these conveniences shorten the stripping process to four main steps.

  • Rub the strip.
  • Detach strips from each other.
  • Put the strips in the direction of the hair growth.
  • Peels against the direction.

This is how easy all the configurations are. It’s so easy it wouldn’t take 2-3 minutes! Besides, they’re coated in sensitive formula so that you can simply pull them out without having to worry about the mess.

After all, there’s the complete kit that’ll take care of the extra effort.

But, some reviewers find the product problematic in the context of: using it to remove hair on other parts of the body.  

Other drawbacks of the product include a bad smell, and a tendency to delay hardening. Rubbing it hard is required!


  • Sensitive Formula
  • All-in-One Ready Ready-to-Use; Easy & Fast Application Procedure
  • Natural Ingredients
  • Two Size Options
  • Mild & Gentle to Skin (Leaves Smooth Skin for Weeks)
  • Complete & Professional Kit


  • Might not work well on other areas of the skin
  • Artificial Smell
  • Might delay hardening of the wax; Requires constant rubbing

Why choose it?

  • There’s nothing more empowering than this Wokaar product. It’s fast, easy and gives you waxing options.

Wax Strips for the Eyebrows

01. Waxkiss Eyebrows Wax Strips Cold Waxing Strip for Eyebrow Hair Removal

You’ll literally be kissing your waxing problems goodbye with this extra-efficient eyebrow wax strips from Waxkiss! That’s why it’s number on our list.

Despite being new in the market, both of its sellers and manufacturers ended up being surprised by the market’s reception of it.

Women, in particular, were very much in love from its wax strip’s shape to their high-quality performance.

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Many reviewed that they can wholly entrust their eyebrows to the strips. By all means, the strips have a special ability to help you shape the eyebrow.

Intuitive. That would be its greatest description.

Highly tested, certified and perused by both critics and experts, the product hits heaven as it gives users heaven.

Easy. Convenient. Fast. Automatically warmed. But, most of all—it’s gentle to the skin. Moreover, it secures zero-pain hair pulls.

Measuring 4.5 x 9.25cm, each of the 24 strips may seem small and light, but they’re in for the economy. You can further reuse one strip 3-4 times (given that it’s not torn). Tearing the non-woven material which the strips are made off proves to be difficult.

Its small size accounts for much. Firstly, manufacturers focus the coverage of its function to the eyebrows. Second, its small size ultimately makes it portable.

A package consisting of quality-controlled wax beans, wax warmer and professional wax strips, the product secures a smooth, flawless and nourished skin for months.

Can it remove the shortest hair?

Yes. Testers have proven many times its ability to remove short hair. And, as it polishes skin surfaces, it also leaves protective nutrients on top it.

Filled to the brim with natural ingredients: Beeswax, Natural Mineral oil, Plant essences, Natural plant fragrances, and a lot more, the product easily corrects eyebrow hair growth.

Any problems with the product?

The only slightest problem the product has is perhaps its double-sidedness. After all, eyebrow waxes aren’t really mean to be double-sided.


  • Fragrant
  • Economic
  • Natural Ingredients; Skin-Nourishing
  • Fast Absorbing
  • Fast & Easy
  • Professional kit
  • Automatic Heating
  • Can shape eyebrows


  • Double-sided design makes it slightly difficult working on eyebrows

Why choose it?

  • The product has high-end, premium quality with guaranteed eyebrow results right then and there.

02. Surgi-Wax Brow Shapers for Brows

Another great brand makes it on our list of the best wax strips for eyebrow: Surgi-Wax Brow Shapers! Its 28 strips take high command in shaping the brows.

If you are looking for a defined brow line, then you’ll definitely be delighted by this product. Very easy to handle, the product’s strips can simply be put on the skin without much ado.

Users praise it for its super-thick quality.

What’s in it?

Fast absorption. It doesn’t leave behind even the slightest residue, mate! For that, it’s been considered many times as the cleanest and most practical set of strips in all time.

But, it’s all into brows. You might find it difficult to use it on other parts of the skin. Its functions seemed narrowed into perfect the craft of shaping the brows and removing the finest, shortest stray hair.

Thanks to its thick body also because through it, your brow skin is guaranteed to be protected from sharp tweezers.

You may have to be careful in using the product when you have makeup on, because it reacts badly to other chemical solutions in your face.

What’s the worst that could happen.

It’ll melt the makeup to mess, so I wouldn’t do that if I were you. Besides, it’ll be difficult to remove liquefied makeup once it came in contact with the wax solution. Ugh!

That would be an utter hassle!


  • Brow-Shaping
  • Economic (28 strips)
  • Eco-friendly
  • Fast & Easy
  • Automatic Heating
  • Cool on skin
  • Cleanest, Residue-Free Waxing Output


  • Reacts badly to makeup
  • Might easily come off upon placement (must be rubbed repeatedly)

Why choose it?

  • The product is the perfect aid for shaping the brows. It works very quickly so that you can just leave it be in minutes, and when you peel it, zero-residue is guaranteed.

03. Parissa Eyebrow Shaper Wax Strip

Another Parissa miracle makes it on our list! But, this time, it’s got a more serious, more focused attention on giving users a Salon-delight experience and of course, the perfect brow shape!

Like its common Parissa counterpart, it’s heavy with natural ingredients you can smell it!

With probably the shortest application procedures: 1. Press on and, 2. Zip off, it’s very hard to find fault on the product.

Some busy users applauded the product for being handy, portable, and “use-anywhere”. Yes. You heard it right. You can simply press it on and then peel it off all the way while on the road. It won’t matter because the wax solution is already in the strips.

But, this turns out to be a problem to some. Apparently, there’s just not enough wax concentration in the strips. The chances of not having to remove all hair, due to such feature, is high.

Experts suggest that you supplement it with more wax solution. The brand or solution wouldn’t matter (given that it’s of high quality) because the wax strips won’t react to it.

Therefore, it’s still a win-win after all!

And once you’ve secured its position on your brows, then you can be assured, with the help of tweezers, to achieve the perfect brow shape in minutes.


  • Salon-Quality
  • Light
  • Cool on Skin
  • Ready-to-Use
  • Fragrant
  • 100% Natural
  • Shortest Application Procedure; Use-Anywhere (wax is in the strips)


  • May not have enough wax concentration
  • Easily peels off when not sufficiently rubbed

Why choose it?

  • No other wax strips brand works like this—ready-to-use, use anywhere and Salon-smooth for the most sensitive skins. It’s also best for beginners.

Types of Waxing You can be Excited About!!!

Unwanted, excess hair in the body can be quite frustrating.

Excess hair seem to block your skin’s natural beauty. Thankfully, waxing exists to take care of the excess hair for us. Not only does it take care of removing the hair, it works as the best alternative to shaving.

Knowing the handful side-effects of shaving, people would be urged to try waxing.

But, why urged? Why don’t they go all-out for it?

Believe it or not, there’s two major explanations to this. First, waxing is more painful than shaving. Second, waxing, no matter how unilaterally-inclined it sounds, has a rich array of styles.

Without knowing its language and terminologies, and being immersed into its world, one would end up feeling cheated by the whole business of waxing.

Before we unravel to you the best wax strips, let’s be learned beauties! Here are 5 common types of waxing you can be excited about:

1.  Soft Wax

The soft wax is a very common type of waxing. People wax skins this way. You’ll constantly encounter this in the product reviews of the best wax strips for hair removal that follow, because most of the products that we’ll be featuring herein are strips for fast-waxing.
Yes. Soft wax roughly translates to fast waxing. It merely requires putting a thin layer of liquid wax on top of the skin. Next, it would need flat sticks to flatten the layer.

It then involves letting the wax cool off before peeling it off using a strip of cloth. Today, we use the more common wax strips.

This type of waxing pulls out the shortest, finest hair in the skin. As a     result, it almost always turns the skin into a flawless surface.

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But, mind you—this type of waxing is not recommended to be done on the same area more than twice in a month as it can thin out the dermal layers. Worst, it can cause the skin to bleed.

2. Sugar Wax

Less painful, and less sticky, it isolates its attention to the hair from the skin. This is how sugar wax works.

Practically made from lemon, sugar, and hot water, this natural wax solution removes hair from the roots. And as it does so, it leaves the skin alone.

hair removal wax

In terms of density, the sugar wax solution proves to be least sticky.
If you’re looking for a smooth skin result, you won’t find it with sugar waxing.

3.  Chocolate Wax

The least painful type of waxing yet the most expensive, the Chocolate Wax leans on literal dense chocolate as the main ingredient. With the help of glycerin and other oils, the chocolate’s antioxidant nourishes and smoothens the skin.

best at home wax

It removes the finest hair too, without hurting the skin. Because of its exciting and delightful prospect, it’s considered by experts as the best waxing solution.

Unlike soft waxing, its whole process is meticulous so that it requires time and the assistance of skin care experts.   Experiencing it a salon would be the best solution.

4. Hard Body Wax

Almost resembling the Sugar Wax, this process focuses on the narrowest and most difficult areas of the skin like the upper lip, bikini, and even brows.

best wax strips for face

Like the Sugar Wax, the process only removes hair without affecting the skin. Apparently, it’s the second least painful waxing process, next to Chocolate Waxing.   Ultimately, it’s best for sensitive-skinned individuals!

5. Fruit Wax

Like Sugar and Hard body waxing, Fruit Waxing exists for sensitive- skinned individuals. It’s also as painless as Chocolate and Hard Body  Waxing.

And like Chocolate waxing, this process proves very meticulous and Expensive. Unlike the previous process, this type takes care of the skin. Very rich in antioxidants, due to its thick concentration of fruit ingredients, itssolution is highly nourishing.

Fruit wax is highly recommended by experts to be done on the skin as many times as possible.

The only known minus about the process is that, unlike the other processes, it lacks natural oil to secure 100% hairless result.


Which wax strip brands are best to use on Brazilian Hard Body waxing?

The best brands for Hard Body waxing are topped by Veet, GiGi, and Tifara.

How frequent should I be waxing my face?

It’s best to wax your face every 2-3 weeks if you’re using the top-quality wax-strip kit.

How long does the facial wax result lasts?

Ideally, facial wax results last between 2-6 weeks.

Are there any side-effects of waxing?

Yes. There are a lot. But, the most common side-effect of waxing is pain. Now, if you’re not careful on the waxing products you’re using, you might expect the worst side-effects.

Am I to trim my hair before waxing?

Yes. You should. Instead of shaving, experts recommend trimming your hair. Always be reminded that the best hair length for waxing measures ¼ inches.

Can I do Hard Waxing on my legs?

Yes. You can.


There you go.

Securing a painful waxing/epilating now lies in your own hands.

You’ve got the choices. You’ve got everything you need to learn. You’ll just have to go on it.

Waxing, after all, with these top-quality aids, tends to be fun. Certainly, it’s inarguably the fastest solution to hair removal. That remains true regardless.

Go on. Give it a “happy” try!

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