The Best Unscented Deodorants In 2020: The Ultimate Fresh!

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Best Unscented Deodorants

If your deodorant is heavily scented, it won’t do your body good. Scented deodorants are additives. And that floral scent that lingers is nothing but chemicals you’re inhaling toxic fumes as well.

Moreover, scents in deodorants can cause allergies and skin irritations. Like your scalp, your underarms are very sensitive and quite thin. So it easily gets irritated by chemicals and additives. Some ingredients in the synthetic fragrance can also be carcinogenic. And it can also cause breathing problems and neurological disorders.

So not everything smells like flowers and powder, right? Because they’re synthetic! So we’re going to review the best-unscented deodorants so you don’t have to search for them. It may be quite difficult to find these so we’re going to ease your dilemma.

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Best Unscented Deodorants: A Professional Product Review

1. Dial 1327463 Dry Idea Unscented Clear Gel Antiperspirant Deodorant

fragrance free deodorant

Reigning top on our list, this best unscented men’s deodorant by Dial brand earns on a grand-slam both “Top Pick” and “Premium Value” titles because of its 100% effective odor-removing power!

  • Pack of 6, 3 Ounces
  • Long-Lasting Effect
  • 100% Organic
  • 100% Effective Odor-Treatment
  • Clear Gel Solution

The main reason why I personally consider this my forever favorite is because of the fact that it bears zero-alcohol and aluminum salts. The previous unscented deodorants I used discolored my armpits. It was so frustrating. It took many years, a lot of money and sweaty efforts to remove the yellow stains on my armpits. Years later, upon encountering this latest product from the Dial brand, I saw the eventual fading of the stains on my armpits. Like magic, it removed not only the stains but also the odor. Unscented, it stimulated a natural scent from my armpits. Another major factor for its charm on the skin is its dense organic materials. Gentle and kind on all types of skin, I recommended this product to my friends after having first used it. Right there and then, positive feedback went flooding in from my friends.

The product is also effectively anti-perspirant. So it does need to be applied repeatedly. And since it’s sold in bulk (pack of 6, 3 ounces), it doesn’t quickly run out of content. By all means, it proves to be an economical package. Upon ordering, make sure to purchase it as a full package, not in pieces. That should save you a lot of money. 

Many users praise it for its clear gel content; its texture keeps a lasting effect intact. Sweating. Heating. All these are powerless in the presence of this latest Dial product! In that case, I’d say that the users are spot on in their claims!

The only disadvantage I noticed with the product is the tendency for its gel solution to run through the skin surface. Heads up! That’d be quite irritating to some. 


  • Zero-Alcohol & Aluminum Salts
  • Skin-Whitening
  • Natural & Unscented Solution
  • Pack of 6; 3 Ounces
  • Clear Gel Formula
  • Dense Organic Materials
  • Economical Package


  • Runny Gel Solution

Why choose it?

  • This latest Dial product is everything one could ever need! Organic, unscented and gentle on all types of skin, it even enhances the armpits’ complexion.

2. Gold Bond Friction Defense Unscented

all good deodorant

This “Best Value” deodorant by Gold Bond is many things at hand. But it’s greatest asset is a skin-soothing, anti-friction effect!

  • Non-Irritating 
  • Friction-Reducing Effect
  • Soothing on Skin
  • 100% Antibacterial
  • With Ginger & Root Extracts

Highly antibacterial! That’s the product in a nutshell. It feels runny and simple on skin, but it’s truly cool and soothing. 

Experts believe that it’s Ginger and other Root Extract ingredients that provide it a high bacterial-fighting capacity! In addition to that, it’s Gold Bond anti-friction formula earns it a pleasurable reputation. Certainly, many users agree to it. 

It may include some harmless, pre-processed chemicals in one of its infusions, but it’s still considered by many to be highly safe. Because of such reputation, this top deodorant has since been used on highly sensitive skin. Securing no reactions at all, it even soothes the skin. 

Praised by many users for its super-effective wet-absorbing technology, pure scent feature and solid texture, it remains in the top position for years now. However, some experts argue that it isn’t unscented at all. And, that’s a good thing. According to one reviewer, it’s scent can actually be labeled pure and hypoallergenic.

Ultimately, it wet-absorbing technology perfectly pairs with its pure scent technology. In a way, it’s also unscented for some; it gives of a very neutral scent, depending on who’s taking it in. Regardless, it smells good and relaxing. 

Lastly, the deodorant is proven to effectively build a defense wall for the armpit skin. Meaning, it  does not only fight bacteria, but it also protects the dermal layers at core. This exact protective layer works as a thin moisturizing sheet for the skin. You take a shower with it, and it’ll only smooth the skin further. 

The only issues users have against the deodorant is its slightly greasy feel and a tendency to take time and repeated applications before showing effect.


  • Cool & Soothing on Skin
  • Ginger & Root Extracts
  • Mild Feel on Skin
  • Gold Bond Anti-Friction Formula
  • Safe on All Types of Skin
  • Pure, Unscented, Mild Aroma; Relaxing Effect
  • Anti-Bacterial


  • Slightly Greasy Feel
  • Tendency to Take Time & Require Repeated Applications Before Taking Effect

Why choose it?

  • This best unscented antiperspirant deodorant is highly soothing on sensitive skin: it also protects the armpits’ skin from bacteria.

3. ARRID XX Antiperspirant Deodorant Solid Unscented

best deodorant

Extra-solid and dry, this top deodorant by Arrid brand still manages to feel cool on skin! It’s in fact so cool that it’s a pleasure to use. 

  • Extra-Solid & Dry-Feel
  • Deeply-Penetrating; Goes Beyond the Skin Surface
  • 2.6 oz. Deodorant Stick
  • 100% Unscented; Fragrance-Inducing
  • Economical Package

Bearing one of the longest-protection capacities– exactly 48 hours or more– this top product by Arrid is considered by several satisfied users as an extra-dry, extra-solid deodorant. A complete anti-odor solution, it keeps the skin underarms dry and fresh. 

Like many great products on our list, it builds a natural protective layer on the skin. As it does so, it allows its natural minerals– vitamin D and E sources– to pump up skin regeneration. One can really see its 48-hour protection to be an indication of skin development. 

Another great effect by the deodorant, according to experts, is its capacity to clear up sweat glands from trapped dirt and oil. In a way, it promotes easy circulation along the skin’s glands, pores and layers. Proving to be very beneficial for users with sweaty armpits, it brings about an unmistakable wetness protection effect! 

Without any added scents and chemicals, it’s certified unscented. However, as some users would point out, it actually induces hormone-based fragrance. It only further shows that it has a deep-penetrating effect on the skin. Beyond the surface level, it actually gets into the deep recesses of the dermal layers to promote circulation, regeneration and moisturization. 

Some complaints about the product include a tendency to get too dry and some shipping problems. 


  • Long-Lasting 48-Hour Effect
  • Extra-Dry & Extra-Solid
  • Natural Minerals; Vitamin E and D Sources
  • Promotes Proper Circulation; Hydrating & Moisturizing Effect
  • Deep-Penetrating
  • 100% Unscented
  • Economical Package


  • Tendency to Get too Dry
  • Some Shipping Problems

Why choose it?

  • This top product secures the driest and most solid feel within 48 hours. This best works for extremely sweaty armpits!

4. Ban Original Roll-On Antiperspirant Deodorant

A top product from Ban, this deodorant reigns with toughest herbal influence, thanks to its Kihada extract. Its 100% unscented and clear solution makes for a sweat and odor-free armpit situation!

  • 24-Hour Underarm Protection 
  • Wetness Protection
  • Pack of 4
  • 100% Anti-Sweat
  • Roll-on Glides Smoothly on Skin
  • Antibacterial; Organic Package

Above all its various advantages, it’s best remembered and cherished by users for its 24-hour effect. But despite of staying on the skin around the clock, it does not leave white marks on shirts. If it slightly does so, you can easily remove it upon washing. 

The ingredients that make up the product are 100% mild and organic. Consequently, its grains of herbal even corrects skin quality under the arms. Popular for its high berberine content, due to its dense Kihada extract, it secures the least sweat and residue within 24 hours. 

Another satisfied user comments that its roll-on feature guarantees a clear path on the skin. Without the slightest residues, mess, and marks, it’s completely safe for all shirt colors. In addition to that, its roll on, does not lock-up. And, you can thank its roll-release feature for that. Using the deodorant requires the least time and effort as it smoothly glides along the skin. 

The deodorant’s unscented quality releases a pleasing natural scent from the armpits. As it does so, it enhances protein distribution and clears out sweat glands with any trapped dirt. Ultimately, the unscented feature indicates of a powerful antibacterial activity underneath. 

However, some users think that it ought to improve on its small product quantity and its tendency to react to changing temperatures. 


  • 24-Hour Long Lasting Effect
  • Clear Marks on Skin & Shirt
  • 100% Mild and Organic
  • High Kihada Extract Concentration
  • Effective Easy-Glide Roll-On Feature
  • 100% Unscented
  • Powerful Antibacterial Capacity


  • Small Product Quantity
  • Tendency to React to Changing Temperatures

Why choose it?

  • This top product, with its roll-on technology provides an effective odor-eliminating effect that lasts for 24 hours. However, even with such duration, it’s proven to not leave marks on skin and shirt.

5. DeodoMom – Natural, Aluminum-Free, unscented Deodorant

The reason why it’s brand is called DeodoMom is perhaps because it works like a mom– highly detailed, meticulous, and full of conviction!

  • Aluminum-Free Solution
  • 100% Organic & Vegan
  • Certifiably Unscented
  • Certifiably Odor-Resisting
  • Long-Lasting Effect

While it may be a little sticky to some users, it’s certifiably odor-resistant. Experts insist that it can rid the skin off any forms and sources of odor in the underarm skin. Some say that with just a single application, it keeps odors out within 24 hours. But, does it truly deliver? Well, satisfied users say “yes”!

Also designed with a super-effective roll-on mechanism, it does not easily run out. Plus, the roll on mechanism makes for a very fast application turnabout. In a sense, it controls and economizes the quantity of the solution being applied. So, it doesn’t come off to be too dry or too wet. It’s just right. And, that’s what empowered users are exactly looking for. 

Due to its high organic concentrations, it absorbs quickly and deeply into the skin. Having said that, it does share a common characteristic with that of Arrid’s. And, as it absorbs into the skin, it hydrates the skin cell-level. Letting out a battery of cleansing processes, it pours out its dense organic concentrations deep into the skin. 

Many users consider the product a quick-dry solution. Likewise, it secures 100% sweat-free armpits for the whole day. You can sweat it out, expose it to high humidity, drench it with water in both extreme temperatures, and it’ll stand strong. Certainly, it stands strong in keeping the underarms super-dry!

Some disadvantages users noted of the product is its tendency to trigger slight itching on sensitive skin, a hot and burning feel on skin, and some shipping problems. 


  • Certified Odor-Resistant
  • Economic Package
  • High Organic Concentrations
  • Easy-Functioning Roll-On Mechanism
  • Skin-Hydrating Effect
  • Super-Dry and Odorless Effect


  • Tendency to Trigger Slight Itching on Sensitive Skin
  • Hot, Burning Feel on Skin
  • Some Shipping Problems

Why choose it?

  • DeodoMom’s deodorant is deeply-penetrating, completely-dry and meticulous in its approach to hydrate and cleanse the underarms’ skin off sweat.

6. Speed Stick Power Antiperspirant Deodorant for Men

When it comes to application comfort and ease, nothing beats Mennen brand’s iconic anti-perspirant deodorant. Ranking among our top brands, it continues to improve each time. 

  • 24-Hour Odor Protection
  • Non-Liquid Base
  • Organic Ingredients
  • Certified Unscented
  • 100% Anti-Perspirant

Keeping your dry in 24 hours or more, this iconic deodorant by the Mennen brand boasts of the most comfortable and fullest experience, thanks to its effective comfort guard applicator. The thing about this feature, as users would point out, is that it keeps out waste with each application. 

Standing out with an effective odor-fighting formula, organic infusions, and essential oils, it appears solid yet cool on the skin. Being an anti-perspirant, it certainly hails with a 24-hour protection. Experts think that its odor-fighting formula is made possible by its hydrogenated Castor and Soybean oils. Meanwhile, other activated minerals keep it stable. 

While it’s a certified unscented deodorant, it actually feels good on the skin. Why? It cleanses the pores and glands by filling it with skin-enhancing minerals. As it does so, it encourages the skin to let out its natural fragrance. 

Another major thing about this deodorant, according to satisfied users is its super-strong deodorant stick. Non-liquid-base, it doesn’t easily melt even in contact with heat or water. In fact, it’s too strong at times that it remains in the underarms, leaving traces in the shirt.

A certain reviewer recommends using the product as cologne. You might wonder why, since it’s unscented. You don’t have to. It’s actually pure-scented. It’s unscented via the nose, but it’s actually got pure minerals that enhance the body’s natural scent. All-in-all, it doesn’t only fight odor, it also enhances one’s body scent. 

Drawbacks of the product include shipping problems, breakable plastic housing, tendency to leave marks on skin and shirt, problematic plastic knob. 


  • Comfortable & Easy to Use
  • Secures a Full Experience
  • Economical Package
  • 24-Hour Anti-Perspirant Effect
  • Odor-Fighting Formula
  • Non-Liquid Base


  • Shipping Problems
  • Breakable Plastic Housing
  • Tendency to Leave Marks on Skin & Shirt
  • Problematic Plastic Knob

Why choose it?

  • This top deodorant works best for male users who prefer a solid, long-lasting anti-perspirant effect.

7. Organic Island Deodorant Original Formula

Densely organic, vegan and unscented, this top product from the Island Deodorant brand is safe to use even for pregnant women. 

  • 2.5 oz. Economical Pack
  • 100% Natural & Safe
  • Certified Unscented
  • High Probiotic Concentration
  • Hydrating Effect

For the first time, a deodorant makes use of Probiotics as an active minerals. I also tap into powerful other infusions: Organic Corn Starch, Wild Candelilla Wax, Coconut oil, Jojoba oil, and other vegetable oils.

Both satisfied users and experts praise it for its chemical-free spell. It feels cool and relaxing even on the most sensitive skin. It’s wet upon application, but dries up on contact. By all means, it keeps the armpits dry for 24-48 hours or more. 

Other users recommend the product for kids and teens. Why, pregnant and lactating mothers can also avail of its service too. Highly organic and antibacterial, it protects the skin and hydrates it. As it does so, it enriches protein distribution within. 

Its other best feature is the fact that it’s finger-applied. For most users, this gives them a steadier control over the right amount to apply. For other users though, nothing can still beat the roll-on and stick features. 

Does it leave residues on the skin and shirt? Personally, I think it doesn’t. Although a few reviewers would claim that it stains the shirt, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s true all the time. Perhaps, applying it in moderation should keep it from staining the shirt. 

It’s probiotics strongly keep the odor away. It also stabilizes the skin’s flora, keeping the good bacteria in check. With that in hand, we’re secured of sweat-free and odor-free underarms. 

Drawbacks of the product, as users would point out, include a rough and not-so-gentle feel on skin (it’s even compared to a cat’s tongue), a difficult-to-spread solution, tendency for the stick to fall off (weak base), and a problematic knob. 


  • Probiotic 
  • Other Dense Organic Contents
  • Chemical-Free 24-48 Hour Skin Protectant
  • Safe for Teens & Pregnant Women
  • Skin-Hydrating
  • Protein Stabilizing


  • Rough/Harsh Feel on Skin
  • Hard to Disperse on Skin
  • Non-Solid/Invisible Solid Stick Package
  • Problematic Knob

Why choose it?

  • This top-ranking deodorant for sensitive skin is safe to use even for kids and pregnant women. But despite its mild reputation, it still manages to be tough on bacteria and odor!

8. Secret Antiperspirant and Deodorant for Women

Being the most versatile deodorant on our list, this top product from the Secret brand has a superb reputation that isn’t a secret at all. 

  • Skin-Soothing
  • Irritation-Free Effect
  • Long-Lasting 48-Hour Effect
  • Soft-Solid Feature
  • Least Sweat Stress

Least sweat-stress. Long-lasting 48-hour protectant. Soft-solid feature. This top deodorant by Secret boasts with a Secret Clinical Strength. What does it mean? This means that it’s technology is effectively pumped up when applied during the night time, right before you sleep. 

Thanks to its high organic contents, it does not stain the skin and shirt. Bearing least to no salted minerals, parabens, and other harsh chemicals, it can stay in the skin without kicking the slightest reaction. 

This product by the Secret brand has since been a fan favorite for its versatile package. Meaning, you can purchase it through different forms: aerosol, invisible solid, advanced solid, solid, smooth solid, clear gel, and roll-on. 

With a soft solid package, its stick is applicable for both a wet and dry layering method. Given its regulated texture, it doesn’t easily run out. You might wonder if it’s actually true, given that the overall deodorant package is only 1.6 oz. 

Yes. You’re right to think. Whenever it comes across your mind, just remember that it’s a soft-solid solution. Simply said, it’s an incredibly large amount within a small space.

This top deodorant by Secret has earned quite an equal reputation again, because of its soft-solid solution. Why? Because it guarantees the least sweat stress through that. 

But what is a “least sweat stress” advantage? This particular advantage means that it does not give pressure to the skin despite the possibilities of sweating. 

Unlike most deodorants, it protects the skin by conditioning it from within, not without. So, the skin is bound to accept the solution, instead of rejecting it. Also, this secures the least irritations possible vis a vis its tough antibacterial and antiperspirants actions. 

Some issues users have against the product include a greasy texture, a tendency to get too dry, some shipping problems, and a tendency to react to changing temperatures. 


  • Least Sweat Stress
  • Long-Lasting 28-Hour Effect; Certified Unscented
  • Soft-Solid Feature
  • Secret Clinical Strength
  • Versatile Package
  • Highly Organic & Safe to All Skin Types


  • Greasy Texture
  • Tendency to Get too Dry
  • Some Shipping Problems
  • Tendency to React to Changing Temperatures

Why choose it?

  • The deodorant boasts of a versatile package, a least sweat stress effect and an overall unscented antibacterial capacity. All-in-all, this works best for users whose skins’ have undergone trauma.

9. Sure Original Solid Unscented

best natural deodorant for men

A classic on its own standard, this deodorant from Sure brand boasts of trusted all-day protection with substantial smoothing effect on the underarm skin. 

  • Classic Reputation
  • Long-Lasting Formula
  • Wetness Protection 
  • 100% Unscented
  • Economic Package

Certainly unscented. Regulated. Highly economical. This classical deodorant from the Sure brand maintains odor-free and sweat-free smooth skin. In addition to that, it’s unscented effect actually gives out a fresh aroma from the inside out. Besides securing dry underarm skin, it’s known to keep a fresh feel. 

Many users consider the product to be a strong anti-humidity deodorant. One reviewer for instance, felt that it’s solid feature protects the skin from humidity. It keeps it dry, but not too dry. It also keeps it sweat-free, but not necessary sucked out of sweat. It’s said to work just right. 

Other reviewers praise the product for its high expiry-resistance. It has been proven many times to resist heat, wind and temperature exposure. In a way, despite its small quantity, it does rank as an economical package. 

While it’s great for all skin types, it works especially well for dry skin. It’s natural Vegetable extracts secure a moisturized skin underneath. This proves very unusual for most deodorants since they’re intended to dry skin. However, it’s a different case for this product, thanks to its balancing minerals. 

The balancing minerals take the credit for providing the skin what it needs. While this may have a different effect on sensitive skin, it isn’t really that much of a concern. By all means, I can personally attest that while it may trigger slight itches at times, that’s so far the only effect it induces. And, that isn’t for the bad thing. 

The issues some users find with the product is its tendency to trigger slight itch on sensitive skin, slightly greasy texture, tendency to stain shirt, and a cheap plastic housing. 


  • 100% Unscented 
  • Regulated Solid Form
  • Highly Economical 
  • Fresh Aroma-Inducing
  • Anti-Humidity; Balancing Minerals; Vegetable Extracts


  • Tendency to Trigger Slight Itching on Sensitive Skin
  • Slightly Greasy Texture
  • Tendency to Stain Shirt
  • Cheap Plastic Housing

Why choose it?

  • Users with extremely dry underarm skin can greatly benefit from this product, thanks to its balancing minerals.

10. Green Tidings Natural Deodorant – Lavender 2.7oz -Extra Strength, All Day Protection

Nothing satisfies like Green Tidings’ deodorant does! Water-absorbing, the deodorant boasts of a practical means of declogging pores and keeping sweat glands in check!

  • 2.7 oz. Package
  • 100% Natural, Toxic-Free Deodorant
  • Pure Vegan/Organic Concentration
  • Water/Sweat-Absorbing
  • Soothing Effect
  • Pore-Declogging

Highly organic. Dense with pure vegetable ingredients, this top deodorant truly stands out with its zero-chemical package. Organic Shea Butter. Wildcrafted Candelilla Wax. Coconut Extract. Jasmine Rose. Orange Vanilla. Aluminum-Free Sodium Bicarbonate. Magnesium oil. Other therapeutic aroma sources. 

All-in-all, it’s non-toxic! It easily absorbs into the skin. So, it does not yield any chances of staining. Despite its 48+ lasting effect, it does not burn out skin or trigger irritations. 

Deeply aromatic, experts still label it as unscented. Others even describe it as deep-scented. Meaning, it’s not in any way unscented. Well, technically. But essentially, it does soothe the body and the skin. Thanks to its high organic infusions, it moisturizes the skin. More so, it spreads throughout the body. 

I personally consider it economical because it does not require repeated swipes. With one swipe, it can already de-clog the pores under. This also proves practical for users with heavily sweaty underarms. 

By all means, it’s economical enough to prolong the effect for another week. Accordingly, with just 4-5 uses in a week, it’s guaranteed to improve your underarm state for another week. 

With many months’ use, it’s guaranteed to secure a permanently healthy underarm state. I personally don’t believe such a claim. But according to most users, it’s 100% guaranteed!

Drawbacks of the product include a slightly greasy texture, sticky feel, small product quantity, tendency to react to changing temperature, and a weak solid stick hold. 


  • Zero-Chemical Package
  • High Organic Concentration
  • Certified Non-Toxic
  • Unscented, Yet Deeply Aromatic
  • Pore Declogging


  • Slightly Greasy Texture
  • Sticky Feel
  • Small Product Quantity
  • Tendency to React to Changing Temperatures
  • Weak Solid Stick Hold

Why choose it?

  • Highly practical and comfortable, this water-absorbing deodorant can guarantee a permanent enhanced effect on armpits’ skin.

11. CRYSTAL Rock Deodorant- Unscented Body Deodorant Stick with 24-Hour Odor Protection

This 11th-ranking deodorant is all about gentleness. Best for all skin types, this purely organic deodorant is sure to keep an odor-free, sweat-free and irritation free underarm skin. 

  • Non-Staining Quality
  • Efficient Plastic Knob Mechanism
  • Highly Gentle on All Skin Types
  • Antiperspirant & Antibacterial
  • Non-Constricting

Much like Sure’s and Green Tidings’ deodorants, this top deodorant keeps users feeling fresh for a day or two. As a result, it has since become a fan favorite for years. There’s almost nothing that this product cannot do. It’s gentle, hydrating and antibacterial. In fact, it even works on all skin types. 

While it may not be a perfect package per se, it never fails to overwhelm users with its non-sticky, effective crystal minerals. With the crystals in hand, it penetrates and deliver needed vitamins to the cells. It ensures all these without feeling a bit sticky!

Combining a solid stick with clear gel, this deodorant is specialized to absorb and neutralize sweat in the skin. But what makes it special is the fact that it does not keep the skin from sweating. Eventually, it allows sweating before it sucks out all wet in a matter of seconds. 

Even when it permits sweating, it is proven to not stain the skin and the shirt. That is simply because it’s chemical-free. All it boasts in its ingredients are full organic infusions, essential oils and vegetable extracts. 

Generally versatile as it comes in various packages, it’s become a handy favorite for all. Some of its solid forms, particularly its smooth solid and advanced solid forms, might fall into the developing category, but one can’t really deny how effective they are.

The glaring drawbacks of the product include a tendency to take time before showing effect, a greasy texture, some shipping problems, a slightly weird after-scent, and easily-melting stick. 


  • Fresh Scent-Inducing Effect
  • Gentle, Hydrating & Antibacterial
  • Non-Sticky Active Crystal Minerals
  • Sweat-Absorbing, but not Constricting
  • High Organic & Vegetable Concentration


  • Tendency to Take Time Before Showing Effect
  • Greasy Texture
  • Some Shipping Problems
  • Slightly Weird After-Scent
  • Easy-Melting Stick

Why choose it?

  • If you’re looking for a soothing gentleness with a non-constricting antiperspirant effect, then you’ll be pleased by this top deodorant!

12. Thinksport Deodorant

Bearing a EWG-verified product tag, this Thinksport deodorant ranks among the safest deodorants on the market today.

  • Zero-Toxins & Chemicals
  • Great Size for Travel
  • Economic Pack
  • Skin Deep Database
  • EWG-Certified Tag
  • Certified Unscented & Effective

Deep-Skin penetrating. Highly organic. Certified safe and effective. This is how its sellers put it under the spotlight. This is also how the experts and reviewers confirm it to be. Very much unlike most natural deodorants, it guarantees non-stink result.

Many users believe that its Skin Deep Database, a specialized technology that intuitively utilizes active ingredients depending on the skin’s composition, takes full credit in promoting full improvement in the skin. It sorts of records the flora setup in the skin and then identifies the fitting organic ingredients for it. 

Certainly, it blends in the naturalness from the inside and out. For that, it earns a EWG-certified merit for such guarantee. In turn, the EWG tag, given its meticulous testing of the product, gives a confident nod to the buyers. 

Boasting  highly organic row of ingredients: Coconut oil, Maranta Arundinacia, Sodium Bicarbonate, Caprylic, Shea Butter, Beeswax, Candelilla Wax, and Euphorbia Cerifera– this natural deodorant keeps protein-eating bacteria out with unmistakable diligence. 

Under smooth and gentle application, it’s already proven to keep a dry, yet hydrated skin underneath. Supported by its unscented formula, it improves circulation in the skin. As a result, it smooths the skin in just a week’s use.

Another genius factor with this top product is its efficient plastic knob handling. Without exposing too much of the solid stick, it can already coat the skin for a lasting 24-hour effect.

Drawbacks of the product include a tendency to build up when applied excessively, some shipping problems, a slightly greasy texture, a failure to glide upon swiping, and a tendency to harden and clump when exposed. 


  • Certified Non-Stink Result; EWG-Certified
  • Skin Deep Database Technology
  • Dense Organic Concentration; Active Ingredients
  • Promotes Natural Scent in the Skin
  • Smooth & Gentle Application


  • Tendency to Build Up when Applied Excessively
  • Some Shipping Problems
  • Slightly Greasy Texture
  • Failure to Glide Upon Swiping
  • Tendency to Harden and Clump when Exposed

Why choose it?

  • This top product stands out as one of the safest deodorants available today; it weaves a complicated, yet intuitive skin-nourishing technology for certified odor and sweat-free results!

13. Primal Pit Paste All-Natural Deodorant

Another top deodorant by Primal Pit Paste brand, this product has a special odor-neutralizing effect that corrects underarm problems, instead of simply covering them.

  • All-Natural
  • Moisture & Wet-Absorbent
  • Odor-Neutralizing Technology
  • Simple and Straightforward Application Mechanism
  • Meticulously Hand-Crafted

Noted by users to effectively utilize baking soda ingredient, this top-ranking deodorant neutralizes odor by absorbing wetness and moisture. Even if it dries the skin, it doesn’t keep the skin from sweating. After all, sweating is the skin’s natural way of disposing itself of trapped dirt. 

Its baking soda ranks to be 100% safe as it’s Aluminum-free. It’s altered in a sense, that it only safely cleanses the skin off harmful bacteria. Along the process, it also de-clogs the pores. Given the presence of baking soda in its bowl of ingredients, it qualifies as a skin-whitener. 

How much of  whitener is it really? According to a large number of users and experts, it really is an effective whitener. Certified to set skin aglow, it fights all forms of body odor. 

Having been tested by various quality control agencies, it stands as a full no-shady brand. Meaning, what you see in its labels are truly what’s inside of it. No hidden ingredients. No make-believe nutrients. It’s organic, and it’s true to its tale. 

Another best thing about the product, according to many users, is its soothing effect. Ultimately, experts even recommend using it to treat rashes and redness on skin.

Known problems with the product had to do with its weak pasty feel, slightly weird after-scent, tendency to react to changing temperature, small product quantity, and a tendency to leak. 


  • Effective Aluminum-Free Baking Soda Formula
  • Deep Cleansing & Hydrating
  • Effective Whitening Effect
  • Highly-Tested & Recommended Brand
  • Highly Organic; Skin-Enhancing Effect


  • Weak Pasty Feel
  • Slightly Weird After-Scent (due to thick vegetable content)
  • Tendency to React to Changing Temperatures
  • Small Product Quantity
  • Tendency to Leak

Why choose it?

  • This top product is simple, straightforward, and highly effective odor-neutralizing technology! It works best for users who prefer a natural underarm scent.

14. True Natural Intensive 24hr Roll On Deodorant

unscented natural deodorant

The True Natural brand’s top deodorant is an icon when it comes to enriching the underarm skin tone to a glowing, bright, silky and soft state!

  • Alcohol-Free Package
  • Pure Organic Solution
  • 100% Antiperspirant
  • Versatile Solid Packing
  • Better Effect with Longer Use

Despite its often stale feel,  requiring repeated applications, this True Natural brand’s deodorant only indicates a pure, organic blanket of solution. More than anything else, it allows circulation in the skin. Overall, its stale feel makes for a 100% safe, gentle and soft contact with skin. 

Many users recommend it for its tough anti-odor and antiperspirant capacity. In addition to that, it sits well with other organic applications. So you won’t have to worry about it reacting to other applications. As long as the supplementary applications you’re putting in are of high quality, you’re good to go. 

Boosted up with versatile solid packing– invisible solid, soft solid, etc.– it secures a stain-free mark on the skin. You can even let it stay longer, and it’ll absorb in the long run. Thanks again to its organic solution, it needs no washing and removing after a long day’s application.

A certain reviewer concludes that the longer you use the product, the better its effects turn out. That is perhaps due to its intuitive absorbing capacity that allows infusion of between its minerals and the cells.

Having said that, it’s a super-safe irritation-free deodorant for sensitive skin. It’s light to the fact that even if you apply it over excessively,  it still won’t feel anything on the skin. For some users, it’s cool on first contact. Overall, it’s generally mild on all skin types. 

Drawbacks of the product include a stale effect at first contact, a tendency to leak, cheap plastic container, slightly weird after-scent, and some shipping problems. 


  • Pure & Highly Organic
  • Circulation-Enhancing Effect
  • 100% Safe
  • Quick-Absorbing


  • Stale Effect at First Contact
  • Tendency to Leak
  • Cheap Plastic Container
  • Slightly Weird After-Scent
  • Some Shipping Problems

Why choose it?

  • Deep-absorbing and whitening, this all-natural deodorant makes for the perfect odor-free and sweat-free skin!

15. Sam’s Natural Deodorant Stick

This top product from Sam’s Natural brand is highly therapeutical, eco-friendly and  first-class hygiene-maintaining deodorant!

  • 17 Scent Options
  • Long-Lasting Effect
  • Easy & Straightforward Application
  • First-Class Hygiene-Maintaining Deodorant
  • Highly Therapeutic

Organic and smooth upon immediate contact, this hand-crafted deodorant stands out with its odor-neutralizing capacity. It enhances scent distribution in the body through a hormonal distribution. Fortunately, it’s beaming with organic ingredients. So, it should work fine on all skin types.

By construction alone, it’s made from highly recyclable and sturdy plastic containers. Reviewers were right to celebrate it as an eco-friendly brand! Consequently, Sam’s Natural has successfully established an environmental name in the past few years. 

Another great feature of the product is its high-functioning knob control. Highly regulating, it lays a sufficient amount into the skin. But as it does so, it remains intact overall.

Over-applying it has not really been a problem. It may come off sticky and greasy, but it’s certified to keep a smooth odor-free skin. Highly organic, it prompts quick absorption. All-in-all, it’s deeply therapeutic with its thick tea tree presence. 

Its drawbacks include a tendency to be too mild or stale, a sticky/greasy solution, a weird after-scent, some shipping problems, rough feel on skin, and a tendency to trigger slight itching. 


  • Hand-Crafted Deodorant
  • Odor-Neutralizing Capacity
  • High Organic Concentration
  • Mild Feel on all Skin Types


  • Tendency to be too Mild or Stale
  • Sticky/Greasy Feel
  • Weird After-Scent
  • Some Shipping Problems
  • Rough Feel on Skin
  • Tendency to Trigger Slight Itching

Why choose it?

  • This top product is contained in highly recyclable plastic containers. All-in-all, it’s a subtly effective anti-sweat and odor deodorant.
Consider Before Buying Unscented Deodorants

Buying Guide: What to Consider Before Buying Unscented Deodorants.

The scent is ticked off your list, so let’s see what else you have to consider when buying an unscented deodorant

1. Can it control bad odor?

You don’t like heavy synthetic scents but you also do not like to smell like you’ve been out in the sun for too long. So if the scent is lacking, how else would you smell fresh?

The best-unscented deodorants make use of vegetable extracts, non-ammonium compounds and activated minerals to fight off the bad smell. These are largely organic, but they are effective in keeping you smelling fresh all day.

These natural compounds can also kill bacteria, which is the reason for the not so pleasant smell.

2. Can it control my sweat?

Next to odor control, you’d want your deodorant to prevent you from leaking. And if you tend to sweat a lot, you’re in dire need of an antiperspirant too.

So you have to ensure you’re getting both- odor control and sweat control. Though metal minerals are quite effective in controlling sweat, it’s not ideal. It can dry your skin and irritate it. So, avoid these ingredients by all means. 

What you want to look for is a deodorant with high drying capacity that doest make use of metal minerals.

Common Types of Unscented Deodorants:

There’s no one unscented deodorant form that’s better than the other. If there’s one better brand, then it always has to do with its overall quality. 

The deodorant forms include a solid stick, gel, powder or soft liquid, etc. These forms serve their own purposes. Consequently, each form bears its own pros and cons.

Apart from looking at its antiperspirant and anti-odor power, one also has to look into its various forms and types to truly decide if the deodorant works best for him/her. 

Here are its common types:

  • Gel

The gel works with a more powerful deodorizing effect than a powder. Thus, it remains one of the most popular types of deodorants in the market to date. 

The gel is easier to apply as it does not require constant swiping. In the same way, it absorbs fast as it does not build up on the skin. As a result, it does not usually stain the skin and shirt. 

The main disadvantage of the gel type is that it usually runs down the skin when applied in large amounts. 

  • Powder

The powder type is equally popular. It remains a highly manufactured type because it can be compacted into one solid form– the stick. Sometimes, it appears rough or smooth on the skin. 

Most powder types are antiperspirants. Meaning, they’re most prone to absorbing sweat. The main problem with the powder type is that breaks apart through time. It also easily loses its nutrients when exposed. 

  • Roll-On

The roll-on type is usually represented by either a  liquid or crystal base. While it deems a more powerful antiperspirant and anti-odor capacity, it’s very rarely manufactured. 

The roll type is simpler and more straightforward to apply. In fact, it’s easier to apply than gel. The only main problem with the roll-on is its tendency to stuck-up when rolled or swiped over many times.

Fragrance-Free Deodorants Vs. Unscented Deodorants

Fragrance-free and unscented deodorants, are they the same?

It seems like they are, but they are not. Fragrance-free deodorants are technically void of any smell or fragrances. So there isn’t any compound that can mask the body odor. Hence, there’s the term “free.”

Unscented deodorants, on the other hand, may contain minimal amounts of chemicals. And these can still help mask any unpleasant smell. 

What’s the better option? Well, it depends on your skin type. If you have ultra-sensitive skin, a fragrance-free deodorant won’t irritate your skin. 

Unscented deodorant works best for those who need a little help in making bad odors. And the best-unscented deodorants can function almost the same as regular scented ones, but with fewer chemicals.

Unscented deodorants also work for those who are sensitive to heavy synthetic fragrances.

What Are The Benefits Of Wearing Unscented Deodorants?

Even with the heavy fragrance, unscented deodorants can do your body good. And of course, you won’t be caught smelling like you have never taken a shower.

  1. Your colleagues and friends with allergies will not avoid you

Some people are highly sensitive heavy scents. And for some, it can instantly mean difficulty in breathing. Especially if you’re working in a small office or you need to move closer together, it’s better to wear unscented deodorants.

It will also show that you have compassion for others who might be allergic to synthetic smells. And a heavily scented deodorant isn’t necessarily a great perfume. So why would you want others to take a whiff of it? 

2. Doesn’t mess with your perfume

Wearing an unscented deodorant will make your favorite perfume pop out. You don’t want to smell like a combination of your signature perfume plus a heavily scented powder deodorant. It just doesn’t smell nice. 

3. You can share it with your partner

Since unscented deodorants don’t smell like flowers nor like wood and amber, you can share it with your partner. So you’re saving money as well.

4. Saves you from allergies and irritation

This is very fitting especially if you are sensitive to fragrances. It can save you from irritation, runny nose, and blockage of airways.


From our ranking, we’ve ranked Dial 1327463 Dry Idea Unscented Clear Gel Antiperspirant Deodorant as the “Top Pick” and “Premium Value” and the Gold Bond Friction Defense Unscented as the “Best Value”. 

Deeper into the world of the best-unscented deodorants, we, therefore, conclude that an unscented deodorant offers a lot of benefits as scented deodorants do. Both serve specific purposes in given contexts. Ultimately, the best standards of the unscented deodorants, given their diverse forms and types, settle with powerful antiperspirant and anti-odour capacities.

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